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The Sky in Video Games

The Sky in Steins;Gate

The Sky in Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate

The Sky in Amnesia: Memories

The Sky in Norn9

The Sky in Code: Realize

So I was just looking through the screenshots that I have on my PSVita and I realized I had a few (more like many) of the sky. I think they look quite beautiful~

You may realize that I love the sky at night and rain.

$30 off PS Vitas at Amazon again ⊟

Just because Sony hardly showed anything new for the system at its E3 press event doesn’t mean the PS Vita is lacking fun upcoming releases – you have Danganronpa Another Episode, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, and plenty of great multi-platform titles too.

You can grab a PS Vita Slim/200 (WiFi version) for $169.99 at Amazon right now. Credit to Emily for the great photo of the PS Vita, Minecraft, and coffee – an awesome combination! Link is via @Wario64.

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‘Sci-fi romance adventure’ Alone With You on PS Vita now ⊟

PS4 too, if you’d like. If you have any interest at all in either classic point-and-click adventure games or visual novels, this new PSN release by Benjamin Rivers (Home) should be on your radar.

Alone With You casts you as the only survivor of a nascent offworld colony. In order to make your escape, you have to explore the ruins– and hang out with AI recreations of the experts who once shared the space with you.

I’m slowly working through this game, so hopefully there will be more impressions soon!

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Spike Chunsoft self-publishing Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics in America ⊟

Spike Chunsoft’s update of the indie PC game One Way Heroics will be released on PS Vita and PS4 this summer, the first console game to be self-published by Spike! Neat!

One Way Heroics is an auto-scrolling roguelike RPG, where every turn you take brings a killer wall closer. Also, this version totally has Danganronpa and Shiren characters in it!

You can share your progress on Twitter, or give friends passwords to unlock the worlds you’ve explored. I expect the community Wikis to explode with world codes and locations of the best loot. Study up because you’ll want every edge you can get before venturing into the PvP mode.

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I need to buy a PS Vita NOW!

It’s a great time for Sound Shapes ⊟ 

For its third anniversary, the PS3/4/Vita (cross-buy!) game Sound Shapes has been permanently discounted to $10, and all the DLC is half off through September. 

If you haven’t played Sound Shapes, this is an interesting time to check it out. It’s a platformer in which everything makes noise, and all the elements naturally come together into rad music. It’s also got one of the best level editors in any game, something worth paying attention to during this Mario Maker fever.

If you have already played it, it’s probably a good idea to dip back in there. Players have had three years to create whole albums’ worth of levels, and there are now curated collections from all kinds of people (but not us? [call us])

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