buy my shampoo

So now that we have Lightning doing Louis Vuitton commercials can we finally have:

  • Sephiroth as the new face of L'oreal  ( “Believe me, I put my hair through alot everyday! *shot of him in burning Nibelheim* And look at this shine! Crazy!”)
  • Cid starring in a series of funny Lipton tea commercials just going “Shut up and drink your *blip* tea” at the end
  • Zack doing Calvin Klein underwear
  • And Cloud making men worldwide question their sexuality by doing this

A little something to the awesome Firstfruits, who has been very kind and did free art for me several times! I wanted to do something in return, and I couldn’t help adding a stupid quote…she knows why! XD He is her gorgeous OC Luke *w*

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the image, my scanner doesn’t work yet and I have to buy a new one, so I keep doing shoddy photos. Looking forward to get a proper scan, here it is! Hope you like it anyway! X)