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How do you choose the right man? How do you distinguish the gentlemen from the fuckboys?

Gentlemen vs. Fuckboys (the basics)
- Gentlemen will never pressure you and they always respect your decision. My vanilla has made sure I got home safely every time we see each other (for 3 years), he always tries to make my day better, and he makes an effort to keep me company while I study or whatever else. I know he will be there. He does things for me with no expectations of something in return.
- Fuckboy’s feel a sense of entitlement to your body, your mind, and whatever else you may be able to offer (money, home, etc). I’ve dated fuckboys, and they expected me to sleep with them just because we were hanging out. No honey, I don’t owe you anything. I don’t even owe you a text after you buy me dinner or give me a gift. They do not respect you when you say no, and they manipulate you. They also will not put your happiness before theirs.

“can you please hold still?” morgan groaned, looking up from the canvas she was painting on. “i know i promised this wouldn’t take that long but it’s gonna take longer if you keep wiggling.” though she was a patient artist, morgan wanted to move on with her day as much as they did. “i’ll like, buy you lunch or give you seventeen hugs if you just help me finish this.” 

there is a “Meet the Breeds (100+!!!)” dog fair in NYC this weekend and idk if i should go because the tickets are a bit expensive HAHAHA hah haa .…. . BUT DOGS!!!

People can buy, sell, trade, or give away their skills. Some skills are passed from father to son, like woodworking. Your uncle recently died and left you a box. Inside is a warning, and a very particular set of skills, skills he acquired over a very long career.


8 panel love story

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What is wrong with these NCT/Mark’s fans that are calling Swings fat and saying stuff like 'All that fat in your ears probably hindered you from hearing Mark’s rhyme’ and calling him round-face just because he gave him an advice and told Mark he should make more rhymes WHICH IT’S TRUE? Mark’s not the only person that got criticized on the show for his rap but you don’t care because they’re not Mark Lee. Swings has been in the rap industry for 9 years and owns a record label and y’all tryna act like he doesn’t know shit about his job and he was being a meanY ass to mark because he’s an idol like ???wut?? and you guys do know that the boy will have to do some diss battle in order to stay in the show and people will fOR SURE go against him and say really bad fcked up things? i’m pretty sure mark didn’t got offended by Swings words, he’s putting himself up there he knows hes going to get criticism from time to time, and you guys are only making it worse. I wonder if they could actually kick Mark out of the program because of all these offensive comments about one of the mentors. Mark ain’t perfect with his rapping skills atm, he’s gonna learn from it and eventually become a real good ass rapper (the first one from SM lol) so like CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worth It

Pairing: Y/N & Calum 

Words: 3400+

Warning: nsfw

Sugar Daddy Calum is what dreams are made of 


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Victuuri Week ☆ 

Day 1AU: Other Sports/Careers

Flower shop AU because I couldn’t stop imagining Victor working in a small shop near Yuri’s university, and he’s happy working with all the flowers and seeing the customers pleased with the bouquets he makes. One day Yuri listens to his friend Pichit and decides to go buy a few flowers to give a cozy touch to his flat… and he can’t help but being awed by the beautiful angel that greets him by the door. After that day, Yuri decides that his flat looks a lot better with the flowers and becomes a regular customer.

  • Keith is the kind of guy that would tell you that he doesn't want anything for Christmas. But when you give him a Christmas present his face lights up like a Christmas tree.
"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Overwatch was released for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on May 24th, 2016. Since then, not a single track of Lucio's has been officially released. You'd think they'd be on the Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack, but no, they're not. We know Blizzard has the tracks, because they just dropped remixes of Lucio's "We Move Together as One" and "Rejuvenescência" for Heroes of the Storm. Why can't we buy them? I'll give Blizzard my money. Don't they want my money? Let Lucio save 2017, Blizzard.

The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.

The Creativity is in the Cookie with Michele Tanenbaum

To see more of Michele’s cookie creations, follow @lucky_bites on Instagram.

It all began with snickerdoodles. Growing up in New Jersey, Michele Tanenbaum’s (@lucky_bites) health-focused mother wouldn’t allow treats in the house, but Michele managed to trick her into letting her bake cookies. “I convinced her it was creative,” she says. “And everybody has cinnamon and sugar. Snickerdoodles were my go-to.” Looking at the kinds of cookies she now dreams up for her Brooklyn, New York-based business Luckybites — named after her dog, Lucky — that early creativity has flourished. Trained as an apparel designer, Michele first got an inkling to turn cookie decorating into a profession when she was holiday shopping. “I was buying gourmet gift baskets to give to clients, and I realized that I could probably make them better myself,” she says. So, she took to coming up with her own recipes for everything from biscotti to Linzer hearts to thumbprints to sugar cookies. “I started to realize that I liked this way of being creative better than the clothing design.” For Valentine’s Day, Michele says she will be sketching just like she did during her fashion days. “But now I’m doing it with icing.”