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Reminder that 4/12 is Asano Gakuho’s Birthday!

I only get to remind y’all once a year, and by golly am I going to remind you 

 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

This was actually supposed to be paired with the comic I made last year as a kind of “then and now” regarding how Gakushuu reacts to his father’s birthday, but I ran out of time, so I shelved the idea for a whole year. I’m glad though! I knew that I would have to start much earlier than last year if I wanted to color this the way I wanted to, so that’s what I did! Not to mention, I’ve gotten much better at coloring since then!

I was really surprised when I saw that Studio Lerche gave younger Gakuho brighter, more vibrant hair!  I think they chose a beautiful color though. It reminds me of autumn leaves.  It made me think that maybe Gakushuu’s hair was noticeably brighter when he was a young child, so I made his hair honey-colored rather than the deeper strawberry blonde I usually give him.


Happy 51st Birthday, Brad Pitt

December 18th 1963

Hawke: I thought you’d use the feathers I found for you in some kind of spell or ritual or something.
Anders: This is a far better use for them, don’t you think?
Hawke: …
Hawke: Do we really need more cats?
Anders: Absolutely.

davidwhitman  asked:

The writer of the Cuphead article is John Walker. Fella spent a good chunk of time on Twitter complaining about "animes" coming at him about his desire for a "skip gameplay button" (in relation to Assassin's Creed Origins, rather than Cuphead). The article may have been worded as satire, but that's what the dude actually thinks.

So he writes articles like a shitposter but is legit about it?…….


Steven Piovesan’s Shay Costume Update Feb 7, 2016

Ok… tons of trim and 32 buttons today.  32.  My fingers hurt a lot now.  But I must say… Shay, you’re quite dapper.  Quite dapper indeed.  We’re so close now.  I think the next thing will be pants, sash, then belts and bags, hopefully by then I’ll have my leather stamp from @cebt-cosplay and I’ll have to light a fire under my husband’s butt to get going on the sword and air rifle molds. I’ll have to do some sketch and dremel work on some wooden pieces that we need to fit to the purchased rifle before we can mold it anyway so there’s time.