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Okay, so from that last slip about the hoodie… It seems like OT in enforcing the stunt tried to co-opt Louis’s messaging with his clothing, which we have relied on so much the last couple years. But Louis ruined the shared clothing angle and maintained his own messaging by picking a variation of the hoodie that continued with his usual motifs (death and destruction, skeletons) and he subverted their attempt to pull the strings on one of his very few ways of expressing himself.

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This'll probably sound corny af. But I still live @ home with my Christian af mother and if she ever found out Im a metal head...... yeah lol so I can never wear shirts or buy vinyl or anything like that so I rly appreciate you and your blog bc you're funny and it's where I can enjoy the music/artwork/everything lol so thanks a lot!

hahaha this message was so sweet. i’m glad to help !


eliza is the cool mum that forms rap duos with her child, ham is their number 1 fan


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Yaaaaaas my Lazy Fairy Godmother shirt by @c-cassandra came in the mail today! Best buy I’ve made this year, no exceptions! It’s so awesome I really love it 💖💖💖


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In honor and celebration of Overwatch’s new holiday comic, “Reflections,” I designed a T-shirt! I wanted to make this both as a way to show pride for the LGBTQ+ spectrum and also show support and love for the fandom, specifically Tracer. <3