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I’m opening commissions!! 

If you are interested please contact me at with ‘commission’ in the subject line!

The base prices are listed in the above images, I’ll draw most any characters requested, including OCs.

Backgrounds will be a simple pattern for colored images and blank/white for lined and sketched images, unless specifically requested otherwise.


  • anything NSFW
  • pedophilic/large age gap ships - this includes shaladin/piladin
  • gore
  • incest

Things i’ll consider drawing upon request:

  • anthropomorphic characters/human - animal hybrids
  • cyborg/robot/mecha
  • nudity

Any large items/complicated outfits added will be priced upon request

I also hold the right to refuse any request if i am not comfortable with drawing it

anonymous asked:

Your drawing with Killer's shirt "I'm not kid sized" omfg I'm dying XD I never really cared for these two until you drew them, what have you done to meeee!!!

They buy shirts they chance upon or silkscreen it themselves. This time, Kidd bagged this booty shirt in the ladies’ isle. He snarled at the saleslady.

Hehehehehehe, my work here is done!!! XDDDDD

Phone Surprises|| Michael Clifford Imagine

Pairing: Reader and Michael

Rating: Mature, seriously zero children.

Summary: In which you video chat Michael in new lingerie because you look hot as hell  (also in the event of Victoria Secret’s semi annual sale!!) 

You smiled when you handed the cashier at Victoria Secret your card, bouncing on the heels of your feet to get home. Your long time boyfriend, Michael, was out on his Jingle Ball tour and you would see him at the end of December but this couldn’t wait. When you arrived at your apartment, you checked the time and mentally did the time zone change. Michael should be done with his set by now, he’s either backstage or heading to the bus. You could hardly keep your smile down as you slipped into the black lace lingerie, with cute little bows and buckles that attached to your knee socks. Michael was usually the person who FaceTimed you with complaints of his very tight boxers. This would be a turn, a shift of roles, and a probably very fun evening.

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Next item to be sold – a tiny captured Loki! You can have your very own Loki prisoner with this little guy. He can be turned into a necklace, or just stored on your favorite shelf where you can remind him that he is the ant, and you’re the boot. ^_~

The asking price is $25, but again, feel free to make a lesser offer, as I will accept the best offer. Private message me here or on Facebook!

If you know of someone who might be interested, be sure to share!  Thank you!!!

To raise money for future cosplays, I have decided to sell my Loki plushies! Both the Jotun and Asgardian forms.

I’m hoping to get about $20 for each, but I will also accept the best offer, so feel free to send me an offer for less.

If you are interested, either send me a private message on here or facebook.  And if you’re not interested but have friends who might be, reblog it!  Thank you!

I’ve also got a few other Loki items to sell, to keep your eyes open!  ^_^


London day three

Hi friends today is going to be a short post because I’m just too tired, honestly.

Lots of walking today. Thanks to my friend BB’s advice, my folks and I checked out Portobello market and walked for what seemed like forever, looking at all the shops had to offer. If I lived around here, I would be there every Saturday. Seriously. Also would you look at that Nightvale level shit, that guy is in a bucket on his head. What (Second row)

I had some of the best yaki soba I’ve ever had at the very modern Wagamama. (Top) A very cute girl with an awesome undercut served me,,, why are all the girls here so cU t e?? I wanted to tell her I liked her outfit and hair but I was too shy agssjskddn

Baker Street was a bit of a let down but still interesting nonetheless. (Middle left) then took quite the walk down to a street of unique shops, all very cute and fashion-forward. THE SHOE SHOP WAS THE MOST FAIRY KEI THING EVER. GOSH DARN WOULD U LOOK AT THAT. (Middle right and bottom row) I wanted to buy everything kill meeee