We’re doing three-hour-long improv workshops for my professional acting mentorship and if you couldn’t tell, improv is a living hell for me. We spent this last Monday doing short form games to warm us up but ultimately we’ll be learning how to do long form improv where more of a story is told through the relationships between the characters. I can probably handle that moreso than when we played the Dating Game where I was a bachelorette contestant and had to play Kim Jong-il followed by a drug-addicted zombie.


☆* 2013 HOURLY COMICS *☆

Here they are. I was going to scan them all in and clean them up in SAI, but eh. I didn’t have a pencil to sketch them first so I just drew them with a pen, hence all the backwards hands and pairs of the same hand. Enjoy! Or don’t, whatever your prerogative is.

p.s. sorry for the crappy quality, i don’t have one of those fancy pants scanners so i took photos with my fancy pants iphone instead


Two Tarts ( http://tartnation.wordpress.com/ ) is amazing, so what usually ends up happening is half the box is gone by the time I’m done walking the five blocks to work from there. 

I did a lot of computer clean up last night and this afternoon, including uninstalling Illustrator/InDesign/Manga Studio, running defragmenter, and running a couple anti-virus programs. Now SAI is behaving normally again, thank god. 

My computer is being super laggy and causing SAI to be glitchy, so no comic tonight. In lieu of that, here’s the wallpaper I drew really late last night/early today for the blog background. Me, my cats, my owl purse, scripts/textbooks, hipster glasses, mod dresses, and truffles. 

Thank you everyone for all of the love on my first and only post so far! I’m floored by the response it got and I really owe it to sailorfailures. You are all wonderful and lovely and have made me very, very happy.

Comic tomorrow.