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[old timey announcer voice] “Come one, come all! This is a show you’ll want to see! Watch these grown men and women play them newfangled videya games and have a ball! It’s fun for all ages!”

[distant] “FUCK.”

“…Maybe not all ages.”

Time: Approx. 6 hours || Program: Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 || My Art

Client: I want to use Helvetica or Gibson font in my logo.

Me: Great! We need to buy a license for chosen font.

Client: What!? So I have to buy fonts just to have a logo created?

Me: Yes, that’s right.

Client: OK, I’ll find another designer. I don’t want to buy fonts.

Good luck.


Script Fonts book: “A guide to the script font jungle”

A few year ago (six in fact) Laurence King published a handy and fun guide to Retro Fonts, which I frequently pick up and browse through. This week they published Script Fonts compendium with the same useful format and design. 

The book catalogues over 300 typefaces, chosen by the author, Geum-Hee Hong and Karin and Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs. In their own words: 

“We embarked on our search, deliberately selecting not only the best and beautiful examples of handwriting, but also curiosities like the digitized handwriting of famous presidents or Paul Cézanne.”

The book is helpfully broken into sections like: Handwriting / Spontaneous and Personal or English Copperplate / The Distinguished Elegance of a Pointed Nib.

The book makes a great jumping-off point to browse the other typefaces of designers and foundries mentioned and as a bonus, the book is accompanied by a CD which includes 122 free fonts. 

You can buy Script Fonts here.

anonymous asked:

i mean the summer set didn't copy the 1975 exactly, nobody that's buying their clothing looks at that logo and immediately thinks about the 1975 i highly doubt it was for attention. if they wanted to copy for attention they would have copied it EXACTLY. i think you need to settle down healy

you’re kidding right?