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Yarn for my Hue Shift Afghan(s) is here and it’s beautiful!! Can’t wait to get started! Gotta finish my current throw before I can cast on this one though. :’D
I really hope I have enough for two, I’d loooove to have my own ahah. If not, the extra yarn would be perfect for amigurumi projects! Or small colorwork projects like hats. Either way, nothing in this lot of gonna go to waste I guarantee that!

Now I am absolutely NOT ALLOWED to buy more yarn or plan for new projects, my queue is 14 projects long right now! D:


I learned how to make pom poms to put on these hats I’ve been making and I’m so so so excited about it

SO I’ve decided I’m going to start selling them. $10 for normal sized hats, $7 for children’s, and $5 for infants, not including shipping (anywhere in the US, I’m in Kentucky if that helps figure shipping costs)

if you’re interested please message me!!! I’m going to be buying more yarn but as of right now I just have deep red, as I’ve used the last of my ivory yarn making this one

How I deal with having "too much yarn"
  • Me: Mom, I think I *may* have too much yarn.
  • Mom: Wow! I never thought you could have too much yarn.
  • Me: I know, I know, but I already have those four plastic tubs filled with yarn to the point that they won't close and then yarn elsewhere too. And I feel like asking for more space to store yarn would be kinda unreasonable.
  • Me: Mom, would you be interested in buying me yarn for mother's day?
  • Mom: I thought you said you have too much yarn.
  • Me: I have a coupon for 20% off my whole purchase.
  • Mom: [buys me yarn, including yarn to make her something]
  • Me: You are the best mom, happy mother's day.
  • [NEXT DAY]
  • Me: That yarn that we got for your shawl won't work.
  • Mom: Okay...what are you going to do?
  • Me: Buy more yarn.

dcas9  asked:

Hi I've been knitting for a while but always from a huge stash of yarn my great aunt gave me when she passed. I'm starting to run out of good-quality (not squeaky/weird textured) yarn and trying to figure out how to buy more. There's a yarn store here but it's *super* expensive (like $25 for a skein). Where would you recommend buying yarn online in the US/east coast? I'm looking at lion brand now but I'd love to have some other suggestions. Thanks! is a great site for affordable, decent quality yarn. Etsy can be worth checking out too. And has a big selection and can be good value if they’re having a sale.

Do others have ideas?

  • What I'm asked: What are you doing?
  • What I say: Nothing really.
  • What I mean: I'm aimlessly crocheting while thinking about what my next project will be and how I'll manage to buy more yarn.
Shopping [Open RP]

“Mama, I’m going out to buy more yarn!” Saito said from the house’s entrance, as he put on his shoes.

“Can you buy milk and eggs on your way back? We are in need of some. ” Haruka asked from the Living Room, from where she was knitting. These past few days she had been helping Saito a lot with said activity.

“Yeah!” As soon as he was sure he had everything, Saito went out to the street. He shivered as a cold wind passed by him, and readjusted his scarf. Winter was just around the corner. 

He headed for the Yarn Shop first, which was a couple of streets from home. It didn’t take him long to arrive. He already knew what he needed, and after picking up two orange yarns and a red one, he paid for them and was out of the shop in no time.

“Now…eggs and milk, right?” He mumbled, walking back. There was a small store nearby, if he wasn’t wrong. Turning around at the next corner, he saw it and entered. He walked through the aisles looking for what he needed.