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ive been reading the jughead comics and they’re?? really good??? like i was gonna throw money at them anyway cause asexual representation and all that, but the stories are well written and interesting, and there’s a lot of creative and genuinely funny moments in them. i grew up reading archie comics and tbh i was expecting a lot more boring “archie is dating 4 girls and none of them know it! betty and veronica have no personality beyond being lovesick! we don’t actually know any other jokes!” and less actually original and entertaining plots. i’m gonna have to check out the rest of the New Riverdale series.

There’s a few of those “Advice for driving in the snow if you’re a youngling and you ain’t done it before,” posts floating around. I wanna add my two cents, based on watching a city full of people who can’t handle snow driving in the snow.

Brush. The top hat of snow. Off your car.

You can’t just brush/scrape clean your windows and call it good. If you leave the snow on your roof, once you pick up any speed it’ll fly off into the windshield of the person behind you, or possibly slump down onto your own rear window. Don’t be lazy, brush off the whole car.

I just wanna walk in a foot locker and buy some shoes without even trying them on

Just get in that bitch and the lil referees be like “hey whats up welcome to foot locker, how can I help you?”

“Lemme get some all white and all black air forces in a size 11.5 bruh”

“Okay sir!”

*employee come back with my shoes, tryna take ‘em out the box*

“Nah, hold on, leave ‘em in the box”

“W-what did you s-say sir?”

“*stares intensely in their eyes* I’m buying them. Right now.”

“Y-you don’’t wanna try them on?”

“Damn, you know I never thought about that, I mean what if they don’t fit, what if they do- no. I’m buying ‘em right now.”

I just wanna see the general discomfort in how easy I’m making their job to a point where they can’t believe it.