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35 facts about Karry Wang

requested~ 35 facts about Karry Wang  

1. Karry’s favorite color is blue.
2. His dad is a cab driver.
3. His family has never been outside of Chong Qing.
4. His first flight for TFboys was on 140404, To Guang Zhou for Tf teens go.
5. His first flight out of China was to Taiwan.
6. Karry was the only trainee to stay behind in TF’s 2012 batch of trainees.
7. Back in 2011,2012, he was one of the youngest and shortest trainees.
8. He was really good friends with trainee Zhang Xiao who left the company right before TFboys debuted in 2013.
9. Karry’s favorite meal of the day is lunch.
10. He likes Prince of Tennis, Naruto and One Piece.
11. He likes Gundams.
12. He also has anime figurines which he loves.
13. Before debut, because he didn’t have enough money to buy Wang Yuan an iphone 5 for his birthday, so Karry got him a pair of iphone 5 headphones instead.
14. He has low blood sugar.
15. He attended Pang Long Elementary school in Chong Qing.
16. Karry started learning guitar in 2012.
17. He’s really good in math.
18. Karry became a trainee in 6th grade.
19. During their first debut performance of Heart, he saw Wang Yuan’s shoelace untied so he tied it for him.
20. Karry’s idol is Jay Chou.
21. He brings his school work on flights and does it between work schedules.
22. He always wears his school uniform even though he is allowed to wear his own clothes.
23. He doesn’t eat spicy foods or fried foods to keep his throat in the best condition.
24. Right now, he is 178cm
25. Ideal girl: smart in school, doesn’t do things slowly, has to be shorter than him, quiet
26. He has a huge crush on Yang Mi.
27. types of girls he doesn’t like: loud, near sighted, impulsive, wild
28. When he’s in a bad mood, he listens to music.
29. He doesn’t like sweet food.
30. He likes his things to be neat and tidy.
31. He is proud of the fact he was born right before the 2000s.
32. He has O type blood.
33. When he first started on weibo, he liked to collage pictures of himself.
34. His mom went with him on his first trip to the airport.
35. In his whole duration as a trainee, he was only late and overslept once.