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cute things to do with your gf

aka things Abbie and I did during our weeklong visit this month:

-pick up her luggage and the airport before she even gets down to baggage claim
-bring her roses
-hold hands in the uber on the way to your apartment
-attempt to sleep next to each other in your twin bed
-wake up the next morning and decide it was a little cramped
-build a blanket fort instead in the corner of your living room and put your mattress topper on the floor in there
-sleep there the rest of your visit because it’s cozy and you both love it
-reach ULTIMATE COZE by sleeping pressed up against each other
-take an uber to Rite-Aid because it’s too cold to walk 10 blocks
-buy Malteasers at Rite-Aid because you’ve heard Dan Howell talk about them and you want to try them
-give her one of your shirts to sleep in (and wear that shirt to sleep every night after she goes home)
-cosplay as your otp (holtzbert) at comic con
-go out to lunch in your cosplays and take pictures at the pizza place
-buy a fuzzy cat at the con, name her, and agree to trade her back and forth each time you see each other
-make banana pancakes with strawberry sauce
-order pizza and chicken nuggets to eat in your blanket fort
-cry a lot when she leaves, but plan your next visit right away, which helps you both feel better

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Do you have any theories about The Vagabond, but him actually having Real Ryan's backstory. Former Model, still has a family, still has his kids, Dad Ryan who happens to also be part of the most notorious crew in the city.

hell YEAH I do

His backstory probably divulged from Actual Ryan’s in the modeling era, because honestly people in fashion are fucking weird?? And he probably just kept getting offer upon offer until all the offer started slowly getting odd.

First he got a contract to go to France, then to do a show there, then to meet “A Guy”, then to do a few shows for him, then to be in a “Performance” with him where you’ll be “killing him” and oops, you actually killed a guy and we lied, it wasn’t a performance at all, so have fun with that.

When he accidentally killed a guy, his name got out as the “model gone rogue” and of course other crews wanted to hire a beautiful assassin. And Ryan was kinda… well, he can’t go back now, yeah? Already killed a dude, might as well take with it the lumps. It’s extra money for the people he loves, right?

He tried to stay centered in Georgia, because all of his family and relationships were there, but whenever someone hired him for a contract he’d have to go on a “modelling shoot”. This surprisingly worked for a long time, until the Fakes hired him and required him to be a live-in. He agreed (slowly the assassinations became a game, and he wanted to get on the top of the top and the Fakes was the only way), but had to go away for “business trips” every weekend. The crew became a little suspicious when one day he’d kill ten cops in cold blood, but the next day he’s seen buying flowers at Shop Rite and shoving all his murdery stuff in the trunk of a rental car.


The Reason I Choose Korean Beauty Products

I was coming out of work today and I asked my boyfriend to take me to Lotte Plaza. After a slight mix up, we ended up at H-Mart, and though we were surprised (he because he thought H-Mart and Lotte Plaza were interchangeable, and I because I didn’t know H-Mart existed in this state), I was happy to go right on in to browse.

By the time I walked out, I had with me an entire haul of new beauty products, and no food. Confused, my boyfriend asked why I had wanted to add an extra hour to our travel time by going to H-Mart for makeup and face wash that I could buy from Rite-Aid, Ulta, Sephora, Target (the list goes on) all of which are anywhere from five to ten minutes away.

To this, I firstly resisted the urge to be a smart-ass and explain that I didn’t ask to go to H-Mart, but Lotte Plaza. Secondly, I provided these reasons:

1. My skin is healthier.

Korean products do not result in the breakouts that domestic products have cursed me with. Originally, I was using Urban Decay’s foundation, and although I found that the tone matched my skin well, the coverage wasn’t great, and the formula got really gross and flaky after drying. I tried Mary Kae and the coverage was good and went a long way, but it was heavy and my skin reacted poorly to it. From Mary Kay, I went to Bare Minerals, which to date was the gentlest on my skin. However, it did not hide the redness in my skin well, and generally didn’t even out my skin tone well.

It was like I couldn’t win… Until I tried BB Cream.

My first time using BB Cream, I ordered Etude House’s matte formula in the lightest shade they had. Today, I bought Iope’s formula in “Ice Vanilla,” and I have to say that I like it just as much! BB cream is a great alternative to foundation because it tends to be a lot lighter on the skin, and the best part is that it has sun screen in the formula as well. For someone like me who not only has sensitive skin, but a sun allergy, this takes a few steps out of my beauty routine which is especially helpful during the work and school week. Additionally, BB cream smells really good.

2. Free Stuff! I repeat, free stuff!

The best thing that shopping in Korean beauty stores can offer is that there are so many samples and bonus products you get, it’s ridiculous! See the photo above? I bought two things, and walked out with seven. I bought the BB cream and the skin care set, and in addition, I received a sample cleansing set, two face masks, two sample firming packs, a refill for my BB cream (it’s air cushioned, but the mirror compact can be reused), and a full-sized hand wash. It was a hefty price, but I can honestly say that between quality and quantity it’s well worth it.

3. Customer Service

This point is entirely circumstantial, and can differ greatly for everyone, but I’m being honest. In my area, I’ve never had a good experience in a skin care shop or makeup shop where the employees have been as eager to answer questions. Because I have combination skin as well as a sun allergy, I need makeup that works well with troubled skin and also can tolerate being applied with sun screen. Unfortunately, not every employee is receptive to answering questions thoroughly.

The woman who helped me today was not only polite, but she wanted to help me find the product for my skin that would work best. After showing me the brand that she uses personally, as she confided that she also has combination skin, she told me that it has anti-aging properties that are popular for teenagers as well as young adults, explained that I don’t need to worry about all the anti-aging eye creams and things yet because I’m still young, and why having the cleansers are worth while. As she talked, she allowed me to sample the products, and when I told her that I wanted to look at BB creams as well, she perked up and said that she had a great recommendation that was also a promo item. That of course was the IOPE BB cream, which has SPF50+ sunscreen. The dream!

She allowed me to pick out which free face masks I wanted from a choice of six (shea butter, rice, bamboo, green tea, pearl, and another of which I have unfortunately forgotten), and then also guided me through each sample product that was thrown in which she honestly didn’t need to do.

It’s a great experience every time. Again, this is entirely circumstantial and I cannot guarantee that every H-Mart and Lotte Plaza in the world will have happy eager employees, just like I wouldn’t suggest every Sephora on earth has super disinterested employees. If you are in the same area, however, and you have access to Ellicott City’s H-Mart or Lotte Plaza, I will shamelessly advertise their excellent customer service.

Are there downsides? Yes. The only major downside I can think of is the price. It can be an expensive route to take because the products are imported, and the price of shipping is added on top of that for those who may only have access to Korean products online. For me, I budget by waiting for sales, or compromising some parts of my beauty routine by using domestic products in addition to Korean products. Memebox was an especially great discovery because the prices are far less hefty than in other online stores, and the shipping is free after spending $30.00.

Over all, I switched to Korean beauty products primarily because my skin responds better to the products.

It also helps that I find they make me super cute.

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I actually have recalled you using super cheap supplies in your videos, (like a Crayola crayon or something you could buy at Rite Aid) and it really did make me realize I don't need expensive supplies to make art so thanks

aw im glad, answering these last couple of asks have made me want to film a cheap supplies art vid so im gonna write that down so i can do it when i get the chance submitted by Everyday Carry

Spring can bring some of the nicest weather, but also some of the most unpredictable. It’s not uncommon to get caught in a downpour, and arrive at your destination soaked to the bone. By switching up your EDC to include some weatherproof gear, you can keep both yourself and your gear dry. Don’t forget about weight, either. Heavier clothing like winter jackets and pants tend to have more pockets to store your gear, which is not usually the case with shorts and a windbreaker. By streamlining your EDC with easier to carry gear, you can get through the day without being weighed down. Read on to see our recommendations for solid gear to carry, rain or shine…

SlimFold Micro Wallet

You should already be slimming down your wallet, and they don’t get much thinner than SlimFold’s offerings. This 100% waterproof, stain-resistant, machine washable-wallet holds up to 12 cards and bills  in its synthetic weave material.

Buy on Amazon

Patagonia Torrentshell Packable Jacket

100% nylon construction keeps this jacket light and waterproof. Store your essentials in its zip-up front pockets (even folding in on itself completely for easy storage), and keep the rain out with its drawstring hood and hem and velcro-adjustable sleeves.

Buy on Amazon

Casio G-Shock GDF100-1A

G-Shock durability in all conditions needs no introduction. The GDF100-1A features 200 meters of water resistance and its altimeter, barometer, and thermometer keep you one step ahead of the weather.

Buy on Amazon

Declan Microfiber Handkerchief

Declan’s tech  fabric pocket squares are the modern defense for when weather happens to your gear. Stop wiping down your glasses or phone with the edge of your shirt and use Declan’s specially engineered microfiber hank instead.

Buy at Declan ($10+)

Olight S10C Baton

Olight’s newest light may be inexpensive, but it’s loaded with features. An IPX-8 rating keeps it waterproof  for up to 2 meters, while 5 brightness modes up to 500 lumens keeps it unquestionably darkness-proof.

Buy on Amazon

Spyderco Salt I

Spyderco’s Salt series lets you cut with rust-proof confidence in the wettest of conditions. The Salt I, based on the best-selling Delica design, is lightweight, shaped for utility, and blacked out to guard your eyes against glare.

Buy on Amazon

Field Notes Expedition Edition

The brand you know and trust, but with a hi-visiblity cover and water- and tear-proof synthetic paper. Pair it with the RITR Trekker Pen for worry free writing under any weather condition.

Buy on Amazon

Rite in the Rain All Weather Trekker Pen

As its name suggests, the Rite in the Rain does indeed perform under precipitation. Not only that, it can do it upside-down, in extreme temperatures, and even write on wet paper. Don’t leave your writing stranded either by stocking up on these all-weather ink refills.

Buy on Amazon

EEZ-Y Umbrella

Umbrellas are your best bet against the rain, but carrying them can be cumbersome. EEZ-Y’s compact travel umbrella features a unique vented double-canopy design that lets wind pass through without flipping or rolling it while open. It also weighs less than a pound, making its one-handed, one-button operation a breeze.

Buy on Amazon

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

Timbuk2 makes some of the most reliable and durable bags on the market. A water-resistant TPU rolltop flap keeps your EDC (including up to a 15” laptop) protected, while zip pockets, internal organization, and external straps keep your things tidy. A lifetime guarantee also doesn’t hurt one bit!

Buy on Amazon

What gear do you switch up with the seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

Words by Mikey Bautista and Ed Jelley

Photo by Ed Jelley

submitted by Adam Molina
External image

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, but you can’t rely on pure luck when it comes to being prepared. Many people celebrate by wearing green, but why stop there when you can carry it, too? Green is a great color for EDC: you can choose to go with a darker olive drab for military and outdoors use, or a vibrant shade so you can easily spot it at the bottom of a pack. With spring on the way, it’s as good a time as any to take a look at your carry and add some handy essentials that’ll help you avoid those mischievous leprechauns. Check out our picks for some green gear you can add to your carry this spring:

External image

Zippo Green Matte Clover Lighter

With warmer weather on the way you’ll probably find yourself outdoors more often than in the colder months, so it’s a good idea to have a reliable source of fire and this matte green Zippo should do the trick. There’s a four leaf clover on it if you’re feeling extra festive, but the key feature here is the windproof flame that this lighter provides. Thanks to the small size of Zippo lighters it should be easy finding a place for it in your EDC.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Ontario Knives RAT-1

Whether you’re out hiking or trying to open a stubborn box, a sturdy knife is an essential part of many EDCs. The RAT-1’s larger blade size gives you plenty of cutting edge to work with (for a smaller blade, check out its little brother, the RAT-2) in an excellent value blade.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Leatherman Micra

The Leatherman Micra is one of the best keychain multitools you can get. It has spring-loaded scissors, a flathead screwdriver, tweezers, bottle opener, and 6 other tools in a body that’s only 2.5 inches in length when closed. The Micra is perfect for EDC and let’s be honest, who couldn’t use another bottle opener this time of year?

Buy on Amazon

External image

Lumintop Worm

With an aluminum alloy construction, this flashlight is a durable EDC option. It pumps out 110 lumens, is water resistant up to 2 meters, and you can easily find a place for it in your pocket or keychain thanks to a slim design.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Spyderco Endura 4

For a knife that’s as versatile as you are, the Spyderco Endura is a good choice. It’s lightweight enough for EDC and has a 4-way clip so you can carry it however is easiest for you.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Olight i3E

The Olight i3e is a great option for EDC. It’s designed to be conveniently attached to your keychain so you’ll never leave home without it. With a 45 lumen max output it’s the perfect tool for smaller tasks, like quickly finding something you dropped.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Kershaw Scallion

Add a touch of green to your knife collection with this lightweight pocket knife. It has Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening system which makes it great for one-handed use. With its sub 2.5” blade length, it’s a sensible option for most EDCs.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Seiko 5 SNK805

An affordable way to keep time is this military-style timepiece from Seiko. The white numbers on the green watch face make it easy to read and you know it can withstand EDC thanks to its stainless steel build. Make this a part of your carry and avoid ever being late again.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Rite in the Rain Tactical Notebook

When it comes to weather resistant notebooks, it’s hard to beat Rite in the Rain. Their notebooks are popular in the EDC community mainly because of their waterproofing, but also because of their pocketable size. You can easily take notes in any kind of weather with one of these in your pocket.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Parker Jotter

You’d be surprised how often a pen comes in handy, which is why many people carry at least one. Whether you’re taking notes or signing a check, the Parker Jotter is a tried-and-true EDC pen.

Buy on Amazon

External image

KeySmart 2.0 Compact

If you’re tired of carrying around a jingling ring of keys, the KeySmart 2.0 is an efficient way to carry them. You can hold up to 8 keys without making a sound and with so many color options, you can definitely find one to match your EDC.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Recycled Firefighter Money Clip Wallet

These wallets are made from recycled firehoses and you can easily stash up to 8 cards and some cash. Consider this if you’re after a slim wallet with a unique history that makes a statement.

Buy on Amazon

If you liked this guide, please give it a share to your friends and followers. What are your favorite green essentials? Let us know in a comment below!


[ten minute video of me throwing headphones into trash, driving to rite aid, buying new headphones and a pack of starburst]

Today I fucked up.... by buying medicine

Ok so I was at rite aid buying Theraflu cause my brother is sick. Turns out u need to b 18 or over to buy it i was like but my brother is sick he needs it. The bitchy lady said no. So this guy behind me in the line was like “I’ll buy it for u”. But then the clerk was also the manager and said “you can’t do that bc that’s technically illegal” so the guy said “then I’ll buy it for me”.

He bought it, gave it to me and the manager was like “hey I said u can’t do that”

The guy gave him the illest poker face and said “I’m walking away” so me and him both ran out of the store