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Wrong Place Wrong Time (33)

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Part 33 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 1,600 

A.N: I was going to make this part/chapter longer, but then it would’ve made then next chapter a little harder to write about. It’s kind of hard to explain. But long story short I needed to keep this chapter short so that 34 would make more sense when I get to it and so that there was an appropriate build up for the coming drama. I hope you still enjoy it regardless.

“What the fuck are you talking about Y/N, what’s going on?” Jongdae frowned, pushing you out of the way from blocking the TV screen.

“Jongdae I’m not joking! There’s a bomb in the basement and it’s currently counting down as we’re wasting time in here. OUT, NOW!” You screamed. Everyone stood, looking at each other hesitantly, still deciding whether or not you were telling the truth.

“CHANYEOL, MINSEOK I’M NOT LYING!” You grabbed Ara from Kris’ hands and ran out of the living into the hallway and out of the door. If the boys wanted to blow up then that was their prerogative, but you and Ara were sure as hell not dying. Not today.

Finally realising that you were being serious the boys began filing one by one out of the house. You were shivering in the cold, Ara shaking and crying in your hands, you were bouncing her up and down lightly to comfort her, but her crying wasn’t reducing very much. Kris walked over to you carefully lifting her out of your arms and pressing her against his chest.

“Its okay baby girl, Daddy’s here, don’t cry.” He rubbed her back gently, kissing the top of her forehead. 

“Shit, Kyungsoo’s taking too long.” Jongin hissed, turning back to face the house and running inside.

“Hurry up! You’ve only got about 3 minutes left.” You called at Jongin, your heart beating fast, wheelchairs could be a bit difficult at times. You just prayed that it wouldn’t take them too long.

“We should move away from the house, before it blows up on us.” Chanyeol shouted, dragging your arm and pulling you away from the house. The rest of the boys were following closely behind you. You were scared now, there was a bomb in the house but Red was dead. So unless it was someone who worked for Red knew where you lived and was looking for revenge that only left you with one plausible answer to the current situation that you found yourself in.

Someone in this house was trying to kill you all.

You tried shaking the thought out of your head. Why would anyone in this house want to kill everyone, Including themselves, since every last one of you were in the house at the same time. It didn’t make sense. You tried thinking of who it could be but you couldn’t quite come up with a credible answer. As far as you were concerned Kris and Jongin had proved themselves to you all, besides they didn’t sabotage the killing of Red, if they were really on his side they would’ve prevented his death and they didn’t do that. You weren’t too sure about Tao’s character, but to be fair much like Jongin and Kris, if he really was on Red’s side he would’ve prevented Red’s death so that meant he was definitely on your side. You shook your head again. No it couldn’t be one of you it had to be an outside job. But how did they get inside of the basement. You just couldn’t calculate it all.
You let out a deep breath when you saw Jongin running towards you pushing Kyungsoo in his wheelchair; Thank God they had made it in time. Jongin was panting for air by the time he had reached you, bending over and placing his hands on his knees.

“You –you okay Kyungsoo?” He wheezed, looking up at him.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m good, thanks for that.” He smiled softly at Jongin, wheeling himself a little bit closer to you. You hugged Jongin for a second or two letting him go again, you were glad he was safe and thankful that he had safely got Kyungsoo out.

“So hang on a minute.” Kris said, shaking his head in confusion and lightly bouncing Ara up and down in his arms. “What happened, because I don’t even get what’s going on right now?”

You turned around to face him. “I went to the basement to put some shopping in there, since it would take up too much space in my room, I came back to living room to watch the film with you guys then I realised that I hadn’t had Chanyeol’s necklace on, so I went back to go and find it. I heard this quiet noise, looked under the table seeing a bomb.” You were still shocked, so your sentences were not 100 percent coherent, but they were enough for Kris and the guys to understand. “Who the heck would do this to us?” You frowned staring around, trying to see if you could get any type of reaction from anyone in particular.

Minseok looked around too. His eyes widening in fear as he looked back towards the house.

“SHIT! SEHUN’S STILL ASLEEP!” He began running back into the direction of the house faster than you had ever seen him run before.

“Minseok no! There’s probably only one minute left on that bomb, you might not make it.” You ran after him involuntarily, but felt a strong hand pull you back by your wrist. You didn’t even care to register who it was all you could do was be terrified for Minseok right now.

“I can’t just leave him there!” He called back and continued running until you could no longer see him in your field of vision.

Your breathing was heavy and your hands were shaky. What if he didn’t make it out in time? You had already lost Minseok once and you really weren’t prepared to lose him again. Especially now that you had established how you felt about each other.

“Oh God!” You whined, looking back at Chanyeol. “What if they don’t make it back. And on top of that I’ve lost your necklace forever Chan. I’m so sorry.” You pressed your hands against your mouth to try and stop yourself from crying.

“It was just a charm on a chain Y/N you can get another one anywhere, stop moaning about it.” Junmyeon hissed at you.

“That’s not all that was on there.” You sighed. “I attached a gift on there that a family member had given me last year.” You looked disappointingly at the house.

“Jesus, Y/N would you stop moaning, you can buy a plain silver ring anywhere nowadays just be glad the house hasn’t blown up with you inside of it.” You nodded, he was right you should really be counting your blessings and thanking God that you were alive right now.

But then you turned around to frown at him.

“Wait, I didn’t mention that.”

“What?” He frowned his brows at you, pushing Kyungsoo’s chair even further away from the direction of the house.

“I most definitely lost my necklace in that basement. I had bought crates of sanitary towels and I stored them in the basement, I most definitely had my necklace on up until that point, I know because Ara was playing with it, it must have tugged off at some point when I was placing the sanitary towels away.”

Junmyeon turned around looking at you with a disgusted expression. “Okay well thanks for telling me about this extremely unnecessary piece of information. I’m glad that your monthly cycle works and you’re getting your periods Y/N, congrats you can have a baby.” He clapped at you sarcastically. But you kept a straight face, looking at him doubtfully.

“But nobody goes into the basement. None of us use it.” You continued, ignoring his earlier sarcastic comment. And looking back out the house. Where the heck was Minseok, why was he taking so long. Your heart began to beat irregularly out of fear. “You just told me that I could buy a silver ring anywhere.”

“Yes. Yes I did, because you can. How can you be complaining about a silver ring, when Minseok and Sehun aren’t even back yet, they might not even make it out alive at this point and all you can focus on is a stupid fucking ring!” He took a step forward in your direction and shouted in your face.

“That’s not the point that I’m trying to make. Shut up and let me finish!” You pushed him hard in the chest, causing him to stumble back slightly. “I never mentioned the ring that I kept on the necklace. I’ve always worn it on my finger. So how did you know it was there? Unless you saw it. Unless you went in the basement.”

“What?” He scoffed looking up at you.

 “How did you know that Junmyeon?”

The boys were staring at the both of you intensely now, more so at Junmyeon who still wouldn’t answer your question.

“My-Myeon how did you know that?” Baekhyun stuttered, looking closer at Junmyeon with distrust in his eyes. All eyes were on Junmyeon now, waiting for him to answer.

“What?” He repeated again, frowning at Baekhyun.

“JUNMYEON ANSWER HER FUCKING QUESTION! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW THAT WHEN SHE NEVER MENTIONED IT?!” Baekhyun screamed, his chest was heaving up and down and his fists were clenched; his knuckles turning white.“She never mentioned the ring so how did you know about that piece of information, hmm? Unless you were in the basement.” He said stabbing Junmyeon in the chest with his index finger. “What were you doing in there Myeon? Checking your bomb were you?” Baekhyun’s eyes were burning into the back of Junmyeon’s skull. Waiting for him to deny it, but still he remained silent.


Your eyes widened in fear as you whipped your head towards the house that had blown up into flames, like an intense firework in the dark night time sky.

“NO!”You screamed.

Sehun and Minseok still hadn’t returned.

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Sprace throughout the years

basically just a bunch of lil modern Sprace headcanons okay lets go:

  • It was when he was six that Spot met the new kid in Kindergarten.
    • His name, he later learned, was Anthony but he loved horses so much Spot decided to call him Race.
  • It was when he was 8 that Race started to have feelings for his best friend.
    • Race grew up around a couple of gay people in his family, and his parents were pretty accepting, but it wasn’t something he wanted broadcasted out to the world just yet. Spot on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.
  • It was when he was 9 that Spot started to have feelings for his best friend.
    • He had to hide it of course, because what else could he do about it? This was also around the time his anger started to become a problem.
  • It was when he was 11 that Spot got into his very first fight.
    • Some kid a few years older than him decided to joke about how close Spot and Race were. Of course Spot couldn’t let that stand, so he had to teach the kid a lesson.
  • It was when they were 12 that Spot and Race fought together.
    • Race, after learning about what had happened with Spot and the older boy, vowed to always be by his best friend’s side whenever a fight broke out.
  • It was when they were 14 that Spot and Race had their first real fight.
    • It was different than the other ones they’d had. No fists were thrown, there was no names being shouted, it was painfully personal. It wasn’t how they would normally fight, and Race knew that he just couldn’t figure out why- until Spot finally confessed his feelings while his mind was clouded with rage.
  • It was when they were 14 that Spot and Race had their very first kiss.
    • After Spot accidentally admitted his feelings for Race, his best friend immediately closed the distance between the two of them and kissed him. For that one moment, Spot felt free of anger, he felt happier than he had in a long time. Race held on tight to Spot as if he was reminding himself that this was actually happening.
  • It was when he was 15 that Spot’s parents found out.
    • His mom stopped caring about what happened to her son a long time ago, but man was his dad angry. Spot had been so, so careful, until he forgot to delete the text conversation he’d had with his boyfriend the night before. It was innocent, but or course they didn’t talk like friends would. Spot had been yelled at, hit, and finally- kicked out. He’d had half an hour to pack up his stuff and leave. Luckily, his friend Jack had an amazing foster mom he could stay with.
  • It was when they were 16 that Spot and Race went on their first real date.
    • Of course, they’d gone out to eat at little fast food places but they were never allowed to be open about their relationship. About a year after Spot moved in with Medda and Jack, they were able to be out at school and in public.
  • It was when they were 17 that Spot and Race went to senior prom together.
    • Spot picked up Race at his house and was blown away when he saw his boyfriend come down the stairs. He wore a deep blue tux with a bowtie and he looked fantastic. Race looked at Spot in his black tux and wondered how he’d gotten so lucky in the first place.
  • It was when they were 18 that Spot and Race had to say goodbye for a little while.
    • They’d both gotten into the colleges they’d wanted to. Race was on his way to becoming a master chef and Spot was headed on the path to becoming the world’s best lawyer. It was a cliché departure, holding each other like they needed them to survive. Spot and Race promised to make the long distance thing work.
  • It was when they were 20 that Spot and Race said “I love you”.
    • Spot actually said it first, which was really difficult for him but man was it worth it. Race almost started crying because he didn’t think he’d ever hear those words from Spot and quickly said it back.
    • This was also the first time Spot and Race had sex because they were finally in a space where they could be intimate with each other. Spot was visiting Race in between semesters and it was another way to show how much he loved him.
  • It was when they were 23 that Spot and Race moved in together.
    • After graduating college, the two were able to get jobs in their respective fields and saved up enough money to buy a tiny apartment in New York.
  • It was when they were 27 that Spot and Race got engaged.
    • Race saved up his money to buy Spot the shiny silver ring he proposed with. They were walking through the part when Race got down on one knee and told Spot exactly why he was doing this today. He told Spot that he couldn’t wait any longer before promising to be his forever, in all it’s cheesy glory.
  • It was when they were 28 that Spot and Race finally got married.
    • Race had held Spots’ hands in his own and managed to tell Spot all the reasons he’d made his life better.
    • As Spot stood in front of all of the people he loved, staring at the man who would be his husband, and he thought about to the 6-year-old boy who met his best friend for the first time.

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hcs for how Akashi, Kuroko, Midorima, Takao, Kagami would propose marriage to girlfriend?

Hi dear! Here I am! I admit it wasn’t easy to think about them, but I’m satisfied with the results! I hope you enjoy!

Have a nice day!

Akashi, Kagami, Kuroko, Takao and Midorima Wedding Proposal Headcanons


Akashi Seijuurou

-In grand style. Damn, this boy doesn’t know how to restrain himself when it concerns you.

-He starts planning it five months before. He thinks at least six different plans, looks at more than a hundred rings and drives crazy all of your friends because it has to be perfect.

-I don’t know why, but I believe Akashi would love Paris so, he’s going to bring you there with the excuse of a “weekend to relax”. He has booked a table on the Tour Eiffel for a romantic dinner.

-At first he would have liked to do it in public because the world has to know you’re his, but in the end he freaks out at the last minute. For the first time in his life, he’s scared and has a million doubts. What if you don’t accept? What if you say no? What if…

-he waits for when you two return to the hotel, in a luxurious room with a double bed covered in red roses and with candles giving everything a soft atmosphere. You understands there’s something off but try to wait for him to speak, a bit anxious. He asks you to sit down and then plays a beautiful piece, which he has written for you, with his violin.

-As soon as he finishes, he slowly gets on his knees and pulls out the velvet red little box and proposes.

-He cries when you say yes and you have to repeat it two times because he can’t believe it.

-The ring is an elegant gold circle with a small, refined red ruby. It was his mother’s.

Kagami Taiga

-One day he’s walking back home (to you) when he passes in front of a jewelry and sees a silver ring with a small ruby. Something simple, pricy, but…he thinks of you. He suddenly thinks that it would look good on your finger. For the rest of your lives. And since he’s very impulsive, he buys it on the spot.

-And now he’s in your apartment, the pretty box hidden in his sport bag and he’s starting to feel nervous because realization is kicking in. What was he thinking? He has to…propose now, right? He looks at you, comfortably sprawled on the couch in his baggy t-shirt. You are waiting for him to have a shower and then eat together.

-During the dinner, he’s more clumsy than usual and blushes on his own; it’s funny but you’re a bit confused. He’s actually debating inside his head if it’s a good idea or not: he knows he should have planned it before and maybe he should wait a more proper occasion (Momoi is gonna kill him for sure) but now that he has thought about it…he wants you now. He wants to know if you’re going to be with him forever immediately. He needs too. He doesn’t understand why he had never thought about it before.

-It’s only after you’ve washed everything and you’re going to your room that he finally finds again his foolish courage. He grabs your wrist to stop you and make you face him. He blabbers something unintelligible, becoming redder and redder

-When you start giggling, without understanding, he clumsily falls on his knee and pulls out the box.

“P-please marry me.”

It’s out of nowhere. Totally absurd and unplanned. You’re unprepared and you would have never thought he was going to… but you feel tears in your eyes as you nod frantically. You jump in his arms and he laughs relieved, picking you up and spinning you giddily. He kisses your cheeks, your lips, your hair, your neck…he feels drunk and quickly carries you to the bedroom like a princess.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-He wants it to be in a comfortable, romantic atmosphere. Something private but sweet. And he wants it to be a surprise.

-One evening, you come home and when in you enter in the dining room, he has prepared the table for two, with candles and a bouquet of red roses in the middle. He appears behind you, making you jump. He takes your coat and leads you to your seat.

-He has cooked a simple but delightful dinner. He’s usually not very good, so he has asked Kagami to teach him and spent three weeks practicing. They are all your favorite dishes.

-You two eat calmly, chatting and giggling like usual. You feels a bit excited but don’t want to make assumptions. It’s comfortable, familiar. Kuroko can’t take his eyes from you and has a soft smile on his lips that makes it difficult for you to focus.

-Before the dessert, he calls your name, stands up and moves in front of you. He kneels and takes your hand.

“SO, I know that maybe it’s too early, but I can’t stop myself. Will you marry me?” and shows you a silver ring with a small diamond. His hands are trembling and his face is flushed. You throw your arms around his neck and, caught by surprise, he falls on the floor hugging you.

You repeat “yes, yes!” in his ear like a chant, like a promise, and he hides his face in the crook of your neck. You can feel his tears wetting your skin.

Takao Kazunari

-He’s excited and scared about it at the same time. He wants it to be special.

-He brings you to a park for a midnight picnic under the stars. He has brought candles, flowers and your favorite sandwiches. The two of you lie down on the blanket, curled against each other, and whisper jokes and talk about anything and everything at the same time.

-His heartbeat is faster than usual and he seems nervous and hyped, but you can’t quite understand why. At some point you start a tickling fight and it ends up with the two of you rolling in the grass and laughing like crazy.

-At some point, he manages to pin you down, still panting and giggling. He has his hands beside your head, his cheeks are red and his piercing eyes are glinting like the stars behind him. He takes a deep breath, resting his forehead against yours.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could stay like this forever?” He asks you with the brightest smile he has ever shown and your heart stops.


“Marry me, SO-chan!” His voice is filled with fondness and desire. Maybe a bit of fear too.

Everything stops. Time, world, people. It’s just the two of you.

You cup his cheeks and kiss him, crying and laughing at the same time.

“Yeah, let’s stay like this forever!”

-He later gives you the ring. Silver and simple, but shining as he is.

-you end up sleeping outside, hugging under the clear sky.

Midorima Shintarou

-He’s completely lost about it. You two had already joked about getting married, but since you were still studying you hadn’t take it seriously. Now, he realizes that it’s the right time but doesn’t know how to do it. He. Is. Panicking. So he watches videos and tutorials, asks his friends and…in the end decides to go for the most simple, direct plan.

-I can imagine him buying the ring (silver with an emerald), planning a romantic dinner in a good place and then…then messing everything up because he’s a clumsy dork.

-You two are preparing to go out for that “surprise” dinner and he’s searching for the ring box of the ring. It’s pure bad luck, but when he finds it, he exults and the box slips out of his hands. It rolls down the floor in the exact moment you enter to ask him if he was ready. It’s instinct: you bend down and pick it up. Midorima screams internally but it’s too late.

-It’s slightly open so you see it. You freeze immediately, mouth open and wide eyes. It can’t be true.

“Oh my God.”

Midorima is paralyzed, blushing like crazy and feeling like dying.

You look at him, your brain finally catching up. When you see his face you realize that yes, it’s true. It’s true.

“YES!” you scream, suddenly rushing into his arms and knocking him down. You two fall on the bed and you squeezed the hell out of him, who stutters unintelligible things.

“L-let me at least ask you first,” he finally groans covering his face, deeply embarrassed.

“Ah, yes!” you thrill rolling off him and sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at him expectantly.

He stands up wobbling, takes the box and kneels trembling. He clears his throat.

“SO, would you marry me?” he asks stuttering and nearly fainting even if he already knows the answer, yet he manages to look into your eyes. He’s serious. Midorima wants to marry you for real. This stiff, clumsy, strange dork wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

You feel like melting and tears stream down your cheeks.

“Yes, a hundred times yes,” you whisper, nodding overwhelmed, and stretch your hand to him. He gently puts the ring on the right finger. Perfect size, obviously.

Midorima looks at it for a second, before kissing it sweetly.

“Sorry, it should have been diff-”

“It’s perfect,” you interrupt him opening your arm, “It’s perfect.”

And he hugs you, matching tears shining in his eyes.

-You then go to the restaurant and then for a walk under the fireworks planning and dreaming about your future.

-You are going to mock him forever for this night, but you wouldn’t change anything.

Sherbert Lemon || Credence Barebone x Reader

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Based on Anonymous’ request: ‘Could you please write an imagine for credence on Christmas morning? Like waking him up while sneaking into his room and surprising him with a bunch of sweets and presents? Tysm’

It was about a week before Christmas, and you were extremely excited, so, you’d decorated you and your boyfriend’s house with tinsel, lights, and a Christmas tree, and there were already a few presents under the tree. 

Credence however, was not so excited. Christmas had never been a happy time when he was younger. He’d never had any money of his own to buy presents for people, and he had never got any presents in return, instead, he had to watch the other children exchange gifts, chattering amongst themselves happily. 

So, naturally, he didn’t exactly join you in the festivities at first, but after a few trips out to do Christmas shopping and a few mistletoe kisses, he seemed to warm up to the season, although he was still as quiet as ever.

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What kind of engagement rings would they get their s/o? Also, any ground rules that you want to establish?

Hi! Thanks very much for your ask, and I realised I used silver a lot, but the boys are classy and they’re gonna save gold for the wedding ring (≧∇≦)

I don’t think I have many rules I want to establish. Basically, I’ll answer probably any ask, sfw or not (though I don’t have much experience writing nsfw so I’m warning you). Asks can be regarding pretty much any character, not just the four boys. I don’t think there’s anything really that I wouldn’t answer, unless it was just intentional hate on one of the characters or something like that.

I realised recently that the blog isn’t completely accurately named; basically, my idea was that this was an ask type of blog, where you guys would send in requests/asks of what the characters would do in certain situations or the like, like the one before. Also, it could be general headcannons like, guys’ favourite food or how they sleep (feel free to ask those, by the way). I’ll make them up befitting to the characters.

Noctis wouldn’t be able to come up with the perfect one on his own. He wouldn’t ask his s/o, of course, but instead, he’d turn to his trusty friends and Ignis would be the one to help him decide. Even with the assistance of Ignis, Noctis ends up choosing one mostly by himself; a thin silver band encrusted with multiple very expensive clear-cut diamonds, fit for his princess. 

Prompto would be determined to do it all on his own, and it doesn’t end well. He has pretty much no idea what he’s doing and ends up bringing his s/o along in the guise of it being a promise ring. Unlike the prince, Prompto only has so much money, and he buys a simple silver ring, with a small ruby heart encrusted in the centre. Most of his funds go to the fancy dinner he takes his s/o to later, where he proposes to them in a failed Spider-Man-style and they nearly choke on the ring.  

Ignis is the man of simplicity. He’s not the best at expressing his feelings, so he does it in obvious ways with gifts and the like. His s/o isn’t surprised, then, when he gives them a silver chain with a charming golden ring loosely hung from it. Following in his old man’s footsteps, he gives them the same ring his father gave to his mother for their engagement. He’s not exactly prepared for the excitable reaction of his normally-calm s/o when he tells them this. 

Gladio loves to let his s/o he loves them. In big ways, like fancy dinners and public affection, and in small ways, like little kisses and hugging them to keep them warm. It’s no surprise to anyone when they announce their engagement, after they followed an elaborately-planned, romantic trail just outside Insomnia. The ring his s/o shows off is a plaited steel, the tiny crystals weaved into the patterning. 

Robert teasing and casually brushing the marriage subject off like he’s not laid awake each night thinking about it: “unless you’ve got a ring in your pocket that is, I’ve got to say this might not be the best time to pop the question”

Robert the next day: *decides proposing is now on, goes out to buy a perfect silver statement ring that he’s obviously thought would please Aaron’s simple tastes, phoned his contacts to hire the best wedding venue in town, started the guest list, made a date in the diary, bought a puppy, and already planned what they’re doing on their 50th wedding anniversary*  

protect nam woohyun


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say shit 

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about NAMU?!?!?!?

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dear “inspirits” attacking woohyun, calling him a traitor, saying he’s faking his illness, saying he’s selfish, and saying he’s leaving infinite…

you should be supporting woohyun in this difficult time. not doubting him, accusing him of being what he never was, and causing him more pain while he is depressed.

really. what the fuck.

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let me remind you:

woohyun has been depressed lately, has been injured for a while, and has cried many times in the last few months.

and let me also remind you:

nam woohyun is the one who spent 3 million won, his own money, buying silver rings and flowers for inspirits during one great step.

nam woohyun is the one who always hides his shoulder pain to bring us awesome performances.

nam woohyun is the one who cried at the melon premiere stage because he missed us.

nam woohyun is the one who always gives the most fanservice and the one who always thinks of inspirits’ safety.

nam woohyun, our precious namstar, namgrease, namu, is the one who always brings us laughter and smiles while hiding his troubles, his sadness, his pain.



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