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So, here I am in this vintage DVF dress we have at my shop buttonsandbowsla! I love it so much; finding stuff to sell vs keeping is hard.


Buttons & Bows x SHOPWALK : Resale Heaven

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Mercury retrograde to the fullest.

Movember has been insane this year. Last month at Buttons and Bows Mo and I sold a Chanel jacket that retailed at about 1,500 hundred to a customer who won it on EBay for $750. ( Great deal right? Shop BBLA ;P ) Of course, with our luck the package was lost (we didn’t buy insurance, DOH) and we were out over 1,000 dollars for the store because it was a consignment item.  Then, last night as I was working alone, a guy came in and stole a pair of Chanel leather ankle boots that retailed at $700. Thankfully as I caught him stealing the boots by putting them under his shirt. ( so not slick ) I ran out and watched him walk down the street. As I was calling the cops, a really sweet pedestrian told me to stay in the store and casually followed him across the street acting as if he didn’t notice anything. The operator quickly gets my info sends out a dispatch and less than 20 minutes later, the cops, DTLA security, and the pedestrian who tracked down the thief came back and they actually caught the guy and returned the boots! Thank you LAWD! 

To top Movember off with a bang, this morning round 7:00am Mo gets a call and USPS found the Chanel jacket… WHAAA?????


Karma is amazing and when you don’t expect it, there it is. 

I’m VERY thankful this year.