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Me: Ok llors, just do a quick edit of Solarra’s design in a screencap just to see how it looks like.

Brain: You are like little baby, watch this.

Fuckboy: Tolkien–a conservative, Catholic, white man in the early 20th century who has been dead for forty years–would not approve of you shipping his two same sex characters.



•🌱19/09/2017 - Evolution 🌱•

This has become the nicest notes ever in my school binder, and the only decent one honestly :p

I almost can’t believe they’re part of it cause they’re so neat and the other ones are so messy hahahaha

🎧: Young and Menace 🔮🌊

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Dunno for sure if you're taking prompts (still?), buuuuut it would be ever so wonderful if you did a fake proposal with Adrien and Marinette at a fancy pants restaurant so they could have free dessert.

“It’s technically lying to get free food so I think that would push the whole thing into stealing territory,” Marinette reasoned, pushing a pea around with her fork.

“Counterpoint, did you see how delicious that triple layer chocolate mousse cake looked though?” Adrien asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You could probably buy this whole restaurant. Why do you need free chocolate cake?”

“Where’s the fun in paying for it, Bug?”

Marinette smiled at him, rolling her eyes. “You are not fake proposing to me in the hopes of getting free dessert. That’s ridiculous.”

“What if Chat Noir proposed to you? Would that make a difference? I bet we’d get two desserts then.”

“Adrien Agreste, don’t you dare do that,” she warned.

“Fine,” he sniffed. “People love Chat Noir though. Now that I think about it, we could probably get an entire chocolate cake.”

“You realize my parents own a bakery. We can literally go there right now and get chocolate cake.”

“I never realized you were such a buzzkill, Marinette,” Adrien smirked. 

She narrowed her eyes. “I am not a buzzkill.”

“Who knew that all the joking and teasing as Ladybug was just an act and Marinette is simply a by-the-rules, hard-broiled–”

Marinette pushed her chair away from the table dramatically and stood. She took his hand in hers, blinking big blue eyes down at him. “Adrien Agreste,” she said in much too loud a voice, “will you do me the absolute honor of becoming my husband?”

Adrien stood, whipping his hair back. “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, I would be honored.” He leaned down and kissed her hand and then slipped one of his into his pocket. He pulled out a small box and presented it to her. “And would you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my bride?” He flipped open the box top to reveal a ridiculously large diamond ring.

Marinette giggled and took the ring, slipping it on her finger. “Of course!” She jumped into his arms to a uproarious round of clapping by the other diners. “Do you see the dessert cart yet?” Marinette whispered.

“I think they’re bringing out now. Superb acting, my Lady,” Adrien answered, setting her back on the ground. He pulled her seat out for her and kissed her hand before taking his own seat again.

“Congratulations! Young love is so beautiful,” the server said. “We would like to offer you dessert on the house in celebration of this wonderful moment.”

“Oh my, we simply couldn’t,” Marinette replied, putting her hand to her chest, the diamond ring glinting in the light.

“But you must!” the server encouraged. “Eat, drink, and be merry! I’ll have a bottle of champagne brought over as well.”

“If you insist,” Adrien beamed. “I would like the triple chocolate cake please.”

“Make that two,” Marinette smiled.

The server congratulated them again as he sat the plates down.

“Pound it,” they grinned, knocking fists over the table.

“Wait, Adrien, why did you have this ring?”

“No reason,” he said with a mouthful of cake.

Marinette studied it. “Adrien,” she said faintly, “is this a real diamond ring?”

“No take backs. Hey, are you going to finish your cake?”

Okay, so I had a ridiculous amount of fun with this one and I am ALWAYS taking prompts. I may get to them immediately or they may sit in my inbox for a month before inspiration hits, but I’m all about them. <3

It’s me, again. I know Bendy is meh to pillow fights but I had to draw this. I was gonna do a bonus with Boris witnessing this and then a pillow suddenly coming at him buuuuut I’m still working on drawing him so only Bendy gets hit by a pillow

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THIS IS SO FRIGGIN FUNNY AND ADORB HAHA! I just like how the way Bendy mads!! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please don`t overwork yourself when you work on Boris! >u< THIS. THIS. I shall cherish your effort OMG SSAGEDAHDJASFDJFAS

The surprise wedding

Niall was getting ready with red, jack and a few newer people to help out with his outfit the wedding was done and ready to go buuuuut Niall is still being stubborn about shoes he doesn’t like to wear them because he has a tendsy to try to tear them up but berry found some comfortable shoes +fine! But im not wearing them after the wedding+ he fixed his jacket a bit he had a white tux with white shoes jack pulled out a white rose putting it in the pocket and fixing his sleeves ÷there we are make sure you show that loving smile and stand up straight÷ jacks French accent spoke he always had his trench coat on but he had it on his arm this time with his tail curling with it’s blade on the end we was part of a group that would make sure nothing happens to star or niall doing this because somepeople have a tendsy to be stupid well anyway berry smiles £i-i think y-y-you’re g-going to do g-great£ berry’s small shy American voice was adorable but he was a naga a male half snake with a very big tail that was purple with markings in the back that were black and his eyes were a bright purple they were having the wedding on a beach that’s all niall knew about niall’s ears lightly twitched with his tails red was there with them but he was more of a quiet type he didn’t talk much but his looks were well his hands were paws and so were his feet but his face had the markings of determination in him having two marks on both sides he had red eyes that went well with his sharp fell teeth (underfell wolf sans with determination) “you’re ganna do fine son” shiro was patting niall’s back “no need to be nervous” +i’m going to be nervous dad i think everyone is on a wedding even when it is your own+ niall looked at his father +well im gonna go get her+ niall teleported away to go find star