buy and eat

ive started crafting an ascended vipers set and i want to say: anet choosing to timegate ascended mat creation may be the literal worst thing ever in gw2

My eating habits are v bachelor fox mulder-esque.

I never have any groceries, not necessarily bc I don’t can’t afford them all the time (well, some of the time) but mainly because I don’t care enough to go buy any. I regularly will eat meals of things like frozen breadsticks that I cooked in the toaster oven and count it as a “fancy meal” bc it was “cooked.” Love OJ and sunflower seeds. Hungry? Drink some coffee so u can avoid going out and having to speak w others

i think one of the only real surprises about being a legal adult is that no one tells you about that particular kind of grossness you feel if you go for long enough without eating a plant of some kind


This quote doesn’t sit right with me, from Harry’s Rolling Stone article:

He notes a more recent relationship, possibly over now, but significant for the past few years. (Styles has often been spotted with Kendall Jenner, but he won’t confirm that’s who he’s talking about.) “She’s a huge part of the album,” says Styles. “Sometimes you want to tip the hat, and sometimes you just want to give them the whole cap …  and hope they know it’s just for them.”

It looks like it’s two quotes in one. Almost like they were talking about something else and Crowe merged them together. And Crowe is the one inserting Kendall in to this narrative, not Harry. Then Harry goes back to saying THEM which he does more often than not. This reads like a quote out of context to me.


Hey guys! I finally was able to unpack enough to re-open my store for now :O
To celebrate and make up for my long absence please enjoy a big sale running through Dec 1st!!!


Many of the zines are last edition so if you’ve been waiting this is a good chance to grab them~ I’ve gotten some new limited pins and some other new stock AND restocked on almost all my items, get your holiday shopping done early >w<

NOTE: If you bought a FLAWED galaxy syringe or fossil and want the new one place an order & include your old invoice w/ the purchase and i’ll refund the $8!

Thank you for your support, if you’re still here. I know i don’t deserve any followers especially for leaving this blog fallow for so long so I appreciate each and everyone one of you who are still here <3


that was an unexpected role reversal  😁


both end up asking Yuta to buy them snacks ( ˙꒳​˙ ) 

French slang

Yes. Another. The other one is quite outdated and not very extensive. Amusez-vous bien. I’m from Paris so some of these are probably exclusive to the region.

  • Tu (me) fais chier (literally: you make me shit) / tu m’emmerdes / tu me casses les couilles (you’re breaking my balls): you’re pissing me off
  • Ça me saoûle / fait chier (vulgar) / gonfle: I’m sick of this
  • J’en ai ras le cul: I’m sick of this (vulgar)
  • J’en ai ras le bol: I’m sick of this
  • J’en ai marre: I’m sick of this
  • Fringues: clothes
  • Grailler: to buy / borrow / steal / take / eat
  • Crever: to die
  • Va crever: go die
  • Je suis crevé: I’m very tired / sick
  • Crevant: exhausting
  • J’ai la dalle: I’m hungry
  • Je crève la dalle: I’m haven’t eaten anything in two years
  • On se les caille: it’s freezing
  • On crève de froid: we’re dying of cold
  • Crevard: despicable person
  • Glander: to procrastinate / to do nothing / to lay around
  • Avoir la flemme: not wanting to do anything
  • Rien branler (~to jerk off nothing): to do nothing
  • Défoncé: stoned
  • Gerber: to throw up
  • C’est à gerber: it’s so ugly / horrible I’m going to throw up
  • C’est de la merde: it’s shit
  • Bouffer: to eat
  • Bagnole/ caisse: car
  • Baraque: house
  • Bled: 1/ godforsaken place, 2/ where you’re born
  • Clebs / clébard: dog
  • Oseille / blé / fric: money
  • Chais pas (je sais pas): I don’t know
  • Va te faire foutre: go fuck yourself
  • Se foutre de quelqu’un: to make fun of someone
  • (Je) m’en fous: I don’t care
  • J’en ai rien à battre: I don’t care
  • Je m’en bas les couilles (I’m slapping my balls): I don’t care
  • Je m’emmerde / je me fais chier: I’m bored
  • C’est chiant: it’s boring
  • Demmerde toi: Deal with this without me / manage to do something
  • Je galère: I’m struggling
  • Quelle galère (galley) / merde: What a pain 
  • Genre: 1/ like, 2/ as if, 3/ seriously ? or no way !
  • Bahut: high school
  • Fais pas genre: stop lying / pretending
  • Fais genre: pretend
  • Chelou: weird / shady / suspicious
  • balais: years (ex: il a 50 balais = he’s 50)
  • briques: € (ex: I bought this shit for 20 briques) though it can also means 10 € (ex: i bought this shit for 20 briques = 200 €)
  • C’est pas possible: it’s not possible. To use anytime, anywhere. Can’t find keys ? C’est pas possible. Traffic ? C’est pas possible. School ? C’est pas possible.
  • Qu’est ce que tu fous: what the fuck are you doing
  • Mais il est pas possible ce gosse: that person is annoying / unsufferable / immature / stupid
  • Mioche: baby or young child
  • Gamin(e) / gosse: kid / brat
  • Brailler: to scream annoyingly, usually said of a baby crying
  • Gueuler: to scream
  • Ferme la / ferme ta gueule / ta gueule: shut up 
  • Se casser la gueule: to fall
  • Hein ?: 1/ what ? 2/ at the end of a sentence: right ?
  • Euh: “- did you do your homework ? - eeeeeeuh” or “-where is boulevard Voltaire ? -eeeeeeuh this way”
  • Ouf: 1/ phew, 2/ crazy (it’s the verlan for “fou”)(not very used anymore)
  • Sauvé (saved): phew, we’re saved
  • Pareil: same (ex: -I’m tired -pareil)
  • Idem: ditto
  • C’est quoi ce bordel (what’s this brothel) / qu’est ce que c’est que ce bordel: What the fuck is this
  • C’est une blague ?: is this a joke ?
  • Tu te fous de moi ?: are you kidding me ?
  • Rôh là: noise of annoyance, can also just be a breathy guttural noise (hrrhhfhhrfhr)
  • Taré: insane
  • Perso (euh): personally
  • Tiens: 1/ ‘here’ or ‘hold this’, 2/ reminds me (ex: tiens, remember when you were in a band ?) 
  • C’est cadeau: it’s free
  • Dégueulasse / dégueu: disgusting
  • Se faire baiser (to get fucked): to have a really bad time (ex: I rushed the presentation and I got roasted by the teacher who’s going to call my parents, je vais me faire baiser)
  • C’est bon là: that’s enough
  • Non mais oh: to express shock or disgust
  • Tu te crois où ?: where do you think you are ?
  • J’avoue: you’re right
  • Connard / connasse: cunt, not very vulgar tho
  • Chien: passive, disloyal and kiss people’s ass
  • Chienne / pute: whore
  • Pétasse: cunt
  • Putain: a classic
  • Bordel: another classic
  • Con / conne: magic insult that can’t be translanted in English because it’s too powerful. The foolest of the fools, complete idiot damned by God.

[Don’t you sit there thinking ‘I look pretty good’?] “Absolutely not! I don’t understand this sex symbol stuff at all. I’ve never considered myself to be one, not for a second. The whole thing’s ridiculous.”