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Based on Anonymous’ request: ‘Could you please write an imagine for credence on Christmas morning? Like waking him up while sneaking into his room and surprising him with a bunch of sweets and presents? Tysm’

It was about a week before Christmas, and you were extremely excited, so, you’d decorated you and your boyfriend’s house with tinsel, lights, and a Christmas tree, and there were already a few presents under the tree. 

Credence however, was not so excited. Christmas had never been a happy time when he was younger. He’d never had any money of his own to buy presents for people, and he had never got any presents in return, instead, he had to watch the other children exchange gifts, chattering amongst themselves happily. 

So, naturally, he didn’t exactly join you in the festivities at first, but after a few trips out to do Christmas shopping and a few mistletoe kisses, he seemed to warm up to the season, although he was still as quiet as ever.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of engagement rings would they get their s/o? Also, any ground rules that you want to establish?

Hi! Thanks very much for your ask, and I realised I used silver a lot, but the boys are classy and they’re gonna save gold for the wedding ring (≧∇≦)

I don’t think I have many rules I want to establish. Basically, I’ll answer probably any ask, sfw or not (though I don’t have much experience writing nsfw so I’m warning you). Asks can be regarding pretty much any character, not just the four boys. I don’t think there’s anything really that I wouldn’t answer, unless it was just intentional hate on one of the characters or something like that.

I realised recently that the blog isn’t completely accurately named; basically, my idea was that this was an ask type of blog, where you guys would send in requests/asks of what the characters would do in certain situations or the like, like the one before. Also, it could be general headcannons like, guys’ favourite food or how they sleep (feel free to ask those, by the way). I’ll make them up befitting to the characters.

Noctis wouldn’t be able to come up with the perfect one on his own. He wouldn’t ask his s/o, of course, but instead, he’d turn to his trusty friends and Ignis would be the one to help him decide. Even with the assistance of Ignis, Noctis ends up choosing one mostly by himself; a thin silver band encrusted with multiple very expensive clear-cut diamonds, fit for his princess. 

Prompto would be determined to do it all on his own, and it doesn’t end well. He has pretty much no idea what he’s doing and ends up bringing his s/o along in the guise of it being a promise ring. Unlike the prince, Prompto only has so much money, and he buys a simple silver ring, with a small ruby heart encrusted in the centre. Most of his funds go to the fancy dinner he takes his s/o to later, where he proposes to them in a failed Spider-Man-style and they nearly choke on the ring.  

Ignis is the man of simplicity. He’s not the best at expressing his feelings, so he does it in obvious ways with gifts and the like. His s/o isn’t surprised, then, when he gives them a silver chain with a charming golden ring loosely hung from it. Following in his old man’s footsteps, he gives them the same ring his father gave to his mother for their engagement. He’s not exactly prepared for the excitable reaction of his normally-calm s/o when he tells them this. 

Gladio loves to let his s/o he loves them. In big ways, like fancy dinners and public affection, and in small ways, like little kisses and hugging them to keep them warm. It’s no surprise to anyone when they announce their engagement, after they followed an elaborately-planned, romantic trail just outside Insomnia. The ring his s/o shows off is a plaited steel, the tiny crystals weaved into the patterning. 

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Sakamaki's! Mukami's! It's white day! *throws confetti into the air again* What are you going to give your s/o?

Admin: OH NO ! Not again!!  *rolls I’m confetti*

Ruki: “I’d get her a silver necklace with a heart like pendant with a gem in the center of it “ he said smiling 

Yuma: “I’d aim for a cute bracelet with her name on it geehee !”

Kou: “I’d definetely go for a cute pair of earrings !” 

Azusa: “I… Would….buy her….a ….silver ….ring “ 

Shu: “I’d get her flowers and would take her out to dinner with me before giving her a bracelet I guess …”

Reiji: “I believe taking her out for shopping would be enough…maybe buy her a pendant too “

Laito: “I’d buy bitch-chan new luxury lingerie nfufu ~”

Kanato: “"I’d buy her sweets and chocolate just for her, and a golden hair ornament “

Ayato: “I… Guess a cute bracelet would do …y’know the ones where you can add pendants “

Subaru : “A necklace with a cute message inside the pendant…” He blushed 

Admin: my my aren’t they all so adorable o(◡‿◡✿) also sorry for the delay white day was yesterday but I was awfully busy >_< 

Robert teasing and casually brushing the marriage subject off like he’s not laid awake each night thinking about it: “unless you’ve got a ring in your pocket that is, I’ve got to say this might not be the best time to pop the question”

Robert the next day: *decides proposing is now on, goes out to buy a perfect silver statement ring that he’s obviously thought would please Aaron’s simple tastes, phoned his contacts to hire the best wedding venue in town, started the guest list, made a date in the diary, bought a puppy, and already planned what they’re doing on their 50th wedding anniversary*  

protect nam woohyun


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say shit 

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about NAMU?!?!?!?

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dear “inspirits” attacking woohyun, calling him a traitor, saying he’s faking his illness, saying he’s selfish, and saying he’s leaving infinite…

you should be supporting woohyun in this difficult time. not doubting him, accusing him of being what he never was, and causing him more pain while he is depressed.

really. what the fuck.

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let me remind you:

woohyun has been depressed lately, has been injured for a while, and has cried many times in the last few months.

and let me also remind you:

nam woohyun is the one who spent 3 million won, his own money, buying silver rings and flowers for inspirits during one great step.

nam woohyun is the one who always hides his shoulder pain to bring us awesome performances.

nam woohyun is the one who cried at the melon premiere stage because he missed us.

nam woohyun is the one who always gives the most fanservice and the one who always thinks of inspirits’ safety.

nam woohyun, our precious namstar, namgrease, namu, is the one who always brings us laughter and smiles while hiding his troubles, his sadness, his pain.



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