toughestfairy: // Would you really shoot down the Majestic Murica-Jorgen Remy?
kiwirt: pls dont get a slingshot tho
wiishfulheart:  i’ll peck your eyes out Buxaplenty
spengdip be kind I am but a smol flightless birb
defidathey might shoot back just sayin

          perhaps a bb gun is more appropriate. 

anonymous asked:

dad+have you ever met the Turners?

          “ TURNER, ” now, that name seemed to be vaguely familiar, however it did not ring any MAJOR bells in his mind. the name in itself seemed to COMMON, it must have belonged to that of a low income family. not really people he’d find himself spending time with WILLINGLY.

                    “ no, i don’t believe i have. i do not normally MINGLE with the COMMON FOLK. ”

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