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I’m thinking of selling my own keychains and stickers, but I don’t know who would buy it.


- Prices -

Start with choosing the base - pricing is for single character!
Every piece has clean lineart, flat colours and simple background.

Each part of animation costs 5$ for chibis, and 10$ for fullbody ones.
You can choose amount of them to your likings and ask for custom* ones, too. 

- blinking
- expression
- body movement

*Price of a custom animation may vary, just ask!

Opened the third badge today and it’s… Otayuri again! 

This time they are looking cute in their Free Skate outfits. Yurio, sweetheart, stop looking so cheeky with that grin and Otabek, honey, put down the bear and hug your bf. 

Good to get one of the color badges, but this means I didn’t get any Victuuri. Oh well! I am still happy with my purchases~


With the animation due to start next week, merchandises of both DR3 Future volume and DR3 Despair volume are already on their way to the shelves of anime shops! Such as these acrylic key chain chibis that will be sold by September 2016. There is a Despair Edition and Future Edition. One blind package is worth ¥580, and currently reservations are available in selected shops such as TAKARA TOMY.

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hey! (sidenote : i just love your writing and i feel like you write everyone perfectly <3.) could you do like husband/domestic head cannons for iwa, toshi, bokuto & asahi ? maybe with their child(ren) ?? ( my boys i love them with all my heART ) also if exceeded a character limit, pls just do whoever you are comfortable with. hope this made sense. tHANKS <33


  • wakes up early every morning to go on a jog and make you a drink for when you wake up
  • you two grow strawberries out in your garden
  • okay but he has one baby girl he loves very much
  • he has her strapped to his chest so just imagine this beefy af scowling man with a baby strapped to his chest buying a chibi-cow blanket
  • multitasker supreme, gives the baby their formula while cooking soup and balancing receipts
  • he looks like a very angry man bc he has a permanent scowl just to scare of people but you have hundreds of photos of him being cute with your daughter
  • matching your outfits as a family
  • you took her to disney world and she was petrified of mickey mouse and cried the entire time


  • generic salary man husband but also so much more bc he’s amazing and you live on a freaking farm okay fight me on this
  • makes you breakfast in bed every morning 
  • he has a boy and a girl and can be locally seen with one of them wearing his flannel and the other in his hat
  • his phone is filled with home videos of the children and he seamlessly shows his co-workers these videos
  • plants vegetables with the children and takes them on long walks
  • after your first baby, a boy, was born, ushijima praised you for ten hours straight because you are a literal god and he loves you too much
  • family dog! his name is mochi, and he’s the fluffiest siberian husky and also protects your children like prized treasure and would never let anything hurt them
  • so many forehead kisses


  • fixes everything around the house and has put up so many shelves
  • bonding exercises when you moved in together were putting together IKEA furniture
  • you have a herb shelf
  • he always makes sure you have a vase full of flowers in one room or another because you like a splash of colour in your apartment
  • *baby strapped to his chest* “you know whats better than one baby?” *turns around* “TWO BABIES”
  • yes!! bo has twins!! and he loves them both — probably gave them matching names like a dork
  • once dressed one of the twins in baby halloween costumes for two months
  • worships the ground you walk on for giving him your children
  • takes all the night wakings like an actual babe to let you sleep


  • sweetest husband ever, and loves to kiss you
  • makes the best mac and cheese and also does all the cooking bc he’s fantastic
  • you have a chores wheel but never use it bc you’re lazy
  • your windowsills are overflowing with plants and pretty flowers
  • lets his tiny swarm of girls and boys plait and play with his hair and lets you to brush it out afterwards
  • yeah, you two have like, four children and you love them all
  • playing hide and seek with them is a wild ride
  • every morning in the house is loud and chaotic and asahi love it so, so much he wouldn’t trade it for anything — he kisses everyone before he leaves for work in the morning
  • attends every ballet recital, baseball game, school play under the sun, no matter the circumstance with work or anything 

This just turned into kid head canons aha, but I hope you like them! And I’m so glad you like my writing; I’m relieved to find that people believe I’m writing the Haikyuu!! characters correctly, so thank you!

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