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If you don’t get the tickets to see Bangtan in Newark or Anaheim, it will be okay. Motivate yourself to work hard and save money to get yourself a passport and gift yourself a trip to South Korea.

Don’t buy resale tickets where sites are gonna sell them for $1000+!

Don’t bash on people who are able to buy tickets.

Don’t hate yourself for not getting to attend.

Don’t buy off of people easily if you don’t have their info. I rather everyone be safe than sorry if a scam happens.

I made a blog @wingstickets to reblog a bunch of posts of people wanting to sell or trade their WINGS Tickets. If you are looking for some, I hope it’s helpful for you to take a look. Also if you want to sell yours and would like me to reblog it, please @ me (my wingstickets @!). And if not, could you please reblog this. Thanks!

Tickets for the London run of hip-hop musical Hamilton, the most anticipated theatre event of the year, have already appeared on secondary ticket websites for almost £3,000 despite measures to prevent them being touted.


Despite a paperless ticket system – where ticket holders have to go to the theatre with a confirmation email, the bank card used for the booking and photo ID – being introduced for the West End show, tickets quickly found their way on to secondary ticketing sites.

Cameron Mackintosh, producing the UK run of the show, said he hoped paperless ticketing would help “combat the gouging of the public with hugely inflated ticket prices by third-party profiteers”.

But security consultant and ticketing expert Reg Walker, of Iridium Consultancy, said touts could still prosper, despite efforts to shut them out. “It’s great to see the people behind Hamilton trying to stop touting but it’s unlikely to be 100% effective,” he said.

“It’s viable for a tout to buy four tickets, sell three of them, then go with you to the box office to pick them up using his credit card. He can then walk the ticket purchasers in and walk out again, or even watch the show himself.”

“At those prices it’s still worth it for them because they make enough on three of the tickets that they don’t mind losing the money they spent on the fourth.”


Those hoping to get their hands on early tickets for the West End run had to sign up to priority booking last year and were given a code to get their hands on the first batch of tickets, which went on sale on Monday at midday.

The tickets were priced between £37.50 and £127.50. Despite massive demand, none of the ticket websites crashed and social media was full of praise for the “stress-free” and “surprisingly painless” online booking system. Tickets go on general sale on 30 January.

whoops after deciding not to buy another Tool ticket, and them selling out in 10 minutes,

I decided to refresh the page for fun a few hours later and one came up, so I bought it.

Lori LOVED concerts. because of her wheelchair people/accessibility laws were usually good to her about location. when she was diagnosed and didn’t want to know how long she had left, they bought a bunch of concert tickets for the summer, and were able to go to most of them. 

Tool is also playing in Bangor, Maine, where I fly into, where they saw shows, lived within an hour from, and where the hospital was. I thought about getting a ticket there but took it as a sign that I should go to my local one instead

this one is for you <3

There’s homework looming over me but there’s also the cast album of Evita screaming at me and how can I say no to Patti LuPone? Right. I can’t. So instead I’m going to ignore my adult responsibilities, buy a pizza and put on a one woman show of the entire first act of Evita. Who wants to buy a ticket to the show? They’re selling fast. 


I know it’s short notice and I’m pretty gutted to be selling - even if you can’t buy can you please signal boost.

I’m selling my standing general admission ticket for Ghost at Leeds next week for personal reasons. £20 or nearest offer, just want to give someone else the opportunity rather than just scrapping it.

I can take payment through PayPal and post the ticket First Class this week. UK sellers only please so I can post Royal Mail.

You don’t know how happy I am to see the guys standing up against stuff like this! I hate it when people buy tickets then try to sell them at higher prices to profit from them and the sad thing is in most cases youtubers and bands can’t do anything and this so I am just really happy to see the guys stopping this from happening

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Would you wanna buy a standing ticket for 95€ for bap frankfurt the originals are selling 105€+ fees and when they started selling the one i wanted was sold out and i panicked and bought a wrong one

oh i already have my ticket but maybe someone sees this (also theres this facebook group for the show where people also sell their tickets maybe try it there?)


There’s marking upon marking looming over me but there’s also the cast album of Hamilton screaming at me and how can I say no to Lin-Manuel Miranda? Right? I can’t. So instead I’m going to ignore my teaching responsibilities, buy a pizza and put on a one-woman show of the entire first act of Hamilton. Who wants to buy a ticket to the show? They’re selling fast. 

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Hey! Flying alone can be scary at first but after a couple of times I've noticed that listening to music/reading helps and it's not that different from travelling with a bus/train. Gatwick is super nice and simple airport! You just always turn right (I think) after going through the luggage claim. Best way to buy a ticket is to queue to one of the kiosks selling them cos then you can just say where you are going and they know what ticket you need. Minimises the risk of going wrong! Good luck!!

Thank u loads nonny!!! Im good right, just made it through finlands end now i just have the flight ahead of me in a bit over an hour 😊

Ughhhh I don’t feel well but I have to go to class and I need to buy movie tickets and they sell them at my school the cheapest soooooo I gotta go. Send help

i really wish ticket scalpers didn’t buy up all concert tickets and then sell them for unreasonable prices. like i really wanna go to so many shows that are like decently priced, but then their sold out on like ticketmaster or whatever. and everywhere else like stubhub puts them financially out of my reach. turning a fun one time thing into a whole investment. i can’t afford to invest in concert tickets and no one should have to.