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“Got to look pretty for the camera”

W Yannis Philippakis of Foals //

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Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include...

This was requested by a lovely anon :) I hope I did a decent job I did write this while on the train towards college so it might not be as good but I kept the car accident out of this one just to keep it light :) 

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- Studying together, the two of you always study on Wednesday nights usually at your house since your parents work late and always leave you dinner money so Jeff comes over and you study together and order pizza for dinner 

- Going for late night drives, Jeff loves driving especially at night so on warm summer nights he picks you up and he drives around with the windows down and the music turned up loud

- Dates to the cinema, your favourite place to go on dates is to the cinema to see whatever movie is on it was were you and Jeff had your first date and now you go there every year on your anniversary 

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So like you know how Yuri was introduced to the WTTM song by Otabek right?? K so like what if like Yuri isn’t too into like English (as in the language) music and has no idea what the emo trinity or anything like that is and one day they’re just listening to music on Otabek’s phone one day and suddenly like Thnks Fr Th Mmrs or Immortals or some other various fob song comes on and Yuri’s just like “Otabek what the fuck is this?? It’s fucking awesome” And Otabek’s just like, “Umm it’s Fall Out Boy?? How do you not know them?” and Yuri’s like completely enamored by this band and they spend the next like four hours listening to fob and p!atd and watching random Youtube compilations of Brendon and Gerard being hella sassy and the next day Yuri’s at Hot Topic buying every piece of band merch he can get his hands on along with like four things of black eyeliner and Otabek realizes he accidentally turned GPF gold medalist Yuri Plisetsky emo.

tree bros hc dump

- i like to think they both have a comfort piece of clothing

- evan either makes or buys connor bracelets to put on his arms [:(]

- he also buys him colorful band aids

- connor thinks it kills his aesthetic but he’ll take it

- when they cuddle connor has his chin and nose in evan’s hair bc its comforting (and bc his hair smells nice)

- whenever theyre far away for some reason theyd always keep in touch via video chatting   

- evan always does a room tour

- “ive seen your room already evan” “but have you seen this new plant ive got”

- evan often has nightmares about the attempt and wakes up in the middle of the night and then connor stays up comforting him until he’s sure evan is asleep

- “happy 2 months and a half anniversary” - evan, probably

- connor somehow always knows what evan likes??? hes a magician

- evan gets insecure bc is connor going to like his present or is he gonna hate it and hate him altogether

- its always a cute gift that warms connors heart and he cant think of any reasons evan would be insecure about it

- when both of them cant sleep they lay down and list nice things about eachother

- “i like your hair” “youve said that like 4 times already” “i just really like it”

- whenever theyre out in nature evan gets super excited and connor just gazes at him lovingly

- just like evan gazes lovingly at connor while hes drawing because holy fuCK

- connor says his favorite thing to draw is evan and it makes the other blush so bAD

- connor used to draw with colorful markers on evans cast (i posted abt this one already but its!! important!!)

- they dont have the healthiest relationship just like theyre not the healthiest people but they work out their issues and theres always this level of understanding because they both know what each went through and connect on it

- they keep things realistic rather than being constantly negative

- at the end of the day their “weaknesses” are what brought them together, and together they work on becoming better people and overcoming any obstacle they have to overcome

Stan didn’t mean to wander into this bar, but this “punk” thing is growing on him.  

Yuri Plisetsky Works at Hot Topic
  • Originally worked there for the music they play in the store and the fact that it was dark and loud in there.
  • Uses his employee discount to buy himself band tee shirts and black skinny jeans.  
  • Occasionally buys Otabek a tee shirt or a key chain.
  • Viktor and Yuuri are those parents who come and buy stuff from the store just to be supportive.
  • They mostly buy Harry Potter, Disney, or Pokemon merch.
  • One time they buy an angry Pusheen stuffed animal because it reminded them of Yuri.
  • “I don’t look like that!” “Look Yuuri, he’s doing the face!”
  • Georgi begs Yuri to let him use his employee discount to get cheap edgy makeup.
  • Mila works there too.
  • Supportive girlfriend Sara drops by and brings Mila smoothies and Starbucks.
  • Sometimes she brings some for Yuri too.
  • JJ came in the store one time cause he thought it would contribute to his “bad boy” look.
  • Once he saw Yuri and Mila he left.

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I decided to try using Clip Studio Paint’s animation program only to realize that it only lets you do a max of 24 frames. So here’s a super quick .gif of everyone’s favorite muscle-y guitar player !!