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Chris' audiobooks are MAGICAL All the voices <3 My fav is Red. Harp sings too!!! I only bought the hardcovers when I had the opportunity to have them signed by him... Chris' voice is one of the things I like about him the most (insert gif of Prof Shue telling Rachel Berry what she doesn't like about her is what someone will like the most).

You are all inspiring me to run to B&N and buy the audio books. I have never listened to a book in my life.  I guess it is time to start something new:)  

Nico Headcanons!

((Hello my lovelies! Before I head into work today I decided to share some of my Headcanons for my sweet baby child and Lord of Darkness, Nico di Angelo!))

• He made a swear jar for Will and all his friends because gosh darn it, they all have really bad potty mouths.

• he only charges 25 cents for said swear jar, sometimes people pay him in advance.

• Him and his friends use the funds for “fun times”, such as the zoo, Disneyland, Sea World, and things like that. (Except they are all now banned from Sea World- thanks to Percy.)

• He is a hella good artist, like hot damn.

• he can also sing, if it’s modern songs his singing is pretty average, older songs he’s like really good, like he could probably be the lead singer in a band if he wanted to, but the one thing he’s really good at singing, like scarily good, he for-realsies made the entire Apollo cabin cry, is fucking opera. Boy can he sing italian opera.

• He’s actually really good with children, and at first they are all scared to death of him but they quickly warm up to him. He’ll be walking through camp with his trademark resting bitch face and like a small army of children are following him. He has secretly been referred to as Mother Goose or Mama Duck.

• He can dance, but only the Waltz, Charleston, Swing, and Tango. Anything remotely modern has him blushing fuming and confused.

• One time he found a little Ares girl crying because some Aphrodite and Demeter campers said she couldn’t dance, and teased her that it was because all she was good for was fighting. So what does our Prince of the underworld do? He fucking teaches her how to swing. And the two show up those bitches at the next dance.

• he really likes books and such but due to his dyslexia he can’t read them very well, so his dad sent him an old cassette radio and he buys audio books.

• When he gets colds, they are pretty bad, but only because everytime he sneezes he accidentally creatures a fissure in the ground or summons a zombie or two…or ten.

• he makes bomb ass blanket forts.

• everyone expects him to like his coffee black but that dude has like the biggest sweet tooth and would totes order a cotton candy frappacino from Starbucks.

• He begins to play Mythomagic again, and even starts to collect the figurines and everything. (He even collects the rare decks)

• He’s not as good as anyone in the Apollo cabin but he can play Violin pretty well.

• Clarisse bought his a devil onesie as a joke for Christmas but he wears it like all the time. He even bought a mini stuffed pitch fork to match.

• The girls have dressed him up like a girl before and he got hit on by many a male, much to Will’s agitation.

• He is fluent in Italian (of course), Greek, and Latin.

• Every Sunday is, Catch the Oldies up on Pop culture day, Hazel and him are still not amused at that name.

• One Halloween Will dressed like a pirate and Nico certainly did not pop a boner in front of everyone.

• In turn Nico has dressed like a pirate and Will definitely did not pop a boner and swoon.

• His friends did actually buy him a choker with a bell on it and have him wear it whenever they take him out of camp anywhere.

• He is really flexible, like wow. (Go Will)

• During a sparring match between him and Sherman, he just dropped into the splits to avoid an attack and everyone was all. D8 while Will was like 8D.

(( This was part 1! There will be a part 2 coming soon!!))

How to Read Faster

Despite my love of books, I have always found myself to be a rather lethargic reader.  Often, I would hear my friends talking about how they finished a book in one night, something like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and despite my most diligent efforts, could only get through it after a solid twelve hours of near-non-stop reading. I was a slow reader, and I had no idea why.

It wasn’t until a month ago that I learned I was reading, inefficiently. 

I’ve started listening to books through audible, (and no, I don’t count someone reading something to me as reading quickly) particularly non-fiction.  I went on a bit of splurge, buying up audio versions of books I already hand on Kindle, because you got a discount for doing so, score! and picked up The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Just one chapter out of this book turned me into a speed-reader.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concepts behind the Four Hour Workweek, it basically tries to increase the time you have for doing things you want to do by ripping out the useless time you waste during the day. Things like reading, and responding to emails (which Ferris recommends to do only once a week) and cutting out any sort of news completely out of your life.  And…

Learning how to read any information you want while still maintaining good comprehension. 

Now, I can’t do all of the things he recommends, (damn information addiction is hard to kick) but his tip on how to double to triple your reading speed has worked for me. And I have found that my comprehension rate has not decreased in the slightest. 

So give it a watch (its only five minutes long) and then try it out. I recommend using a e-reader or small phone, because the distance between start and finish of a line is much smaller than standard novel sizes. 

If this works for you, let everyone else know! 

Just thought it might be good to point as this wasn’t too clear to me earlier for some reason but it definitely looks as though she will be the “Reader” of her own audio book.    It’s pricey to buy the audio book $32.93  - however, you can get an Audible trial and listen to her read the book under that free trial. :)  

Can you all imagine how difficult it must’ve been for Sue to rehash all those memories, to read the book from cover to end in a fairly professional voice with so little as a trembling voice or a sniffle?  She must’ve broken down during certain segments that she wasn’t expecting to. Something would’ve just suddenly hit her hard out of the blue.  Then they’d have to retake that bit and have her excruciatingly read it yet again, one more time. Gah..  :-/

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are you taking requests? If you are could you do a kind of tuturing AU were jack is dislexic but is a jock and is kind of "in denial" till hicup is assigned to tuture him cause he is a top student (nerd) (I m dixlexic to i m loking forward to it )<3

Does this count as a high school!au? Oh well. 

This sounds really cute and I’ll try my best. Thank you!

I am not taking prompts-I am going through old ones that I have not answered yet. Thank you!

Hiccup liked being a tutor, most of his kids were sweet and grateful for his help. He sat across from someone who was neither of those it seemed. Jack was a football player, great on the field but apparently horrible at English. Hiccup pushed up his glasses as they stared at each other. “So are you ready to work on English then?” He asked, eyeing Jack’s dyed white hair. 

“Whatever, it’s not like I need to do this.” He opened the book they were reading in English and sighed loudly. Hiccup waited patiently and opened his own book to follow along. When Jack began to read Hiccup noticed right away he was slow, stumbling over words and even reading sentences completely wrong. He stared at Jack silently, watching his face contort with concentration. Jack finally seemed to catch him staring and he sneered. “What?" 

"Nothing,” Hiccup said softly. He had worked with another student just like him, Tuffnut was dyslexic and read exactly like Jack did. “Can I ask you something?" 

Jack frowned. “I don’t know you’re the tutor.” 

He shifted in his seat and nodded. “Have you ever thought that maybe you’re dyslexic? I’m not trying to say you are, it’s just you-“ 

There was an immediate change, blue eyes flaring with anger and mouth curling back. “What in the world would make you think I’m dyslexic?” He looked like he was ready to punch him and Hiccup shrank back in his chair. “Just because I can’t read doesn’t mean you have to be all high and mighty to diagnose me.” 

"I wasn’t,” he said as calmly as he could. “I just noticed you were struggling a little… I thought I could help you.” His green eyes met Jack’s and he bit his lip, unsure what to do. He was used to bullies, but actual never saw Jack angry before in the halls. He was one of the few who didn’t bully him. “I guess I shouldn’t assume things, I’m sorry.” He straightened his glasses and looked to his book. “Should we pick up where you left off?” 

They settled into silence and Jack rubbed the edge of a page between his fingers. “I was told I was dyslexic when I was ten. I didn’t want to believe it because everyone was treating me differently. I hated it, so I didn’t tell anyone. I barely manage to scrape by on essays and reading because my mom reads over them and even buys me audio books.” He shrugged and Hiccup noticed he looked tired. “I don’t like people knowing.” 

Hiccup smiled, heart swelling at the fact Jack had confessed something so important to him. He tilted his head and Jack looked flustered. “I promise I won’t tell anyone, but I’m glad you told me.” 

Jack turned his face away, cheeks a light pink. “It’s not like it makes much of a difference,” he muttered into his hand. 

“Well, why don’t I read and you just follow along, would that be easier?” He couldn’t stop smiling, practically bouncing in his seat. One of the most popular guys in the school just told him something personal!

The older teen pouted and couldn’t make eye contact, his face slowly turning red. “S-Sure, whatever.” Before Hiccup could start reading he cleared his throat. “Could I-Could I possibly schedule another appointment with you?” 

Hiccup laughed gently and nodded. “I’d love that.” Jack flushed brightly and hurried to hide his face behind his book. Hiccup looked at him and he felt himself blush a little, happy he would get to see Jack more.

UK & USA: Twelfth Night Starring David Tennant Released Today  

The BBC Radio 3 production of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is released as a CD audiobook and audio download in the UK and the USA today. The play which aired was originally recorded as part of the BBC’s Shakespeare and Love season and aired in April 2012.

David Tennant stars as Malvolio in Shakespeare’s comedy of disguise, madness and love.One of Shakespeare’s happiest plays, Twelfth Night is both a comedy of misrule and a trenchant attack on puritanism. Disguise and deceit leads to misadventure, madness and mistaken love. Orsino loves Olivia, but she loves Cesario, who really does love Orsino (for Cesario is actually Viola). But Malvolio believes his mistress, Olivia, loves him, as he is a victim of a trick played on him by those who would make him mad. Naomi Frederick and Paul Ready are Viola and Orsino in his sparkling BBC Radio 3 production.