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I HAVE A REQUEST! Sorry, I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance...Anyways! I was wondering if you could have and MC that's a wannabe hipster. She plays Ukulele and where beanies but, in reality is completely emo trash(wahhhhh totally not me). Thanks beautiful :P

God, you’re adorable, anon.

-“No, we’re not getting a pug.”
-“____, we’ve already had this conversation when you asked for a shiba inu.”
-In all seriousness, he thought it was funny that you tried so hard to be hip.
-Being the supportive boyfriend he is though, he will encourage your style and compliment you endlessly.
-He doesn’t understand a lot of it, but of it’s what you’re into, he’s all for it.
-He’ll buy you hipster-y clothes and graphic tees from Forever 21 and all that.
-As long as you’re not pretentious like stereotypical hipsters, he will love it.

-He thinks the way you dress is super cute, especially your beanies. You have about fifteen in different colors. He even buys one too so you can match.
-And you are also super odd.
-Like when you start living together, he really notices.
-“____! Why are you on the roof?!!”
-“____, why are you putting flowers in my hair?”
-*whispering* “A e s t h e t i c”
-Did someone say ukulele?
-He loves your ukulele. It’s so nice sounding he could listen to it all day. Except you only play Twenty-One Pilots but he gets used to it.

-She finds it charming.
-You tend to take a ton of pictures around the cafe of various coffee-related objects. She even caught you dripping coffee onto paper and drawing pictures in coffee foam. She asks why and you tell her it’s for your blog.
-She actually finds your blog to see what you’re talking about and sure enough it’s a lot of abstract photos with odd, deep quotes as captions, as well as the coffee pictures with justgirlythings tier captions. Also an amazing amount of hashtags on every post.
-I mean whatever makes you happy.

-He doesn’t really understand?
-Okay, he seriously does not understand?
-He doesn’t know what any of these things mean? Please explain this to him?
-You tell him what all the different terms you use that he has never heard before mean and he listens closely. He loves learning new things about you.
-Honestly though he is so confused by it. He calls it a strange commoner fashion which is kind of rude not gonna lie.
-Does love how you dress actually, like really loves it. It’s quirky in an endearing way.
-Your style grows on him.
-He tries to use the new phrases you thought him in chat and it’s so cringy but you love him for trying.

-Bout to roast you my dude
-Just kidding
-But he laughs when you call yourself a hipster.
-He knows more about hipster culture than you do so he gives you pointers to stop being “emo trash”.
-Saeyoung does think the way you dress and act is adorable, plus he’s impressed that you can play the ukulele.
-He buys matching clothes for you both as an excuse to try out your style.
-The clothes suit him so well you almost have a heart attack.
-Jokes on him, you buy him more clothes in your style and beg him to wear them.
-It’s so hard to say no to you.

-He’s so accepting that he doesn’t even think you’re try-hard-hipster style is strange.
-He would love to take you shopping and see what kind of clothing sticks out to you. He feels like it’s a good way to get to know you. It actually kind of is.
-You take a lot of his photographs and put various filters on them with italicized helvetica text on them and upload them on social media and he doesn’t even mind. He doesn’t really get it but he doesn’t mind because it seems to make you happy.
-He’s glad that you have a style/subculture you identify with. It’s very lovely to him.
-So innocent he doesn’t realize you’re “emo trash” lololol

-He didn’t even notice that you acted and dressed differently than average people.
-Highkey loves when you play the ukulele though. He finds it relaxing.
-He’s actually stolen your beanies before and claimed it was because he didn’t want to bother washing his hair that day.
-But you don’t even complain because it’s really cute on him.
-If you don’t hide your beanies, he will find and steal them. Sometimes he’ll find them even if you do hide them.
-“_____, have you seen-”
-He stares at the beanie on your head.
-Then he nonchalantly walks to you and pulls it off of your head, messing up your hair. “There it is.”
-“Saeran, the hell? Give that back.”
-He puts it on his head and walks away. “No.”
-You’re lucky you’re cute or I would rip that off your head, Choi

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What store are all those pics from? (and I totes want to see the dozen tacky shirts for stan X) Thanks

Sorry not sorry. I’ve had this sketch lying around for ages and I’m sure someone’s made this joke already before

But more seriously, it isn’t actually a thrift shop, it’s a local independent vintage clothes store (the overpriced cousin to a thrift shop) in my home town. It’s where all the local hipsters like to shop. I go there cause sometimes they have good cosplay oddities, such as the time I bought a bunch of real deer teeth for my Bill cosplay (a local wicca taxidermist runs a pop up shop every once in a while inside the store). That particular day they were overflowing with quality old man fashion. I’m gonna draw more of it later, so I’m hoarding those ref photos for now. ;) I will share one pic though (under cut). Because they like to appeal to the lumberjack hipster crowd, there’s an entire section that is nothing but matching red plaid shirts. It looks like Alex Hirsch donated his entire wardrobe. I kid you not. They are all different brand / makes of the same red plaid shirt….

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haikyuu clothes headcanons

is this a thing yet

  • kenma loves big comfy jumpers and hoodies with ridiculous colours and designs and very tight pants made off soft fabric underneath (he refuses to admit that he wears leggings but that’s basically what he does)
  • kuroo seems to be all leather and black but actually he really likes to wear bright colours that usually don’t go together but he doesn’t care (one time kenma had to stop him from wearing a pink shirt with green pants)
  • kageyama is a hipster. he pretends that he doesn’t care about his clothing but he’s very fussy when it comes to his clothes. he likes big shirts and tight jeans and old fashioned boots.
  • hinata likes, oh wonder, cute things. it started with his sister putting little hairslides in his hair and making him wear cute bracelets and necklaces. he doesn’t particulary wear pink and cute clothes but he occasionally wears adorable things like bows in his hair and rings and washable tattoos
  • suga and guchi both like comfy and loose clothes like jogging pants and pajamas (yes both already wore pajama pants for practise) and they really love jumpers and hoodies.
  • tsukki is, and you won’t believe it, totally punk rock. he wears leather jackets and black shirts and pants and punk boots. (but he also likes nerdy stuff like big glasses and shirts with imprints of his fandoms)
  • iwaizumi wears everything with sassy comments printed on. that’s it. that’s his standard.
  • oikawa always, and nobody knows how he does it, matches his clothes with iwaizumi. sometimes he wears a shirt with a counter to iwaizumi’s sassy comment, sometimes only the colours matches. (and he likes to take iwaizumi shopping and buys him hipster clothes with ridiculous imprints)
  • akaashi is always overdressed. he likes fancy clothes and scarves and big ass glasses and vintage things. (he threatened bokuto with murder as he saw him with a simple south park shirt and jogging pants once.)
  • bokuto just doesn’t care how he’s dressed. how he always looks this good is a mystery to everyone.

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Do you know of any good sites to buy kind of "hipster" type clothing? Like the right flannels and pants and hats and shoes and accessories and whatnot?

For accessories, I’d definitely recommend ebay - you can search up anything, including tattoo chokers, bangles, boho chokers, glitz, etc.

The store Trendyco is great for hipster tees, beanies, and crewnecks. You can also use the discount code LAZYPACIFIC for an additional 10% off, including sales!

Good luck xxx