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BTS Reaction: your dad upsets you again

Can I request your dad frequently finding faults in anything you do and he’s got you upset once again? Bts finds out with gif reaction? Thanks!!

Namjoon (Rap Monster):

Once Namjoon comes home to you sobbing under the covers he’ll know what happened. Your dad has been calling you daily only to berate you and make you feel like an absolute failure, and nothing makes Namjoon more enraged than your own family treating you like this.

“Hey, baby girl, don’t cry.” He comforts as he wraps his protective and warm arms around you: “You should block his number. You don’t have to listen to his bullshit. You’re so smart and so beautiful. Don’t let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet.”

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Your mood had suddenly changed when the two of you were watching a movie, snuggled up on the couch, and Jin noticed immediately. You set your phone down on the coffee table and let out a shaky breath, making Jin ask if it was your dad yet again. With a small nod of your head, Jin wrapped his arms around you and said, “I’m sorry he keeps bothering you, princess. He’s really annoying me, why can’t he just shut up! The only opinion in this world that matters in your own, so don’t give him power by letting him upset you.”

He’ll give you many flying kisses to cheer you up.

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Yoongi (Suga):

Suga will low-key be really furious at your dad for continuing to harass you. He had gotten a worrying text from you, saying that your dad had left multiple phone messages which in turn left you crying all day. Suga left as soon as he could, slipping away from his busy schedule and rushing to your apartment. Once he found you in your bed he pulled you into his chest, rocking you back and forth silently. After a couple minutes he looked at you and said, “He seriously needs to stop. He’s making me really angry. I might have a word or two with him.”

shit he’s pissed look out

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Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi’s heart would break when you called him in the middle of practice crying because of your dad, again. He’d shush you and comfort you the best he could, and would rush through the rest of his day so he could get to you. As soon as he got to your house he embraced you tightly, kissing you lightly on your forehead. 

“Baby, I know it’s hard, but I think you need to just cut him out of your life until the both of you have time to sit down and talk things through. You need a break from this. It kills me to see you this upset, so please, take time for yourself right now and don’t waste your time on him right now.”

*trying to cheer you up*

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Jimin was trying to give your dad the benefit of the doubt, he really was, but it’s hard when you come home for the third time that week saying that your dad called you during work and upset you. You were at a breaking point; nearly falling into Jimin’s arms as soon as you got through the door. He cradled you and lightly sang Butterfly, your favorite song. Once you had calmed down enough he said. 

“Maybe you should have a sit down talk with your mom and see what you can do. This is a family effort, maybe even family therapy would help, and I’ll support you the whole time, baby. I just hate seeing you like this.”

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Taehyung (V):

You canceled your date with Tae, immediately worrying him when you only gave a short-answered explanation. It didn’t take long before he remembered how much your dad has been upsetting you, so he went out to buy you a big fluffy teddy bear. You opened the door to Taehyung, barely visible above the bear, and pulled him into your apartment, thanking him profusely for being such an angel. He gave his boxy smile before bringing you into a hug, whispering against your hair, “Everything will be alright, muffin.”

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Jungkook doesn’t know what do to. He hates seeing you so upset, and especially because of your dad. He’s always held you and sang to you on the days your dad got to you the most, but he could never do anything more than that. Jungkookie decided that the best he could do was make sure your happy and healthy, and that he’s supporting you with the best of his ability, so that’s exactly what he did. On days when you were more sad he would always pull out his goofy side; having you forget you previous sadness almost instantaneously. 

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what does everyone do for valentines day?

Vanessa and Nina always find the shittiest/nastiest Valentine’s for each other and gorge on chocolate together.

Benny and Usnavi always go buy cheap candy the day after Valentine’s Day and make shitty raps about how Valentine’s Day sucks (when they’re single, that is)

Sonny rants EVERY year about how stupid Valentine’s Day is and it’s a capitalist bullshit holiday, and EVERY year, Pete buys him a big bag of candy and a teddy bear or something and Sonny gets Pete pretty bouquets and they have fancy candle lit dinners of McDonald’s on the fire escape.

One year, Pete is really distant and he’s just been working and Sonny’s frustrated and he’s pretty sure Pete is going to forget about Valentine’s Day, and then around noon he sees Pete again, and he’s grumpy, but then Pete tells him that he’s been doing all these commissions day and night to get more money and Sonny can finally get top surgery like he’s been wanting and Sonny is like??? omg??? He cries he loves Pete so much

When Sonny’s in elementary school, Usnavi helps him make Valentine’s for everyone and has to tell him, “Yes, you have to give a card to everyone. I don’t care if you think Max is gross, you have to give him a card!!!” Later they just share candy and watch shitty television together

Sonny always gets Nina a lil box of chocolates!

Usnavi gets Vanessa big ass bouquets and makes her dinner and covers in sof kisses, and she’s not the best at romantic gestures, but she buys champagne and makes him breakfast. Like, she’s not a big Valentine’s Day person, but she knows Usnavi is.

Oh gosh, Benny and Nina. They’re so annoying on Valentine’s Day omg. They’re ALWAYS together and holding onto each other and kissing a bunch. Benny buys Nina those giant ass stuffed animals and big bouquets of flowers and Nina always takes Benny out to dinner and they cuddle so much jfc. When Nina’s out at Stanford and can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, they Skype and text the entire. Damn. Day. Benny stays up late for her!

Daniela has never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, but Carla LOOOVES it, so they usually go to dinner together and buy makeup or jewelry for each other.

Camila and Kevin usually just have a nice dinner out, and Kevin buys Camila roses. They also get Nina a lil teddy bear every year! When she’s at Stanford they mail it because their daughter needs love

Abuela Claudia hasn’t had anybody to celebrate Valentine’s Day with in a long time, but she gives roses and hard candies out to anyone who comes by.




  • Squeezes ur hand when you two walk around anywhere
  • Says I love you randomly
  • Has you as Honey Bun as his contact
  • Likes to wrap his arms around your waist
  • Brushes your hair
  • Makes random recipes w you (and they usually end up being a mess)
  • Enjoys narrating ur actions 
  • Takes funny pictures 
  • Likes to shop (esp. for matching clothes)
  • Relaxes in furniture stores w u
  • Tells long stories
  • Reads handwritten poems to you
  • Exercises w u (but both of you end up going back inside to eat cheese pizza instead)
  • Buys u a big teddy bear for when ur lonely and he’s not there
  • Calls u on Sunday’s for your daily coffee date (and both of u end up staying there the whole day; until the shop closes)
  • Goes to the shelter w u to scope out the pups
  • Puts on fashion shows for you
  • Wants to race u whenever u two go to the park


These songs are always playing in the coffee shop you two go to and the owner has deemed it you and Vernon’s playlist. The owner also periodically gives both of you small snacks to eat because your his favorite customers; while you’re eating, Vernon is reading another one of his poems.

  1. Make Me Fall - Nina Nesbitt
  2. But not For Me - Chet Baker
  3. One - Ed Sheeran
  4. Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
  5. Thank You - Dido

Note: Hello! I will always take requests! I didn’t include this on my last post, but if you have artsy pics/selfies and want to be in one of these w/ ur bias, just message me and I’ll see what I can do (b/c once again I suck lmao).

TMNT Valentine's Day Gifts💘

Imagine your favorite turtle giving you a huge stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day!

Leo wants to give something cute. He’d see the perfect gift through a toy store window and ask April to get it for him. He would give you a big, cuddly panda bear with a blue bow around it’s neck. He leaves it on your door step, a little card held between it’s big paws.

Raph nicknamed you ‘tiger’ early on so it makes sense to get you a tiger. He’d put on his disguise and go find the perfect one himself. He stumbles upon a little stand and sees it.
It’s cute and soft, with a red bow on its tail.

Donatello goes to the internet in order to find your gift. Much like his younger brother, Donnie feels that you deserve everything. Every lion, tiger, and bear. He finally buys you a big, chestnut colored teddy bear, holding a plush purple heart between it’s paws.

Mikey has a hard time picking you an animal, due to the fact that he thinks you need ALL of them. Then he sees a turtle with orange hearts on it’s cheeks and he’s sold. He asks April to get it for him and can barely wait to give it to you on the big day.

Being The8′s girlfriend would include:

  • Good morning and good night texts
  • him buying you a really big teddy bear to surprise you when he comes home
  • learning about the art of b-boying
  • hugging him from behind
  • Having matching couple bracelets
  • him wrapping the blankets around you when you fall asleep
  • staying positive for him even when your down
  • him knowing when you’re down and urging you to talk about it
  • Fixing his hair before he goes on stage
  • Him smiling whenever he made you laugh
  • taking bubble baths together
  • “jagiya you look pretty today” *blush*
  • trying to keep up with his dance whenever he practices with you
  • kissing when everyone’s back is turned
  • feeling like rebels afterwards because you guys usually don’t kiss in public
  • holding hands around the house
  • him playing with your hair when you guys cuddle
  • Texting him funny things you find online
  • clinging to him like Jun clings to him
  • him telling you he loves you before you go to sleep every night


Jimin // Yoongi // Jungkook // Hoseok // Seokjin // Namjoon

life with taehyung as your boyfriend would include

  • holding your hand while walking down the street
  • backhugs when you’re waiting in line for food
  • and when it’s time to move up the line, he’d just kinda cling on to you and keep waddling to move up
  • he loves to kiss the top of your head and forehead
  • having his chin on the top of your head
  • then you hear him laughing and it literally vibrates through his whole body and yours
  • arm around your waist when you’re sitting down at a table
  • him making subtle circles with his thumb underneath your shirt

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If VIXX were boyfriends

N/Hakyeon: The leader, as he would treat his own members, he would be very caring. Sometimes he would be a goof, trying to make you happy. He may make fun of your height so that he can feel good about himself. He likes the attention that you give him. He can be a bit full of himself, but to make him feel better, you go along with it. He gets enough crap from the other members. He will hold your hands with his. Your foreheads touching, then his hands would release. Which would travel around your waist. His lips saying “I love you so much.” He would be the type to buy small trinkets. Bracelets, phone charms that represent the both of you, snacks, and he would also buy a Polaroid camera to take photos for the both of you. He will impress you buy his dancing, and his crazy singing accompanied by dancing. He may be stressed, so give him a back rub sometimes. Kiss his cheek to say, “good job today.” With you though, if you were angry, he would back up and give you space. He will only talk to you, if you talk to him first. His dates would be night walks, looking at the stars, playing in the snow and cooking inside.

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Leo/Taekwoon: He may be quiet, but he love to show his affection silently. He does appreciate your own existence even. He will like to hold your hand often, which will make you smile. Knowing that is his way of showing his affection. He may not be the most approachable person, but you warm up to him. He would sneakily grasp your hand, pulling you closer to him. All of these small gestures make him nervous. He would pull you into a hug and whisper how much he loves you. Planting a kiss on your forehead or your lips. It would make him very embarrassed when he does that. He would buy a puppy, couple rings, necklace, a scarf, a beanie and even a sweater that looks like one of your sweaters. He would sing a little bit, and then make a sentimental moment. A long kiss would be a prime example. Sometimes, he will be exhausted so leave him be until he wants to talk to you about problems. If you were angry or crying, he would get really upset. About to go out of his way to yell at the person who did this to you. He will hug you, you clinging to his chest and feeling comfortable with his heavy breathing. His dating options will be a pet store, a zoo, an aquarium, a museum and a cafe.

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Ken/Jaehwan: Being loud, means either being loud with him, or being his polar opposite, quiet. Either way, this diva loves having fun. He will do whatever it takes to make you and the members laugh to the point where you are crying. He would be the type to grab your hand, skipping ahead or running to a nearby park. Giving you kisses on the cheek, and he would giggle. Wrapping his arms around you quickly, before he flicks you on the forehead. He would be the type to buy nerdy things. Such as manga books, anime series, video games, CDs and plushies from whatever show you are into. When Ken is upset, back up. You can ask him what’s wrong. If he doesn’t answer, just pat his back and sit there until he is willing to talk to you. If you were upset, he would do anything in his power to lighten the mood. Trying to make you smile and laugh. His dating places would be a movie theater, Japan (yes), arcade and norebangs (karaoke places).

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Ravi/Wonsik: He may be a bit shy when he first meets you, but later he would definitely warm up to you. No matter what, he will get occasionally flustered for no reason. His stomach will be doing flips as he sees you in a new outfit, doing a dance, or even eating something. He would be the type to hug for long periods. He would even put your hand in his jacket pocket even when it’s not cold outside. He would kiss your forehead and he would just be flustered by that. Any little action is very deadly to him.When he is down, try to encourage him by hugging him and trying to cheer him up. Offering to go out and get fresh air, taking a break or even letting him have some space alone. Just let him know you are always there for him. If you were upset, he wouldn’t know what to do. Seeing you sad would make him extremely flustered and he would start to get concerned. He would ask what happened, as he would ask you questions as you told him why you are down. He would eventually, hesitantly pat your back. He would be kind of lost, until you fling yourself into his body. Then he will softly hug you. Not saying a word, since close contact is something that makes him nervous. For Ravi, he would be the type to buy a ton of couple outfits, small accessories, books, and art supplies.

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Hongbin: He is very open to you. He will be a bit of the silent type, until you talk to him. He will talk to you about his life, his experiences as a trainee, his favorite hobbies, etc. His smiles are deadly, so whenever he smiles, you get very shy around him. He would be the type to kiss your lips gently, but he may kiss your neck too. Holding you close to his body so that you would become a victim to his motives. He would put his arm on around your shoulder when he is hanging out with the boys, but when the two of you are alone…things change. If you initiate the kiss, he will be gentle. If he initiated it, it would be soft, then a bit more forceful. Being the cheese ball that he is, he would buy couple rings, roses, chocolates, a big teddy bear, really expensive headphones and some outfits he think would look good on you. When Hongbin is sad, hug him and run your fingers through his hair. Repeat his name until he settles down. He will hug you back, even though it may be a little painful, bear with it. You know he would do the same. When you are sad, he would hug you tightly. Kissing your scalp and the forehead. He will saying, “tell me everything.” He would patiently listen to your problems, start to finish. He doesn’t care if his shirt gets drenched in tears, as long as you are okay. For dating places, he would definitely take you to a bakery, a restaurant, a toy store, a carnival and a dance show.

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Hyuk: He is a child from the get go. He wouldn’t know how a girl/boy’s feelings are when he starts dating them. He would ask if they want to eat snacks or play video games. Basically, anything he likes to do. He would be the shy boy that would kiss your cheek when you were least expecting it. He would nuzzle into the crook of your neck like a cat, just to get a reaction out of you. Even though he is freaking out internally. He will give you playful hugs, and smiling widely as he lets go. Ruffling your hair as he pokes your cheeks. Hyuk would be similar to Ken. He would buy video games, manga books, but he would also buy toys, tickets to an amusement park or even gift cards. Hyuk can get pretty down in the dumps. If you ask what is wrong and he doesn’t answer, ask him if something happened and that you are willing to listen. Giving him positive feedback or advice will lift up spirits, especially if you offer to watch anime with him. If you were depressed, he would wrap a blanket around you and himself. Then he would walk away, and come back after fifteen minutes. He would pull you to a pillow fort. He doesn’t care if he gets yelled at the hyungs, as long as you are happy. He will listen in the fort, and make jokes about how that thing or the person bothering you is stupid. For dating spots, it would be the beach, park, pool, amusement park, the dorm, the mall and, heck, the food court.

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Being Jooheon’s girlfriend means
  • first impression are a wild thing because you bring him home to meet your family and friends and they always give you this look like “????” because they think he looks scary or something
  • until he smiles then they’re like “aw okay”
  • because no one expects him to be the big softie he is
  • the sweetest pda on the planet like he loves hugging you and picking you up and kissing your cheek
  • but even just generally feeling connected to you like he’ll hold your hand when you’re walking through a crowd because he wants to make sure he doesn’t lose you
  • “jooheon did you get the cake for minhyuk’s party like i asked you to?”
  • “yeah here it is”
  • “jooheon”
  • “yeah baby?”
  • “this cake has your face on it”
  • “you told me to get something cute put on it”
  • he buys you a giant teddy bear that is literally as big as you and you don’t even know how you’re gonna find room for it
  • but he’s so proud of himself
  • and you’re like “why???”
  • and he’s like “so you don’t miss your real teddy bear”
  • super supportive x1000000
  • like you could be delivering a speech or playing volleyball or even cooking dinner and he’ll be like “GOOD JOB BABY YOU’RE THE BEST”
  • like even if he just catches you singing in the shower he’s ready to give you a standing ovation
  • insists on taking pictures of you everywhere like you two could be in the mall and you could be like “wow this christmas display is cute”
  • and he’d be like “come on we gotta get a picture then”
  • meanwhile he’s got like 146 pictures of you already on his phone
Dating Daesung would include

hihiiii, could you do a “dating ______ would include” for daesung? he’s my ultimate bias and deserves more love. thanks so much if you complete my request! 🤓 

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- totally agreeing with that, he deserves more love

- dating him would be just 11/10

- he would always be there for you

- whenever you needed him

- he would call you every day to check if you were alright 

- Daesung would be extremely bad at expressing feelings

- he would blush if you made him compliments

- especially in the beginning of the relationship

- he would do EVERYTHING to make you happy

- if you were sad, he would be the first one to cheer you up


- he would talk a lot about himself

- because he would want you to know everything about him 

- he would also want to know everything about you

- watching movies together

- he would laugh if you cried

- not because he found it stupid that you cried

- but because he found it adorable

- he would cook your favourite meal for you

- just to show you his cooking skills and to hear you complimenting him

- but he would prefer cooking with you 

- a lot of fooling around in the kitchen

- always being able to make you laugh (since he knew you too well)

- even if you were at your worst

- it would be easier for him to tell you that he loved you over texting you than to say it in person

- he would say that he loved you but would feel awkward 

- a lot of hugging you

- back hugs

- his phone background would be a selfie of you two

- late night calls

- you would talk for hours

- even if he was very tired, he would not be able to fall asleep without hearing your voice

- but he would probably end up falling asleep while you were telling him something

- sending you snaps

- he would buy you a bracelet or a necklace that you would wear every day

- Daesung would buy you a big teddy bear and put one of his tshirts on him so that the teddy would smell like him

- he would put the teddy in your bed so that you would not miss him while he was away

- all in all Daesung would be a great boyfriend

- he would be very caring and you would have a lot of fun with him

What Dating Youngjae Would Be Like

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  • Simple but lovingly skinship. He holds your hand, touches you, holds you close, kisses you without a thought which would sometimes make you blush but almost always make you smile.

  • Cuddles every day, every night (if you get this, I love you.) like he will seriously want to cuddle every chance he gets or whenever you’re together.

  • Teaching him more English and giving him victory kisses when he gets answers right.

  • Him calling you cute nicknames like sunshine, darling and princess that always have your heart fluttering at the sound of them.

  • Dates with Youngjae are sweet and simple, whether it’s a picnic in the park or going sightseeing together, things are always sweet with Youngjae around who constantly showers you with attention and looks at you with the fondest look in his eyes.

  • Asking him to sing you to sleep whenever you’re having a bad day or are feeling exhausted.

  • Jaebum is at your house 24/7 but you don’t mind because it’s never the two of them anymore since they always include you into their conversations, laughter being heard from all three of you from miles away.

  • Having turns for when you prepare dinner and always sneaking up on each other cooking, wrapping your arms around the others waist and sweetly kissing them on the cheek.

  • Having him go all out for you on Valentine’s Day, buying you a big stuffed teddy bear that you cuddles whenever he’s not home and a supply of chocolates that would last you a lifetime.

  • His love is pure and true, he wants you to feel cared for, loved and most of all, happy. He wants to give you everything in the world because that’s what you deserve and won’t rest until he gives you what you deserve most: happiness

(I think I fell more in love with Youngjae writing this)

jojo0225  asked:

im having a bad day at work and i wanted to know how would joshua,wonwoo,hoshi,woozi and scoups will try to cheer me(their girlf) up when im having a bad day due to the boss being unfair and the customer beong unreasonable/rude to me thx

Joshua & Wonwoo would keep sending you encouraging texts until you got off work and then would treat you to your favorite meal, something that they know will put a smile on your face. While you were eating, they’d tell you to just vent out your feelings and they’d listen carefully until you felt like you got everything off your chest. 

Hoshi & S.Coups/Seungcheol would hear you were having a bad day and would immediately start planning a surprise to make you forget about what happened at work. They might buy you two tickets to a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or might go out and buy you a nice big teddy bear, or maybe even just show up to your workplace when you get off work to surprise you just by being there with some flowers. Whatever they do, their goal will be to get your mind off of your bad day. 

Woozi would want you to tell him everything bad that happened and for each thing, he’d tell you how you might want to deal with the situation if it comes up again. He’d want you to know that you shouldn’t put up with an unfair boss and bad customers, but he knows that you have to in order to keep your job, so he’d try to help you come up with ways to avoid having another bad day like that. He’d also totally let you just go off on the people who ticked you off the most because he can relate to the feelings of frustration. 

Haikyuu tag meme!!

(thanks to @tsukigakireida for the tag~~ XD I think I’m rambling too much but… I just can’t help it XD)

- all answers should have only 1 character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only 1 otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!) - if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions. - tag 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥) - if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well. - and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun!

1. What position would you like to play in volleyball:
Libero. Because… I played volleyball a bit and that feeling when you have someone reassuring to keep the ball from falling is just… >~<

2. Pick any 4 Haikyuu!! characters to form your friend squad with:
four? Maybe I’ll pick Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, and Kageyama… as my harem ahahaha XD. But as friends, I’ll say I pick Suga, Kuroo, Matsukawa, and Hanamaki to brightens my days.

3. Your roommate in college:
I need someone who is able to do crazy shit like Kuroo to cheer my gloomy days. But considering his personality… I think he’s more likely to wreck my days using creative methods instead ._.
Oh well.

4. Haikyuu crush:

5. Which character resembles you, in terms of personality, the most:
after doing a thorough character study, I think my personality matches Kunimi’s. The traits? We’re not that bright, don’t like anything time/power consuming, a bit anti-social, most likely to be hated by people (but we don’t care about it that much because we’re simply annoying).

6. Which character inspires you the most:
It’s Oikawa. I swear if I were a song writer, there’ll be thousands of love songs dedicated to him already.

7. Favorite character development:
Oikawa. Starting from his first appearance of cocky popular player, to his antics, his flashbacks, his efforts, hints of his inferiority complex… ah, seeing Oikawa from one scene to another is like seeing a journey of an extreme roller-coaster :’)

8. Prettiest character:
Pretty? I have a conflicting feeling to decide this one. I mean I want to say it’s Oikawa but he is just so freaking handsome sometimes XD.

9. Hottest character:
Oh my, it’s Iwaizumi! Weeks ago in my gender class when I was asked about my idea of masculinity, all I could think of is Iwa-chan and it’s not even funny. I mean I have to restraint myself from saying Iwaizumi’s name because it’d be so freaking difficult to explain how Iwaizumi is the living image of masculinity itself ohoho. That day for the rest of the class my head couldn’t stop thinking about him.

10. Ultimate OTP:
Iwaoi. Just… don’t get me started.

11. Ultimate BROTP:
Kuroo and Oikawa. Furudate Haruichi kept drawing them together in his extras and sketches even though they have never actually met in canon (as far as I know XD). I think their circumstances is also very similar I mean Kuroo with Kenma and Oikawa with Iwa-chan? Doesn’t both of them screams the childhood friends dynamics? They definitely are partners in crime, and friends with a deep understanding with one another when they talks about their crushes childhood friends XD

12. Favorite Stage Play Actor:
Before I watched the stage play I was eyeing Asuma Kousuke to an extreme extend (read: stalk him). I mean, WHO DOESN’T??
But when I actually watched the show and saw the actor who played Kageyama… I was so not prepared for that BECAUSE I DIDN’T EVEN EXPECT HIM TO BE THAT PERFECT! And I didn’t even know his name back then! *crying*
So, well I can’t decide between Kimura Tatsunari and Asuma Kousuke. They are both too perfect, too precious :3

13. Adopt as your child:
I’ll adopt Kageyama… even though he looks like someone who will be hard to handle but he will be a very adorable and cute kid once you introduce volleyball to him. Though once he know volleyball he will be neglecting everything else -> which leads to many other problems… but I think I should stop thinking about adopting a fictional character too much.

14. Favorite team chant:
“We are the body’s blood–flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so the brain functions normally” -Nekoma

15. Favorite team banner:
Aobajousai’s. Which reminds me: a t-shirt with “Rule the Court” written on the back seems cool XD

16. Did Haikyuu inspire you to do something you would not have done before:
this tumblr thing is what I have never done before. I mean I draw things since forever but have never uploaded them or shown them to anyone oh well maybe just once or twice but not as far as making a tumblr account to swim deeper in a fandom.

Haikyuu character as your–
17. Mom: Suga (and I’ll be a really happy and chubby children since birth)

18. Dad: Asahi (if I can pick who is going to be my father I’ll choose someone who is most likely to buy me a big teddy bear every time I cried. I don’t really know where this logic comes from tho)

19. Elder sister: Akaashi  (he’ll be a really cool oneesan!)

20. Elder brother: Ushijima

21. Younger sister: Hinata

22. Younger brother: Tsukishima 

23. What is your favorite anime?
from what I’ve watched recently…maybe it’s Boku Dake ga Inai Machi ;)

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How would Seungkwan, Joshua, DK, and Wonwoo react if they find out a few days later that they forgot their anniversary with their S/O?

Seungkwan & DK would feel extra horrible about forgetting and would try to come up with something really extravagant, really fast. They both like to spoil their significant other so they’d go out and get flowers, two bouquets instead of one, your favorite kind of cake or pastries, maybe might even buy you a big teddy bear if they can find one only to show up to your house with three other members to help them carry all the gifts before pulling you toward them and apologizing profusely about how they forgot. Honestly, you probably weren’t going to make a big deal out of them forgetting, but from their reaction you’d think they just betrayed you or something. After calming them down, they’d want to spend the rest of their day with you and only you.

Joshua & Wonwoo would be much less dramatic, but would still feel rather bad that they forgot. They’d send you a text to see how you’ll respond and ask if you two can meet up. They’d probably be scarce on time to find you a super gift so they’d instead treat you to a meal at your favorite restaurant and while your there apologize shyly about forgetting. They’d ask if there was anything particular that you wanted, it could be something expensive - since they forgot they should make up for it and when you tell them all you want is to spend time with them expect them to turn pink and look down at their food with a smile and go “I’d give you my time as a gift, but you should also ask for something I can buy too….just so I don’t feel bad forever haha….” 

corinne and i went to ikea and as expected we came up with modern au headcanons
  • arya jumps out from behind curtains to scare sansa
  • sansa almost bursts into tears at the sight of the pink doona covers and the customisable wooden name plaques
  • bran ignores the ladder guards on the bunk beds and climbs up there anyway (so does arya tbh)
  • cat does a headcount at the exit but forgets to include jon in that and they’re halfway home before ned realises he’s not in the car (the starks have one of those huge people-mover vans, given that it’s usually the five starks, jon, theon and various friends being carted around)
  • in the toy section rickon throws a tantrum until cat gives in and buys him a big plush dog
  • bran gets cat to buy a teddy bear as well bc lyanna mormont’s birthday is coming up
  • cat constantly admonishes robb for sitting on the showroom chairs and couches until she rounds a corner and sees ned doing the same thing
  • ned gets home and realises he has no fucking idea how to assemble any of this stuff. he calls jory and gets him to do it.

First dates with the boys because I got another hundred followers!

Soda: going out at night to a little field far away from all your troubles where the air is clear enough to see all the sky. you lay down next to him and stargaze.

Johnny: go grab a quick cup of coffee, he even knows your order, and go to an old bookstore where he likes to hear your voice while you read him his favorite book

Ponyboy: going out to eat at a small restaurant that’s outside, and then going on a car ride that lasts a long time because he doesn’t want to take you home just yet. he wants to spend more time with you.

Two-Bit: Takes you to the town’s summer festival. He buys you cotton candy to share, and wins you a big giant teddy bear. He never fails to make you smile.

Steve: He picks you up to take you to see your favorite band that’s playing in town, and it’s a surprise! You both sing every word to every song along with the rest of the crowd.

Darry: you surprise him at work during the middle of the day. He gives you a big hug, and spins you around. His boss tells him to get to work. He looks at you and smiles. Then he says, “I’m gonna take the rest of the day off.” And takes you to your favorite little place for lunch.

Dally: dally takes you to the drive in and shows you off to all of his friends. Then, you go back to his car and “watch” the movie.

To do list:

Okay so I went though my ask and here’s the things i’ll be doing and yes I know some things are requested as full imagines but those take time and some would be better as a drabble or blurb xx (if your request isn’t up here I’ve probably already done it or just delete it bc it was weird lol) 

if it’s crossed out it’s done xo


imagine/blurb where Y/N is opening up a show for Justin & throughout the show is dancing on him very sexually and then plays it off innocent. 

Can you do a blurb when justin walks in on Y/N twerking like a pro

blurb or imagine on how y/n makes Justin really super mad and her having to be the one to make up for it and Justin almost leaving her omg 

can you do a Drabble on how being in a photo shoot with Justin would be like 

Blurb on justin dating/marring a Hispanic girl 

could u write a blurb about you meeting Justin for the first time? Like the way you guys would act and stuff 🙏 pleasee❤❤ 


I was just wondering if you can make an imagine about the panty teaser(its a type of sexual device couples use).

Can you do a divorce image? Like y/n wants a divorce but jb doesn’t so he freaks out an blah blah u make up the rest 😊

Can you do a Justin bieber imagine where you’re Kendall’s friend but you and Justin get really close but then one night while you’re all hanging out he acts like he doesn’t care about you in front of the guys and you get your feelings hurt because you like him?

I f***ing love your profile and your imagines I’m currently addicted to Pregnancy Drabble. GOOD JOB! P.s could you do an imagine where Justin and y/n get into a big argument then him walking in the rain, at 12:00 am knocking on your window begging for forgiveness?

Blurb where Justin’s giving you a back massage after a rough day and you start moaning and he gets turned on 😩 I love your blog sm 💕

Can you please do a blurb or imagine or w/e you want about u giving Justin’s his first ever blow job ❤️❤️❤️

could u do a blurb where Justin is drunk and he’s being all clingy and silly and asks u to marry him? lol

Can you write an imagine where Y/N tries to get Justin to sleep with her so she can get pregnant and tell him as a present for his birthday?

Can you do an imagine where y/n is sad and Justin comforts her and makes her feel better?

Could you please do a part two to ‘Ex’??

this is just an idea but for one of the drabbles you could do something like a “one year anniversary” your mush drabbles are always the cutest and I love them ☺️💕 

Heyyyy can you do an imagine where Y/N and jb are bffs and go on a shopping trip and how it would be. Make it cute. LOVE UR BLOG IT’S FREAKING JESUS 👌🏽💯🙌🏽😍👍🏽

omg can you do a blurb or something about like a really chill night with Justin and squad? like idk maybe they smoke a lot and eat and idk where else to go with this lmao sorry

Ideas for the dating justin drabble list. Justin flirting with you and charming you even tho you’re already dating. And acting as a couple infront of friends! LOVEE your blog so much! And love that you post something new almost everyday!😍❤️ 

can you do an imagine where you ask justin for a booty rub and he gets distracted and starts roughly smacking and grabbing it and he gets turned on so he fucks her from behind?? dirty talk would be great too thank you x 

so can you do an imagine or a blurb about that last anon request? (the one where Justin wakes up horny and you help him out)

Imagine/blurb publicly teasing justin 

blurb when Justin hits Y/N in the boob on accident & it hurts just as much as the time Y/N hit him in the balls on accident 😂 please & thank you 💖 btw, you’re an amazing writer & I love your blog & yeah 🙈 

Imagine of justin being horny but he founds out you are virgin, so you are a little embarrassed, and feel bad because you want to give but also you are so nerves, but he’ll be cute and gentle, omg Ilysm ♥ 

Hey love, I was wondering if you could do a dirty imagine when y/n is a famous model and comes home really exhausted and Justin volunteers to give her a massage and it starts normal and gets dirty. Please make it long and include some fondling too. (If you know what I mean) (Omfg I said fondling lol). I’ll understand if you don’t have time to do it and I want to let you know I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to update. That’s all bby. 😚😚😚💖💖💖


Can you do a imagine on y/n being a Virgin and her and Justin doing it together and Justin trying to make it her less

Sorry if this would be awkward but if you have time could you do an imagine if y/n and Justin watching porn together 

hey can you make like an imagine where you’re like just friends with Justin but then one night it turns into something else

can you do an imagine that y/n and Justin broke up and after 2 years or so their friends decided to have a get together so they go on a trip and at the hotel they have to sleep on one bed? you can add on from there :) 

Can you do an imagine/blurb where you go to an event a few months after you break up with Justin and he’s there with his vine friends and his model friends and your alone and you wanna get back together with him and so does he but you’ve been avoiding him because you don’t know if you want to get together with him and you see how much fun he’s having with his friends but you don’t really like them so you kinda just drift in a corner by yourself and he approaches and idk about the end please 

hey babe 😁😊 I saw you reblogged a prompt about the guy playing guitar at the hotel hall and stuff. I think it would be nice if u wrote an imagine kind of like that, maybe Justin and the squad being really loud in a little party in his hotel bedroom or something and Y/N shows up in her pajamas asking to turn down the noise but ends up partying with them and hooking up with Justin for some reason. I don’t know if you’re taking imagine requests rn, but it would be a really funny/cute one.

Fake Texts:

Can you do a imagine or a fake text where y/n has to do a movie and she’s in her bra and sexual stuff happen and he gets mad especially since people keep asking him about pls btw I love your blog ❤️😍

Hey I love u like so much 😂😘 it might be creepy but it’s the truth , but , can I get a fake text where justin believes some bullshit rumor from Hollywood life that Y/N cheated on him. Thx ☺️

You should do something about you andJustin nudes/sex tapes gets leaked. And also I love you’re blog 

Text where you find out Justin has a camera roll dedicated to your ass

an imagine o fake text where y/n is sad bc justin is always with his friends and not with her

Could you do an imagine or fake text or something where Y/n is out and she comes across beliebers and they hang out and take selfies with them and would text jb or call him and tease him about how she stole his fans or something ssksksjd that would be so cute i die but yeah ☺️

Hey, can you make a fake text where Justin wanna sext but Y/N is blocking and she’s than sending him funny pics as answers? 

fake text for Justin and his girl’s first time sexting. 

Y/N gets mobbed by paps and Justin wasn’t there with her

Fans give Y/N gifts at the hotel that Justin is staying at and tell her to give them to him.

Justin is sick so Y/N buys him a big teddy bear, soup, cough drops and they cuddle with movies for the night. 

Hi 😀 could you please write a fake text or blur where you lose your wedding ring but don’t wanna tell Justin cause you don’t want him to be mad you but you don’t know that he already found it. 

Can you do a text imagine where you were at a party with Justin or something and he’s kind of ignoring you so you go home without telling him and he gets worried and texts you to know if you’re okay?

Fake text of justin wondering how is y/n feeling after they had sex for the first time (she was virgin) and like he is all worried and caring and stuff. Ilysm♥


I sat there flipping through channels finding nothing on TV Doctor Who wasn’t on and neither was Teen Wolf. I glanced down at my phone rolling my eyes as Toteana texted me again about her wild nights. Her boyfriend of Four years Jamie Dornan has brought new ‘tricks’ to their sex life seeing as he plays Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. But as I thought about Toteana and Jamie I couldn’t help but think about my own boyfriend who hasn’t really been home for the past week. Always at the studio or at interviews. I’m not a clingy, naggy girlfriend it’s just that if I have a boyfriend I would at least like to see him one night and one morning when he’s here instead of on tour which I love when he’s on tour because he gets to see the fans and have fun. But honestly I have one need that hasn’t been fulfilled for about 6 weeks…. I NEED SEX! Just some love making and some fucking that’s it. I sighed getting up going into the kitchen and looking for something to snack on when I heard the front door and close “EMA IM HOME!” I rolled my eyes getting ready to show him just how much he’s made me frustrated. As he walked into the kitchen I stared at the big soft looking teddy bear in his arms “Who’d you get that for?” I asked jumping and sitting on the counter “For my very hot, sexy, attractive girlfriend.” I smirked rolling my eyes visually so he could see. I held my arms open and he walked over going to hug me but I pushed him away and took the bear hugging it and feeling how soft it really is. “Your fucking kidding me right?” He asked low and I just looked up at him smiling sweetly “Of course I am, come here baby.” He smiled stepping in between my legs and rubbing his hands on my thighs as his teeth pulled on my bottom lip making me gasp. I had to keep in mind that Michael did this to himself for not touching me in over 4 weeks. I ran my hand down his chest and slipped it inside his sweatpants and past his boxers feeling his already hard erection “Mmmmmm babe.” He moaned against my lips as he kissed me more ruffle and greedy. I smiled starting to rub him up and down and play with his tip. Once I felt like he was about to cum I pushed him away and grabbed the teddy bear off the counter and walked up the stairs swinging my hips “He’s so fluffy.” I giggled hugging it tightly. As I set the teddy bear in the chair next to the dresser I was pushed on to the bed only to see Michael standing there now fully naked and panting “You think you can tease me and get away with it?” He growled and I smiled innocently “No sir.” He narrowed his eyes “That’s what I thought.” He pulled at my shorts and pulled them down along with my underwear. He climbed on top of me and began to kiss my neck as I moved underneath him. “I’m gonna punish you for teasing me. Do you understand?” He started into my eyes and I smiled back “Yes sir.” Before I could even think he flipped me over and smacked my ass getting a moan from my lips “Do you like that?” He asked rubbing my ass before smacking it again and again “Im going to thrust in you twenty times and then you are going to cum.” I gulped eyes going wide a little but he couldn’t see “As you say sir.” And then he thrust inside making me groan loudly not able to hold it in. I began counting in my head and sure enough once he hit the twentieth thrust I came all around him getting him to bite onto my shoulder as I cried out. He turned me over this time and held my hands above our heads so I wouldn’t be able to touch him as he fucked me again but even faster and harder.


I opened my eyes seeing the sun come through the curtains, Michael was laying beside me holding me around the waist as he laid there naked. Eight times. I counted. We had sex eight times and I came at least sixteen times. Twice every time we had sex. Slowly I got up and got in the shower soon getting out and going down stairs and calling Toteana. Within twenty minutes she opened my door and walked in “Hey babe.” She smiled taking my coffee from my hands “Sure help yourself.” She just smiled sitting down “Sorry didn’t text you yesterday Jamie had a break from filming 50 Shades Darker so we went out of a date and then went home and had some awesome sex… A little dominate and submissive stuff thrown in their.” I just stared at her “Jamie has done you some good. You never use to talk this freely with me now it’s like I’m apart of your sex life.” She gave me a grossed out face “My sex life is for Jamie and O only no sharing sorry but no he’s all mine.” We heard footsteps and looked over to see Michael walking into the kitchen holding the teddy bear he got me in front of his naked body “Baby ready for round nine?!?” Toteana coughed on the coffee covering her eyes “MICHAEL CLOTHES!” She screamed and I couldn’t help but laugh. Once he was up stairs she stared at me “That was a big ass teddy bear…. Round Nine!?!?” She looked at me puzzled “I love that teddy bear.” She just sighed standing up grabbing her keys “Where you going?” She just waved over her head “Don’t feel like hearing round ten!” I couldn’t help but laugh as she walked out and I ran up stairs. He sat on the bed naked with the teddy bear “That’s my teddy bear.” I growled grabbing it and hugging it before laying down and cuddling with it “Um Ema I have a little friend here asking for you.” I just snorted “Better go say hello to your hand I’m cuddling with my teddy bear.” He groaned trying to take the bear “But I’m your teddy bear too.” I turned to him smiling “This one is more fluffy.” And turned after seeing him glare at me and get up to go to the bathroom “Last time I buy a big soft fucking teddy.” He hissed under his breath.