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The Wedding

Now that I have viewed this photo of the wedding ! Did anyone notice that Sam is seated at the top table and MM is seated at the table next to him! The top table is for guests of the bride or groom! It’s msg decorated table in the wedding lunch . Ye can see the Mr and Mrs silver sign ! Also Sam is wearing a carnation too in his button hole which also proved he is a guest of bride and groom not a plus one. Why she is seated away from him I do not understand ! It just shows me that he is there as a special friend of the groom or bride. Well that’s the custom of weddings here in the u.k

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how do you deal with tails + pants ?

Good question.

So here’s the weird thing. Anatomy suggests that a tail should stem directly from the tailbone.

That means conventional pants would end up being pushed down by tails, especially reptilian ones. Oppositely, a hole cut below the beltloop area would likely cause a lot of wedgies. So I go somewhere in the middle.

Cut a hole through the belt loop area, and have a longer strip sewn above it, like a giant button hole.

And then life goes on.

Richonne Season Changes


A/N:  A request from @sugarysweetzee.  Thank you.

Michonne sits at the foot of the bed and even though she fights it, the tears stream down her cheeks relentlessly.  She had finally gotten too big for all of her shirts and her pants.  She couldn’t even loop string through the button hole to give a wider berth to the waist band of her pants.

She looks over to the window and notices the snow as it twirls and falls from the sky in a steady stream.  She knows the ground is more than covered and there is no way she will convince Rick to let her go out on a run.  She scoffs and wonders how she’d go on a run any way.  Naked?

She knew she would get bigger and she had plans to get better fitting clothes but she kept putting it off and now the pregnancy has finally advanced enough and she can’t fit her clothes.  Olivia was keeping a small surplus of clothes but only two weeks ago a fire broke out and several items were destroyed including the clothes before they could get it under control.

She walks over to the closet, grabs one of Rick’s t-shirts and pulls it over her head.  She is tempted to borrow a pair of his pants but was honestly too afraid they just might fit.  She didn’t want to consider that she was big enough to fit his pants. She moves into the bathroom and proceeds to dress in his bathrobe as hers would be gaping in the front.

She faces the bedroom door, contemplating whether to go downstairs or not, knowing Rick and Carl would ask about her attire.  If she could manage to keep her emotions in check, then she could just tell them she is going to stay home and take it easy for a change.  They’d both welcome that since they’ve been beyond worried ever since they found out she was pregnant.

She wipes her tears with the sleeve of Rick’s robe and takes a deep breath, trying to muster the courage to go downstairs.  She stands at the window, looking out at the snow covered ground, wanting to enjoy the beauty of it all.  Maybe Judy and I could get out and go for a walk…..She looks down at Rick’s bathrobe and sighs heavily.

The bedroom door opens and Rick walks in.  “Hey. You coming down for breakfast?”

She keeps her back to him, afraid if she looks into those gorgeous blue eyes of his, the hormones would take over and she’d be an emotional wreck…..again.  “I…..”  Her voice feels stuck so she clears her throat and manages, “I’ll….be….”  A noticeable hitch.  “….down…in a sec.”

Rick notices the difference right off and walks toward her.  He puts a hand at her waist and turns her to face him.  He takes in her reddened eyes and damp cheeks.  “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Her bottom lip starts to tremble.  “I….I don’t….have….anything….to wear.”

He pulls her into his arms, relishing in the warmth their two bodies together always generate.  He can only surmise that she has gotten too big for her regular clothes and needed something a bit bigger.  It was on their to do list but just never got around to it. Seems like it took forever for her to even show.  Now the baby seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and all overnight.  

He rubs her back in small, slow circles.  “It’s gonna be ok.  Why don’t you just stay home and relax today?  I’ll even send Judy over to Maggie.  I promise you’ll have something to wear before the day’s over.”

“I’m not…wearing…Abe’s clothes,” she states.

He giggles.  “I know.”  He steps back and gives her forehead a light kiss.  “Come on and get something to eat.”

She nods as she wipes her cheeks again, sobering up quickly.  “I’m sorry.  My hormones are all over the place and I cry about anything.  I shouldn’t be this upset about my clothes.  I just thought I’d be able to get something and now I’m huge and I have nothing.”

“It’s ok babe.  I promise.”

“Rick, I don’t want you going out in this weather.  I’ll wear Abe’s clothes if I have to.”

“Stop worrying about this ok?  It’s fine.”

They make their way downstairs and Carl greets his stepmom as usual followed immediately by, “What’s with Dad’s robe?”

Michonne gives Rick a pleading look and he says, “Hers is dirty.  Can we eat breakfast without all the questions?”

Carl frowns.  All the questions?  Huh? He shrugs and goes back to eating his breakfast, watching Judith as she devours hers with gusto.

An hour later, Rick kisses Michonne goodbye and delivers Judith to Maggie.  Afterwards, he organizes a supply run with Carl, Glenn, Abe, and Sasha.  They pile into the van and move out cautiously.  He had spoken to Denise earlier and she drew them a map to a small plaza that housed a maternity shop and an apothecary that she’d been trying to get to for weeks.  They had a short list of the items she needed and hoped to return within a couple of hours.

Later that afternoon, they make their way home, having to take a different route as the snow got heavier. They also saw a little walker action but it was nothing they couldn’t handle.  Rick is thankful that Sasha was there to help him choose clothes for Michonne. He and Carl walk with Glenn to retrieve Judy and then walk home.

Michonne is there in the kitchen, preparing dinner and still wearing the robe.  She smiles as she greets them and Rick is relieved to see that she seems to be doing a lot better.  She walks toward him, giving him a kiss as she takes Judith into her arms.  “Are you two ok?  Where have you been?”

“We went to this place for Denise but there was a store there with clothes for pregnant women so Dad got you all kinds of stuff to wear,” Carl explains.

Michonne feels the tears again, but fights against them.  She swallows with some difficulty but manages, “Thank you.”

Rick hugs her and Judy. “I told you it’d be ok didn’t I?”

“You did.”  She smiles.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  He tosses one of his bags onto the couch.  “Let’s check this stuff out so you can tell me how good I did.”

I work as a cashier at Goodwill some days, but I’m trained for everything. On senior savings day, my polo shirts top button came undone, as the button hole is a little big. After checking out a older woman, she looked at me and said, “Button your shirt up, slut.” and then walked out. I’m a 19 year old male.

London and the Culture of Homosexuality -- Masterpost

I’ve finished the book London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook. We’ve learned a lot along the way and now that it’s finished, I thought I’d compile everything into one post for easier access.

1) Empty train carriages, Molly houses, and moustaches on trial

2) “That’s not a sentence you hear every day” - how modern Sherlock incorporates Victorian-era facial hair code

3) Gay lit is gay, the Criterion bar is gay, Turkish baths are gay, green carnations are gay, button holes are gay

4) Homosexual men loved to liaise at the Criterion Bar

5) TJLC is Real: Carefully-Chosen Words and Public Opinion

6) Sherlock fits a case study of a period-relevant homosexual man

7) Anal violins

8) Gay graffiti worth writing about in your memoirs

9) Cabs were helpful, Gothic romance was queer, literary gay subtext was criminal evidence, the male-on-male gaze was a stand-in for sex, and idealised male nudes were all the rage

10) Every Great Cause Has Martyrs - how language used in the TAB trailer mirrors that used by Victorian homosexual men

11) Did Victorian-Era Gay Men Think Sherlock Holmes Was Gay?

12) The closest thing I’ve ever written to a personal TJLC manifesto

Discussions/asks/misc with other people about the book: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Buy the book online

Thank you to everyone who read/commented/liked/reblogged posts from my little readalong liveblog. I loved doing it and I hope you liked it too.

Up next:

Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century by Graham Robb

Taking In Strays - Epilogue

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Taking In Strays – Epilogue

5 Years Later

Sam shifted from one foot to another, nervously watching as Emily fixed her hair for the hundredth time in the last five minutes;

“Are you sure you want me to be the one to do this?”

She turned and smiled, walking to stand in front of him as she adjusted his tie and straightened the flower in his button hole in his Air Force uniform;

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to walk me down the isle”

She smiled and rested her hands on his chest, taking a deep breath as the baby moved inside her, her seven month bump pushing against Sam as he smiled at her words;

“You’ve helped us through so much, you have been there for both Steve and myself, for both the boys. You’re Mickey and Grant’s godfather and when this little miss arrives i hope you’ll agree to be her godfather too. From that moment five years ago when i stood in Steve’s kitchen and you saw my scars you’ve been one of our best friends, and i wouldn’t want anyone else to do the honor of walking me to finally tie the knot with Steve”

Sam choked back the lump in his throat nodding as he smiled at Emily and pressed a kiss to her cheek;

“You look stunning by the way… you almost ready or do i need to get them to push things back another 5 minutes”

“We’re good to go”

He crooked his arm and smiled as she slid her own through it, letting him walk her out of the room and towards the gardens where the ceremony was being held.

As she paused behind the screen of Jasmine bushes she cast her mind back to the two previous times they’d tried to do this, hers and Steve’s nuptials almost doomed after the other times the Avengers being called upon to save the world yet again that left her standing at the altar as her fiancé rushed off.

Taking a deep breath she looked up at Sam giving him the nod that they were ready to go, the music starting up as the turned the corner. Looking up she saw her rag tag family at the altar; both Steve and Bucky wearing full modern-day military uniforms that signalled their Army rank, Mickey and Grant standing very patiently next to them as they watched their mother walk towards them. They had moaned about having to wear suits – Grant insisting he would wear his Iron Man pyjama’s as Iron man’s suit was better until Tony had promised to make them both ‘real’ suits – and were pulling at the cuffs that stuck out of their little jackets. Lillian waited on the other side of the altar, the only person Emily had wanted as her Maid of Honor and forgoing any bridesmaids.

As Emily reached the small crowd waiting for her she thanked Sam before handing her bouquet to Lillian, taking a deep breath when she was finally able to stand with Steve as he took her hand. Before the registrar could start he dropped to one knee and cradled her baby bump in his hands, pressing a kiss to it before standing and giving the nod to continue.


Tony topped his drink up from the bottles of champagne that the catering staff had left in the kitchen, the party in full swing by mid afternoon. With the sun high in the sky and the music being piped through the in-house entertainment system he nodded along to the beat as he ambled through the room.

As he turned the corner he was almost knocked off his feet by his two littlest but greatest fans running in the opposite direction;

“Hey! Mickey, Grant! Slow down! You know your Mom doesn’t like you running in the house”

Tony had been a regular fixture at the Rogers-Embers house in the Hamptons since they had decided to move out of the hustle and bustle of New York, Emily and Steve wanting to raise the kids in a country environment but still be close enough to civilisation that Steve could commute back to Manhattan and the Compound for work, and well; where else would it not be frowned upon to have your own helipad in the back garden?

Wondering what his two smallest protégé’s were up to he followed the sound of their footsteps on the wooden floor, knowing that although he usually instigated most of the mischief they got up to, their parents wedding day was not the right time for it. Hearing their voices from the lounge Tony quietly peered around the doorpost and watched what the two boys were up to;

“Here, look, i can move it a little bit”

“No, you’re dumb, i can move it a little bit too. I’m as strong as you”

Looking down Tony saw what they were talking about; Thor’s hammer. The Asgardian had left it sitting on the marble hearth of the fireplace, out of the way during the wedding, but near enough to be on hand just in case. Tony watched as Mickey grabbed Mjolnir’s handle, leaning into it and making the mighty hammer rock slightly. His little brother pushed at him, wanting a another try.

Tony couldn’t help but to watch in wonder, a few years back before Ultron had happened they’d all seen Steve nudge the hammer, and it had been speculated that he’d stopped trying rather than to proceed and lift it out of humbleness. Tony knew of Mickey’s true parentage, that Bucky was his biological father so to see it move under his efforts had him wondering something. He stepped into the room silently as the two boys argued;

“What are you two up to?” he asked in a mock stern voice

“Nothing Uncle Tony” Mickey said, quick to stand straight and hide Mjolnir behind him

“We weren’t going to break it” Grant said quickly, backing up his older brother.

“I know kids. I saw you both jiggle it a bit though” a thought occurred to Tony; “We need to make sure Thor doesn’t catch us in here, but how about if you both try and move it, working together?”

The two boys grinned at Tony and turned, holding into the leather wrapped handle as Tony counted to three and gave them the signal. They pulled as hard as they could and the hammer scraped across the marble, leaving behind deep scratches before it thudded down the two inch drop onto the carpet with a house shakingly loud thud. Both of the kids looked up at Tony with shock on their faces, to which he matched their expressions but tried to hide his grin;

“Quick! RUN!”

He watched as the boys peeled out of the room and towards the back terrace, slowly ambling after them and meeting Thor at the doorway;

“I heard Moljnir…”

“The boys…”

The tall blond man looked to the back door the kids can just run out of;


Tony nodded, sipping his champagne as the big man shrugged;

“Those two are certainly worthy when working as a team…” he paused as he clasped Tony’s shoulder; “But perhaps we keep this between ourselves? We all know what happens when brothers try and share Mjolnir…”

“That… is very wise”


Manip very kindly made by @slaughterme-barnes

I do have an idea for a sequel to Steve and Emily’s story but will see where that goes. 

i don’t get that post that’s like “the vagina’s not a hole bc its purpose isn’t to be filled [w a dick]” bc like it can be a hole w/o that purpose? like ur belly button is a hole n nobody wants u to put a penis in there or like ur nostrils….

Bobbin Bug

Chp 1   Chp 2   Chp 3   Chp 4   Chp 5   Chp 6
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“So, now all that’s left are our finishing touches,” Marinette explained, sliding a pile of buttons in front of the camera.  "As I mentioned in last week’s video, you should have already picked out your buttons to ensure your button holes were a good fit.  If you get to this point and realize you hate your buttons, or they no longer fit your plan, don’t worry.  You can still alter the button holes, it’s just a bit of rework.“

She rotated the buttons so they were all turned the same direction.  She’d gone with silver shank buttons shaped like cat heads.  "I thought these matched my theme pretty well.”  She grinned, even though her face wasn’t on screen.  "They were entirely silver colored, and I wanted to bring in some of the vibrant green of the outfit’s scheme, so I used a nice enamel paint to fill in the eyes.“  

She reached over and drew her zipper into the frame.  "While I was at it, I embellished the zipper pull a bit as well.”  She zoomed in to show the paw print.  "I didn’t see any zippers that really screamed ‘Chat Noir,’ and I know most people don’t really care about zippers.  But for me, the little details are what really pull things together.“  She ran her finger over it.  "Keeping with silver, I chose a zipper with a bar pull.”  Shifting the focus back, she continued, “We’ve all seen Chat Noir’s baton, staff, thingie, and I wanted to allude to that here.  So I added the markings we’ve seen in photos and videos.”  Of course she’d seen it in person on a regular basis, but her audience didn’t know or need to know that.

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How to Properly Sew a Button and Button Holes by CRAFTYAMY

Link: https://youtu.be/f1jQIHXDUuw


I’m now officially open for sewing commissions!

These can be single or two toned. They are fully lined with satin or a cotton print.

These can be single or two toned. They are partially lined instead of fully lined to reduce bulk and make adding a jacket over the top fit nicer too.

Feature placards on the cuffs, all exposed interior seams are oversewn and/or treated with Fray Stop. Can have real working buttons/button holes, or snap closures with smooth fronts. Additional options include pockets, pintucks and ruffles which cost an additional $5.

Real working front and back pockets, lined waist band. Optional contrasting fabric behind front pockets. Working button on waist band, snap closure for the fly. Belt loops. Additional detailing like rivets also optional. All exposed internal seams are oversewn and/or treated with Fray Stop.

These are fully lined and a variety of fabric types, prints, and ribbons can be combined. Snap closure in the back.

🔸VESTS $45
Fully lined. They include a snap closure in the back and lacing in the front.

These pants are based off of 18th century men’s breeches and include some modern additions/modifications. They have an historically accurate outer fly, high waist, and a vent/gusset in the back with lacing. Modern additions include real working front and back pockets. The front fly closure is with snaps with optional outer decorative buttons. The waist band is fully lined. All exposed internal seams are oversewn and/or treated with Fray Stop.

Can be made from a variety of materials. Best if I have the same doll in my collection for a good fit.

🔸DRESSES $45 and up
I can sew a variety of different types of dresses. They are always fully lined and all exposed internal seams are oversewn and/or treated with Fray Stop.

These are fitted jackets, fully lined with satin, and have real button closures. Additions like pockets can also be added if desired.

I still love Blythe Dolls a lot and would love to offer customization services for them 💖
Including faceups, sleeping eyes, gaze correction, eye boggling, face carving, changing eye chips, painting custom eyechips, making custom pull cord charms and sewing clothes for them.

Please email all orders and inquiries to:
Sighthoundlady at gmail dot com

Social media can be too hit and miss for communication and I’d prefer to have everything in one place so I don’t miss anything.
-The prices are the same for SD dolls as for MSD and tinies. Larger dolls take more fabric and supplies, smaller dolls are more difficult.
-I will try to match your doll the best I can against a doll in my own collection, but I can only guarantee the best fit if it’s a doll I already have too.
-Shipping is usually around $4.00 within the U.S.
-I am open to international sales but please be aware the cost is A LOT higher for shipping, I require insurance for anything over $50 and, for my own protection in the case of theft/damage/loss, I will not under declare. International buyers are also responsible for any and all customs fees they might accrue.
-The more detail you can give me the better, if you have a specific request, please provide exact photo reference or links to things I have previously sewn if you are wishing for an exact thing. Best not to “assume.”
-If you like something you have seen me make previously but can’t find it specifically listed, feel free to inquire about it too!
See other things I have sewn on my Sighthoundlady Instagram and YouTube channel.
-Trades: short answer is…possibly? If you have something you think I’d love or have your own special skills like wig making, faceups, small iris eyes, etc hit me up!

DISCLAIMERS: All pieces are handmade by me, I am not a professional seamstress so please don’t expect absolute perfection but I think I can provide a high quality product.
I have dogs and despite all my best efforts, a hair or two may escape.
Also, Please allow 6-8 weeks before shipment, handmade products take time and sewing is only my “side job.”

Hey guys! The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 sewing machine is $100 USD today on Amazon.


Supposedly it handles denim and leather like a champ, as long as you aren’t asking it to do 13+ layers. (From the commentary.)

It’s limited on fancy stitches, but it does have the basic straight stitch, a button hole stitch, and a stretchy fabric stitch (which is more than my existing two machines have).

It’s not the top of the line machine, but it’s definitely worth $100. If you’ve been meaning to buy a sewing machine for your cosplay or creative efforts, this one is the one I’m grabbing.

I’ve made some more progress on the book I’m currently obsessed with, London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885-1914 by Matt Cook, and have made a couple posts about it here and here. Now I have my next longer meta brewing (!!)…but in the meantime, here are some updates:

(if you’re not keen to see more posts like this, I’ll tag everything related to this book “london and the culture of homosexuality” so you can avoid it if you like)

1) The Sins of the Cities of the Plain was a pornographic (homosexual) novel published in 1881. It follows the memoirs of a young male prostitute, John Jack Saul, who is “paid to set down his experiences by a client“, who just happens to provide an address in Baker Street, which was really the address of a friend called William Sherlock Scott Holmes Potter. The book talks about doing the do in Belgravia and picking up men in Regent’s Park, as well as the joys of having sex with guardsmen/soldiers. It did not mess around: one of the chapters is literally called “The Same Old Story: Arses Preferred to C*nts”. So. It was pretty gay.

2) The Criterion Bar on Piccadilly Circus attracted all kinds of men, including guardsmen, for meetings of a more intimate nature. According to Cook’s research, it was considered to have “a subcultural reputation for homosexual activity” and was a “great centre for inverts”, according to some 19th century contemporaries. (“Invert” was another derogatory term for homosexual.) I’m sure there’s no need to remind you that this is where John Watson and Mike Stamford meet up before Stamford introduces Watson to the love of his life Holmes. 

3) Turkish baths were considered to be very gay (many other homosocial spaces developed similar reputations).

4) Articles in popular fashion magazines like Modern Man “bemoaned the damage done to the fashion for buttonholes by [Oscar] Wilde’s penchant for green carnations”.

This, in an article titled: “Judging a Man by His Button Hole.

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More to come ;)

This is Button. Button may be my objectsona. I am not yet decided

She’s a purple four-hole button you’d see some grandma sewing onto some clothes for her grandkids. She has the typical noodle arms. She’s got two large holes for eyes, and two smaller holes that give the appearance of a much smaller upside down face. The much smaller upside down face usually looks terrified.

In the early 20th century, members of the Russian Futurism movement would wear spoons in their lapel button holes instead of flowers, because ooooh, future, metal, spooooons, future, future! 

Also one of the futurists, a guy called Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote a play called Vladimir Mayakovsky, which was intended to be a celebration of his own unparalleled poetic genius. In the play, he ascends into heaven, wailing his own name. Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Those were two factoids about Russian Futurism.