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Look what I was finally able to collect from the post office! The prints are in amazing condition and the bike Keith is a matte finish and it just feels so much better and more durable than society6 mini prints. The inking perfect, again the prints from other artists I ordered once from s6 were flawed with spots and scratches.
The artist is the amazing @v-0-3 and gosh the little Keith doodle made my heart melt it’s so sweet

New owari print because I don’t like the old one anymore o<-<

I’ll be at table 1116 so come visit me if you’re going to Fanime! I may or may not be selling any leftovers later online


Just got my new prints order in! Printed some that have been waiting in queue for a while and refilled two that I used for promotion at Emerald City con!

These can be purchased here and are currently 25% off ->

Prints are the best way to support my art and get me front and center at conventions!