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The Houses as Clothing Things

Hufflepuff: Loose threads. Heavy sweaters in warm autumn hues. Shoes so worn they no longer have tread. Hair ribbons. Wool scarves that tickle your neck. Complementary colors and patterned motifs.

Slytherin: High heels. Rips in a pair of leggings. Long coats with big black buttons. Silver earrings. Watches that tick unceasingly in the silence. Shirts with lacy necklines. Monochrome fabrics with careful accents.

Ravenclaw: Button-up blouses. High-waisted skirts and the shirts tucked beneath them. Bracelets that snag on everything. Soft fabrics. Ballet flats with scuffs on the toes. Stripes and polka dots.

Gryffindor: Sunglasses. T-shirts with fading designs. Sandals that leave unwelcome tan lines. Socks with cats on them. Flannels and sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Designs full of bright colors, big pictures, and words.

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But if Akaashi was into/okay with getting piercings; what kind do you think he'd get?

Ears, belly button, back of the neck!

it’s that time!!  😸 🍁 🎃

Post War Neville Longbottom

based off this post from @wingardiumleviosnah

Post War Neville

Post War Neville a full on plant-lover-badass.

Post War Neville changing his style, piercing his ears, wearing buttoned up shirts with sweaters, flannel, jeans and leather boots.

Neville Longbottom loving plants even more after the war.

Neville Longbottom being covered in colourful tattoos of flowers and plants, using these tattoos to cover the scars death eaters gave him.

Post War Neville starting his Job working as a Professor at Hogwarts.

Neville standing up for his students being bullied.
Professor Neville Longbottom getting excited to teach his students about what he loves.

Neville Calming his students down by having a class pet to keep them company if the war’s still giving them troubles.

Neville Longbottom being one of the best professors Hogwarts has ever seen.

Full on Plant-lover-badass Neville Longbottom