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april 16th 2017

happy easter! even though I technically don’t celebrate easter my dad was lovely enough to buy me some Oreos as a gift (which are surprisingly vegan!). I went out with my family today so unfortunately didn’t get any study done, but here’s a quick picture from yesterday!

I just have this headcanon

(And I think I wrote a ficlet)

That Emma just hates it when Killian goes shopping with her. She’s just like “can you stop taking the junk food out of my cart just so you can replace it with your healthy crap? What the hell is that?”

And Killian’s like “kale.”

And Emma’s just, “please. Just let me buy my Oreos.”

He makes a big speech about almost losing her to the various monsters in town, and he’ll be damned if he loses her to clogged arteries.

She gives him the evil eye as she eats her broccoli that night.

anonymous asked:

what nature is your relationship with tumblr user drinkyourfuckingmilk?

She’s my personal assistant. She buys me Oreos and volunteers as tribute when I’m selected to fight anyone to the death.

“No, but listen.  I was watching this crazy old show, and this one guy named like Joey or something could stick fifteen Oreos in his mouth.  And I think I could totally beat his record but… I need you to buy me said Oreos to try out this theory.”