Anastasia AU. Harry is an orphan who doesn’t remember his past, but he’s determined to find his family. Louis is a crook looking for the perfect boy to pass as the missing heir of the russian empire. And they never should have let them dance.


Shim Cheong & her Seashell Clutch (Legend of the Blue Sea // Episode 3)


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Why Dirty Laundry is not bad at all!

I read dirty laundry, and I absolutely LOVE it! I love the story, I love how all the characters were portrayed, and I especially loved all the klance!
Buuuuuuuut, I have seen hate that says it has harmfull latinx stereotype that were offensive, I can assure you as a latina, I was in no way offended. In fact reading this fic took me back to my childhood, wich I remember fondly because it was fun! A lot of what I saw happend growing up. For example “La chancla” is a real thing and a lot of us did fear it growing up, know a days we use it to tease the young ones. “La Gasoline” was a very popular song, especially if you grew up listening to it, no one liked it but we all knew it. Ask any latino about anything said in dirty laundry and they would most likely say it is true, some may even start to fondly remember their own childhood. I like dirty laundry because it allows me to remember those times when life was simple and fun, were their was no hate for a fic that was made just for the fun of it! I would also like to point out that alot of the hate is coming from non-latino’s, and let me tell you, as a mexican female, I don’t need you to tell me what offense me and what dosn’t, because Dirty Laundry dosn’t offend me one bit!
Thank you if you read post.


I decided to do a quick sketch in an attempt to fine-tune the Pint Pony style, and this is what I ended up with. Something far more caricatured than what I’m used to doing, even compared to the first test of my Pint Pony style, but it was very simple, fast, and a LOT of fun to do. I even got to try out some new brushes that simulate pencils! I think this came out pretty good for my first attempt. :3

This also worked as a test for a style I wanted to implement into a little… project. Some merchandise I’d like to feature at Bronycon, but I don’t wanna reveal anything until I have at least one of them finished. So excited to get to work on it! :3 Buuuuuuuut yeah. Have yerself some Dashy and I hope you enjoy it! ^.^


So, this is for the anons asking for my headcanon of the interview thing Zayn did for a magazine, that he said him and Liam were playing around and they ended up kissing

This is probably the wrong time buuuuuuuut, who cares. I still think this is how it happened lmao. 



Finally the second part yeah~(no shade sorry xc) I have so many test and later I’ll have also final exams so I really dunno when I can continue this (even if I’ve already finished the story…?) and plus I want to draw single but well made works buuuuuuuut! the next parts are more interesting yep, just have faith in me <3 (and the last will have a full color scene~) Good day to all~

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