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How many J-rock fans actually buy CDs and DVDs?

I mean western fans (not sure if “western” is the proper word). There’s senpai who said “it seems averagely western fans don’t like to buy CDs and DVDs, it’s a wonder that this day the sentence ‘could you upload the full video?’ can still be seen.” But although I buy every new BT release and some CDs of other bands, I still download them from internet, so it’s not that asking for upload means you didn’t buy… I’m curious about how many percent of western Jrock fans who consider themselves big fans of a band actually buy that band’s CDs and DVDs… (a big fan should at least buy one CD, in my opinion)

“Got to look pretty for the camera”

W Yannis Philippakis of Foals //

Fuji Superia 400

Stan didn’t mean to wander into this bar, but this “punk” thing is growing on him.  

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okay but...
  • Harry insists on buying a CD player for his home in London with Ginny. 
  • Curious, he buys her a CD, one that he knows a lot of Muggle girls like but he’s only ever heard in passing. (He’s had Dark Lords and Death Eaters to worry about, you know.) 
  • And within minutes he regrets his life choices because Ginny is rocking out to “I Want It That Way” by some boy band called the Backstreet Boys on repeat. 
  • She asks Hermione about them and they buy every single boy band album from the 80′s on. 
  • They continue this for several years as new albums come out and Harry has more or less given Ginny the CD player. 
  • (Not that he particularly minds because she’s actually kind of cute when she’s dancing and singing along with a young Teddy and she doesn’t think he’s looking.)
  • She puts headphones on her pregnant belly and tells James Sirius Potter that he’s going to be such a charmer. 
  • Harry protests that she’s going to brainwash their baby before he’s even born but when has she ever taken his half-hearted arguments seriously? 
  • Eighteen years later James Sirius is tall and broad, a chiseled mix of Bill’s height and Fred and George’s stockiness, and singing some song that he’s heard Ginny hum before and Teddy pretends he isn’t watching him with a lopsided smile. 
  • James pretends that Teddy isn’t pretending to watch him
  • Harry pretends that he isn’t seeing them silently flirt and mumbles to Ginny that it’s all her fault with a light smile on his face. 
  • Ginny laughs and continues braiding Lily Luna’s hair. 
  • “But he’s charming, isn’t he?” 
  • Harry looks up from his morning paper just in time to see James Sirius holding out a sunflower he conjured in his palm to Teddy and Teddy rolling his eyes despite his blush. 
  • “Oh, he’s good.” 
  • “And you said I was brainwashing him.” 
  • They share a glance and laugh together quietly, happy that their son is boy band trash/a romantic sap.
Girlfriend! Jennie

~For anon!~ I hope you like it!

•Would be so protective of you
•Not in a bad way
•But would make sure you are safe
•Concert dates
•She’d buy you a cool band T-shirt and force you to wear it cause it suits you
•"Shut up and wear it, you look gorgeous in it okay? For me?“
•Sometimes you would go to a rock concert with her, or an acoustic set, both are just as perfect as long as you are by her side
•I feel like shopping isn’t a chore when its with Jennie
•She would compliment you so so much
•It would become second nature
•Just 4 u
•She’d rap in her YG showcases and it would be so obvious that she’s rapping about you and only you
•She would give you eye contact from across the room making you blush
•With a bit of sexual tension I’m sure

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•You would share each others clothes
•Especially hoodies cause thats what Jennie lives in when she’s in the dorm
•She’d get so mad if you ruined them tho
•"I don’t care if you only got milk on it!“
•She wouldn’t be mad for long though cause u look so attractive in just the hoodie and shorts
•In addition to clothes, I think you’d do each others makeup
•Either in a funny way or a deadly serious ‘might actually use this contour for a stage’ way
•The silly makeup sessions are the best tho cause you’d both take the piss out of each other and laugh so hard until you hurt
•But not so many in public tho, more hand holding and waist holding whilst walking in town
•Which is perfectly fine cause it slightly turns you on anyway
•This might seem really random but
•I feel like she’d be so forgetful
•She would call you and say something like
•"Babe I forgot my keys and I’m stressing out”
•But then you would find them in the bathroom like
•"Not again"


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