a little ficlet for @victoriasugden‘s birthday, because we all need that maroon suit back in our lives, don’t we? #bringbackthemaroonsuit2k17

Aaron’s jaw practically hit the floor as he looked at Robert, his husband dressed in a suit Aaron hadn’t seen him wear in so long.

The maroon suit, to be exact. Robert stood, in the hallway of the registry office in Hotten, wearing that bloody maroon suit, and it was taking every bit of self control that Aaron had not to jump him there and then, people and consequences be dammed.

Robert’s hair seemed to look a brighter blonde against the deep maroon colour of his suit, his husband flashing Aaron a bright grin as he walked toward him, simple white buttonhole in hand.

“Hiya.” Robert greeted, flattening down the material of Aaron’s suit jacket so he could attach the buttonhole, Victoria having had put her DIY skills to the test to make them the previous evening.

Aaron felt his face flush as Robert stepped into his space, Robert’s hands all over him. He knew how good-looking Robert was, of course he knew, but in that maroon suit, Aaron was (embarrassingly enough) weak at the knees.

“You okay?” Robert asked, brushing a non-existent piece of fluff from Aaron’s suit, straightening his tie before he took a step back, a pleased look on his face.

Aaron nodded, keeping his voice low as he spoke, mindful of their families standing near them, waiting for their appointment with the registrar. “You wore my favourite,” he mumbled, his face turning a shocking shade of red as he admitted it aloud.

The maroon suit had always been his favourite.

Robert grinned, a knowing sort of grin that made sure Aaron knew that he’d intended to completely fluster him when he’d picked out what suit he wanted to wear that day. “I did,” he confirmed, brushing a hand down the front of his own suit jacket, Aaron swallowing thickly as the delicious contract of pale skin and deep maroon. “You like?”

Aaron didn’t exactly trust himself to speak, nodding eagerly.

“Good,” Robert smirked, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s cheek so he could speak directly into Aaron’s ear, away from prying eyes and a very nosey looking Victoria. “Because I can’t wait for you to fuck me in it later, Mr Sugden.”

Aaron’s knees almost buckled at the image of Robert wearing that suit while Aaron made him completely come undone. “I’ll hold you to that, Mr Dingle.”

“I was counting on it.” Robert laughed, looking up as the registrar called their names. “Are you ready to do this then?”

Aaron nodded, taking one last second to admire the long lines of Robert’s body, the thick thighs and pale skin that the maroon of his suit only served to show off, the colour making him look as close to a supermodel as you’d ever see in Hotten.

“Yeah. Let’s get married.”

imagine merlin worrying a bit about sending baby agents roxy and eggsy out on their first mission together without an older agent’s help and roxy is just like “of course we’ll be fine you trained us and we saved the world” meanwhile eggsy has found one of merlin’s prototype weapons on the desk and just sort of 


Tail flap variation, good for buns in particularly cold weather and/or the ones with cubicles right next to the office A/C vent on 90+ summer days… ^^;

If people like it, I might clean up the pattern a bit and get some tiny buttons to use instead of seed beads. I could play with making actual working buttonholes, but that might be more effort than anyone but me cares about. n_n;


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anonymous asked:

Looking to buy my first sewing machine soon! I have minimal experience in sewing at best, but I'm looking to change that! Anyways, what machines do you recommend for beginners?

Since I don’t have comprehensive knowledge of the sewing machine market, I don’t have much useful advice on this topic. I have actually never purchased a domestic sewing machine for myself. I own hand-me-down Vikings and a Brother that I won in a cosplay contest.

For years, I did all my sewing on machines that were older than I am. They had like 2 stitch settings and forced me to learn to do everything manually (buttonholes, invisible zips, etc). That knowledge is way more valuable to me than a fancy machine would have been.

At the very least, I recommend NOT buying the cheapest available new model at Walmart or wherever. Sometimes those machines lack basic features that would help you troubleshoot problems (such as adjusting bobbin thread tension) in the name of being “beginner friendly,” and their cheap plastic construction can make working with tricky materials even harder. A machine is an investment and it’s worth buying something you can grow into. You’re better off with a solid used machine (although DEFINITELY get it professionally serviced to fix any existing problems) than you are with a bottom-of-the-line plastic machine.

What brand/model you choose doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to learn to use it. Even if the features are bare-bones, you can learn a lot from figuring out how to compensate. Good luck with your search.

Remembering Oscar Wilde
  • Me: *is giving presentation on the literary legend himself*
  • Me: yeah, so he wore a flower in his butthole
  • Me: BUTTONHOLE, he wore a flower in his BUTTONHOLE
  • Class: *laughter*
  • Me: so anyways...
  • Needless to say, I have a feeling Oscar would approve

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After all the hot pink, a plain pale pink shirt seems downright boring. Since it's David it figured the shirt would be from Paul Smith, but I don't think it is. At least not from this season. From the pictures on Twitter, it seems like there's some sort of printed contrast fabric on the inner collar, and there's something funky going on with the sleeve seam. Like an exposed French seam with non-functional buttonholes going all the way up?

Well just FYI David owns a white Paul Smith button up with a printed contrast fabric on the inner collar and sleeves, and sleeves with French cuffs.  I’m wondering if it went through the wash with Olive’s princess dress.

I’ll check out yesterdays crop of twitter photos.