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“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

You are uneaten breakfasts, weed flung gardens,
a butterfly on fire; let me be feral with you.
My heart is roaring, maw open, mane
matted with the ache of loneliness;
I will scream until I shatter and
then become again.

Let me come undone with you, my love.
Dance with my passions and errors
until they choke you, until I am tripping
on everything that could have been yet
did not have the chance to become.

(Paper heart, tinder body; one spark could
turn me to ash and you’re a forest fire.)

I am clutching fate in my hands and
dark blood in my mouth; poison, you
are shaking with such poison. My
heart is a tourniquet around your
wounds and I will stain my lips
blue as I rid you of your hurts.

Baby, keep your gentle away from me.
I am far flung madness and unchecked
rivers and I want you to unstring me entirely.
(Later I will cry and scream and claw my
eyes out but I will be feeling.)

Paper heart, tinder body; how easy was
it to destroy me?

—  – this is an eulogy of my regrets /// (d.s)
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Casual Mornings (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! Sooo, I’ve realised that you guys seem to really like fics with Bucky and more specifically, Bucky with kids😂 Not that I mind…anyways, this one is a little short buuut enjoy!!

Request: hey? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where she has twins with Bucky? Id adore to see what he is like as a farther ^^

“Dad, get up!”

Bucky groaned as he felt someone sitting on his back, shaking him. “Five more minutes, Stephen.”

The three-year-old kid made a disgruntled sound before shaking him again. “I’m not Stephen, I’m Natalia!”

Bucky grumbled something, letting out a breath as he felt someone jumping on the bed beside him, knowing it was the other twin. Bucky ignored it as Natalia turned to her twin brother. “Dad doesn’t want to get up.”

Stephen looked to his sister before looking back at his father, an evil smile appearing on his face as he looked back at his twin. The both of them looking at each other with devilish grins as they cupped their hands around their mouths and took a deep breath in. “MOM!”

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don’t ask what’s going on in this because i actually do not know. i was just doodling? 

buuut hey does anyone remember this show? i was hardcore into it back in high school but don’t really remember anything about my participation in the fandom like at all… but i do remember the fans were a great group and super fun. i’m probably gonna marathon this show to refresh my memory, so!!

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meet the latest graduate of king’s college!

(aka, my academic career has apparently just been one elaborate hamilton reference, and i’m okay with that.)