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Hi, Xaph! Today's my 16th birthday, so I was wondering if you could write a birthday themed RobRae smut? I love you so much, and thank you!!

This is a little late, and I’m sorry! BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
- - -

This year, Raven’s birthday celebration had been surprisingly fun. Which, was certainly saying something considering how horrible her last few celebrations had been. There had been the disaster with her father and the end of the world - that did put a damper on fun-having. The year after that, Beast Boy thought it was a great idea to hire a clown - it wasn’t. And the year after that, Starfire had taken her to a concert, which was fun, except it was an exposition of yodelers. 

Needless to say, Raven’s birthday celebrations had a track record of being wedged somewhere between bad and awful. 

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  • boyfriend: we should start saving money and not buy things we don't need so we can have an easier time moving in together
  • me: yeah that's a good idea
  • boyfriend: *goes on amazon and buys a didgeridoo*
  • me: what the fuck