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When I Met You, Chapter One

Summary: High school AU in which Phil is the football pride of the school and Dan is just someone people vaguely remember passing in the halls. What will happen when these two meet?

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1213

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Mothering Sunday

Today is mothers day (i’m from the UK) I was woken up by some kicks and punches from my little man!!

We went over to my mummy’s and had the company of my partner, my nan, my mum’s partner, my partner’s mum, my mum’s partners mum and step dad and my brother and his “friend” Emma. (Emma isn’t his girlfriend but should be, as i approve of her and have never approved of any of his girlfriends before… thats the big sister mode)

We had a lovely BBQ, the weather was so lush considering it’s only March. My mum’s partners mum, gave us this gorgeous hand knitted cardigan for the little man! It’s so cute. I can’t wait to put him in it, Brad wants one now :) 

I also received some beautiful flowers from my “Lucas bump" 
I cannot believe this time next year I will have my little man to squish and cuddle and wake up to on mothers day! I will no longer have my bump and him pushing my insides up as he climbs into my rib cage. 
I am already a mummy, but I wont feel like a proper mummy until he’s here in my arms. 

I have so much love for him… Hope all you Ladies who had mothers day today had a lovely day and were spoilt. I certainly feel that being pregnant is the greatest gift i could have ever been given.

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Hello so I just saw your post about when someone hits the follow button you become their mum (lol totally not stalking your profile or anything) and it almost made me cry real Jesus tears because I have a really crap mom and yeah Sorry I suck at human interaction

Im sorry about your mum. But I’ll make you happy wherever I can. ♥ ♥ ♥ Ill look after u

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Hi! Prompt: teenlock sherlolly, sherlock and molly's awkward but super cute first time

Awkward is having your mother call up while in your bed with someone else? I’d imagine that it would be in a situation like that. I hope you like it.

As Molly’s mother was away for the weekend, Molly had quickly decided to invite her boyfriend over for a night of privacy away from any prying eyes. It was rare that the couple had more than half an hour alone at any one time where there was no one at all around that could distract them or take them away from each other. Sherlock, her boyfriend, had been quick to agree, the temptation of a whole night alone being far too tempting for the teens.

They’d spent the day out together, hanging off of each other as any young couple does before they’d returned to Molly’s home for the evening. They shared a dinner of delivered Chinese take out, sharing the containers of rice, noodles, and meat before they settled down on the sofa to watch a movie that was airing on the television. It was nothing but a simple romantic comedy, something that Molly could even deduce the ending to without having the same deductive skills that her boyfriend had.

Their concentration on the screen soon faded away though as Molly found herself on her back pressed down on the sofa with Sherlock above her as they snogged heatedly. The movie was long forgotten after a few more minutes as hormones flared inside each of them as bodies rubbed together in ways that they never normally did. It was rare that they could kiss like this and if they did they were always disrupted in one way or another and they’d have to move onto much more innocent doings.

Things moved quickly between Sherlock and Molly, pieces of clothing soon being shed onto the floor as the heat between the bodies grew even more so. Gasps and moans left both participants and soon enough they were stumbling up the stairs together, each half stripped of their clothes as they tried to remove even more as they fought their way up the stairs. Back pressed against her bedroom door, Molly gasped as Sherlock lifted her up, her slender legs wrapping around his hips as she felt the hardness in his trousers in his want for her.

“Oh god, Sherlock,” Molly moaned as she felt Sherlock’s lips on her uncovered breast, her hand fumbling for the door knob to her bedroom. A bed was certainly needed now as she felt his hands also teasing the button on her jeans in a want to undo it. Her hand was finally able to turn the door knob so the door swung open behind them, Sherlock holding her close as the door swung away and they were granted access to her bedroom.

Falling onto the bed together, the rest of their clothing was soon gone and their kissing turned from desperate to more slow and soft, taking their time together as Sherlock prepared to enter Molly for the first time. Moments before the event was about to happen, the phone sitting on Molly’s bedside table began to ring with its shrill tones, filling the room with such a loud sound. Both people in the bed jumped, their heads turning to look at the still ringing phone as the screen flashed over and over again.

“Ignore it.” Was all that came from Sherlock then as he kissed Molly once more, doing his best to ignore the shrill ringing until it finally stopped a few minutes later. “That’s better… Now where were we…” Once again the couple prepared for the moment, his finger teasing her as he made sure she was ready for what was to come. Yet again though they were disrupted as they phone began to ring again.

Sherlock swore as Molly began to wriggle away from him, apologising repeatedly as she reached for the phone. “I’m sorry… I have to,” she said, taking the handset into her hand which she answered by pressing the green phone button.

“Hello?… Mum!…” Molly’s eyes widened as she heard her mother’s voice on the other end of the line, the elder’s voice irritably asking her why she hadn’t answered the first time she had called. As her cheeks became a deep red, Sherlock let out a quiet groan as he rolled off of Molly, the tenting in the sheets making it clear as to why he was so irritated. “I… I was just in the bathroom. Couldn’t get to the phone in time. That’s all.”

“Are you lying to me, Molly? You sound out of breath. What are you doing?” Molly’s mother demanded, wanting to know why her daughter was acting so oddly just then.

Biting down on her lower lip, Molly looked across to Sherlock as she tried to make sure she was not caught out in a lie as to the real reason she’d not answered the phone. “I ran for the phone before… Tried to get it in time.”

Thankfully Molly’s mother accepted the excuse and for a few more minutes Molly was stuck in a conversation with her, answering her questions and asking a few general ones of her own, trying to get her off of the phone. With a few fake yawns, she was finally able to convince her mother to end the conversation as she said she was going to bed and that she’d call her tomorrow night.

Putting the phone down finally, Molly looked apologetically to Sherlock once more, seeing how he looked at her now. Drawing him in close, she soon made him forget his annoyance as their bodies finally came together in such a way that had them both gasping out in pleasure. It was slow to begin with, but they soon found their stride with each other with Sherlock helping Molly finish after he had done so.

Half an hour later they lay in bed together, Molly tucked into Sherlock’s arms as they both came down from what they had done. Sherlock kissed the top of Molly’s head gently from where he lay, leaning down to whisper in her ear. “Next time we’re making sure we put the phone on mute.”

Creases: A daisuga ficlet

Title: Creases
Characters: Daichi, Suga, Daichi’s Mum
Warnings: None
Prompt: Spring Break and First Date
Word Count: 900
A/N: written for the 30dayhqwriting challenge. This follows on from ‘Shirts’. Thank you, twitter people, for the input on shirt colours.

Summary: It had been a mistake wearing his new shirt, Daichi knew that as soon as he walked into the kitchen. Because why, his mum asked, would he make so much effort just to see Suga?

His mum sniffed suspiciously when he walked into the kitchen. “You’re looking very smart, Dai-chan.”

“Uh…” He pulled at his collar, tugging it away from his neck where it had begun to chafe. “Am I?”

Her eyes narrowed as she studied him. “Is that the shirt I bought you?”

“Might be… can’t remember.”

“It is. You’ve not worn it before.” Lifting her hand, she brushed something off his shoulder. “I knew red would suit you. You have the right skin tone.”

“Yeah, it’s -” He pulled again at the collar. “It’s uncomfortable. Think I’ll change.”

Tutting, she patted his cheek fondly. “Silly boy, you’ve left half the plastic clips in. And it needs ironing. Come on, take it off, I’ll press it before I go out.”

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