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- Prices -

Start with choosing the base - pricing is for single character!
Every piece has clean lineart, flat colours and simple background.

Each part of animation costs 5$ for chibis, and 10$ for fullbody ones.
You can choose amount of them to your likings and ask for custom* ones, too. 

- blinking
- expression
- body movement

*Price of a custom animation may vary, just ask!


With the animation due to start next week, merchandises of both DR3 Future volume and DR3 Despair volume are already on their way to the shelves of anime shops! Such as these acrylic key chain chibis that will be sold by September 2016. There is a Despair Edition and Future Edition. One blind package is worth ¥580, and currently reservations are available in selected shops such as TAKARA TOMY.

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Would you buy an animated chibi like these for around $40?

I need to start saving up for a new computer and I need to broaden my commissions. Each animated chibi would have some simple action and at minimum be 26 frames long. All would be flat colored and come with a transparent version or if requested in video format to green screen into videos.


Chibi Tamagotchi Pre-launch Event in Tokyo! #01

Before its official launch in April, an event is being held in Akihabara, Tokyo, this weekend! We can buy the Chibi Tamagotchi in Yodobashi Camera!!

First, there is a Tamagotchi History display - its is not the one that used to be in Tama Depa, but a brilliant one that was newly made for this event.

I really want to talk about my personal impressions in this series. Akihabara is a town of electric stuff… and otaku culture. I mean it is not a district for everyone, so I didn’t know much about it. When I saw Yodobashi Camera, I was amazed at HOW BIG it is! And I was amazed again to see HOW LONG the line to the registers in the 6th floor! I had no idea that there’s a toy store which is that popular!


so i’ve finally got paypal set up as well managed to get redbubble up and sell some of my creations! im selling the chibi nekotalia stickers on redbubble (i recommend getting the medium sized one bc on the preview of the small sized one it seems one of the stickers are stuck together ?? ) 

but anyways im selling some stickers! hopefully in the future i’ll add more stuff for you guys to buy :)) 

link too chibi nekotalia stickers -


Oh look! Another Sale~

A lot is going on, and I’m gonna need some extra cash.. so ye another sale~ yay! If you can’t afford to buy anything please consider sending a small donation over here~

Contact me at my email:! Don’t IM me I won’t see it!!

Prices may vary depending on complexity of the drawing you want.


Payments will be made in PAYPAL~ USD only please!

In regards to what I will and will not draw

I will draw;

  • Your Original Characters
  • Self Inserts
  • Characters from almost any fandom
  • Ship Art
  • Mild nsfw/sexual scenes
  • Gore

Most likely more if you are unsure about something just message me and we can discuss it! I don’t bite~

What I will not draw;

  • Hate art of any kind; racist imagery, extreme misogynistic material etc.
  • Ship art/nsfw art of real life people without their consent (If they are actors I will draw ship art for the characters they play only!)
  • Cars, vehicles, complex machinery (I’m bad at that sorry)

Please remember to provide plenty of visual references, or a VERY DETAILED DESCRIPTION, of the characters you are requesting!

I will discuss the project before asking for payment so I will let you know if I simply can’t draw something.

Most work is done same day (depending on the time of day i get paid) I will tag you and let you know in a message when I’m done!

And hell If you get anything $30 or more I’ll draw an extra chibi for ya free lmao

And if you want to buy just a chibi it will only be $5 each character, fully colored with cells cause they’re pretty easy for me to draw haha

Thanks! ♥


Chibi Kevin’s logic is when you’re about to turn 7 , you’re no longer a kid / brat
Chibi Gabu’s logic is when you’re about to turn 7 , do not underestimate them

And that pajama is too adorable ♥︎ though peeking into adult’s room at night is a no no (´-﹏-`;)