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Red & Blue Connection Theory

Be warned there’s gonna be Voltron s3 spoilers in here!! So if you don’t want to see that, look elsewhere. (Also this is super fucking long, I’m sorry.) 

Anyway so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and what with (at least temporary) Red Paladin!Lance being confirmed, now is probably the time to post this.

Coincidentally, I’ve been spending the past couple weeks looking for foreshadow of the Red and Blue Lions have some kind of Special Connection and there is quite a bit, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found.

The gist of it is that I think Red and Blue have some kind of connection that the other lions don’t seem to have with each other. Of course all the lions have a special bond, but there seem to be a lot of hints that the connection between Red and Blue *coughs* and their pilots is something a little different––basically, that Lance and Keith have shown a lot more interest in/connection to each other’s lions than any of the other paladins have.

(And before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m NOT proposing a permanent lion switch so jot that down lol. But I do think temporary lion switches are Good so uhhhh fight me.)

I’m not sure how to go about explaining this, but I’m just gonna break it down to:

- Keith’s connection with Blue

- Lance’s connection with Red

- What Does It Mean

Here we go!!!

Keith & Blue

- I’m still caught up on this whole “Keith sensed the Blue Lion” thing. Granted, it could have something to do with his alien abilities™ (I’m still rooting for Keith with Altean ancestry, y’all) but I still question the choice of having Keith sense Blue, of all the lions. He only detects the location of two lions in canon, and they’re––you guessed it––Blue and Red. 

First we have some kinda vague “energy” that attracts Keith to Blue:

Then we have this part where Keith just … closes his eyes and senses Red somehow??

(These both happen in the first episode, I might add.)

Like I said, this could be some kinda sixth alien sense. But, I do also wonder if it was Blue trusting & calling out to Keith specifically, which is interesting considering he’s not even her paladin.

- Also in the first episode, when they find Blue, Keith & Lance are the first ones to approach her. Keith even reaches Blue before Lance does!

And then they’re both standing right in front of Blue, side-by-side, when she wakes up.

There is still a close-up on Lance when Blue awakens––but even so, everyone else has much more of a one-on-one first interaction with their lion, so this scene in particular stands out to me.

- Other than in the first episode we don’t get much of Keith interacting with Blue in s1 (except for him saving Blue for Lance in s1e06, which is cute!)

But then there’s also this moment in s2 where he starts asking Coran about whether there might have been Galra on earth before, and whether that could have something to do with Blue being on Earth:

Which is especially interesting now that we know that Keith is part Galra. So …. is it possible the previous Blue Paladin might’ve been Galra?? or even could have been an ancestor of Keith’s?

Then of course we have Lance emerging from his room at the mention of Blue, and accusing Keith of “having his eye on the Blue Lion since day one”:

This is … kinda odd considering Keith hasn’t outwardly shown any desire to pilot Blue as far as I can remember. So, obviously this is a throwback to the very first episode in which Keith first sensed Blue––and the fact that it was brought up again out of nowhere makes me suspicious that there’s Something there that hasn’t quite been addressed yet.

Lance & Red

- *rubs hands together* Now this is Extra Fun because now I know for a fact Lance is gonna fly the Red Lion at some point in s3 because it was in the trailer and all …


Unfortunately I don’t get to say “I told you so” because I didn’t publish this post before then, but anyway! I’ve been looking for foreshadow of this and honestly?? If you ask me, there are hints of Red Paladin!Lance since the very first episode. (Again, I’m not suggesting Lance becomes Red Paladin forever, so please don’t kill me. But I do think Lance having some kind of connection with Red has been foreshadowed.)

- So!! In the first episode I noticed that when Allura assigns each of them a lion, she doesn’t technically assign Blue to Lance (because he interrupts her, lol). It’s just kind of assumed that he’s Blue Paladin since, well, he’s flown Blue. Now, I’m not saying he’s not the Blue Paladin––he is! Buuut I also find a couple things about this scene Intriguing:

1) Lance looks like he almost expects to be assigned the lion as Allura describes it (even though he already has a lion), and then seems a bit shocked/upset when it gets assigned to Keith instead.

2) Not only that, but you may notice the Red Lion hovers between BOTH of them, which is noteworthy because this doesn’t happen to anyone else when they get their lion assigned to them. Hmmmmmm…

- This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually … also think Lance shows some Red Paladin traits. Once again, that’s not to say that Lance doesn’t also fit into the role of Blue Paladin because of course he does, but I do think he shows traces of being capable of being Red Paladin as well.

Like listen, when Allura is assigning Red, these are her exact words: “The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. … Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

So really the only qualifications here are: 1) Be skilled. 2) Have good instincts.

And Lance?? Fits those qualifications pretty damn well. He’s a skilled pilot, sharpshooter, and strategist. And he has very strong awareness/instincts as well (i.e. being able to identify the Rover clone super fast, being able to come up with a plan on the Balmera on the fly, etc.). There’s no reason why he can’t fly Red if you ask me.

- Also, when the Red Lion gets fire power for the first time Lance is like, “I want that!!” which is interesting … especially because (at least as far as I can remember) no one else expresses jealousy for another paladin’s lion that way.

And generally I just find it kinda funny that Lance accuses Keith of having his eye on the Blue Lion when Lance has like…canonically had his eye on the Red Lion from pretty early on. 

- In addition to all of the above, there does seem to be some foreshadow about Keith getting separated from Red (at least temporarily). i.e. he has that dream about Red rejecting him.

And there’s also that vision he has in BoM where Red is far away from him.

(Tag yourself I’m the people screaming.)

Could be coincidental …. or could be intentional to foreshadow something about a certain someone else temporarily taking over as Red Paladin.

- And lastly: it may not mean anything, but in GoLion (the original anime) Isamu/Lance was Red Paladin … So, could be a nod to the original!

And yes, he wore a blue outfit but piloted the Red Lion, don’t question it. Color coordination hadn’t been invented yet. 

What Does It Mean?!

- In general, there seems to be a lot of subtle foreshadow that there is Some kind of connection between the Red and Blue lions––or at least, to an extent, Keith and Lance have connections to each other’s lions as well as their own.

- It could mean they are both capable of piloting each other’s lions. I’ll say it again––I’m not suggesting a permanent lion swap or anything along those lines, because both paladins also have very strong connections to their own lions. (Also, I’m not sure about Blue Paladin!Keith at this point, although it’s hard to say since we don’t really know what the quintessence of the Blue Lion is yet.)

However, I think in certain situations their lions could be accepting of the other’s paladin (which of course we know is possible since Keith has piloted Black before, and in the s3 trailer it appears he does so again, as well as Lance piloting Red). So, I feel like that could be important.

- As for the reason behind this connection: It could be because their elements balance each other out (you know, the whole fire-and-ice thing), but what I’m really hoping is that there is some significance in the relationship between the previous Red & Blue Paladins (interpret that however you want––but yeah like, maybe they were good friends??? or …. more than that????) and their lions built up a strong connection because of that (or vice versa).

- TL;DR: I think it’s pretty much inevitable that Red & Blue/Keith & Lance have some kind of special connection (space ranger partners™ amiright) and if you ask me there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. That’s all, bye.

ACOWAR References

I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite references in ACOWAR because it really does make the story way more fun! (These are mostly my own observations/ideas and nothing too official). 

I’ll add more tomorrow when I have time… but off the top of my head I remember:

  • Koeschi: probably from the Russian folk tale Koschei the Deathless
  • Stryga: the same name as that main chimera on Notre Dame!
  • Vassa: a reference to the Russian folk tale The Firebird and Princess Vasilia (although her story also sounds like it’s blended with Swan Lake). So that would mean that Koeschi is her kidnapper…
  • I got serious Exodus vibes from Nephelle’s story
  • Lord Thanatos. lol
  • Thesan, the Etruscan Goddess of dawn
  • the Morrigan (which still makes me so happy)
  • Andromache
  • pretty sure Azriel is named after Azrael, the Angel of Death
  • Madja the healer: I read about an ancient Egyptian archeological site where they found a healer’s body and named her Madja but maybe that’s a total coincidence
  • not sure if Dagdan is a reference to The Dagda but that was my first thought… especially the association with the cauldron
  • Idk if Elain is a reference to the Arthurian legend where Elaine the Fair (or The Lady of Shallott if you’re an Anne of Green Gables fan) dies of unrequited love… but that kind of fits.
  • the Myrmidons: I’m taking this in the Achilles context
  • Eris, the Greek goddess of discord
  • I think the Illyrian stuff is obvious but there’s that
  • Helion’s probably a form of Helios, the Titan god of the sun
  • I totally googled this after a certain plot point: Lucien means “light/illumination” and that’s rather fitting haha. He’s also a prince in Persian mythology buuut I don’t think that really fits.
  • the Naga
  • And this is old news but still makes me sad when people don’t know it, so: the ancient Scottish ballad of Tam Lin
  • Ouroboros!
  • and then there are the obvious influences in earlier books of Beauty & the Beast, Hades/Persephone, Cinderella (with how she had to pick the lentils out of the fireplace before she could go to the “ball” in ACOTAR), East of the Sun West of the Moon, etc…

Ok I feel like I’m forgetting a ton and I know I’ve read about a Brannagh before, so let me think on a few and add more later! I just love mythology and how many reference Maas can throw into one book.


star wars voltron au!!! 1 | 2 

my last star wars au art was drawn 7 months ago… and now ive come back to it bc it would be so good but i havent seen much of it (to be fair tho i am not an active consumer/follower of voltron content) so here it is i guess. additional details under read more :)

*pls full view/open in new tab for better quality lol !!!

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Do you have any tips on how to animate smoothly? 😶 you are fantastic

Aaaaah, thank you so much!!! I’m by no means an expert, like, bY NO MEANS, buuut here’s some of what I learned this year in school!

When we animated in class, we were encouraged to draw each frame quickly! And by encouraged I mean our TA timed us with a stopwatch to make sure we flipped on time. It was terrifying.

But! Working fast means that you don’t get caught up in a single moment and instead think about the action as a whole. You can always go back and add more details later, but roughing should be done quickly so you don’t pour a ton of effort into something that ends up looking stiff!

Acting things out and using references makes you think about how an action looks, rather than just how you imagine it looks. Obviously there are some limits here– for example, you can’t observe someone turning into a card. However, you can look at similar motions to what you want. Observe, then work. Try not to copy too directly if you can avoid it!

And exaggerate motions when you’re framing them out.

When I started the class, I was scared that pushing the two too far would look bad. I promise you it does not. Push it as far as you think you can, then push it further– turn your characters into streaks in the air or pancakes on the pavement, then do it all over again!

Everyone has their own way of drawing it, but when something’s in motion, your eyes can’t focus on it. And that’s okay! Our eyes will follow the motion better if you have some way of ‘smearing’ the limbs or body between holds. Experiment! Find what works for you!

I have some tweens that look like this. Others are two lines, or just a dot, or something wonkier-looking. Don’t let non-animators fool you with their ‘I paused this animation and it looked bad and therefore it is all bad’ rhetoric– mid-motions look bad in everything! If someone paused you in real life, you’d be wonky too.

So embrace it! Don’t sweat things looking absolutely perfect in each frame. It will actually detract from your animation in the long run.

And of course, practice. Unfortunately, and I used to hate when people told me this, nothing can really replace good old hard work! You’ll learn some tricks yourself as you plug away at things! Everyone has their own style.

That’s by no means all I learned, but! If I went on and on about how fun that class was we’d be here for about twelve pages. So go out and animate, and have tons of fun!!!


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

A-Z NSFW: Joshua

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A = Aftercare 

Can I make the gentlemen!Joshua jokes yet? Anyways, yes yes, Joshua’s a lovely boy, of course he’s going to take mad care of you. Sex with him isn’t near rough, so honestly pains aren’t an occurrence he worries about in aftercare. Shower if you can walk, if not, you get the luxury of Joshua running you both a hot bath, with the best smelling bath bombs.  Aftercare is mainly just reassuring you’re okay, and satisfied, and he loves you. Lovey dovey couple stuff, in short.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Aside from being the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, his eyes hold the most intensity when he’s with you. Almost supernaturally, a look from him is enough to leave you paralyzed, especially when those mischievous eyes are gleaming up at you from between your thighs. They add a whole new level to sex, something that’s not easily replaced, and he surely knows it and uses it to his advantage. As weird as it sounds, your back is the untypical favorite part of you to him, he loves watching your body curve from his mouth, or you arching back into him when he’s thrusting from behind, seeing your body react so much to his touch goes to his head fast.

C = Cum 

He’s not one to make a mess, or anything. It’s always in a condom, easy clean up, no worries, it’s all good. He’s not a fan of the whole ‘marking cum’ thing, semi thinks it’s a bit degrading so he’s not much for it. Condoms just make it easier to be safe and saves a needed clean up of sheets and a wipe down. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Seeing as you can’t possibly be around 24/7, it was discussed and under strict rules for keeping them safe, a few choice pictures were taken of you two. That’s not the secret. The agreement was they were for when he’s away on schedule and promoting, and doesn’t have time to see you…but that’s the reason he takes so long in the shower…oops.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see how any adult doesn’t know about sex, so obviously he’s aware of it. But experience is very minimal to none at all. How gentlemanly he is, and how he was raised, I don’t see baby Joshua out there getting his dick wet every other day. You’ll definitely have to teach him a few things, but he’s easily taught, so an one time teaching is all it takes.

F = Favorite position

I imagine Joshua being a very…clingy lover…He likes full on contact, so missionary, from behind with you both on your knees, your front pressed to his, etc. But his favorite, is spooning, especially in the mornings, you’re usually in that position anyways, and add morning wood to that, makes it a very good wake up call.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Joshua’s laugh…shoot me its so cute Sex is very lighthearted with Joshua, there’s no pressure to rush or be perfect. He’s not goofy per say, but it’s very apparent that there’s not expectation to be serious or incredibly sexy, etc. It’s really about loving each other, and having fun together. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Joshua’s very clean in my mind…especially since he’s in the shower for ages, I expect there’s some kind of manscaping going on. Not bare, or even close, but a nice trim.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

[See Kink] Joshua’s a very lovey…lover lol so he’s really big on making sure his love is translated in sex. It’s not sex or fucking, he’s loving you, and he needs to make sure that’s obvious. It’s not much of a show, like movies, there’s no cheesy rose petals or mood lighting, but he’s very vocal with cooing about his love for you, and pillow talk is especially full of affection.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

The boy takes forever in the shower….boy you can think outside the shower, you’re in there jerking it stop lying…What boy doesn’t jerk off, honestly. He’s obviously not quick about it, so uh…yeah…

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I really believe Joshua is a man of few kinks, the only things I can say I believe he’d have is praise and body worship kinks. He’s a really ideal boyfriend/lover, he’s very affectionate, and that crosses over into sex. He really enjoys pleasing your entire being while letting murmurs slip of his perfect you are and how much he truly loves you; he needs you to know how much he appreciates and adores you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Bed is the only place Joshua will have sex. The shower sounds to dangerous, and it’s not exactly a comforting thought that the boys pick locks, there’s so many waiting on the bathroom, and that in probably 30 seconds, another member is going to be in the exact spot he’s had his dick in you. He doesn’t like the risk of other places, getting caught or hurt, and gentleman!shua strikes again, making the bed the only option in his mind. Sorry y’all.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

[See Yearning] Joshua’s not really difficult to get wound up, he’s pretty sensitive to your touch, so use that to your advantage. The easiest way to let him know you’re in the mood and instantly put him on the same level, is just letting your fingers brush along his thigh and a slight squeeze of the muscle before you’re in dangerous territory. Appears like a typical display of affection, but between you two, you know exactly what it means.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Realistically, Joshua is pretty vanilla. You can write as many kinky church boy fics as you want, you can’t convince me he’s wild. He’s not into a lot of ‘kinky’ stuff, bondage, titles(Daddy, Oppa, Sir, etc), and things of that nature, aren’t really in his kink book.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
[See Toys] Because he doesn’t delve into a lot of different stuff, i.e different locations or toys and such, he lowkey feels like he has to make up for the lack of diversity in the bedroom, so his ‘sorry’ is being a beast at going down on you. It’s his favorite form of foreplay, laying between your thighs, keeping your hips down as he works his tongue over you, and listening to you whining and squirm under his touch. He typically gets his rocks off in you, rather than your mouth, so he doesn’t exactly need a bj but he’s not turning down the favor either.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

When I think of Joshua, I weirdly always imagine Ne-Yo’s Lazy Love? Yeah, that’s what I see. Joshua’s pretty precise with his thrusts, he knows exactly what to do now, he’s a master. Buuut he’s dead set on a relatively slow pace, that speeds up to a pretty fast pace when either of you are close, and they air on the side of gentle 99% of the time.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Aside from the fact quickies aren’t quickies, considering it takes him a while to get there; Joshua just doesn’t like it. He likes being able to lay you out and worship your body, take you both to the clouds in pleasure, and the time crunch pushes a lot of the fun away from sex. Quickies happened a handful of times, just to kill the urge, but they’re very rare, he’s not fond of them. At all. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

In general, Joshua’s a pretty vanilla guy, nothing crazy or insanely adventurous will happen. Trying new positions is really all he’s okay and comfortable with doing, so don’t hold your breath on thinking you can have him decked in leather and tying you up and drip candle wax on you….ain’t gonna happen.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
I’m just gonna keep bringing up the shower exposure. He takes forever in the shower, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know a boy taking fifteen years in the shower means he’s jerking it. Sooo I’m pretty sure he lasts unusually long, pushing ten minutes is the norm for him, but because he holds out so long, one round is usually all he can manage. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t see Joshua using anything on either of you, realistically. The most he’d probably have, and rarely use, is just a simple bullet vibrator for nights when he’s feeling particularly like a tease. It doesn’t make an appearance often, though.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Typically, he’s pretty lenient with you, not one to tease either of you when he can give you both pleasure. He’s got to be in a very particular mood to become a massive tease. The teasing he does, is more aims as to get you in the mood, or let you know he’s in the mood, thigh touches and kisses with just a little too much feeling behind them. Don’t worry, Josh is a good boy, he won’t tease you into next week. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
As part of the vocal line, I’m inclined to think he’s got a voice, yes? But his voice is pretty soft spoken, too. Joshua’s more on an under the breath talker, pretty much chanting to himself about how much it feels good, how warm you are, how much he loves you, breathless curses, etc.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
While he’s no where near dominant, he’s not submissive. At least, in your relationship currently. But the first time, you dominated and topped, pretty much having to show Joshua what the deal is. The worst thing he’s ever said, is describing your first time together as “A more hands on sex ed class” i had a boy say that to me….didnt know what to reply with

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Intensely thinking about the dicc gif According to Nana, Joshua’s kind of long and skinny, so uh….it matches….a bit longer than average, pushing 5.5″ long and more on the slender side of the spectrum.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

[See Stamina] Not to go there, but as someone that grew up in a church setting, I feel like I can have a say in this. From my experience, some of the horniest people I’ve ever met, were my church goers. Joshua’s our resident gentleman, that’s known, he’s good at keeping his hormones on a leash, but I he’s got a very high sex drive. He’s really ready to go at any time, may god have mercy on your holes.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Since Joshua isn’t a particularly rough lover, he’s not getting insanely overworked when you two have sex, he’s not exhausted by the end of it so he’s usually able to get up and continue with the day if needed. At night, you’ll just spend the time after getting cleaned up and turn to cuddling and watch T.V. During the day, he’s able to pull himself together and get on with what he’s got to get done, so he doesn’t sleep quickly after, if he sleeps at all. Joshua’s pretty capable of taking you to cloud 9 and continuing his duties afterwards, but that’s not to say when given the time, he won’t just curl up with you for a nap, but on the norm, he’s usually fine.

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ok well sorry to bother but i'm a little sad bc of the fandom and i wondered if you got anything (from meta abt anyone and anything to just happy smiling lance pics), please? bc you're literally one of the only vld-focused blogs (if not the only) i can follow and actually enjoy and i really need something to remind me why i love this show, please.

oh man oh man do i know the feeling - this fandom can be rough sometimes, it’s like there is always something to complain about even about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet :’D but god i just genuinely love this show and i’m totally willing to try and cheer you up!! some happy lance pics coming your way~~

y’know what?? we should do a “why i love vld” round, tell me about why you decided to stick to this show out of all the choices you had, no negativity allowed :D

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What female idols hides the most on camera?

Welp, anon… Most of them? It’d be easier if you asked me the opposite. lol Male idols are controlled as well, of course, but often are more at ease when it’s about being able to joke around and say some snappy things - because it’ll only be considered funny and therefore attractive, but if it’s a girl? How dare she have an attitude? Or, I don’t know, a personality? All artists are controlled to an extent, but specially female idols are very much so. Most of them don’t show their true selves because they’re not allowed to, and the ones that are constantly only doing aegyo and not ever showing any kind of personal opinion… That’s normally a tell of someone not being themselves on it’s own. If they’re just overall acting like South Korea expects them to, as a submissive and only cute and easily handled girl - then they’re definitely hiding something. It’s totally fine to be cute and sweet but to be it at all times and not explode sometimes specially within the industry that they work with? I don’t trust it at all. But again, it’s not their choice - they’re just severely controlled. I’ll mention three that I’ve noticed from the top of my head but there’s plenty more:

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I originally started this as part of a 30-day OC challenge, buuut I think by now it’s clear I’ve lost interest in doing the whole thing. The idea was to get me drawing my original characters more often, and I’ve been doing that without the aid of the prompts. I still liked the sketch, though, so I decided to come back and finish it.

Prints available through Redbubble and Society6!

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Okay I might just be a dummy buuut, didn't Honerva go bonkers because of quintessence poisoning??? We never see her actually touch it until Zarkon and her in the rift. Keith literally got *covered* in quintessence, why isn't he nuts???

So I’m gonna put out a pretty long post here on what I think quintessence is and does, but first I’m gonna link this interview and quote a relevant section of it that sums things up for me really effectively:

Dos Santos: I think Quintessence, if anything, it sort of grabs on to the worst of us and accentuates those elements. Like anything, it corrupts.

Montgomery: Anything at all, even, whether it’s good or evil. Medicine in large doses can kill you. So that’s really what Quintessence is. It’s not innately good or innately bad. It’s a power source, and if you misuse it, it can be very disastrous.

Quintessence is not a “touch it and you’re evil.” I would argue I don’t even think just touching or interacting with quintessence has a specific evil effect, because Allura back in s1e1 also says “the quintessence of the Lion is mirrored in its pilot.”

Quintessence, in Voltron, depending on what shape it’s in, seems to be used to describe either a soul, or life energy. The discrepancy, in my mind, is roughly that everybody has that vital energy, or they’d be dead, but, the ‘soul’ is roughly the pattern in which this energy moves which seems to be determined simply by who you are as a person.

Quintessence as a fuel source is basically raw vital energy tapped from the veins of whoever or whatever entity contributed it, voluntarily or involuntarily- or, in an unusual case, the rifts, which raises some big questions of what exactly that was a rift to.

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And thats why his eyes looked so lifeless~

xD okay, no, but now that rouge and omega are confirmed i kinda thought about these 3 being a spy/undercover team and shadow tells sonic and his group about Eggmans/Infinites plans/next steps.

Buuut that probably isnt the reason why he´s there xD

another thing i like to think is that Infinite has the power to bring people out fo other dimensions/timelines/ time in general. So the shadow we saw could be the one from Adventure 2, before he decieded to help sonic & co. oorrr from the time where he already lost his memorys but didnt met any of the others. That could also explain why chaos is there (brought from the time where he walked around in Sonic Adventure).

Yeah, thats that..will have to wait till forces actually comes out to see what happens xD (i normally dont like to share my theories)

charas © SEGA

The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.

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Boss, I'm in need of shallura fics, but it seems like all the shippy fics on ao3 are Keith/lance centric with some shallura on the side. Do you have any fic recs that are shallura centric?

Alrighty!  Disclaimer as ever that I spend a LOT more time reading than writing, buuut here we go:

Connection-Verse by @braincoins  This one has some chapters that are Kla.nce focused, but I skip them myself and I don’t think I’ve missed anything big.  There’s more Shallura than Kl.ance so that works out.  I believe it’s the only one on this list that has ANY Kl.ance since I filter for it, ahaha.

Punctum Series by sublimation   This one is NSFW.  But I really like it both for that and for how the relationship evolves: it starts more casually, at least kind of, and then in the third one, what that means given their lives/positions is tested.  I also like it for letting them both misinterpret, and for a couple of the assumptions on Allura’s part: it feels very real, and lets them both be human.

The Cat Whisperer by @smolsarcasticraspberry - with a planned 15 chapters (only one is out now), this one should be fun.  And I looove multimedia fics (at least, when they’re not just chat logs.  Voltron fandom, we have enough of those.  We can stop now).  It’s very sweet so far, and I’m keeping an eye on it for more.

The Weight of Your Hands by @milkteamiku  I’m a sucker for a good 5 times.  Shocker.  College AU, very cute.

Slow Dancing by @subject-to-feels  Look, I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t at least one fic of Shiro dancing in here.  Here’s that one.

Per Ardua Ad Astra by @materassassino  (FIXED IT SO SORRY gdi why couldn’t I remember your tumblr??) Sexy times.  Some background Klance but I don’t think it’s ever the focus (it’s not even tagged)

It’s Not what it Looks Like by @clara-wrote-once  Cute, short Actor AU, with Allura being protective and then cuddles.  A++ content right there.

Androcles by @braincoins Hey, look who’s back?  The Black Lion plays matchmaker.  And honestly, read it just for Black’s understanding of how organic beings work.  

feline by @ahumanintraining Early morning cuddles and sleep drunk Shiro.

Aaand I’ve now been through 25 pages on AO3.  People are free to add on, but I think that’s enough for the moment

Thug Levi AU.

Basically I’ve been trying to draw the asks but every single drawing i do looks like shit. WHY? because I have this idea around my mind and i can’t get it out and do something else until i do it.

So here, these are a few sketches\ideas for my AU thug Levi.

Basically, my idea is Mikasa being sent for her first “solo” mission to the Underground and bring the “ dangerous” thug Levi.

Of course he is not what everyone thinks, he is trying to survive and doing what he can to get out of that place. BUUUT he can’t just go and leave that world so he will have to fight his way out of that. Mikasa gives him that chance.

Anyways, these are all silly ideas. I needed to get it out of my head so i can focus on doing the asks! 



Tagging @aochii9113 since you asked initially XD but yes here you go~ 

Funny thing was I was listening to Britney’s Toxic while scanning this XD ;_; to be honest this is way too precious to use ahahaha. But frankly the pockets for the can badges are really small shoot me it’s so cute too so I don’t think a lot of badges really fit. Buuut it’s such a nice item to add into my BSD collection >w<~ 

Again like, idk if you’re using this scanned images from here/me, credits not necessary but still appreciated. 

terythedrawer  asked:

So... I finally had to courage to ask you something. I don't really know if anyone asked before, but... What do you think of these HUGE ripoffs of Ink!Sans? Like... OCs, AUs etc... I know people are just getting inspiration buuut... I guess the take it too... Far?... ^^' (I'm sorry for asking this, I'm just so curious and I ask so many stupid questions ;w;)

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of them because I’m not active where people usually do them I guess? It is mostly a problem when it’s an OC of mine that’s ripped off completely, but in the end people tend to grow out of it just like I did when it was my case. I’m willing to be tolerant because I know from experience how easy it is to worship or admire an artist’s work to the point of stealing it’s uniqueness, until you find a way more healthy way to address and comprehend the matter. Tolerant but not inactive that is! If I need to be a guide to people who “copy” my characters in the wrong way, then I’ll try to do my best. Everyone can change.

Honestly, as long as credit is given and that they don’t deny their inspiration came from somewhere, it’s okay to be inspired, we all do. :) Ink was inspired from many different designs and already existing concepts in the fandom, and it would be wrong to say nothing contributed to his first version ever.