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Just curious if you did a break down of ESNY lyrics. id like to see your take on it.

I haven’t, but howbow now?

A lot of fans think Ever Since New York is about that unholiest of fauxmances, Haylor, since the primary stuntin’ took place in NYC. Listening to the lyrics, I agree with that.

Picture it: NYC, December 2012. 1D is at a career high, having played to a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd. This level of hotness must have smelled like blood in the water to fake ass fame vampire, Taylor Swift and her team. So commence fakelationship stuntin’!

I’ll show you what skeeved me out the most. The hotel ho strolls:

They’d make sure to pap Harry coming and going so that fans would infer that the s-e-x must have surely taken place. Classy. This is how music is marketed. Why God?

Meanwhile, all this fakery was apparently taking a toll on Louis:

And the Elounor awkwardness was later mocked by Grimmy:

And it only got worse from there. By New Year’s Eve, Tay Tay was reveling in this Times Square look-at-me spectacle:

Harry, not so much:

This was the point where 1DHQ really dug in with the closeting. Payzer 2.0 launched December 2012, too. Not a coincidence. This is where reality must have really set in. And this is just based on what we can piece together. God only knows what kinds of conversations took place bts to put all this in place. But I can imagine it was dehumanizing and demoralizing. Aggressive hetero stuntin’ would become the new normal for 1D.

So that’s the kind of stuff that would’ve influenced ESNY. It’s easy to understand why he still feels some type of way about it.


Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
I need something, so tell me something new
Choose your words ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse or what’s it waiting for
Must desert you just before you go

Harry is my people because he comes out the gate swinging. I’m guessing this first verse is directed at Taylor. Being older and having been in the business longer, Harry is looking to her to make him understand why this needs to happen. He wants her to help him make peace with it. But Taylor is the monster showbiz created. She has no wisdom to offer. So Harry is left grappling with this closeting, which feels like a curse. And “must desert you before you go” feels like a reference to the end of Haylor, where she played the role of good girl who got dumped…again.

There she is alone on a boat…deserted. This is what had to happen before she could go for good. It’s a reference to the fakery–knowing how things will play out before they even happen.

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

Again, Harry’s desperate for something more profound. I’m sure his team was telling him this was good for him, that it was in his best interests personally and professionally. But Harry isn’t really buying it.

Brooklyn saw me, empty avenues
There’s no water inside this swimming pool
Almost over, that’s enough from you
I’ve been praying, I never did before
Understand I’m talking to the walls
And I’ve been praying ever since New York

Harry was able to venture out into the boroughs, unbothered. But in Manhattan? It was lights, cameras, stunt time! And Haylor is like a empty swimming pool: an artifice without purpose. Just like a pool needs water to fulfill its purpose, a relationship needs a real emotional bond to fulfill its purpose. And of course, there wasn’t one. Harry’s counting the days until Taylor sails her fraudulent ass away on that boat. Enough! Same Harry. Same. These are trying times and Harry’s literally praying his way through it–searching for strength where he hadn’t looked before. That’s how profoundly hurtful this experience is for him And he’s been praying ever since. We know why.

  • <p> <b>Gryffindor:</b> Oh my God! Look at this lion! Do you think it would attack me if I jumped into the cage or would it just stare and...*a friend from another house covers their mouth*<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Foxes are such interesting creatures. I mean, everyone always thinks they're just chasing after chicken, but look, it's written here that they...*doesn't finish because of an excited Gryffindor friend who doesn't pay the slightest attention*<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> Tell me how much money I need to buy this crocodile, put it in a swimming pool and trick somebody into swimming with it by saying it's just an airbed. Just how much, I'm ready to sell everything.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> These camels are so cute! But so are the monkeys! I want to take all these animals home! *sighs after so much excitement* I'm in heaven.<p/></p>

bad time to find out about your language kink for Makoto, Haru.
bad time to find out your boyfriend doesn’t care where you Do it, Makoto.

I like to think Makoto took language courses in university. He knows some French and a little more English now, but he’s most proficient in Spanish.

Based on ep1 of the current season of The Amazing Race! AAAAAAA I’m watching for Burnie and Ashley!! theyre so adorable they kiss a lot 😭😭 I thought their energy and affinity was so makoharu-like I just had to dRAW! I hope they win!

team makoharu winning the race and the 1 million dollars 🎉🎉🎉🎉


The studies show that we regret the things we didn’t do much much longer that the things we did do.
Toby and I somehow made decision not to buy an above ground swimming pool
I haven’t had such non buyers remorse so quickly
Damn it I wish we had a pool
I think I really wish I had access to a pool that I didn’t have to upkeep
I just want to DO something fun outside
We work and work and work and work
We work at work and then work at our business and then work on home responsibilities
We have annual passes to Universal.. it’s JUNE and we haven’t gone
It’s like we’ve done nothing since Puerto Rico
It’s the longest vacation hangover in history
I’m officially stir-crazy
The Florida Sun is calling my name

Im doing a bunch of adulty things today

Thank you @primordialgoddess96 for the prompt!


Zane loves stargazing.

He can name all the constellations known to man, and loves telling the others the stories behind them. Jay and Lloyd are the ones that are most interested in them.

Jay likes to interject information that he knows to make himself seem smarter. It awes Lloyd at how much Jay knows. Meanwhile Zane’s struggling to talk between Jay’s interruptions.

On nights he’s alone he’ll play music quietly and hum with it as he watches the stars twinkle. He’ll bring out a blanket and pillow and on occasion simply fall asleep under the stars.


Even if it’s 1,000 degrees outside, Cole will be doing some sort of physical activity.

Be it biking, hiking, running laps around the city, or, his personal favorite, mountain climbing.

He refuses to use equipment, and does it purely by hand. This worries a lot of people he climbs near.

He’s only ever fallen once. Luckily he was caught by a rock that was cropping out of the side. He has a large scar on his back from the fall.


Jay runs around in summer rainstorms.

They can be violent at times, but Jay loves them to bits. He likes the sounds of heavy rain falling and the boom that comes from the thunder. He especially loves the shiver that goes up his spine whenever lightning strikes close by.

Jay sometimes even climbs to the top of skyscrapers so that he’s closer to the lightning.

Jay has tried again and again to get Kai to walk out in one. Kai refuses because he knows the rain will ruin his hair. Jay just wants to see how Kai’s hair looks when it’s not a stabbing hazard.


Kai really likes sitting at a campfire at night.

The dancing flames calm him, he’s very fond of the warmth, and he generally enjoys being around his brothers and sister.

The others have absolutely joked that they can use Kai’s hair as a marshmallow roaster, much to Kai’s annoyance. Jay’s even gone far enough to try and sneakily stab a marshmallow with one of his spikes.

Kai’s the one that gets too close to the fire all the time and the others have to tell him to back away. He’s caught fire numerous times.


Nya greatly adores going to beaches.

She loves walking in the sand, rolling up her pants and soaking her toes in the water.

She likes doing tricks in the water. Things like handstands and flips. Kai’s always telling her to be careful.

She absolutely collects seashells. She has countless necklaces and bracelets that she’s made herself. She doesn’t wear them, only admires them.

She’s given a bunch of them to each of the other ninja as small gifts.


Lloyd enjoys the more “childish” things of summer.  Things like catching fireflies in jars, buying ice cream from trucks, and swimming/playing around in pools.

He loves having “noodle fights” in pools. And splashing people. And playing games such as Marco Polo.

He somehow manages to get the ninja to play hopscotch with him and to draw with chalk on sidewalks.

Kai likes to draw fires and stick figures in action poses

Zane draws little butterflies and his falcon a lot

Cole draws himself a lot, followed by portraits of his friends

Jay draws a lot of video game characters

Nya draws a lot of phoenixes and the Samurai X symbol

Lloyd will draw pretty much anything. If he sees the others drawing something cool he’ll try and copy it.

Thomas likes to invite James over to swim (just so Thomas can show off), but the water is always too cold for poor lil JMads. Thomas splashes him anyway. What a jerk.

"Teenagers These Days" a story by an asshole

Let’s gather around the tumblr campfire and talk about age stereotypes, mostly referring to how teenagers are viewed by a small percentage of an older generation of assholes.
Today I was outside Asda, tying my little brother’s laces because he was holding two bags of shopping. And an elderly man came up behind us, he was walking to his car. Instead of walking around us, he continued to bump right into my back and swear, ignoring the little boy witnessing the event. Without even an apology, he stuck up the middle finger and grumpily sneered at me the words - “Teens these days.” - Like I was the one who walked into his back, and swore in front of a seven year old, and stuck up the middle finger to a fifteen year old teenager girl with a low enough self esteem already. An adult yelled at him to apologise, he refused.
This event also made me think back to two years ago, when I was thirteen. I was outside the shops again but with one of my old friends and her little brother. It was a very hot day and we were getting a trolley to go and buy ourselves some snacks after a day at the swimming pool. My friend and her brother looked nothing like so the three of us just looked like a group of mates. We were all happy until a man with a walking stick came up and called my friend a slut when she hugged her brother. She was wearing a tank top and shorts because of the scorching heat, and apparently she was just asking for sex. Please take note that she had not even turned thirteen yet so she was still twelve. I remember her running into the toilets and sobbing for ages because some judgemental asshole made a comment that no young person should hear when they are having a good time with their friends. It was horrendous and it made me so angry. I remember the man repeating the exact same words as the man today said to me - “Teens these days”
Teens these days. WHAT.
Teens these days are bad. NO.
Teens these days are discriminated by immature adults who should maybe analyse their own behaviour before they judge and make comments about someone much younger than them. YES


Dead Kennedys - Moral Majority (Live 84)

You call yourself the moral majority
We call ourselves the people in the real world
Trying to rub us out, but we’re going to survive
God must be dead if you’re alive

You say, ‘god loves you. come and buy the good news’
Then you buy the president and swimming pools
If jesus don’t save 'til we’re lining your pockets
God must be dead if you’re alive

Circus-tent con-men and southern belle bunnies
Milk your emotions then they steal your money
It’s the new dark ages with the fascists toting bibles
Cheap nostalgia for the salem witch trials

Stodgy ayatollahs in their dobble-knit ties
Burn lots of books so they can feed you their lies
Masturbating with a flag and a bible
God must be dead if you’re alive

Blow it out your ass, jerry falwell
Blow it out your ass, jesse helms
Blow it out your ass, ronald reagan
What’s wrong with a mind of my own?

You don’t want abortions, you want battered children
You want to ban the pill as if that solves the problem
Now you wanna force us to pray in school
God must be dead if you’re such a fool

You’re planning for a war with or without iran
Building a police state with the ku klux klan
Pissed at your neighbour? don’t bother to nag
Pick up the phone and turn in a fag

Blow it out your ass, terry dolan
Blow it out your ass, phyllis schlafly
Ram it up your cunt, anita
Cos God must be dead
If you’re alive
God must be dead
If you’re alive

Sims 4 DirkJake Challenge

Challenge Overview:

Dirk Strider and Jake English are unfamiliar new neighbors. Successfully hook them up.

Character Creation:

Dirk Strider
Aspiration: Soulmate
Suggested Occupation: Tech Entrepreneur

Other Potential Traits:

Jake English
-Loves Outdoors
Aspiration: Soulmate
Suggested Occupation: Secret Agent

Other Potential Traits:

Challenge Requirements:

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