buy pants that actually fit you

Reasons to be Thin.

-to be petite and not just short

-actually feel small next to people

-play wrestle with friends without being worried they’ll touch my fat


-Liking pictures

-cute costumes/cosplay thin characters

-being told “eat something you’re so thin” in stead of “better watch what you eat or you’ll get fatter”

- talking to guys confidently

-being flirted with.

-walking around shirtless

-sleeping shirtless

-feeling confident during intimate moments with SO

-being the proper weight for my height.

-buying pants that are not way too long because I’m thin enough to fit into my actual size.

-being proud of my appearance

-being proud of myself

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Just found mori and I looove it, but had a question. I work on an small organic farm, and I'd feel bad getting compost on a nice lace skirt. Could you suggest a place to find more "practical" pieces or a style better for working outdoors? Thanks!

Personally I’m not really into the lacey, girly mori style for myself. I enjoy looking at pictures of it, but it’s just not me. The fit is more important IMO than the actual material of the clothing. Loose cotton tops are really the way to go.

If you want to wear shorts or pants, you can buy second hand or make doilies and sew them on to feel more girlish, and you can do the same with tops.

I’ll reblog this post with some pictures in a second.

Monthly Commissions

Hey guys! Need help… AGAIN.

So my dad has been in a pickle with financial stuff unfortunately, resulting in him needin money from me. I STILL haven’t gotten an actual job yet because applications have been submitting but still processing and interviews have come as well. So again, I rely on my art to get me through stuff.

If you want proof…

I just paid for my medical deductible, and my dad needed $40 for gas, so.. ^^; That only leaves me with $49 in my account right now.

And you know, I’m supporting the house I’m in right now. Buying groceries for the house, things we need around the house like pet food, food for dinner so I can cook… And now I need money for clothes because I’m losing weight so fast that some of my clothes actually don’t fit on me(I have to tie my pants down so tight, it’s ridiculous)

Anyway :’D;; I would appreciate it if ya’ll could help me out by commissioning me, leaving tips or donating! I prefer commissions but I know some people aren’t into that and would rather give, which is fine too!!! Every little bit counts to be honest.

If you’re interested, please send me an email/donations at me here on tumblr and I will get back to you ASAP. 

If you want to know what my art looks like, here it is:

If not, please reblog!!! This is my only way of income for the time being while I’m on my job hunt, so this means a lot to me! Otherwise I won’t be able to stay at my parents place while I maintain a job and go to school.

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Can you please show how each of the gang members reactions to themselves getting chubby?

-Ponyboy is honestly sort of glad because he’s always been small for his age and the extra weight helps fill him out a little, as long as he’s still kicking ass in track, he doesn’t care how much he weighs
-Soda’s actually a little self-conscious at first, especially when he realizes he doesn’t fit into his favourite pants, but eventually is just like ‘fuck it’ (and buys the pants in the next size up)
-Darry’s fit and muscular appearance in really important to him especially because he uses it as a tool of intimidation, so he works out at the gym more
-Two-bit gives no fucks, he has a beer belly that he’s worked hard for and everyone else can go fuck themselves
-As far as Steve’s concerned, it just makes it easier for him to beat Soda at arm wrestling so he welcomes it
-Dally grunts and complains that he needs to ‘stop eating so much shit’ but doesn’t
-Johnny prefers being a little chubbier over being scrawny, so he doesn’t give much thought to it

Numbers are my friends ... most of them.

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Sorry for the missed blog post yesterday, but it’s hard to get back into a routine. I have news, though, so here I am :)

I have hit another milestone! I have dropped below 240 (which I mentioned last week) but more impressive than that is the fact that I have lost another pant size and am now wearing pants that are same size that I graduated in. High School graduation, that is. I’m in a 38 pants!

I couldn’t believe it! I got tired of dressing like I had to dress myself in what I could find, and made the move to buy more clothes. I actually went into a dressing room people! I FIT in a dressing room! You know you were big when you had to try on dressing rooms before you tried on clothes. Most of the time, to avoid embarrassment, I would just buy clothes I KNEW would fit, and just got home. But NOW I could be picky!

I got 2 shirts, a new belt, a pair of shorts, and 2 pairs of jeans! *and yeah, I TOTALLY fashionista’d in front of the full body mirror*

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I feel great! I’m kinda stuck at 238, but I’m still losing inches and pounds! 

I have to reiterate that, while this surgery is definitely not for everyone, this having this surgery has been the greatest decision in my life, other than saying “I love Jesus.”, “I do”, and “OK lets have a kid.” Other than the Big 3 there, having this surgery is tops!

I feel so GOOD: Physically, mentally and my self esteem … well … I have some! This is new. I actually think I look … pretty good for 39. Then again, I have 39 years of other me to compare it to, so the bar is pretty low. 

Mechacon is in 2 weeks and I CAN’T WAIT! So many things going on in the next month. More updates as they are available. Until then, CARRY ONE!

HW: 356 lbs.

SW: 346 lbs.

CW: 238 lbs.

WL: 118 lbs.

GW: 230 lbs.

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I work in retail. One time when I was working in the men's department of my store, I had a guy call me TWICE during the same shift, because he was concerned that the pants he bought might have been women's pants. Even though they fit him and he obviously liked them enough to buy in the first place. So I had to double check that these sweatpants were actually mens. All because he "didn't want to be a crossdresser" (his words).


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where do you find your outfits? they look interesting.

“I… well… I’ve had this outfit for a while now, but it’s really hard to find fitting clothes. There doesn’t exist beastfallen clothing stores. I bought my pants and vest at a hunting store, where they sold all sort of gear. My shirt, I think I remember buying it from a regular store, but it’s not really… fitting me. But I’ve gotten used to it and it actually helps me keeping cool during sunny days.

I don’t remember where I got my cape…”

“You’re very knowledgable about this kind of stuff…thank god, I’m sure I’d be lost without you.” He joked, reaching out to run his fingers over the silky straps and dainty lace of the lingerie, the gold of the material glimmering underneath the store’s brilliant lighting. She tried not to stare, only watching him curiously as he seemed to get lost looking at the lingerie, as if he was imagining how it would look on his husband.

“Uh…of course, thank you sir.” She shifted, trying to gauge the alpha’s reaction. “What do you think of this one?”

hi this is really really bad please head warnings for super duper implied noncon and kidnapping and just awful things

super badwrong rhack basically 

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Dear clothing industry,

Is it really so hard for you to make plus sized and curvy fit jeans out of 100% denim?  Is it?  Must they ALL have a percentage of spandex?  Also, why can’t women get real pockets in their jeans?  I ask because it seems as though the pockets get smaller every time I go to buy a pair of jeans.  And, um, can you keep the sizing consistent?  It’s really disheartening to have to get a new size of pants every time I need them because the sizing is always shifting up or down.  Actually, you know what would be absolutely splendid?  Do what you do for MEN and sell clothing according to measurements instead of some random vomit of letters and numbers!

A very, very, very, VERY exasperated person

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Today is a ranting day because I have to go on a rant about being a short little child. I'm 4' 5" and it's annoying. I used to get bullied a lot for my height because basically everyone is taller than me. And buying pants is annoying. I like to wear pants I wear them all the time. when you're short getting pants sucks they're always long there's no way around it. And the sizes mainly focus on the waist and how they fit but not the length. It's just terrible and it's major struggle.

omg you’re so tiny I want to hug you. aw i’m so sorry, I feel the buying pants struggle. i have zero pants that I actually buy that fit me. I always have to hem them or cut them.

Presents Galore!  Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas swap pressies and tell us of festive Doctor Who fun!  

  • What would River buy Nardole for Christmas?  I think I’d buy him a new baubley hat. The one in the Christmas special is a little plain; I think I would buy him one that is much more colorful.
  • [holds up tiny Santa pants] Well Nardole, he could fit into those I’m sure!
  • What part of River’s costume/gadgets would you keep if your could?  Oh, it would have to be my lipstick. [laughs] I quite like the vortex manipulator as well, actually I do. But that lipstick…
  • What’s the strangest/funniest gift you’ve ever been given?  … I actually can’t say.
  • [laughs] No bling rings for Nardole!


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“im a pizza delivery person & i just delivered a pizza to someone in the middle of a satanic ritual & they gave me their #?” au.... or.... “i woke up this morning to find you sitting in my living room w/ a goat in a poncho? who are you? why is the goat wearing a poncho? how did you get the goat in here i live on the 12th floor?” au.... or “im a cashier & i saw you stuffing you pants full of potatoes & i would stop you but you already have 27 & i want to see how many you can fit" au...

I also picked one from this message too bc whoops

Derek is transfixed. He has never been so hypnotized in his life, and he’s not even sure why he is. After working in this grocery store for the last three years of high school, he’s seen some pretty weird shit. His classmates get up to weird shenanigans and usually he has to be the party pooper. But this? This is nothing he’s ever seen and is slightly impressive.

To be fair, his eyes were already on Stiles because his eyes are kind of always on Stiles. Stiles, who is popular by association with Lydia, has never even looked back at Derek, but that doesn’t stop the undying crush Derek has on him. Derek is just a basketball player. Stiles is on the lacrosse team and part of that crowd and their paths rarely cross despite them both being in sports.

But the second Stiles walked in the grocery store with a determined face, Derek hasn’t looked away. He’s supposed to be bagging for Erica as she scans, but she’s picking up his slack since she knows exactly who is distracting him.

“He’s at 27 now,” Derek mutters to Erica. “Where is he even putting them?”

She opens her mouth, but Boyd who’s in the till behind them stops her with, “Don’t say it.”

She turns around to pout at him, which you’d think would work since he’s her boyfriend, but he just gives her blank look in return. Derek can see his amusement in his eyes though.

“He’s still going,” Derek continues his narration of Stiles’ shenanigans.

“Okay but why,” Erica sighs. “Who in their right mind would want to shove potatoes down their pants?”

Derek shrugs. “Dare? From the lacrosse team?”

“Jackson is ridiculous,” Boyd agrees, knowing from experience of being on the lacrosse team with him. “Or it could be Isaac. This sounds like something Isaac would dare too.”

“Someone should probably stop him,” Erica comments, but her bored tone shows how much she cares about stopping him. “I nominate Derek since he’s just a bagger today and I can obviously work without him.” 

“What with this huge crowd we have?” Boyd asks, gesturing to the empty lines at their tills. 

The couple turn their unimpressed gazes on Derek, and he can literally feel the pressure to go stop Stiles. “Fine,” he groans and stalks over to the produce aisle where Stiles is slipping potatoes down his pants.

“Thirty-one,” is what pops out of Derek’s mouth when he gets close enough to Stiles to talk. “Why do you need 31 potatoes in your pants?”

Stiles’ head snaps up, his eyes wide. “I, uh…I really like starch?”

“Who doesn’t,” Derek replies easily, weirded out how easy it is to talk to Stiles. “But, um. I’m pretty sure this is against some regulation. Probably. You know, maybe it isn’t, but we might have to write that regulation in because of you.”

Stiles pumps his fist in the air, keeping one hand securely on his pants to keep the potatoes from falling. “I’ve always wanted a ridiculous rule made in my honor.” He looks ridiculously proud of himself.

“Was that the point?” Derek asks.

Stiles shakes his head, smile still plastered on. “Not at all. But it’s a very nice benefit. Isaac dared me to fit as many potatoes in my pants as possible. I promise I’ll buy these ones since I’m not sure even I would want to buy potatoes that were in my pants. So fair’s fair, ya know? Actually, no. Do the Whittemores have a tab or account thing here? Is that a thing? If It is, you should totally put it on theirs. Jackson’s an asshole.”

“I thought Jackson was your friend?”

Stiles snorts so hard he makes himself trip. “Nah just by association.”

Derek nods and then looks back down at Stiles’ pants. “Uh, do you want me to ring you up or are you not done?”

“I’m done,” Stiles says quickly. “And you can ring me up any time.” 

Derek frowns as Stiles turns red.

“I mean. Sorry that came out wrong. Not that I don’t have a huge crush on you or anything - fuck I just need to shut up. Right now. And I’m doing it…now.” Stiles mimes zipping his lips and locking them.

“You have a crush on me?” Derek asks, eyes popping out his head. “Wow. That’s. That’s great because I have a crush on you.”

“You do?” Stiles yells out, excited again. He looks happier than when he managed to get a ridiculous rule made in his honor.

Derek shrugs. “There’s just something really charming about a guy who can fit 31 potatoes in his pants.”

Stiles’ chest puffs out and he smirks. “Damn straight there is.”

Derek’s nose scrunches up. “Maybe not so straight.”

And it might just be Derek, but it looks like Stiles’ eyes are glazed over. “You need to go out with me. Right now.”

All Derek can do is nod enthusiastically and ignore the way Erica’s head is thrown back with obvious laughter and how Boyd is dropping his head onto the cash register.

Easily Create Your Own Mori Outfits!

  If you’re buying from the internet, mori clothing can be some of the most expensive clothing! There aren’t any stores (at least, in Canada) that even sell clothing that fits in the style. If you’re not into thrift shopping, it can actually take impossible amounts of energy to come up with mori outfits. Many Mori’s make their own clothing, which is an amazingly beautiful way of coming into the style! But I’m a beginner at sewing and couldn’t possibly get a dress, shirt, pants, or even an accessory put together. Oh, no, I simply don’t have the experience - let alone time.
  So… what should I do?

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I think Bucky's costume looks cheap for a reason and that is no more funds from Stark since he's against them. And I honestly don't know if Steve has much of his own money. And plus they are on the run, so buying what they can I guess: the best jacket they can find and Bucky rips the sleeve bcs his arm is bigger and the plates cut fabric, black army pants that fit super-soldiers and that's it I think.. no money for hair ties left it seems :(

Headcanon that the jacket is actually Steve’s and he gives it to him like “here you can wear this for now” and Bucky just fucking tears the arm off like “thanks it’s mine now”


Ok, so I am watching Twin Peaks for the first time and someone NEEDS to explain to me why the two deputies in this town wear Official Law Enforcement gear and the actual sheriff wears an oversized beige sack with a gun belt.

Why is the sheriff wearing a khaki button up instead of a matching law enforcement shirt? Why is the sheriff the only one without a badge? Why did you pick pants that are almost the exact same color as the shirt but not quite?If he’s just wearing a khaki button up why didn’t you buy one that fits? Why is he wearing his gun belt over a regular belt? This isn’t the wild west, you can buy gun belts that also hold up your damn pants.

Is he supposed to be in plain clothes?! Why do his plain clothes look like he’s trying to wear a uniform? Are all of his shirts beige? Did he lose a lot of weight and possibly arm length recently?

This show is full of demonic possessions and visions and giants and they keep coming up with weirder shit and the part i can’t get on board with is how anyone in town can take this beige blob of a man seriously. 0/10 unrealistic

dear marvel/dc whatever the fuck marketing people:

i am a female and i wish to buy a shirt (yes, a shirt, not underwear, not socks, not a necklace, not even pajama pants) about my favorite male superhero that is:

  • designed to fit women
  • comes in a variety of sizes
  • not unnecessarily feminized or youth-marketed (#SPIDEYLOLZ)
  • not about marrying said superhero
  • a skoche more creative the superhero’s symbol on a plain colored tee

so, in short, A SHIRT. it may surprise you, but i don’t actually want to marry said superhero, date them, or just sport their colors like a college football fan. listen to me: i want to effing be captain america. i want to BE batman, AND wonder woman, and i want to look good doing both. and look - i am a lazy son of a gun, and i don’t want to have to re-fit your ill-fitting men’s shirts to do this. i’m just asking for an ounce of creativity. a dash of variety. listen to the sound of my lazy money. make better shit for women, and we will buy it.

When life gives you lemons you go buy yourself some new pants on your lunch break, eat spaghetti for dinner with your sister, break out your gummi bears (only a serving) and watch parks and rec.

It’s nice to have work pants that actually fit. One small step towards adulting properly.

Let’s go, Tuesday.

expectations of girls are so insane you have perfect skin and boobs that are big but defy gravity and a tiny waist and dress well but not be into fashion otherwise you’re dumb and vapid and look like you’re wearing makeup but never actually wear makeup and this is all coming from the same guys who can’t even buy pants that fit fuck you