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With the animation due to start next week, merchandises of both DR3 Future volume and DR3 Despair volume are already on their way to the shelves of anime shops! Such as these acrylic key chain chibis that will be sold by September 2016. There is a Despair Edition and Future Edition. One blind package is worth ¥580, and currently reservations are available in selected shops such as TAKARA TOMY.

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All chibis are now $20 each regardless of their level of detail starting today until the end of the month of February!

If you are interested in buying a chibi commission, please email!


:,D Hi, i need money for pay my college degree. You help me a lot if share this information or buy something _(:’3J_L)_

Thanks for watching and share :,,,,3


1. Once I receive the payment, I’ll start working (If pass four days and you send the note but not the payment, I will do the next order).

2. I need at least 2 reference for commissions.

3. I don’t offer refunds , so please consider this before asking for a commission.

3. Finished commissions are for personal use only.

4. The fee is already included in the prices.

5. If you want to see more examples, Please take a look at my gallery

7. Don’t be rude, please. (if have a bad day, come later)

8. Request commissions via note or via email:

Important: -
- I will take my time finishing your commission, It depends how complicated it is for me.
-I may refuse a commission if I’m not able to do it.
-I will have the right to use my artwork as I’d like to, like submitting it into a portfolio, artbook, or any publication I create or agree. I will specificate of who the character belong, to avoid confusions.
- After I confirm you, and I give you my PayPal info., you can proceed to send me the payment. I won’t start your commission until you do so.

Please write and send me this information for order the comission:

Style: Chibi, fullbody, etc
Oc´s name :
Character ref/s : Visual references of your character
Details : Any type of information
Payment method: Paypal (if you lives in Mexico please specify, i have other payment methods)
Can I stream this? : yes/no


Chibi Tamagotchi Pre-launch Event in Tokyo! #01

Before its official launch in April, an event is being held in Akihabara, Tokyo, this weekend! We can buy the Chibi Tamagotchi in Yodobashi Camera!!

First, there is a Tamagotchi History display - its is not the one that used to be in Tama Depa, but a brilliant one that was newly made for this event.

I really want to talk about my personal impressions in this series. Akihabara is a town of electric stuff… and otaku culture. I mean it is not a district for everyone, so I didn’t know much about it. When I saw Yodobashi Camera, I was amazed at HOW BIG it is! And I was amazed again to see HOW LONG the line to the registers in the 6th floor! I had no idea that there’s a toy store which is that popular!


Chibi Kevin’s logic is when you’re about to turn 7 , you’re no longer a kid / brat
Chibi Gabu’s logic is when you’re about to turn 7 , do not underestimate them

And that pajama is too adorable ♥︎ though peeking into adult’s room at night is a no no (´-﹏-`;)


would anyone actually buy chibi stickers I made on RedBubble?  

I’d do Rayearth, Animal Crossing and G1 MLP for sure, and probably Animorphs, Eureka seveN, and FiM.

maybe any of the following if there’s a fair bit of interest: Sailor Moon (duh), Utena, Dragonball, and Gravity Falls.

this is, like, within the next year or so probably, just gauging interest :0



Someone had to MAKE those slippers for Chibs2 though. You aren’t just going to find that at the slipper store, that is personalized embroidery.

Ikuko maybe? Possible, but not the most fun answer.

Usagi? Cute, but Usagi’s already got a lot of cute with Chibs2, if you like it.

Consider, perhaps, an alternative.

Consider, perhaps:

She sees Chibs2 using an old pair of Chibi-Usa’s slippers and decides to personalize them a bit more so Chibs2 has something of her own.

And then consider:

Pluto is not okay with this.

Those are Small Lady’s slippers.

Makoto is a brave warrior and a gentle soul.

Makoto cannot be allowed to succeed.

Pluto knows what she must do.

Things I’ve yelled at Monsters while playing Monster Hunter Generations (part ??)

Glavenus: Are my cats not good enough for you, you oversized Slap-Chop!

Hyper Plesioth: I want to punch the person who thought to give this bad Spore design a Hyper mode, it’s hit boxes are so brok–(it hyper hip check OHKO’s me)(I lay my DS down and let out a long sigh)

Zinogre: Let me guess! Dazed? Yep! If your tail wasn’t already off, I’d chop it off again!

Rathalos: So apparently the big bad Wyvern can’t destroy a single tree with FIRE….dumb lizard

Gammoth: OH now, after I lay down a trap you decide to become a Ranged fighter!! I hope an ice block gets stuck in your trunk!

Kecha Wacha: I get it, your bouncy and flighty and I want to buy a cute chibi plushie of you but could you just die already…

Apceros: I WILL SLAUGHTER YOUR ENTIRE SPECIES!!! (an Apceros blocked my dodge as a Hellblade Glavenus tail slammed me)

Uragaan: Stop poking me with your chin!! (Glavenus and Uragaan then pin/daze me against a cliff wall till death)


For a while now my computer screen has been broken and I could deal with it until recently. Today my brothers set down groceries on it ((I had left the room so I couldnt move it)) and now the cracks have gotten so distracting its hard for me to draw on it and I am afraid that the glass will fall out at any moment!

I use this computer for EVERYTHING including working on my comic, college work, and commissions not exclusive to this. I have about $40 already from my past commissions that I have yet to finish but am planning on finishing this week. I will do every single commission within this week so I can upload my comic as soon as next week (if possible).

I have a commissions page HERE if you’d rather look at that, but they have a bunch of older examples, so I am going to put more recent ones here.

(The price range is determined by how complicated the drawing is)

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me an ask off anon. If you would like to have full length conversations and a way to get in touch with me, please send me an ask off anon asking for my personal email. Thank you so much!!!

If you would rather just donate to me without art or anything like that, every dollar helps, please contact me by sending an ask off anon, thank you so much!



Come get yours today in a store near you!

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