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Joycon Handheld Controller Housing With D-Pad Button | Buy-Now!

  • Specially designed DIY replacement housing shell case for Switch Left Joy-Con handle controller (Left only) With middle battery holder plate (no internal electronics part included)
  • Perfect fit and an ideal replacement for your Left Joycon, D-Pad directional button improves the functionality of your LEFT controller.
  • Easy to install: Disassemble and take out the internal electronic circuit from the original Joy-Con, then build the electronic part in the BASSTOP replacement case
  • Exclusive design and stylish appearance, translucent feature enhances its most natural beauty of electronic circuit, give you different visual feeling.
  • What you get: 1* replacement case for Left Joycon ; 1* D-Pad Directional Button (Right Joycon case are not included)(No tools included)

I’m opening commissions!! 

If you are interested please contact me at with ‘commission’ in the subject line!

The base prices are listed in the above images, I’ll draw most any characters requested, including OCs.

Backgrounds will be a simple pattern for colored images and blank/white for lined and sketched images, unless specifically requested otherwise.


  • anything NSFW
  • pedophilic/large age gap ships - this includes shaladin/piladin
  • gore
  • incest

Things i’ll consider drawing upon request:

  • anthropomorphic characters/human - animal hybrids
  • cyborg/robot/mecha
  • nudity

Any large items/complicated outfits added will be priced upon request

I also hold the right to refuse any request if i am not comfortable with drawing it


(okay, but before I shut the laptop, I promise I’m doing that any minute now)

If I had $1,099 + shipping to spend frivolously, I would be hitting the Buy It Now button on this auction SO FAST. And then probably build a shrine around them.

A special three-volume set comprising SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, THE HALLOWEEN TREE and THE OCTOBER COUNTRY and limited to only 26 lettered copies signed by the author, & lettered M, published by PS Press in 2008.” 

How to make a paypal link and paypal button

amaimons-candy-store u got it buddy! (omg sorry this took so long) basically I’m gonna run through how my stuff’s set up. You can tweak as needed on your own time, like making your own cart and subscription button, but this is my simple and easy way of setting it up.

Do dis thing

Click “Paypal Buttons”

Make a new button

And here you’ll get all this stuff. Make a “Buy Now” button. (if you make a donations button, you have to go through a whole ton of hassle. This is a commission button post, so commission button it is.)

Name your item. (“Commissions” works fine for me.)

My preference is to leave the price blank, with no drop down menus or text field.

Its insanely helpful for when you need flexibility with payments and stuff, and can’t be bothered with confusing yourself OR your customers. Customize this junk as needed. It also curbs all the annoying confusion about Paypal withholding funds for certain comments on commissions and other stuff that’s been going around tumblr. If you scroll down further, you can add taxes and shipping fees. I prefer not to.

If you have physical items you ship, you can customize this stuff, or make an “add to cart” button. Again, this is concerning digital art commissions, so I’m not concerned with this stuff.

You can customize the checkout page your customers see. Again, I’m not concerned with this.

Save the button, love the button

If you want to insert your button with html, you can do this junk, HOWEVER the other way is my favorite way and works just as well with less clutter:


You can copy and paste the “e-mail” link to your button as a hyperlink in a business e-mail, OR on ANY image, text, or whatever else you want. And when customers click on this link, they have the option of signing into Paypal, or they can pay without an account with a credit or debit card, or e-check. Paypal won’t take out a fee if a paypal user signs in to pay though!

The benefit of making a button this way is that the customer can type in the amount they owe you manually.
If you’ve made solid terms and conditions for your commissions, and have a business e-mail or other messaging system set up properly, your discussions are legally binding. So they can’t skimp on paying you as agreed.

TL;DR Maximum utility and customization comes from making a mostly blank button with no fuss and with the e-mail link. Love it.

Sob story

My life has gone to shit but long story short: we lost our house and were homeless for a short period of time but the place where my mom is staying is hardly any better. It’s a shitty trailer w/o a washer, dryer, or refrigerator. im staying with my boyfriend on some days and a school friend on others until we can make things better because my mom gets no cell reception and doesnt have wifi over there, which i need for homework since im going to community college rn.

im basically living out of my car but even that’s gotten fucked because i just had to shell out $250 for a new radiator and now it looks like the battery is dead because every time we jump it it only lasts for a day or so. i have no money for repairs because everything ive had left has gone to school supplies.

i do have a job but kohls hasnt been giving anyone a decent amount of hours and until i can find somewhere better my paychecks have been less than $50, so i guess what im asking for is help in any way possible. my paypal is and any extra dollar would help. I would do commissions but with all of this shit and school going on I just don’t have the time. Right now all I can provide is a real, gracious thank you and reassurance that your money isnt going to be spent on anything other than my mom’s rent and my car.

The silent part of your audience is the biggest and most important. They are taking notes when you are doing stuff that’s whack. They are making buying decisions while commenters are pumping you up. 99% of your peeps will never say hello to you. Those are the people that will make all the difference when you put a buy now button up on your site. Do anything you can to figure out what they might be thinking and to speak to them with your products and content.

ideas for the nhl goalie commercial

i was thinking about that awesome goalie commercial idea and came up with some scenarios of my own:

  • someone’s been drunk amazon shopping again and you’re about to hit up that “Buy Now With One Click” button 
    • camera pans to martin jones, in full gear, laying on the floor next to you taking your wine glass away and saying “no” over and over again. 
  • netflix asks you you’re still watching the office for the third time. you’re about to click “yes” 
    • johnathan quick comes out of the bathroom and takes the remote from you and tucks you into bed 
    • commentator, whispering: “johnathan quick makes yet another crucial stop. what a play by quick.” (replay of how he tuck you in, “you can see his technique right here…”
  • here we see two dudebros:
    “no dude i can totally do a backflip off the trampoline”
    “dude no you’re gonna hurt yourself”
    • matt Murray is standing next to your friend a few feet away from the trampoline, arms crossed and shaking his head. “bro do not do it. you hit your head on the concrete and you’re done for.” you listen to him. you always listen to matt murray.
  • a smol boy is playing little league and is up to bat. coach stands by and cheers him on
    • the kid hits a fly ball and as it’s about to hit the coach in the jewels, carey price catches the baseball with his glove. 
    • “GLOVED BY PRICEY! WHAT A SAVE! I think that’s his best of the season…”
  • teenagers standing outside a house about to kiss after their first date. the dad is about to fling the door open when lo,
    • devan dubnyk is standing outside. the camera pans out to see not only the two teenagers huddling by the bushes, hiding from the dad, but also a minnesota wild flag on the lawn. seeing the excited father, dubnyk goes inside, but before he steps over the threshold, he turns to the two teens huddling and winks at them.
    • “Dubnyk really saved his teammates on that one. He’s a real team player.”

that is all for now enjoy! (original credit for the idea goes to @americanflagelin (whose url doesnt work??))

Paid Readings! :D

Paid Readings Guide

Decks Used (choose 1 from each type)

  • Numerical Tarot, Nostradamus Tarot, Hermetic Tarot.
  • Book of Doors Oracle, Clow Cards Oracle, Angelarium Oracle.


I Do Not Answer

  • Health Questions
  • Legal Questions
  • Time Estimates Questions
  • Urgent Questions

Payments can be made by selecting the Buy Now button on my Blog

Alternatively, payments can be sent through PayPal to

All Readings Are For Entertainment Purposes Only


Remember when I was selling bracelets to raise money for chronic illness research? Well I’m sort of getting more back into that, so if anyone wants to send me any orders, now is a good time! :)

Bracelets are made of 9 strands and can be up to 9 colors, which can be made in custom colors that represent a specific illness (purple for fibromyalgia awareness, zebra for EDS, etc. or just your favorite color combinations. Bracelets with charm are $2.50 and without are $1.85.

Every penny I make goes to research, and every $100 I raise goes towards a research charity for a different illness. So far I’ve donated to Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Mastocytosis/Mast Cell Activation, Chrons, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis research groups. 

I’ve raised $640 so far and I’d love to make it an even $1000 someday soon, so if you’ve been looking for something to show off your illness’ awareness colors or a gift for a spoonie in your life, and you want to support a good cause, you can order using the “Buy Now” button on the main blog here!


ALRIGHT, so here’s what I can do!  I can draw you, your ocs, your fish, your favorite character from that anime you love, for like a bit of money!!!  How much money?  THIS MUCH MONEY

Colored portrait/fullbody- $5.00

Full body sketch-$4.00

Portrait sketch-$3.00


So you may be thinking to yourself.



you shoot me an ask or fanmail, then we discuss exactly what you want and blah blah, OR AND THE MORE PREFERED OPTION

You send me an e-mail at and tell em what you want and we can discuss prices and things like that.  all good things im sure.

you pay by going to the buy now button on my blog and selecting an option


Cause what if you think something is fullbody and I consider it a portrait or something?  It’ll make it easier for everyone and no one will hurt.

Also, if you dont want to buy a commision; sharing this post would be very much appreciated OuO

Thank you for your time!

New Year, New Closet, New You

Hey Beautiful, how do you want to dress this year? There’s no better way to kick off the New Year than with a few killer buys during Shopbop’s epic extra 25% off sale right now. To save you time from the page clicking, you can scroll through all of Shopbop’s sale items on Wantering right here

We’ve also picked out the Top 5 Must-Have items from the sale. Hurry it’s an extra 25% off until January 2, 11:59pm PST! Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to get to the Shopbop checkout.

1) Rag and Bone Newbury Boots in Burgundy: 30% off + extra 25% off. (OMG!)

2) Sara Designs Metallic Cord Wrap Watch: 30% off + extra 25% off

3) Versace Medusa Studded Bag: 60% off + extra 25% off

4) Tory Burch Penn Tote: 30% off + extra 25% off

5) Campbell Tornado Ring in Rose Gold: 30% off + extra 25% off (How cool is this?)

Happy shopping! Love, Wantering

Photo Credit: ShopTalk



The top 2 garments are by a brand called Hemingway Point (may no longer be around, both were vintage finds). The same knit pattern as Hermann’s vest.

There has GOT to be a pullover sweater vest version, though the full sweater could be modded with a little know-how, or left as-is under the coat. (Sadly, the full sweater has been sold… and not to me.)