buy this for me boyfriend!

My boyfriend wants to buy me bras because he doesn’t understand that it’s normal for girls to have less than 3 bras. Honestly I rather have another pair of jeans or a crappy t shirt it will cost less

ok so there was this post talking about how boys love flowers too and no one ever gets them any or like cares,,
SO we were doing awkward icebreakers in class and i decided to ask the guy next to me what his favorite flower was (half expecting him to say wut idk??) and he looked at me with a huge smile and said sunflowers and i think we should all just raise awareness that boys like flowers too

i spent 4578 yen to celebrate valentine’s day reading nothing but manga…

How Dex Overhauls the Haus
  • Jack Zimmermann after the tenth time Dex yells "fine" at him: William, how much more do you need for your dryer? Because I will literally buy you the damn thing if you let me kiss my boyfriend in peace.
  • William Pointdexter, hiding behind the couch, again, waiting for Jack and Bitty to do something fineable: I would like to get an air conditioner this Summer, too.
  • Jack: Done, just go away. Please.
  • Dex, walking away: And maybe some new light fixtures.
  • Jack, throwing his wallet at Dex's head: Good night, Dex!
*Me to that ex-boyfriend* “Can you buy me pads, the super ones, please...I’ve run out.” *rolls around bed in agony.* *Him shrugging* “Sure, if you want.” *Me* “Really? That was easy. I thought men were weird about that stuff.” *Him* “The drugstore lady isn’t going to think they’re for me, is she?”

Mostly I have shit taste in men.

But once or twice, I got it right.

periods 😂

Dude, I’ve had like other boyfriends and I swear to god I have never had any guy other than my Dad buy me tampons or pads, but you best know my boyfriend today literally went. I texted him that I ran out and he literally said, “I’ll buy them, just let me know which brand Love.” Guys this boy came back with tampons, pads, and oreos. You guys know how obsessed I am with oreos. I GOT OREOS and feminine products. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I GOT SO LUCKY WITH THIS BOY 😫


I know I ate too much. Again. But my boyfriend still buys me food. And he works so he’s barely here.
My belly is tight.
You couldn’t tell tho based on the 70 ish lbs I’ve gained. I’ve jumped from a curvy 130 lbs to 200. My belly spills in almost any top I own. Zip up hoodies? Forget about them, they won’t zip.
Oh, and my hips.
These hips are not friendly with my old jeans. Every time when I try to spqueeze my fat ass in them , they won’t budge passing my thunder thighs. Leggings became my new best friend. With my jiggly thighs and fat, plumped ass, all that moves every time I walk, alongside with my belly that jiggles a little bit. I am a walking jello.
But a sexy walking jello.
My boobs gotten too big for my bras. Can easily spill out so I have to avoid v neck shirts in public.
Did I gain on purpose? Of course not, I just ate whatever I want, whenever I want.
And it feels good.
My boyfriend is fascinated by my body. When I’m watching Netflix, sometimes he’ll come on the couch and play with my belly. He would kiss all over my fat body and nibble on my belly. Now he’s getting more comfortable teasing me on how far I’ve gotten. In the beginning he never questioned me about my gain, but one time when I was trying to diet I knew I wasn’t destined to be skinny again.

I made him his favorite tacos with chili rice, and had dessert waiting for I’m afterwards on the counter. I had a Caesar salad.
We both sat down, he looked at my plate.
He frowned.
“Why are you eating a salad?” He asked.
“I gained weight, tryna slim down” I responded.
“You look beautiful the way you are. I … I like your body a lot more now.”
I stopped eating.
“I don’t know, you’re just so soft and .. chewy now and you’re mine. I love that you can eat. So by all means, continue to eat so I can always rub your belly when u have stomachaches at night.”
“Okay,” I giggled. “Tomorrow.”
“No,” he responded. He took my salad and gave me his tacos.
Sometimes he feed me, I can tell he like that.
I can’t wait until he get home. I don’t feel like cooking so he need to order a box of pizza.
A large.
Well, make that two boxes if he’s gonna eat any.


3/100 Days of Productivity!!!
02/02/17; 2:44 PM.

hiii yaalll!!
i was gone from tumblr yesterday hehe but i managed to continue my geography notes again today yayy (even tho i dont really like of how it turned out; and still not really productive today but im still trying anyway)

well, i watched a movie yesterday with my boyfriend!! and he accompanied me to Gramedia (a big stationery shop in Indonesia; not as much as Muji aesthetically pleasing; but its everywhere here) and i bought a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Green color💚💚
yeah umm i only bought A PEN because its soo expensive but i really want to try it😅😅
and even my boyfriend asked me; “why would you buy a pen that costs that much?”
and i just answered; “idk i just feel soo much happiness when i collecting stationeries, as you know looking at them and trying them out help me recovering from my depression too. but i still love you tho😜”
thats pretty much why i really hope i could win @aescademic’s giveaway whooops truth has been told because i really want them soo bad🙏🙏🙏

(from now on i will put a song of the day too yay😄)
🎶 Martin Garrix ft Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Alone 🎶

  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: ... If you didn't want to have to deal with this then you never should have befriended me in the first place.

future ex boyfriend take note.. buy me concert tickets for the best sex of your life and ill cook recipes with more than 12 ingredients for you