buy me sushi and i will hang out with you

Shori x Fuma 2Shot Talk

Shori: Fuma-kun and me might be an unusual pairing.
Fuma: I agree. In the past Shori depended on me a lot but nowadays it’s not like that at all.
Shori: Do you feel lonely?
Fuma: It does feel lonely…
Shori: But I also remember that time when I was spoiled by Fuma-kun. The way how I was spoiled by him… I cannot say that here!
Fuma: We we’re sleeping together.
Shori: You said that so easily (laughing). During a concert tour we slept in the same hotel room together in the same bed. Even though I had my own room, I often went over to Fuma-kun’s room to hang out. He had weekly newspaper in his room that children usually don’t read that’s why it was interesting. There’s no weird meaning behind this, but at that time Fuma-kun was the one who let me peek into the adult world!
Fuma: Maybe. But in fact we actually still hang out together. It’s really juuuust from time to time.
Shori: Maybe about 2-3 times a year?
Fuma: Yeah. The last time you came to visit me at my home was about half a year ago, right? You came over to change my guitar strings.
Shori: By changing the strings I wanted to see the pleased face of its owner.
Fuma: You are truly a craftsman (laughing).
Shori: At that time, I played video games with Fuma-kun and when we got hungry we went to a supermarket to buy sushi.
Fuma: We did. Even usually we do such things.
Shori: It might be surprising for our fans. „SatoKiku have that subtle sense of distance which is exciting!“, that’s what they seem to say about us.
Fuma: But there isn’t any distance, right?
Shori: Yep. In the past we had a close relationship like brothers but right now we are looking at things from the same point of view and we can also successfully talk about our group work. However, if we weren’t in the same group, maybe we would have had a different kind of relationship… I think.
Fuma: I get it. Being a senior of the same group, I think something like „I cannot let Shori do stupid things. I have to take responsibility.“ I will be troubled if something happens to you, so I’m hesitating to invite you to go and hang out with me. If we weren’t in the same group and Shori wasn’t underage, we could go out more often in private.
Shori: I will turn 20 years old soon (this interview took place in the middle of October, Shori’s birthday is on 30th October). Then, will you take me out for meals and hang out with me?
Fuma: You are always welcome to come along with me.
Shori: Well, I’m looking forward to it!

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Credit goes to deathlyraindrop @ Twitter for the scans, thank you!