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I don’t understand why people are mad at me for watching bootlegs. People reason that watching it online would mean that the actual theatre production wouldn’t get that much money anymore. Let me just say that, I live all the way in Asia, and in a country where stage tours rarely visit. I will watch all the bootlegs I want because let me just tell you, that if ever the show DOES tour in my country, I would still sell my kidneys to get money and buy tickets for it, even if I’ve already seen it in my crappy phone screen.


I have created this blog to help people like you, to sell and buy tickets by teaming fans together to attend concerts. Send an ask or a message of what tickets you are looking for/selling and It will be posted on here. I would love to help you guys out as much as I can! Good Luck!



To all German fans, please be careful, because there seems to be some conventions promoters scamming people. Matthew’s tweet is from yesterday, and Ricky’s post is from last year, so this has been happening for a long time.

Those promoters use famous actors to bring people to buy tickets for their “Cons”, and when they sell less tickets than they expected they try to get rid of some of the actors so they don’t have to pay them. That way they won’t lose money, or just earn more for themselves, but they blame the actors’ agents for it so the fans won’t ask for a refund. There is a chance they never even intended to bring the actors, they just wanted to use their faces to sell more tickets and then get rid of them.

Please ASK FOR A REFUND OF YOUR TICKET, do not let those promoters scam you. The ideal thing would be if all people who bought a ticket got together and sued them with a demand, or at least inform a German consumer association so they’ll do something about it. That’s the only way to prevent them from doing this again. That’s what people didn’t do last year, so it happened this year too.

At least, please tell people about this, so other fandoms will know what’s going on, because they will try to do this again in a few months with actors from other famous tv show.


So I was bored recently and I was watching videos with tips on how to survive kpop concerts, and they were all missing out on some stuff that I consider crucial. This survival guide will include tips on buying tickets, outfit advice and what you should expect at a kpop concert!

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this is so good though because it stops stupid ticket poachers from buying heaps and selling them at escalated prices. well done bub!

I know! A presale for fans is such a wonderful idea, especially for a small venue where it will already be hard to get tickets

PSA: The way forward and a wee break.

Hey sweet creatures! A big hug to those who didn’t get a ticket (yet! I hope you will) and a gentle high five for those who did. 

We’ll be now focusing back on the initial purpose of helping people meet new friends for their gigs and making sure everyone has a good, equal time. How fun! 

If you had not yet listed, please let us know by sending an ask on where you’re going, if you’re going alone, what’s your favourite Harry reaction gif or if you enjoy knock-knock jokes or what’s your favourite pun, and you’ll be added to the city listings. 

If you had listed but didn’t receive a ticket, please also let us know so we can take you off the list if you so wish. Feel free to also get in touch with other unlucky ones, so maybe we can commiserate together. I have great puns and buns (the baking-kind). 

For those hoping to sell/buy tickets, please contact the lovely @concertteamup to see if they can help. We’re closed for sales now. 

Really want to thank every single one of you for being so sweet and helpful, I wish we could’ve done more to help ensure everyone gets to go. It’s been a hectic week that ended in absolute mayhem, so this blog will now take a wee break (meaning being online a bit less for the rest of today and the weekend) to gather up strength and energy and sleep. 

We’ll be back soon and hope to start setting you up with new pals you haven’t met yet xx

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What do people mean with "selling albums through tour tickets"?

That when you buy a ticket for their tour it automatically comes with a copy of the album (usually hard copy) and you can’t opt out. So you’re handcuffed into buying the album if you buy a tour ticket ( these would be tickets purchased direct from Ticketmaster, not resale).
It’s very simple, they just upp the tour ticket price by a smidge. Then they get to count all those album sales towards their charts and sales charts.

Selling 2 tickets for Harrry’s HK concert!!

Hi guys apparently the system was messing with me and i ended up buying 2 extra tickets I don’t need so I’m selling the following tickets for Harry’s HK show on May 5th 2018

  • Sec. 3, Row: J, Seat: (please ask me)
  • Sec. 14, Row: T, Seat: (please ask me)

each ticket price is HKD$1303 including the ticket price $1288 and $15 fee

i will be collecting the tickets at the box office on the show date!! for details feel free to discuss with me

I met him on a facebook page for an EDM event. I was trying to sell some tickets & he was trying to buy some. I commented on his post & he messaged me back. After that we would talk everyday. We only met once at a Dillon Francis show. We kept talking & planned on hanging out again & going to more shows together.

Now I look back at our conversation & I guess he never really liked me. He never came out to see me once. We only live 30 minutes away. All I could say to his explanation was okay.

thoughts to the void

Tonight was supposed to represent freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of joy, freedom from fear. 

Last September, in a moment of fleeting recklessness, I accidentally bought myself and my family 10 tickets to see Depeche Mode on June 3rd, which ended up with a mother of a scam in booking fees to be £800. To say the least, we have been through a mudslide of selling the tickets, buying them back, expecting a refund, getting some fraud - but all the while, Depeche Mode was the light at the end. No matter what happened, I was adamant that I would see Dave Gahan live - and truly live, in every sense of the word, as he did onstage tonight. 

Last September, my concerns lay with the gig falling between exams, and the cost of the tickets. I didn’t account for perhaps the concern of our lives. 

Over the past week, countless, wonderful people have persuaded me that I had to go - not only to prove to myself that I was being irrational, but also to not deprive myself of pure ecstasy for the sake of pure killers. I told myself I was being paranoid and ridiculous and nobody else seemed to have the same concerns as me. 

Then tonight came, and I was brave; I let anxiety dissipate and I pogo-ed, danced, screeched, ‘sang’, moshed, all of the shit I’d been yearning to do for 9 months. Walking out of the actual stadium was the most nauseating, for obvious reasons, but I was almost comfortable standing amongst a crowd of 40,000 in the middle of a street beside Stratford tube station, until I heard screaming and car horns. 

But I ignored it, because everyone - including myself - had told me I was going to be fine, and that it was irrational, and that security in London was the highest it’s ever been. But it wasn’t, and I wasn’t being irrational, because we witnessed a terror attack tonight, saved only by an extended encore. 

But throughout all of this, it wasn’t my safety I was scared for. It was the shock, the sudden descent of reality, of hearing it happen - of finally being in the vicinity of these ‘rare’ attacks. It was the dawning realisation that the future as I pictured it would not be. That despite surviving anorexia, despite being strapped to heart monitors for days on end, it could all be taken away, meaning nothing anymore. The realisation that I’d have to factor this fear into my future, and the sense that I wasn’t sure in that moment if I wanted a life if it contained such a fear. 

So, I don’t know. These are thoughts into the void. I wasn’t a victim. But the views I had clung onto about the world drifted away, and that’s something that makes me sick. ‘Love beats hate’ means fuck all, ‘we are not afraid’ is a blatantly pointless lie, and all we need is to open a dialogue with them now. We need to be pro-active, and not play ‘the game’ as if they are children wanting attention. 

Sales queries -> @concertteamup !!!

A lovely new blog has been put up to focus on selling/buying tickets. PLEASE follow them and contact them for any sales queries and offers from now on

I’ll do another combination post of all that we have thus far, but it’s a lot better to focus this blog for the initial reason and have all sales concentrated on one place. I’m so sorry about this, I just absolutely cannot keep up with the sales queries on this blog right. 

I hope you understand. 

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Newsflash: people are allowed to be upset. I just found out I wasted almost 200 on a hotel and flight and now he going to be performing in my city so to be quite frank I'm livid and I am allowed to be upset .

Honestly, after having seen Harry at the Troubadour I’d rather pay more money for small venues. Truly. I realize that not everyone shares that opinion. I’ve also said, with complete sincerity, that if people want to sell me their small venue tickets, I will buy them (or connect with others who want to buy them). So if you want to sell your small venue ticket and buy an arena one, go for it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

My post was about the idea that somehow making money is a bad thing. Like an artist isn’t allowed to love to perform AND make money. I don’t get that attitude.

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UM listen i can't do this concert they naked and minhyuks pants are bursting at the seams i cannot. They got me fucked up.

Okay, I’ll sell your ticket and use the money to buy merch!!!! WOOT!

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verified fan??? explain please!

I just posted an explanation in a reply but I’ll post it here too just in case you don’t see it! omg stop! ok so for Harry’s tour (and I’m sure other artists but I’ve only experienced it for harry) you have to register through Ticketmaster for the show(s) you want to buy tickets for. Basically after you register Ticketmaster randomly chooses people to send codes to and only those people that have codes can attempt to buy tickets. And even then it’s not guaranteed that you’ll even get them. They’re doing it mostly to try to stop scalpers from buying loads of tickets and selling them way overpriced. It’s a nice thought but it’s just so frustrating