marvel meme

1. one location (ex. stark tower) 

2. two pairings (ex. tony/pepper, steve/bucky etc)

 3. three trios (ex. steve/sam/natasha, etc) 

4. four colors

 5. five movies (x-men & tasm included) 

6. six male characters (3 cinematic & 3 comic) 

7. seven deaths 

8. eight female characters (4 cinematic & 4 comic) 

9. nine screencaps 

10. wildcard!!! do whatever u want!!! have a blast!!! (if u cant think of anything do 10 gifs of scenary)

aye guys. so i just got home from a very long
day. i spent pretty much all my time with my
best friend cause i’ve only hung out with him
like once since we made up??? and i’ve been
awake for uh 33 hours now so i’m pretty damn
beat. however, i’m going to try to do just a few
replies and put them in the queue before i rly