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New Years Eve. Buttsquat and Suzi were returning to Camp Sunny Smiles for the annual countdown, but Buttsquat was thinking more about Camp Lakebottom and what strange holiday they celebrated this time of year. He stared out the window of the bus as they passed the road leading to Lakebottom. The "Loser Bus" rolled down it leaving the rest of the trail to the Sunny Smiles Bus

“Wow the camp seems super bright” Gretchen pointed out as it seems the camp was set up for something. if it was new years or if it was another hoilday they didn’t know.

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It was a beautiful day at Camp Lakebottom. McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt were having fun in the lake when suddenly, Buttsquat came running up. "McGee! You've gotta help me!"

McGee looked confuse at Buttsquat, “from what buttdork? Another spider is on your wall?” he said half jokefully.