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Only Look At Me (m)

After a longtime Jimin realizes he likes you but it may be too late


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Staring blankly at the ceiling of your room you sighed and reached up to try and touch the glow in the dark stars your best friend stuck to it for you. Your eyes traced the letters that they formed and felt the small smile spread on your face until it grew and you felt your eyes crinkle up in an eye smile. Park Jimin, your best friend for a year now, always told you to smile whenever you would start stressing out or over thinking which was all the time. Today was no different.

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Ok guys, I really didn’t want to get to this point, but i really feel like I have no other option right now.

My name is Kami, and I’m from Venezuela. Venezuela, if you don’t know, is a Little country in the north of South America that currently is going through some rough shit. This rough shit includes the fact that the minimum wage for people who work is equivalent to roughly 11 or 12 dollars FOR MONTH. Yes, this is different in our own coin, but considering that this implies that 100,000 of our national coin is equivalent to just 10 dollars I’m sure that anyone with basic knowledge of economy knows that this implies some bad shit for the prices of stuff. Just to put an example, in my house there’s only three people and by WEEK we spend 40,000 or so only on grocery shopping.

You would believe that with both of my parents working it would be enough to live decently, right? Haha, yeah, it’s just enough to make it to the end of the moth. And the thing is, I work too, if only to keep my own needs at bay, so we don’t have to spend extra money on my stuff but… it’s kinda’ve been difficult lately… because My computer broke. It just went dark and didn’t turn on anymore. And I work as a freelance Graphic Designer and I write for an online column so like, my computer is the one thing I NEED to work. I’ve been able to work using one of my dad’s computer, but not being able to work on my own space is difficult, since he also works with the computer so… I’m just able to work when he isn’t working (which is not many times).

If I decided to save and try to buy a computer here that I could use to do my work would come out at, at least 15.000.000 Bs, which is 1500$ and it’s… it’s kind of a lot… and really hard to get when I can only work from time to time in a computer that’s not mine, I’m don’t have an University Title (and thus I don’t count as a “professional”), and I have to worry about my house having enough food and services and if something break or something. And yes, I’ve tough of asking for help here, but I wouldn’t be able to even get the money, because Venezuelan Credit Cards aren’t compatible with PayPal. So I’m kind of stuck.

I though about it a lot, and in the end I did some work and instead I bought myself a Plane ticket to Panama. Panama is a place where a lot of things are cheaper because it’s low sale’s tax (at least for me it really, really is) and it’s really better to go there and buy the stuff, especially because one of my cousins lives there, and they confirmed for me that they can lend me a credit card to use my money from PayPal, so I would be good, and I would be able to do my shopping with no problem.

So here’s all I’m asking. I’ve been doing numbers and considering I’ll be staying at panama for just 10 days, I’ll be staying in my cousin’s house (but I wont be eating there every day, because… I can’t do that to her, she has three daughters and I’m an adult) I would use anywhere from 20 to 35 dollars a day (a total of 200 to 350$ for the entire trip), and I found the cheapest computers that I could use for my work are around 320$ and 450$, depending on what they have at the time. So that’s anywhere from 550 to 800$, and that would be all I need, leaving 700$ out of the price that it would cost me to buy one computer here. And yes, I’ll be working in the meantime, but the trip could only be one month and a half from now (because the only had tickets for that date and if I didn’t buy the ticket right now it would’ve been a lot more expensive later), and the max amount of money I’ll be able to do is going to be like… 70$ or 100$ IF IM LUCKY and get one hell of a good job somewhere.

So yeah, if you guys could help me a little bit I would really appreciate it. My PayPal is and I also have a redbubble, even if there’s not many stuff because… well I don’t have a computer to make more.

Please guys, I’m begging you if all of my followers gave me just one dollar I could have enough, and if you can’t donate at least share so I have a chance to get it. And honestly, even if I just get the 550$ it would be totally worth it for me, since I could help to bring more money to my house.

A customer wanted to return a reeeeeaaaaally old product yesterday.

TL;DR: Older customer wanted to return a very old product that doesn’t exist anymore and we refused.


Our return policy is pretty chill. As long as you can prove you bought it in one of our stores (it had our price sticker on it, or we can track your receipt or you have it, or it’s our brand) we can refund you for it.

I’ve been working here for 2 and a half years and I can count in one hand the number of times we refused to refund a customer. We sometimes let people return diapers that they didn’t buy in one of our stores if they want to get the same type of diaper only a different size.

Yesterday came in a woman with two packages of maxi pads.

She wanted to return them and get a refund.

They were REALLY old. The price sticker was ours, but of at least a decade ago. It said “8.99” and that sort of pricing had been outlawed several years ago because in my country our smallest coin is of 0.10 of our currency.

If the total comes to an uneven number and the customer wants to pay in cash, the sum gets automatically rounded up or down by the computer (Our computers always round down).

Also, that item hasn’t even existed in any store here in years.

I tell her that the item is really old and she says that she bought it a few months ago in our store in the center of town.

I told her I’d have to ask the managers, mainly to avoid arguing with her and having to refund her in any case after the argument.

I went to the back, took a picture of the items with the price stickers, sent it to the managers’ group and had a good laugh with the managers bc obviously this wasn’t refundable.

I returned and explained that I asked both the manager and the store owner and they said that bc it was so old and we haven’t stocked or sold this item in years and the company stopped manufacturing it, that I couldn’t refund her.

She said that maybe because our store was new that I didn’t know what it was.

I told her that I would go with her to the feminine hygiene aisle and then to the storage in the back, and then to all the other stores in the city (there are 3 more besides ours) and do the same and if she found this item anywhere that I’d pay her back for them myself.

She said something like, “you’re nor kidding, huh?”

I said no, sorry and wished her a good day.

Afterwards I called the manager to ask him something else and we laughed about this. He said he was going to send that picture to the store managers’ group.

i like to think that when Gavin “spent 6 grand on one pair of sunglasses’ Free walked into the penthouse living room to meet the new kid, the new sniper, this Mr. Dooley, he got two steps in before his eyes actually took in lil J, and more importantly what he was wearing and gavin just

stops dead in his tracks just, startles and lets out a yelp and quickly shoves his surprise horror down, neon purple and orange and a cowboy hat and unironically also, like gavin tries to a smile but it curdles immediately

and jeremy’s smiling fully, geoff told him the glitzy little asshole would have a stroke upon contact at his ‘unorthodox’ choice of clothes, and that it had nothing to do with him personally and that he’d get over it (eventually)

but Gavin manages to stand there for five whole seconds before whirling around on his heel for the door “MEG! TURNEY, DONT LOOK- I ER, I MEAN, UM, COME HERE I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!” and hissed murmurs in the hallway and Meg with her razor-sharp wings and jimmy choo pumps comes barrelling in to see for herself and she, her reaction, just wide eyes and a fist pressed against her mouth like she’d been shot, leaning back so hard gavin has to catch her when he comes back into the penthouse hissing “i told you not to make a scene turney!” and meg’s like like, “jeremy, baby, who did this to you?” she runs up to him, catches his face in her hands “where did the rest of your clothes go jeremy, i can buy you new ones sweetheart just say the word.” 

and jeremy explains that yes, he picked this out himself, and yes, he has clothes other than this, and yes, he chose to wear this of his own accord with no one forcing his hand

and gavin and meg are baffled. 

but accepting.

but every christmas, birthday (ALL  the crew’s birthdays, every last one), hanukkah, chinese new year, diwali , every equinox, for the next year and a half on any chance they have to give gifts lil j gets clothes from designers he can’t pronounce and price tags he can’t bear to look at for fear of wallet cramps. it’s the thought that counts.


Hey I’m starting commissions again!! This time for art!!

◾Peanuts are 1$!!! A cheap price for a cute doodle of whatever the hell you want!!

◾Carrot Sticks (like the upper left) are five dollars for a half body and eight for a full body!

◾Icons (not pictured) will cost around .50 to 1$ depending on how many you want, but its always buy one get one free!

◾ Digital Art, done on MSPaint or Photoshop is five dollars USD!! Full body is also ten dollars!!

◾ Simple gifs are fifteen dollars, anything beyond that we’ll have to discuss!

🎨A NOTE!!!
◾ PLEASE specify if you want your work colored or sent to you! I will assume everything you want is a sketch.
◾ I now have a PayPal!! Its

So at my particular greenwalls, we have a lot of clearance because our cos department is behind on marking down our discontinued stuff. Our clearance is 90% cosmetics and 10% everything else lol

Now this is important because we as employees tend to take a little advantage of this and buy some stuff we need at clearance price. But we have one shift lead, T, who takes way too much advantage.

T will hide items away under our counters and in our stock room and buy them when she sees fit. Now, we all do this kinda. We hide stuff behind the counter and buy it THAT DAY. That’s what our head manager has deemed acceptable. But T will hide things for months!

For example, back in the summer, an as seen on TV nonstick pan went on clearance for half price. Super cool! I didn’t get a chance to buy one but oh well, right? Fast forward to last week (in February, mind you) when I saw a clearance pan hiding behind T’s overstock bay in our stockroom.

Me, not really thinking about it too much, grabs it and fucking buys it! It’s nonstick! The commercial had a lady cook an egg and slide it right onto the plate! So cool!!

I buy it and put it next to my locker, since it doesn’t fit, and it’s kinda hidden by people’s coats and stuff, unintentionally. Later in the day I hear T talking to another shift lead that she had a pan in her overstock bay and now it’s gone. I avoid her ass for the rest of the day and haven’t heard about it since.

So now, a week later, I have this kick ass pan that she lost because she decided to be a dick and squirrel it away instead of just buying it. It’s not like I can get in trouble because she was in the wrong by hiding it lol
I love being petty!

How to NOT go shopping for pants

Context: A bandit ambush, followed by running away from a dragon interrupted our Chaotic Neutral Dwarf Paladin in the middle of his poo-break, so he got his pants filthy. After those, we entered a city and he went to the marketplace to buy new pants.

Merchant one: I have what you want, I can sell it to you for *unreasonable price*.

Dwarf Paladin: *goes to another merchant*

Merchant two: Yeah I have what you want, I can sell it to you for *1 gold less than the last guy*.

-Repeat a few more times-

Merchant X: Sure, I’ll get you that for *1 less gold than the last guy*.

Dwarf Paladin: THAT’S IT!

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): I take out my greatsword and cut the table of his stand in half!

*he succeeds*

Merchant X: *starts screaming in anger*

Two guards arrive.

Guard one: Alright Dwarf, stand down, and you can get out of this with just a fine.

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): I want to wave my greatsword at the guards in an angry manner.

DM: Are you sure?

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): Very much so!

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): *rolls a 2*

DM: You cut off one of the guards’ arms slightly above the elbow.

Guard two: *falls to the ground screaming in pain and clutching the now bleeding stump*

Guard one: You son of a whore!

DM: The guard tries to suppress you.

DM: *rolls a nat 20*

DM: The guard roundhouse kicks you in the head and knocks you out cold. You are dragged into the prison.

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): ……..Do they at least give me some clean pants?

DM: No.

Dwarf Paladin(OOC): *briefly thinks it over* Yeah, okay. I kind of deserved that one.

I saved a ton of money on this subscription to Automobile magazine. Enough that I’m buying a new car with the savings. Look at that 93% discount! Now I’ll have someplace nice to store my FREE AUTO SAFETY TOOL!

Oh you’d like to save this much too? You may be out of luck. I was “authorized” to get a subscription for pennies on the dollar. Surely they don’t bless just anyone with savings like that. Oh wait, they do.

During high school and college I subscribed to a few magazines. I seem to remember from 30 years ago an annual rate was maybe a quarter off the newsstand price. Over time it seemed to drop to half off. Or more! Most subscription offers I see now are steeply discounted and come with free trinkets, like a FREE AUTO SAFETY TOOL!

Quite a few also have offers that if you buy one subscription you can give a free one to a friend or two. Will we see a day when magazine subscriptions are multi-level marketing schemes? Get six friends to subscribe and we’ll give you a free subscription. Oh and a FREE AUTO SAFETY TOOL!

Last time I let a subscription lapse I received several additional monthly issues for free. That probably brought my discount up to 94, 95 percent.

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During a buy one get one free sale a man came up with one of each of the buy one get one free items. When I told him his total he stared the customer screen for a long time then asked me why everything was full price. Confused I told him because those were their prices? He told me they should all be half off because he just wants one of each. He didn't want any of it since he wouldn't get it half off. I love customer logic.


These guys will be up for sale within the next month, so if you’re interested in parenting your own little, very interactive“2001-2004 Muse” based fellas who crawl around your screen and do cute shite, stay tuned!

They aren’t quite finished yet (as I plan on LOADING them with cool actions and options) but I will make a new post as soon as they’re ready to be “adopted” that will showcase just some of the things these guys can do and give a bit more info on everything.

The prices will be as such:

- One choice band member —————— $2

- Two choice band members —————– $4

- The full set (buy two, get one half off) – $5

As much as I hate to charge ANYTHING, this is actually incredibly cheap considering the hours of coding and art I put into them (which makes them much more than the average Shimeji due to the many extra quirks, mind you) 

I hope you understand.

I’ll keep you updated until they’re up for adoption. If you have any questions, send in an ask! :D

stxr--boy  asked:

I'm hoping to cosplay Luna Lovegood in a Con at the end of October. I'm planning to buy majority of it but the one thing I can't find is a pink tweed jacket? I'm doing the outfit from Half Blood Prince and I don't know how I would sew her jacket and I can't seem to find one anywhere! If you know links that would he great please! :)

If you want to avoid sewing you could consider getting it commissioned, which is getting another person (usually another cosplayer) to make the garment for you. Some of the pros: you can get something very accurate and that fits you properly. Some of the cons: the price would be higher than buying a jacket at the store and it may take some time to get to you. 

If you want to try making it yourself, I suggest starting with a sewing pattern. It will give you step-by-step instructions to cut the fabric out  and sew it together to make a coat. This patterm (McCalls M7442) would give you a similar shape, with a ruffled bottom rather than pleats. This pattern (McCalls M7513) will give you pleats but a bit of a different collar. Burda’s B5235 and B6461 are also similar, without the ruffled/pleated bottom. 

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Things from a very broke person… (uk based)
  • The cats will eat the cheap cat food, but you are going to feel guilty as hell. Lidl do a ‘stick’ treat that’s cheap as hell and my cats will go INSANE for them. Seriously. I might lose a finger one day.
  • Cheap bubble bath foams just as good as the expensive stuff, it’ll feel like a treat. (I use Asdas, the ‘man smell’ ones, was 2 for £2 or something, lasts for ages)
  • Those giant bags of cheap rice are a fucking lifesaver. (about £5/£7 depending on the type)
  • Those ‘easy cheap meals’ online are only easy and cheap if you have a fully stocked cupboard.
  • Don’t worry too much about those posts that tell you to shop around. It’s only cheaper if you can walk, remember petrol and bus fares add up when you are trying to save 4p on washing up liquid. It’s not always worth it.
  • Lidl and Aldi are the BEST place for fresh veg – seriously.
  • Also, Lidl has some fantastic meat – I buy the chicken breasts and freeze them singly.
  • Jars of sauce + lentils + a single chicken breast chopped up small/pulled = at least five lunches if you have rice or pasta! They are high in fat but its filling and tastes good. You can add mushrooms/peppers/frozen veg and bulk it up.
  • Lentils will bulk anything up. Same with rice. Add them to jars of curry sauce, soups, even stews.
  • Freeze leftovers.
  • Buy frozen veg and add handfuls of it to whatever you are making. Seriously, peas go with pretty much everything.
  • Egg fried rice! Easy as hell and super filling – throw in some frozen peas, any leftover scraps of chicken/pork/meat/fish… easy, fast and cheap as hell.
  • Even plastic cheese tastes okay melted on top of stuff. (I mean like the slices, you know?)
  • A slow cooker is worth it if you get a cheap one. I use mine for bulk cooking.
  • No haircut is ‘maintenance free’.
  • Don’t get too stressed about clothes – it sucks when you get a timehop and you are still wearing the same shirt (mine was 7 years ago) if it still fits, wear it. Fuck people.
  • Asda own brand detergent is just as good as branded stuff and the tropical stuff smells really nice. Same with fabric softener.
  • Sainsbury’s isn’t as expensive as you might think – the washing up liquid is also just as good as Fairy. (I like the blue one, it smells clean)
  • Don’t even bother skimping on the one thing you love. For me its diet coke… the store brands are NOT AS GOOD. Most places will have 30 packs on offer at some point. Save up and buy it in bulk.
  • The little bottles of diet lemonade in Asda are bogof for a tray – it’s GREAT if you wanna add in diluted juice or for sticking in the car / just for having a quick drink.
  • Lidl have a brand of crisps called ‘Snacktastic’ in multipacks of 30. I get the ‘meaty’ ones, and they are better than Walkers. I shit you not. Half the price too.
  • Charity shops smell weird, and sometimes the grans inside will give you funny looks. Fuck em. Buy a 50p book and get used to it. You can sometimes find some fucking treasures (I picked up a brand new bedding set for £3, still in the packet!) beside the overpriced old Primark stuff. (Seriously. It was cheaper new.)
  • Asda home wear section. It’s seriously unexplainable how much better you will feel and how proud you will be of your bathroom if you buy all matching towels. Asda have great colours – honestly, a sheet, a hand towel, a rug and two facecloths. Lay them out, fold them nice. You feel like an adult and the quality is good enough that they do last. Get a new shower curtain too. Trust me. It’s a mini makeover and the cost will be under £30.
  • Primark. A lot of people think its shit quality and they aren’t wrong, but my 7 year time hop was a checked shirt from Primark and it’s still wearable to work.
  • Matalan vests are great quality and will go under cheaper quality shirts so your bra / binder won’t show. I have about 20 and I love them – they also look great with skinny jeans and boots. No one can tell they were like… £2.
  • Ebay. You know that already.
  • Buy the best quality bras you can. They last longer; you get the support you need. Don’t stint on bras (or binders!)
  • Buy cheap socks and pants. Men’s stocks are normally cheaper in packs, and they go higher up your legs than the girls stuff.
  • Shop online for glasses. I used Goggles 4 U for my sunglasses for driving. £15. Just as good as my Red or Dead ones from 8 years ago that cost me £120. You can get a free eye test at Specsavers and just ask for a copy of your prescription. Remember to ask about your pupil distance!
  • Savers make-up has a cheap brand that looks like Too Faced. It’s in almost identical packaging, and it’s won a lot of awards in blind testing. Good for sponges too!
  • Most perfumes have those tiny sample bottles. Ask the salesgirl for one to see how it wears.
  • Pound shop pills are just as good as Boots. Same with vitamins. The plasters tend to be shit though. Use Asda or Boots.
  • Cheap razors are the same for men and women. Normally cheaper for the men though. To stop stubble burn on the legs, buy a super (super) cheap conditioner for hair and use that like the shaving foam. Sounds weird, clogs the razor by the end, but genuinely works very well. Also, smooth legs!
  • Keep a book of stamps in your purse/wallet. It’s super handy!
  • Bulk buy your kitchen roll, toilet roll and sanitary products.
  • Flowers are expensive, buy a Peace Lily. They are super easy to keep alive and look pretty awesome. (keep out of the reach of cats!)
  • Cheap frames. If you see a photo frame for under £1, buy it. You can cover a wall with mismatched frames and it’ll look awesome, and hide some serious flaws. You don’t even need art, frame some nice wrapping paper or comic pages, even newspaper articles, photos or drawings from the kids (or even cards you received)
  • A fresh coat of paint will work wonders, and B&Q always have offers on. Asda sells paint now too. Just take your time. If pintrest tells you it’s a ‘quick afternoon project’ it’ll take a week for you to complete.
  • Larger charity shops or local facebay sites can REALLY help you furnish your home. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match, it’s a stopgap till you can buy what you like. You might also find some really good quality stuff that can be painted and kept for a loooong time.
  • A chest freezer will save your life.
  • Be fucking polite to sales people. You might be broke but they gotta deal with some shit day in and day out. It’s not their fault if that coupon has expired or the price tag is wrong.
  • Carpool if you can.
  • If you like a product, write them a letter. Might be nothing. Might get you a coupon.
  • No matter how well you budget, you will fuck up at some point. You’ll spent £100 on something you can’t afford, don’t NEED and just WANT. Try not to do it a lot, but honestly, sometimes you’ll just fuck up. It’s okay. You aren’t a robot.
  • Plan on doing something once a month. You are going to need something to look forward too else why the fuck are you working? Go to the cinema with friends, buy a ticket on one of those tourist buses, check your local venues and spend £15 on a show you’d never normally see, go to the beach with a small picnic. Do one thing a month, maybe right after payday. Invite your friends; make it a ‘thing’. It’s hard to go on nights out when you’ve nothing to wear and can’t afford to keep up with the rounds of drinks, so make a day event where you can still be super social, hang out with friends and do something fun. Just make sure you budget for it!
  • Tell your friends that money is tight. They might not be aware that you are struggling and may try to have more outings that are less expensive.
  • Most people like curry – make a chicken curry, rice and naan and invite friends around. Byob. You get to host a night in – card games or board games or even charades are hilarious after a few beers and a good meal. Pudding can be anything from jelly and icecream to a cheap chocolate cake in the microwave for a few seconds and some cream. It’s low cost and high returns – you look like your being generous while not actually spending a lot (esp good if you are trying to hide the fact you’re eating rice 7 nights a week).

(add on your own hits and tips!)


Depending on your budget and living situation, groceries can take up 30% or more of your budget. What if you could cut that number in half, or reduce it even more? With just a little bit of time and effort each week, you can be well on your way to big savings! It’s all a matter of knowing some basic tips and tricks, and coming up with a system that will work for you. It can be a hobby that grows on you, with some amazing rewards. So with that in mind, this will be the first of many installations where I will share what I’ve learned on my extreme coupon journey.

How to Start*

  • Sunday Paper: This is my favorite source for coupons because of the variety and quality of deals, despite the cost of a subscription. Check in to discounts for subscriptions or asking someone who gets the paper if they’d be willing to give you their coupons. There are three types of inserts: Smart Source (SS), Proctor and Gamble (P&G), and Red Plum (RP).
  • Mail and Magazines: Sometimes coupons will come in the mail. Val-Pak sends out monthly coupon packages if you join their mailing list (you can sign up on their website). Some magazines also include coupons for name brands. 
  • In Store Savings: There are a few ways to snag coupons after you’ve arrived at the store. Many grocery stores have blinkies and tearaways, two types of coupon dispensers. The blinkies are the red plastic mechanical coupon dispensers that are often attached to shelves. Tearaways are ads of coupons. You can take as many as you want of these; just make sure you check the expiration date and don’t take too many that you’ll just throw away later! Another way to save in store is with catalinas, which is a needlessly fancy term for the coupons that print out at the bottom of your receipt to be used on your next shopping trip. These are generally only good at the store you made the original purchase, but if you want to use them at another store, ask if they accept competitor’s coupons (many larger chains will).
*My next article will talk about online coupons, as well as rebate and savings apps. Stay Organized

Now that you’ve started collecting coupons, you need to keep them organized! Everybody has a system that works for them, so I’ll just provide the most common methods and some tips. It’s all about what works for you!

  • The Binder Method: The hardcore couponers swear by the binder method, and if you are thinking of going this route, I definitely recommend googling some of their techniques because I don’t practice this one myself. Basically, you organize your coupons however you like in plastic sleeves in a binder so that you can see them all and easily flip through to find the ones you’re looking for. The downside of this method is that if you collect a lot of coupons, you’ll need a LOT of plastic sheets and they can get expensive. However, it is an excellent organizational strategy.
  • The File Method: This is my method, and I love it because I can easily carry hundreds of coupons with me but still find what I’m looking for quickly. I bought my coupon organizer at Walmart for $3 and it’s lasted over a year (actually I’ve expanded into 2 organizers, but I digress…). These are also known as accordion organizers, and they have anywhere from 6 to 15 tabs to stick different types of coupons in. I have mine organized in the tabs by type (frozen, canned goods, cleaning products, drinks, etc.). Within the tabs, I then organize everything by brand name to easily pick them out. It takes a little bit of effort to keep it organized, so normally after I cut coupons out of the Sunday paper I organize the new ones in their place and throw out any expired coupons. By doing it weekly, it really cuts down on the work.
  • The Quick Method: Don’t have time to file and organize? Simply keep any physical coupons you have in a filing cabinet or otherwise organized by dates. If you get the ones from the Sunday paper, just keep the dates straight. Then follow coupon blogs that tell you where to find the coupons they reference, and you can go straight to the coupon insert from that date and cut out only what you need. If you use this method, you can also make your store list and then use online printable databases to only find coupons for what you need. This method is for people who are shorter on time, but it won’t lead to such good savings. The key to extreme couponing is to plan your shopping trips around coupons combined with store specials. Once you’ve been doing it for awhile, the goal is to shop to stock up on different things each week so you’re getting the best deal on everything you need.

General Coupon Policies

Every store will have different coupon policies, so if you have a favorite grocery store or drug store, it’s a good idea to get familiar with their particular policies, almost always found on their websites. Sign up for the free rewards card, if it’s offered, because this will get you access to the best sale prices. Many grocery stores also offer gas rewards, which means that every dollar you spend there goes toward discounted gas at an affiliated gas station. (For example, I shop at Giant, who has partnered with Shell Gas. For every dollar I spend, I get a gas reward point. Every 100 gas points equals 10 cents off a gallon of gas. In addition, each week buying certain items will give you extra gas points. I save an average of 50 cents off a gallon per month, and since I rarely drive, this really adds up.) I have outlined some of the most common coupon policies to get you started:

  • Coupon doubling:  Most stores will double coupons up to a certain amount. Basically, this means that the store will match the value of lower value coupons. For example, say I have a coupon for 25 cents off a roll of paper towels. A store that doubles coupons would match that 25 cents, giving me a total of 50 cents off that roll of paper towel. Most stores in my area double coupons up to 99 cents, but be sure to check your store’s policy. In such a case, 75 cent coupons are my favorite because they double to $1.50 off your item with the store’s doubling policy. Some coupons will say DO NOT DOUBLE, but there’s a way to check if it will double regardless (if you find an awesome coupon you really want to use). There’s an iphone app called Double Check where you scan a coupon and it will tell you if the ability to double is encoded in the bar code. I’ve found quite a few coupons (especially Harris Teeter store coupons) that say do not double but actually do.
  • Stacking: How many coupons can you use on one item? For most stores, you can use one manufacturer’s coupon (i.e., the ones you print or find in the Sunday paper, usually marked “manufacturer’s coupon” or sometimes “mfg”) and one store coupon (i.e., the catalinas printed out on a previous receipt or specially marked store coupons-Target has lots of these) per item. So if you have one manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off orange juice and one store coupon for $1 off orange juice, you’ll save a total of $2. If you start factoring in lower value coupons and a doubling policy, it could add up to even more! The general rule is one manufacturer’s coupon per item, BUT you can still get multiple items. If you had three orange juice coupons, you could buy three bottles of orange juice and use each coupon. Most stores have a policy of three coupons on like items, and some only allow you to use two printed coupons per like item. 
  • BOGO and half price loopholes: Make sure to check with your store before trying this one, but some stores who sell things BOGO (buy one get one free) will ring the 2 items up at half price. This means that you can use two manufacturer’s coupons (and/or store coupons) on these items. For example, if you were buying granola bars that were originally $5 and on sale BOGO, each of the two boxes you buy would ring up as $2.50.  If you have a coupon for, say, 75 cents of one box and you have 2 of them, you’ll save 75 cents of each box, or $1.50 off your total. That brings it down to $3.50 for both boxes of granola bars. If those 75 cent coupons also double, you’ll save $1.50 EACH on the granola bars, bringing your final total down to $2 for 2 boxes of granola bars. If you had paid full price for those 2 boxes, you would have spent $10. When you find a great deal like that, and if you can afford it, stock up! I have an empty shelf in my linen closet dedicated entirely to granola bars and cereal because when there is a good deal, I stock up. Anything you don’t end up using can also be donated.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the actual process of taking your coupons to the store, general couponing tips, and explain some common acronyms for couponing.

Stevie, 23, is a technical writer for Navy engineers and will soon be attending George Mason for her Master’s in Biodefense. In addition to writing for No More Ramen, Stevie also runs her own personal budgeting blog (check it out!) and cooks way too much food at once.

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A man bought an item when it was on half price offer then got annoyed when I wouldn't refund it back to him at full price. He couldn't understand why I wouldn't give him back more money than he paid.

Sadly all you have to do at our store is say you lost the receipt and you get back full price if you return a buy one get one free item. Unless you use the savings card which they also always “forget at home” and it’s funny how I almost have her phone number memorized because she’s in so much but she can only remember it on the days she shops and not when returning.


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As someone in the creative field, do you have any tips on how to save up money?

I do! 

So, as you probably know saving money as an artist can be difficult. Definitely everything on this list I’ve compiled about how to save money requires effort and attention, no one saves money by ignoring their spendings. Depending on your life, abilities, and circumstances this list may not be helpful, however this is what I’ve done to build a decent savings. I have put my top 9 tips under the “Keep Reading”…

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hallo! so i’ve been using my ipad for school for about a year now, and i have accumulated lots and lots of hacks and tricks to make the most out of it instead of having it as an additional distraction!!

on parents’ trust

parent’s trust are super important when it comes to getting a new device, which is why you should have a one-month bootcamp for both you and your parents.

  • make sure you have no game apps on there, and show them that you don’t
  • every time ur going to use it for homework or for studies, tell them. and if ur going to use it for youtube and all that jazz, inform them too.
  • be on ur best behavior and make sure you don’t slack and cave into ur desires. 
    • ur parents are bound to check on you so this is important!
    • this will also train ur self-discipline

on using it for entertainment

i highly recommend not using it for games and social media. but if you do…

  • turn off notifications!! don’t allow them to show on ur lockscreen too
    • when ur not constantly reminded, ur waaay less likely to check on it.
    • i turned off notifs for tumblr and instagram and i found out i didn’t check on them that much!!
  • ask urself: “do i already have this on my phone? do i rly need another medium to use it?”
  • a lot of my friends do this!! delete ALL ur entertainment apps about a 2 weeks to 1 month before exams!! 

on storage

i personally bought the 128 gb one, but even after using it for a year and downloading all content all my 8+ subject teachers send me, i only used up 19gb.

  • spring clean ur ipad every term!!
    • you most probably don’t need all those pics, especially all the ones you already have on ur phone
    • and do you rly need 7 notetaking apps? 
    • actually, you know what? do you rly need half the apps you downloaded? do you even use them?
  • only download what you need!
    • i have a classmate who syncs all her photos from her phone to her ipad.
    • friendly reminder that ur device is supposed to be for work and for work ONLY
  • sync ur work!
    • third party apps like dropbox should honestly be used to store all ur documents, like powerpoints, pdfs, and notes from the previous semester.
      • they don’t take up as much space on ur device and then you get to delete ur files from ur device but you can still access them!!

on accessories

  • a good expensive cover is recommended
    • sure, it’s expensive and you might see a similar one for like half the price, but quality is important
    • friendly reminder: ur gonna be whipping it out in school and at home and you don’t want one that spoils easily / doesn’t protect ur device!!
  • is a stylus necessary?
    • i don’t recommend buying this until ur familiar w ur ipad and how u use it best
    • but if you do find out that you prefer to handwrite ur notes on an app, a stylus is honestly ur savior.
    • do ur research!! my adonit jot pro was recommended tons of times and it was q expensive but it’s worth it. 
      • my friend bought a knock-off version and wasted $30 and went to buy the real thing in the end sooo :/

on class sharing

some classes in my school do these and like it helps a lot so i highly rec!!

  • having a class homework list document
    • google docs is a great app!
    • but just where y’all note down ongoing homework for each subject and their duedates
  • sharing a class subject notes document
    • google docs is also amazing
    • make sure to turn on the ‘can edit’ or else it’ll have no use lmao
    • but it’s where everyone compiles their notes. so if someone has additional notes from a different class they went to [maybe tuition or a make-up lesson] y’all can use it too
    • or if ur unable to make it one day, or was just super sleepy on one particular lesson, it’s great to reference!
    • make sure to give each subject a document each!!

on apps

i have some app recommendations are y’all ready. this are just some apps that nobody talks about but are crazy cool. if y’all want a full list, please request!!

[ ‘a’ for appstore and ‘p’ for google playstore]

  • newsloop [free] [ a ] [ p ]
    • all news from all news platform in one place. categorized.
  • onenote [free] [ a ] [ p ]
  • notability [paid] [ a ]
    • the price fluctuates like crazy, so i highly recommend waiting for it to cool down rn
      • the lowest i’ve seen it go was S$1+ and it’s now S$6+ sooo
  • scannable [free] [ a ]
    • this is crazy cool, it scans ur irl paper w just ur device like wtf how
    • you can adjust the frame so the results are always v accurate!!

+ my take on the new ipad pro

my friend bought it this year to replace her new ipad and let’s just talk about how it is unconventional on so many levels. sure, it’s gr8 but maybe not for school yaknow

  • it’s heavy. like v heavy.
  • it also takes up waaay too much space on ur already small desk
  • my friend complains about this a lot: everything you do can be seen by everybody. even if ur in the front of the class and the person is at the back.
  • tbh the extra size doesn’t change anything.

i’m not against it, like it’s totally cool. but i’m talking about lugging this to school every day. i’m still v pro-apple tho so no hate lmao. just maybe not for school. definitely not for school.

+ my other tips

these are just some tips i thought of, maybe i’ll do a part 2 one day?? i hope this helped you!!

Lil pokemon tip, containing no spoilers!

When you get to the Thrifty Megamart, you’ll get a coupon from one of the guys around the store which gives you (i assume? i never bought anything else) a 50% discount. You can use it for one trip to the store, so you can buy things from multiple cashiers/separate purchases from the same cashier so long as you don’t go outside.

I think its pretty common knowledge that if you buy ten balls, you get a premier ball for free? So if you buy ten pokeballs, you get a $1000 discount from the $2000 price, and reselling things to stores gets you half the retail value back. So you see where i’m going with this. If you have the patience, you can farm infinite free premier balls