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Merkel thinking she can make Eastern Europe buy into a “compromise” where they pay more to get less asylum demanders.

Merkel invited them, not Eastern Europe. They have no responsibility whatsoever for Merkel’s personal illegal immigration problem, so this is far from a compromise.

It’s like the guy who refuses to turn off the tap and then complains when his neighbors don’t want his buckets full of water.

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M!A: It's time for a humanformer AU~ For the week of the 9th, your character(s) have been sent to a world like ours where they have always been humans. They were born, raised, have long histories, independent relationships, have no idea about Cybertron (if it even exists), and so on. Pass this M!A on to your friends. Give it to yourself if no one else has. Let's make this happen.

((Well, okay, Imma do this thing.))

Roddy ambles into the bus station around seven AM, too early for it to bustle but too late for it to be entirely populated by homeless people taking shelter from the wet weather. He squints at the headboard a while, then approaches the counter and buys a ticket to a more or less random destination. He pays cash for it, counting out each bill carefully.

He’s got an hour to kill before his bus arrives, and nowhere in particular to spend it. He chooses a seat near the back of the terminal and stretches out with a long sigh. It’s been a rough week, but at least now it’s over for him.