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Brooklyn, 1940

Steve Rogers had been eying a 35mm Kodak in the store window for months. He’d never said anything about it though, because he knew times were tough and there was NO WAY he could scrape up 17 whole dollars for it.
But Steve didn’t need to say anything because Bucky saw every lingering gaze each time they walked passed that window and he swore to himself that he’d get it for him no matter how he had to do it.
Over the next few months, Bucky worked tons of overtime at the factory and any other odd job he could find. Didn’t matter what it was. If he didn’t know how to do it, he’d learn. Any sort of car repair, any and all house/apartment fixes, shoe shining.
He even pawned a few things he probably wouldn’t miss too much.
As Steve’s birthday neared, Bucky had finally scraped and saved enough to buy the camera, and even had enough left over to buy a couple new paint brushes and a new pad of paper.
“What’s this Buck?” Steve said tentatively, eyeing the package on the table in their kitchen on the morning of July 4, 1941.
“Thought we didn’t have the money for any birthday presents this year.” Steve questioned with an arched brow.
“Just open it.” Bucky coaxed, with a soft but eager smile. He held the paper and brushes behind his back to reveal after the camera.
Steve eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before stepping up to the table and examining the brown paper wrapped cube.
He carefully pulled on the tape holding the paper flaps one by one until the paper fell open, revealing the boxed camera inside.

Steve immediately froze. His mouth slowly dropped open as he blinked and stared at it.
It couldn’t possibly be… maybe it’s just the box and there’s something else inside it.

“W-,” Steve’s voice was hoarse so he cleared his throat and began again. “What’s inside?” He whispered, with a tentative look back up at Bucky, who was gazing at him expectantly.
“Open it up and see.” Bucky said with a laugh.
Steve’s nimble fingers slipped under the top flap and lifted slowly, like he was scared something was gonna come out and bite him.
As he saw that it truly was the camera sitting in the box, he felt tears prickling at his eyes.
There’s no way…
“Buck…” Started Steve, but his throat was too tight to speak further, so he just looked up at him with glistening eyes.
“Happy birthday Stevie.” Bucky said as he placed the pad of paper and two brushes on the table as well.
Steve threw his small frame against Bucky’s in the tightest hug he could manage. As he stumbled back a couple steps, Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and held onto him.
“How?” Steves small voice was muffled against Bucky’s chest.
“Don’t worry about it.” Was all Bucky said.
Steve would press more about it later, but right now he was too eager to try it out.

After finally letting go, Steve immediately went to the table to position the film inside the camera, pushing aside the paper and brushes for later in his excitement.
He’d apparently been researching everything about this camera long before now and was already well aware of how it worked.
He scrambled out the door, down the stairs and skidded to a stop outside their apartment building dragging Bucky behind him all the way.
Steve walked out and stood several feet away from Bucky and brought the camera up to look through the view finder at him.
“Come on Stevie.. what are you doin with that thing? You don’t need no pictures of me.” He grumbled.
Steve ignored him and continued fiddling with the knobs and switches until he had it where he wanted it and looked up eagerly at Bucky.
Bucky sighed and let his arms drop by his sides in defeat.
“Fine… so whaddya want me to do.” Bucky conceded.
“Just stand there and stay still.” Steve answered as he looked through the view finder and squared up his shot.
“That’s it? I feel like an idiot.” Bucky flatly uttered.
“Well that’s a coincidence, cause you look like an idiot too.” Steve teased, as he snapped the picture.

The Avengers Preference - What Dating Them Would Be Like

Bruce Banner / The Hulk

✩ You keep him calm. Whenever he can feel his anger boiling inside of him he instantly thinks of you. You’re what keeps him going

✩ Him getting flustered after he realises he’s rambling and getting embarrassed when you assure him that it’s fine and you think it’s cute

✩ Tony poking fun of him and saying he’s whipped and Bruce just smiling because he doesn’t care - he couldn’t be happier

✩ Being out somewhere and saying a random, very intelligent fact to someone that Bruce told you once and not even realising that you’ve taken in so much of what he has said in the past

✩ You talking about things you’re passionate about just as excitedly as he does and him finding it adorable

✩ Doing little reassuring glances and hand holding whenever you’re out in public

✩ Lying on his lap when he’s reading

✩ Him resting his head on your stomach when you’re reading

✩ Surprising him when he’s in the lab by wrapping your arms around him and cuddling him, causing him to get all sheepish 

✩ Giving him back rubs when you can tell he’s stressed out 

✩ Bruce absentmindedly playing with your hair or fingers

✩ Him mumbling about you in his sleep 

✩ Whenever he wakes up from a nightmare, he rolls over and looks at you sleeping for a little while to calm himself down and get back to sleep

✩ Drawing patterns on his chest when you’re cuddling

Bucky Barnes

✩ Him letting you paint over the Hydra symbol on his arm before he gets it reconstructed and being the only one he won’t get mad at when you and the others play “how many magnets can we get on Bucky’s arm?” 

✩ “Doll,” 

✩ “Don’t tell anyone I let you braid my hair.” 

✩ Having movie marathons with him whenever he’s feeling down

✩ Him holding you whenever he begins to stress out

✩ You and Steve secretly fighting over who gets to spend the day with him

✩ Little displays of affection when no one’s looking

✩ Bucky reaching for your hand whenever he’s nervous

✩ “What was that for?” “That guy was looking at you in a way that I can only look at you like.” 

✩ Him picking flowers for you when you go on late night strolls 

✩ Being the only person Bucky feels he can trust to tell what he’s thinking and about the memories he begins to regain 

✩ Taking him shopping for modern day clothing and him getting confused by the fashion

✩ Reassuring him when he gets stressed out when people look at him metal arm in public

✩ Him telling you how lucky he is to have you every day

✩ Bucky worrying that Hydra will take you to use you against him

✩ Putting his metal arm on you during the summer to keep you cool

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

✩ Him forgetting to text you after a mission to reassure you he’s okay but forgetting

✩ Natasha texts you instead 

✩ Being over affectionate with one another whenever he gets home

✩ Having strange stories to share with people such as the time that Clint found a cat in a place they searched and he decided to adopt it and take it home

✩ “We can’t keep the cat, Clint.” “But he loves me!” 

✩ Clint confiding in you with his most inner thoughts whenever he gets back from a mission 

✩ Having lazy days

✩ The team having to hear about you constantly and you being surprised when you meet them for the first time and they know nearly more about you than you do about yourself

✩ You and Natasha occasionally kicking Clint out to go do ‘man stuff’ so you can have a girl’s chat

✩ Him teaching you how to use a bow and arrow and cracking up at your attempts

✩ Coming up with a game where whenever you get close to the middle of the target, you can get whatever you want from him

✩ Secretly practicing when he’s not around and then getting nearly perfect shots at the target

✩ Having to force him out of bed when he has to get to work 

✩ “But I want to stay here with you!” 

✩ Him getting in the shower with you to ‘save water’ 

✩ Getting mad at him when he tells you he was worried about you while he was away on a mission because he could have died and he was worrying about you


✩ Being “the voice of reason” whenever he begins to get angry

✩ Thor coming to you whenever he thinks Loki is getting bad again so you can calm him down and make sure he’s okay

✩ Him smiling whenever you tell him how important he is to you 

✩ Loki not being able to believe that he’s in love with someone

✩ But it doesn’t matter because he is in love with someone, he’sin love with you, and he doesn’t care

✩ Him fearing that he might scare you away

✩ Laying your head in his lap as he reads aloud to you 

✩ “I’ve regretted a lot of things, (Y/N) but I’ll never regret loving you.” 

✩ Having him admire your beauty - constantly. 

✩ Lots of desperate kisses

Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

✩ “You know what this shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.” “You’re already my boyfriend, Pietro.” 

✩ Making him do the most simplest tasks for you when you feel lazy

✩ Him liking to make sure everyone remembers that you’re his

✩ Constantly teasing one another 

✩ Him making sure to just be ‘coincidentally’ working out whenever you get home or walk into the room

✩ You and Wanda being close and ganging up on Pietro whenever you’re annoying with him

✩ Him making sure you know that he’d do anything for you and he’ll always look after you

✩ Doing little things whenever you go by one another like pinching each other’s butts or poking each other

✩ Pietro using his super speed to play tricks on you or to steal kisses from you 

✩ Having cute little nicknames for each other

✩ “How did I get so lucky?” 

✩ Singing and dancing in the kitchen together whenever you’re making food

✩ Having trouble being mad at one another for more than 10 minutes

✩  Accidentally distracting one another

Steve Rogers / Captain America

✩ Him teaching you how to dance in the middle of your apartment and it ends up with you just standing on his feet as he moves the two of you around

✩ Lots of romantic gestures 

✩ You promising him that he won’t lose you

✩ Little reassuring kisses from him

✩ Him telling you about his family, what growing up was like and little funny stories about him and Bucky

✩ Long, heartfelt hugs

✩ Being able to lightly touch over all of his body

✩ Steve smiling whenever he sees you wearing one of his shirts

✩ Cooking together

✩ Him just wanting you to be happy

✩ Him always being happy as long as you are

✩ Him genuinely wanting to know how you are and listening intently to everything you say

✩ Giving one another shoulder and neck massages when you sense that the other is stresed

✩ Steve wrapping his arms around your waist when you’re cooking and kissing your neck

✩ Which would be really distracting

✩ Saying things such as “aye, aye, Cap’n”, “yes, sir!”, “be kind to him, he’s a fragile old man”, “the guy I’m dating’s pretty old” and “you remind Tony that I’m the only one who can call you capscile and make mean jokes”. 

✩ Steve rolling his eyes at all of those things

✩ Reminding him that you truly love him

✩ Having the team constantly asking you questions about your relationship, intrigued as to what it’s like dating America’s sweetheart 

✩ Tony buying you a Captain America toy as a joke so you don’t feel so lonely when Steve is away on a mission and Steve coming home to find you cuddling it

✩ Talking about your future together


✩ Him using you as ‘weights’ when exercising and getting to sit on his back as he does push ups

✩ Having him simply pick you up out of bed when you refuse to because you don’t want to go to work

✩ Braiding his hair and telling him he and Bucky could be twinsies

✩ Thor not understanding what that means

✩ Him constantly worrying that he’ll hurt you

✩ Him adoring your pets and nearly all animals

✩ “Thor, you can’t cuddle a tiger.”

✩ Being very protective of you, especially when it comes to situations he doesn’t completely understand

✩ Knowing that he would defend you to his grave

✩ Thor learning to be gentle with you, especially when it comes to hugs

✩ Occasionally trying to see if you can lift the Mjolnir whenever he isn’t looking

✩ Getting lots of take out to introduce him to different kinds of foods

✩ Getting to watch his expressions when he tries them 

✩ Eventually being allowed to go to Midgard when Thor’s family realise just how much he loves you and is serious about keeping you in his life

✩ Getting piggy back rides

✩ Having him wrap you up in his cape when you’re cold 

✩ Him pulling you onto him when he’s sleeping 

Tony Stark / Iron Man

✩ Hearing him tinkering away at new projects at early hours of the morning when he’s anxious

✩ Convincing him to get back to bed

✩ Being absolutely spoiled

✩ “Remember that pony you wanted when you were 4?” “Yes?” “I got it for you.” “Oh my god, I don’t need a pony.”

✩ Keeping the pony

✩ Being able to see through his confident and sarcastic exterior and knowing that he’s suffering

✩ Being the only person he’ll admit to that he’s suffering

✩ Having him join you in the shower

✩ Him getting easily distracted just by you sitting on a table when he’s trying to work

✩ Tony being convinced that something is going to go wrong now that he’s happy and has you

✩ Him making you an iron man suit just in case

✩ Cuddling into his chest at night time and having him play with your hair

✩ “I don’t deserve you, (Y/N).” 

✩ The Avengers pleading with Tony not to screw up with you because they adore you

✩ Tony hoping he won’t because he has never loved or cared about someone as much as he loves and cares about you

✩ Getting a lot of affection from him like all the time

✩ Putting a blanket over him when you find him asleep in his lab

  • England: There must be a website that can help you deal with a clingy nation.
  • China: Oh, I don’t want to bother the internet with my problem.
  • America: Aw, come on, Yao. We’ll help you surf.
  • China: *sits down at the computer, grabs the mouse and starts clicking*
  • America: Click that one, Yao.
  • England: No, go up.
  • America: Keep going--up, up, up!
  • England: The blue ones are ads.
  • America: That’s the toolbar.
  • England: No you’ve opened Word; close it!
  • America: Close it. Don’t save it!
  • England: Stop clicking.
  • America: Don’t go there!
  • England: Why are you buying a freezer?!
  • America: Don’t click the cart or you’ve bought it!
  • England: Aw, you clicked the cart!
  • China: If you’re so smart, you do it!
  • America: *pushes one button and finds relevant website*
  • APH China: Gah.
2. Film Öneri Listemmm
  1. Ant Man 
  2. American Beauty
  3. About a Boy
  4. About Time
  5. Big Hero 6
  6. Black Swan
  7. Birdman
  8. Comet
  9. Can’t Buy Me Love
  10. Captan America Civil War
  11. Crybaby
  12. Deadpool
  13. Easy A
  14. Fantastic Four
  15. Focus
  16. Flickan
  17. Forrest Gump
  18. Flowers in the Attic
  19. Fight Club
  20. Flipped
  21. Gone Girl
  22. Harry Potter
  23. If There Be Thorns
  24. Insurgent
  25. Interstellar
  26. Insidious
  27. Inception
  28. Keanu
  29. Lilo&Stitch
  30. Limitless
  31. Lucy
  32. Love, Rosie
  33. Mean Girls
  34. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  35. Me Before You
  36. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  37. Now You See Me 2
  38. Mr. Nobody
  39. Oblivion
  40. Paper Towns
  41. Pan
  42. Pixels
  43. Pulp Fiction
  44. Petals on the Wind
  45. Pitch Perfect
  46. Remember Me
  47. Reservoir Dogs
  48. Suicide Squat
  49. Spy
  50. Star Wars
  51. Stargate
  52. Seeds of Yesterday
  53. The Imitation Game
  54. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
  55. The Shawshank Redemption
  56. The To Do List
  57. The Martian
  58. The Duff
  59. The Theory of Everything
  60. The Lego Movie
  61. The Little Prince
  62. The Nice Guys
  63. The Breakfast Club
  64. The Matrix
  65. The Great Gatsby
  66. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  67. The Book Theif 
  68. The Walf of Wall Street
  69. The Truman Show
  70. The Day After Tomorrow
  71. Tres metros sobre el cielo
  72. Tengo Ganas de Ti
  73. V For Vandetta
  74. Vacation
  75. 2012
  76. 12 Years a Slave 
  77. Whiplash

when namjoon said taehyung should stop 고급시계 (luxury watch) in america i was,,,, is he telling taehyung to stop buying luxury watches in america???? and then it hit me 고급시계 = advanced watch = overwatch.

the face of realization:

oh shit I forgot my plums


[why did you guys choose me to be such cute characters,, I’m gonna cry,,

thank you to everyone who sent a response- 💕 lmao I was genuinely curious]

Chris Evans being a daddy would include

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  • him being the typical american dad
  • him working out with his kid
  • doing push ups with your kid on his back
  • your little baby cheering
  • him pretending to struggle to make your kid laugh
  • cuddling with your toddler between you two
  • singing lullabies to your little angel
  • “doll, this little fella wants to watch “the Little Mermaid” “
  • “Chris, he’s two months-old”
  • making silly faces to make his baby laugh
  • gently rubbing his nose on the little one’s
  • him holding the baby in his arms 25/8
  • baby reaching out for his boobie
  • “omg doll he wants my boobies”
  • staying awake to watch his baby sleep
  • “you’re my tiny bundle of joy”
  • taking your kid to Disneyland on their birthday every year for the rest of their lives
  • reading to your baby
  • changing his voice for every character
  • making dad jokes all the time
  • “How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.”
  • buying Captain America onesies
  • bribing your kid into saying “daddy”
  • “say dada da-da”
  • “look, little munchkin, if you say dada this little unicorn will be yours”
  • crying when your baby says their first word (spoiler: it’s dada)
  • running around the house from happiness
  • your baby giggling at him
  • you taking pictures of everything that’s happening
  • “my lil meatball”
  • babies tracing his tattoos with their fingers whenever he holds them
  • letting his kids do him a makeover
  • “dada you wook wike a pwincess”
  • him shaving more often (sadly) because otherwise kids won’t let him kiss them
  • “no Dodger, you can’t sit on her, she’s tiny”
  • your baby boy putting his hand on his boob while laughing, just like Chris
  • “don’t listen to anything uncle Mackie says, okay?”
  • him having a “secret” special handshake with his children
  • baking together
  • you finding him crying in your bathroom
  • “what’s wrong, honey?”
  • “i’m not ready for her to get married and leave us yet, doll, i’m not ready”
  • “well, of course you are not ready, Chris, she’s only 5 years old”
  • him getting tattoos that remind him of his children
  • “let’s try for another one, love”
  • “fifth one???”