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Tailored Dress  ♥  Old ASOS top  ♥  Vintage crossbody bag  ♥  Bonjour Store leather sandals  ♥  Salvaged pin 

It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now. For summer ‘17, my primary style goal is to make the shift towards ethical, mindful, slow fashion. Coming from the scarcity mindset that the lack of options in plus sizes inevitably steers you towards, I always felt that ethical fashion sounded wonderful in theory but would be impossible to implement. And yes, I’d probably want to make the occasional purchase on ASOS (for example) but for the foreseeable future, I’m taking advantage of India’s dressmaking culture and getting everything I can tailored. 

I went back to tailoring last winter after months of encouragement from Ushshi, for which I’ll be forever grateful because tailoring has fundamentally altered the baseline of how much I can do with clothing. I admit my motivations are rooted in selfishness - more than anything I’m dreaming of finally designing my dream wardrobe - at the same, given my current lifestyle, mindfulness feels natural to who I am. When I’m not working on blog-related stuff, I spend most of my time cooking, gardening, reading, and making things. It would be strange to not at least try to be mindful about the clothes I wear, considering how important they are to me.

Here’s what I’m planning to do this summer (and afterwards!) when it comes to my wardrobe

  • Shop locally and support local artisans.
  • Support independent makers with my wallet instead of big brands.
  • Recycle clothing in my wardrobe, which is to say wear stuff I’ve hardly ever worn instead of buying more. I’m especially guilty of this one because I tend to stick to just 5 or 6 pieces at any given time and then keep on replacing them with new ones.
  • Shop sustainably whenever possible, like vintage or second hand pieces instead of new. This is actually something I’ve been doing since I first started shopping online (I think about…15 years ago?) Some of my all time favourite pieces are second hand scores off eBay like my Brit Stitch satchel and Anthropologie jacket. Buying second hand clothing might not sound as glamorous as buying, say…organic, fairtrade clothing, but it’s a cheap, easy and useful thing you can do towards building a sustainable wardrobe. Whenever I buy second hand or vintage clothing online, it’s almost always from eBay (or Etsy) UK so I can get it delivered to my fiance and he can bring everything over in one go when he comes over. I would feel pretty awful flying over clothes one at a time halfway around the world even if I could afford to.
  • Invest more in quality pieces I can wear over and over again, now that I have a core wardrobe to see me through.

There’s also the fact that I can afford to do this now. There haven’t been a lot of times in the past 5 years that I could. Not to mention the question of access to a good tailor and the time needed to go fabric shopping and basically getting whatever I want to wear designed from scratch. Sometimes it takes a fitting session after the clothes are made to ensure that they sit well on my body. It’s time consuming and more expensive than buying the cheapest stuff on sale online and taking advantage of free shipping. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford both the budget and the leisure to do so.

The outfit

I’m so obsessed with smock dresses I rarely wear any other kind these days! This is one of the two midi smocks I’ve gotten tailored recently. Ikat is such a springy and fresh look, and a pattern I’ve always loved. If you’re looking for similar styles in natural fabrics, there might not be a lot of options in retail but Etsy is one place where you’ll find dresses in a similar aesthetic. Sondeflor Shop and OffOn Clothing, both on Etsy, have many bohemian smock styles in custom sizes.

My shoes are also from Etsy, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them on Instagram! They’re from a shop called Bonjour Store, who are actually based in Jaipur. Having worn similar pairs in my childhood, I was expecting them to be the hard leather kind that you need to break in. I was pleasantly surprised when these sandals turned out to be really, really soft with padded insoles. I love how they look like clogs but feel so different on my feet. I also got a pair of strappy sandals from Bonjour Store that I’ll planning to style next, and I’m thinking of stocking up on some more styles from them over the summer!

My top is from ASOS, way back in 2011. I’ve styled it more than once on the blog and worn it many more times than that, so it exceeded #30wears a long time ago. The vintage purse has been on everyday rotation in my wardrobe since I got it. The pear pin that isn’t quite visible in photos is still a pretty little addition IRL and is salvaged from a dress I bought in 2007. I’ve linked to similar products on the widget below so you can re-create this look for yourself if you like!

All photos by Taha and Lokesh at Shutter Diaries. 

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okay so, i adore coffee-loving enjolras as much as the next person - in fact, in many fanfictions, it is the only thing keeping him alive and i am okay with that - but, someone give me an enjolras that hates coffee! give me an enjolras that hates caffeine in general. give me an enjolras that adores green tea and fruit teas. he hates caffeine so much that he won’t even have it in his perfectly-decorated hipster loft conversion, a fact which annoys his coffee-loving friends - most notably combeferre - to no end. but he DOES always know exactly what tea anyone needs at any time.

tired? here, have some chamomile

feeling coldy? a peppermint tea will clear that right up (one that he is endlessly offering to joly)

he is, basically, the king (democratically elected president, if you ask him!) of tea and they all come to him for help. 

jehan also loves tea and the two of them go tea-shopping together, because obviously enjolras also knows the best place to buy tea. he will only buy fresh, fairtrade, organic tea from places with punny names like liber-tea. 

however stressful (to which he quickly offers a cup of chamomile) some people - combeferre - find his caffeine-free existence they all kind of love the ridiculous amount of tea flavours he can find simply in his own kitchen…

all of them except grantaire… who hates it all and often refers to it as fake tea. grantaire is a hardcore coffee drinker who also loves the occasional cup of extremely strong english breakfast tea. none of this “fruity crap”, as he calls it whenever enjolras offers it to him…

however, once they get their act together, he realises that he actually actually thinks chamomile tastes all kinds of incredible… when he’s tasting it from enjolras’ lips 

anonymous asked:

Who manages the finances in the E/R household? Whether it's more of an individual or joint effort, what does each of them prioritize? On another note, do E and R hold "family meetings" or "family councils" or anything of the sort once Small Citizen comes along? What sort of things are discussed at said family meetings? (I LOVE this AU you've built!) :)

Oh, dear, that’s a big question -

Enjolras has no concept of finance other than that some people have too much of it, some people don’t have enough of it, and it needs to be more evenly distributed, fuck Capitalism, all that lovely stuff. He has no idea how to budget himself - he’s never had to. His privileged rich kid shows when it comes to writing up the shopping list. He likes to buy groceries from high-end supermarkets that sell fairtrade, organic or locally produced foods. 

He goes on and on about supporting local farmers and making sure the people involved in the process are paid and treated fairly. He has quite a tirade about it, actually. (He’s also a fiend for Lush, both for ethical reasons and ‘it’s the only shampoo that agrees with my hair, Grantaire!’)

Then Grantaire bursts his little ethical bubble by telling him we’re on a tight budget now we have a baby and breaking it to him that the reason not many people buy all this organic fairtrade crap is because it’s too expensive and a lot of families struggle to put anything on the table, let alone ‘fancy-shmancy-ethically-sourced coffee beans.’

Grantaire however is a master at budgeting, surprisingly. I mean, he lived the broke student life - managed to feed himself and pay his bills whilst still finding enough to fund his (fortunately now tamed) drinking habit. So he knows a bargain when he sees one. 

Therefore, shockingly, Grantaire manages their budget - but as we know, he’s canonically bad at maths, so that’s where Enjolras helps out. It’s a joint effort. 

As for family meetings, Enjolras definitely tries to hold them; he’s a big believer in communication so anytime someone in the house has an issue, it gets brought up at the dinner table. He just really likes meetings.

anonymous asked:

hey, what are some tips on staying positive as a vegan? I go to a school where 2/3 of the kids live on a farm or are meat obsessed. They are so petty and give me so much hate all the time? I was scrolling through tumblr trying to find some vege happiness and I thought I could just ask you? :)

hey! oh yeah, i definitely know what you’re going through. but DON’T WORRY, all these people just want YOU to feel bad because they actually know you’re doing something better than they do. it’s always the same, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying in case of veganism- you’re always doing it wrong. “oh you’re vegan? then why don’t you buy fairtrade and organic? why do you travel with airplanes? why do you wear nike clothes? ohh, you’re eating sugar? that’s unhealthy as a vegan”. they think you need to do everything right, just because you try to do one thing better in your life. the only reason why they try to bring you down is because they start to feel better when they give you hate about everything that you DON’T do because they actually do nothing good for the environment/animals/people at all (most of the time). just don’t reply to them and feel good about what you’re doing. you shouldn’t act like you’re better then them, but you should definitely not let these people bring you down :) xx