Happy 20th anniversary, Magnemite! Pocket Monsters!

Couldn’t help but join the commemoration of 20 years of Pokémon with a poster-GIF-tribute. Only had the afternoon, so I just chose my favourite Pocket Monster: Magnemite!

While it’s hard to interpret; I’ve always liked its design among the huge variety of gen 1, and it became a lot of fun to have around on the team since gen 2.

SO, here, sit back and enjoy a bit of a ThunderShock, a Thunder Wave, and… a Thunder or something like that.


Here’s some sort of commemorative 20 year poster/gif/thing for all of your eyeballs (all of them!). Let’s not forget the first (and still going) place on the web for animation and videogame makers to publish their cerebral productions made through the wonders of Flash.

I took the challenge of animating the run/roll/bounce-cycle of 20 characters from the Newgrounds community!

Here’s a more detailed list of all of them.