What was a dude?

A dude, according to contemporary sources, was a man of many affectations. Even a small town dude would speak with drawl which was something of a mix of English and Bostonian. Most sentences began with “I say”, ended with “don’t chew know” and questions were answered with “raaather”. Though he looked and spoke as if he’d just stepped from Pall Mall, he’d probably never been to London at all. 

You’d find him wearing extremely tight (with the cuffs rolled up) or extremely loose pants (tucked into his boots), red (or any other loudly coloured) lacquered shoes or excessively polished black boots, spotless gloves, and a tall silk hat on a jaunty angle. A monocle was optional but he’d go nowhere without his fancy cane. When said cane was not in his mouth, a cigarette was dangling there. He always had a flower with a long stem in his buttonhole, lilies being most popular. His mustache was curled to perfection. His hair was either curled, or cut short but with bangs. His collar would be tall. If it were scarf weather, his pearl scarf pin would secure it in just the right spot.

They were most populous in New York, Boston and Chicago, although they’d follow the 400 to Newport or where ever else fashion decreed when summer came. 

All of this would be fine, said the editors, but a dude rarely worked - certainly not in any trade, but usually not at all. Most had money, but if not, they’d trade on real or fabricated family connections. He’d spend his day lounging from one lady’s house to another, or standing on street corners, or looking out the window of his club or Delmonico’s, sucking on the knob of his cane, and staring at passing girls. He was extremely vain and socially ambitious, his conversation vapid, and he acted as if he was a member of some imaginary aristocracy. He thought he was God’s gift to women and could be a masher, if he bothered.

Dandies, on the other hand, though they were also always well dressed and at the peak of fashion, were respectable: they had brains (and a job), and knew when to leave the ladies alone. Dandy’s like Bryon and Brummell, had they been American, would not have been considered dudes.

Later iterations in the 1910s and 1920s were called lounge lizards, jellybeans, bun dusters, drugstore cowboys and cake eaters. Around the 1920s the term dude came to define a city man who visited more rustic locals and stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Winnipeg Tribune, Manitoba, July 16, 1890


The year that Tiffany Aching danced with the Wintersmith, there was a hard frost in Ankh-Morpork the night of May the 19th.

For the most part, it went unnoticed. There was no snow, and, unlike on the surrounding plains, people didn’t grow many things in the city. That was part of the problem, Sam Vimes learned as he sat through meeting after interminable meeting. Anhk-Morpork imported its food, and at the moment the crops that were supposed to be feeding the city in a few months were out freezing in their fields. He listened to Lord Vetinari and the Guild leaders and some panicked representatives from the Sto Plains talk about supply chains and international imports and which crops could still be re-sown until his ears ached.

As he marched home that night, he didn’t notice that every lilac he passed was shedding, green buds that had just been beginning to swell when the frost hit littering the ground at his feet. He didn’t notice until he woke up on the 25th of May and realized with a jolt that he hadn’t smelled a single lilac the previous day. Normally, the city was thick with the scent and he did his best to ignore it until the day when he couldn’t.

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Whoops I pulled together a semi formal femlock for Sherlocked 💕

Excuse the photo quality - it’s raining and my apartment lighting sucks, excuse the stupid piece of red paper I taped on the jacket until I can sew a real red buttonhole, excuse the makeup - idk how to do makeup lmao, EXCUSE ANYTHING ELSE JUST CAUSE I TOOK THESE ON THE FLY AND WANTED TO POST THEM :) :) :)

(also yes I took a pic with the tattoo of course because it’s new and I’m still obsessed with it and I’m trash)

Can’t wait to have Paige @the-7-percent-solution as my John 😘 We’re gonna be Johnlock partners in crime!

Also can’t wait to see some other people there! @cumberlocked221 @vanetti @the-beekeeper-of-sussex @deaflock @supercrobilla

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Try to Understand (Pt. 4)

Characters: Alpha!Dean Smith, Omega!reader

Word Count: 3.6k 

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, language, smut, smidge of oral sex, unprotected sex

A/N: Thanks to everyone for their patience while I dealt with stuff. This is part 4 of my story inspired by the song “Magic Man” and written for @dr-dean‘s writing challenge. I owe lots of thanks to @roxy-davenport and @kayteonline for being incredibly helpful betas. I still have several more parts planned for this, so I hope you enjoy it. I’m anxious to hear your feedback, and I appreciate constructive criticism. Reader’s thoughts are in italics.

Part 3

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From part 3:

“I’m ready, Dean.” You inhale a deep breath, letting his strong scent hit you, letting the relief you feel from it roll through your body. You blink, slowly, then focus back onto him, your expression mirroring his as his eyes are blown wide and black with lust. Your mind goes blank, aside from one unfiltered thought, which you voice, soft and clear.

“Take care of me, Alpha.”

“I will, oh god, I will.” He nods his head while he stares at you earnestly, his tone confident and sure as he holds you tightly.

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@makers of women’s clothes:
- think about the spandex percentage in whatever you’re making
-think about buttons
-think about buttonholes

Signed, someone who is gonna have to safety pin herself into an office appropriate level of cleavage because y'all couldn’t keep your hands off a plain black polo


Here is some of the items for our Steampunk Wedding that we made ourselves over the 2 years before the big day.

Brooch Bouquets. 1 for the Bride and 6 for the Bridesmaids. Years of collecting brooches and twisting wire paid off.

Invitations, table numbers, place cards and Orders of Service.

100 Chair backs and Paper Roses.

Seating plan.

Our delicious cake, made by the Mother of the Groom.

The Groomsmens button holes.

Other things not seen include 100 mason jar tea lights and 100m of doily bunting, misc costume details.

바보 ~ Jeon Jungkook [Fluff/Smut]

바보 - Fool, informal for someone stupid or ignorant

“You never thought you and your best friend, Jungkook were ever intended to be anything more and pushed your feelings aside to not hurt your friendship until one night, he decides to turn your whole world upside down.

You were walking along the sea shore, the beach sand crunching underneath your boots. You pulled your scarf up higher to shield your face from the light breeze that ruffled up your locks. Jungkook’s eyes are fixed on you but his face doesn’t match the shimmer in his hazelnut brown eyes. You were kicking the stones along the beach, a smile spread on your lips. You enjoyed those nights with him, the nights that only revolved around you and him. But this night it would be different and you had no idea what you were getting yourself into.
You rubbed your hands together and shivered by the cold air.

“It’s freezing.” You whimper, seeing your breath form steam. You giggle slightly and look up at Jungkook to catch him staring at you. Your face drops when you realize the look of worry on his face, his eyes almost looking straight through you.

“Is there something wrong?” You asked worryingly and Jungkook catches himself again, looking past you at the heavy waves crashing into the rocks.

“We need to talk.” He said, his gaze not meeting yours. You nodded understandingly, a smile still playing on your lips as you spoke. “Of course we can. We always can, Jungkook.”
A small smile tugged on the edge of his lip, one you’ve never seen on him before. One, that could have made your heart break. “It’s not that easy.” He whispered, almost too silent for you to hear.
He grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers, walking along the beach with you and settling on the landing. He reached out and pulls you onto the landing, sitting down at the end. He has let his feet dangle from the edge and looked out into the distance, listening to the sound of waves crashing into the shore.

You were staring at him, your heart beating faster in anticipation. His eyes were focused on the night sky, not looking at you once. Your eyes wandered down to his cherry lips trembling from the cold. You thought back about all those months you’ve told yourself that your feelings for him aren’t real just to see him smile but that smile didn’t last long and it hurts to see his smile fading without him telling you the reason.
Suddenly, he turns to you and you quickly avoid his gaze.

“I guess, I’ve pushed this back for way too long.” He said, making you turn your head in confusion. He cupped your face in his hands and leaned in closer, catching your lips in a passionate kiss. Your eyes are dilated when you realize what is happening and almost choke on your breath. His thumb was caressing your cheek and you feel your heart skipping a beat. Before you let your heart decide for you, you gently pushed him off your body. You were panting heavily, your cheeks flushed fluorescent pink as you stared at him in shock.

“What…what are you doing? Are you crazy?” You mumble between heavy breathing and run your hand through your hair.

Jungkook’s lips turned into a smile as he nodded, his eyes meeting yours. “Yes. I am crazy.”  

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t do this.”

“What?” You asked, still trying to sort your feelings.

“You fool.” He hissed at you and leans back in, his mouth only a hairs-breadth away from yours. “I like you.” He whispered, your heart almost dropping by his words. Your eyes wander to his lips. For months you’ve made yourself think that he would never feel the same towards you that your feelings towards him were nothing but a joke and now he suddenly admitted his feelings out of nowhere? You wanted to hit him, tell him that he’s stupid for making himself believe what you’ve been denying for so long but deep inside, you knew that this is all you ever wanted.

“Not as a friend. But as a girl.” He explained and holds your gaze, your breath hitching in your throat by the intensity in his stare. “If I don’t see you, I get curious. If you’re depressed, I get upset. If you smile it makes me happy. If you’re sick, I get worried. It’s driving me crazy.” He said, his voice appearing louder with each sentence that escaped his lips.

His lips were trembling as the last words came from them, “It means, I like you, doesn’t it?”

He presses your back against the door and you wrap your arms around his shoulders. He taps your thighs to signal for you to jump up. You wrap your legs around his waist for support as he carries you into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. He gently lays you down on the white bed sheets and captures your lips in a hungry kiss, your body burning with intensity.

His tongue slides along your lower lip, asking for entrance and you open your mouth enough for his tongue to enter. His tongue is battling yours for dominance, which he wins with ease. His hand moves underneath your white blouse and fumbles with your clothed breast while the other moves behind your back and squeezes your butt cheek teasingly. He releases your lips and bites down on your lower one before stepping back off the bed.
You steady yourself on your hands and watch him turn his back towards you. He reaches forward and starts to slowly unbutton his shirt, letting it fall to the ground next to him.

Instead of taking his pants off, so you could see his lower body, Jungkook stalks towards you, his eyes narrowing as he sucks his lower lip between his teeth and bites down. A silent moan escapes your lips by the sight in front of you, your gaze falling upon his masculine frame. He presses his lips to your forehead tenderly and takes a deep breath, his eyes closed.
You reach for him, exploring his naked chest with the tip of your fingers. But he groans and lifts your hands over your head, pinning them against the bedframe. “You’re trembling.” he says, threading his fingers through yours. A big rush of breath escapes you and he laughs.

“Why trembling, Y/N?” he asks softly. He bends his head and leans down. His teeth catch the top button of your shirt and gently tug it free of its buttonhole. Your shirt gapes open, exposing the lacy edge of your bra. His teeth work their way down and you suck in your stomach as he dips his tongue into your belly button. He looks up at you and smirks. “Why trembling?” he asks again.

“Because you’re here.” you admit. You lay your head back against the bedframe and your hands are still pinned above your head, although he moves one hand closer to the other and takes your wrists in one of his palms. He dips the forefinger of his free hand into the cup of your bra and tugs it down, your breast suddenly free and pushed high with the help of your bra cup gathered beneath it. Your nipple bends in the cold air and he licks his lips. He remains still for a moment, not long enough for you to wonder if you’d made a mistake.

“Please.” you breathe, but he doesn’t. You aren’t even sure he knows how much you need him.

“Tell me what you need, queen.” he growls, twisting your nipple hard enough for you to moan out in pain.

Your eyes lock with his and you noticed the desire in his eyes. “You Jungkook…I need you.” You breathe out, biting down on your lower lip to restrain yourself from doing things you might regret later.

With a nearly feral gleam in his eyes, Jungkook licks across your nipple and then sucks it quickly into his mouth, drawing deeply on the flesh.
With a quick tug, he unbuttons your jeans and your zipper tracks slowly southward, the tines louder, your breathing and your heartbeat the only sounds in the room. His hand slips beneath the waist of your panties and he cups your mound. He doesn’t move, even when you rock your hips, trying to force his hand to slide between your lips.

Instead, he keeps his hand steady and still, while his mouth touches yours. His kiss as soft and gentle as the cup of his palm. Your clit throbs, as though it was reaching out for him.
You murmur against his lips. He lifts his head and looks down at you, his tongue still teasing your lower lip, licking across and into yours. He pulls back, grinning confidently.

“Something wrong?” he asks. His eyelids are half lowered, as if he was drowsy. But he isn’t. He is fully alert and waiting for you.
Breath heaved from your chest and you bit your lip.
“My hands are so full, I can’t tug your lower lip free.” he says, laughing as he opened your mouth with his tongue and sucks your lower lip.

“Please Jungkook…no more teasing.” You are able to mouth between heavy breathing.
Jungkook tugs a loose strain of hair behind your ear and meets your gaze. “You want me right?” he asks, his eyebrows drawing together.
“Yes…” you answer. Jungkook slide a finger between your lips underneath your panties and you breathe out a hiss. But he pulls his hand from your undies before he could stroke across your clit again.

He let your hands go long enough to push your shirt off your shoulders. He spins you to face the bedsheets and unhooks your bra, letting it fall on the floor beside you. His hands slide into the waistband of your loosened jeans and they track down your legs, along with your panties. He stops to pull your boots off and pushes your jeans and panties down over your feet. His lips touch the back of your knee and you grow lightheaded at the sensation of his touch. It’s been too long.
He spins you around and he kneels down in front of your entrance. You hiss when you feel his cold breath on your aching core. He licks a stripe up your folds, collecting your juices on his tongue. He scissors your folds apart with his fingers and licks you gently. His thumb moves to your clit and starts messaging it in-synch with his kitten-like licks. He slowly slides a finger into you, slowly pushing it further into you. You moan out at the feeling and squeeze your eyes shut at the stimulation.
He starts moving his finger into you faster and ankles it upwards to hit the right spot. Your moaning becomes more uneven and you buckle up your hips to add more friction but suddenly, he pulls out of you again, making you feel empty.

He leans over to your face and runs his fingers along your mouth, making you lick them clean. You suck his fingers into your mouth and clean them off your juices.
“God, you’re so beautiful, kitten.” He whispers, mustering your body closer, a satisfied smirk playing on his lips.

He positions himself directly in front of your entrance and teases your entrance with the tip of his cock. “Tell me what you need.” he says, sliding his shaft along your folds.

“You…only you daddy.” you moan out, desperate for release. When the words come out of your mouth, he takes your naked hips in his hands, pulling me down onto him. He groans aloud, filling you slowly as he looks into your eyes. “God, I love you.”

Your face clenches at the naked emotion on his face. He leans forward, pushing me back as he aligns your bodies. He shoves his pants down his ankles, kicks off his shoes and wiggles his legs until his pants and boxers hit the floor. He rolls you to the side and onto your back. He never pulls out of you. Jungkook pushes the hair back from your face with tender fingers. He kisses you as he begins to move slowly between your thighs and you open wider for him. Jungkook tilts your hips, cupping your bottom in his palm and goes deeper. Your breath rushes as he slides in and out of you in a steady rhythm, his skin hitting against yours. His head travels to your breast and he pays your nipple the same amount of attention as he did your lips.

You buckle up your hips and push into him, desperate for more friction.
His breath hitches. He closes his eyes tightly, lips pressed together.
“I want to come inside of you.”

His brown eyes open and he looks at you through a cloud of passion. Jungkook lifts your leg and presses it toward your chest, putting his weight on it and your position suddenly changes. You turn your head into his forearm, which is beside you and nip his wrist with your teeth. Jungkook chuckles.

“Like that?” he asks. His strokes are slow and deep. Then quick enough to take your breath. He watches your bodies as one and he rims your opening with his fingertip, circling around his dick. “So tight.” he breathes.
He leans down, covering your body with his and his hips lift quickly, positioning his cock inside of you. He rocks to the side and his hand slides between you. He touches your clit, his finger wet from where he just stroked you. He strums your clit.
He grasps your bottom, squeezing your butt cheek as he quickens his thrusts. You moan out at the sensation, feeling your walls tighten around him.

You let your head fall into the white bedsheet and moan out as your orgasm rushes through your body. He thrusts one more time and then grunts in your ear, coming inside of you, soaking my walls as he rides out his orgasm into the condom.

Jungkook collapses on top of you, his breath heavy. Your eyes are closed because you don’t have the strength to leave them open but you feel his gentle hands as he tilts your head to face him. “Look at me, Y/N.” he insists. His voice is hesitant. “I need you to tell me that things won’t be like they used to.”
You don’t know what that means. You’re confused towards his true feelings and if this wasn’t actually just a mistake.

You shake your head. “Of course not Jungkook. I love you. I adored you ever since the first minute you’ve made my heart skip a beat.”  
He searches your face. “You promise?” His eyebrows drawn together tightly. “You’re certain?”
You push his shoulders so he has to sit up a little. “Certain about what?” you ask.

“That you’re willing to spend your future with the fool who decided to only focus on you?”

A smile tugs on the edge of his lips by his gentle words and take his hands into yours, locking eyes with him. “As certain as I can be.” you say.

anonymous asked:

Why r u so set on Matthew being gay? What if he's bi? Or has it been confirmed he's gay?

It’s just a strong af theory of mine

on cassandra’s tumblr

Q: I just finished reading Nothing But Shadows and it was amazing! I think its my favourite of the Shadowhunter Academy stories so far and has resulted in me shipping James and Matthew. Do they have a ship name yet? HeronChild? Jatthew? I just wanted to know if there is any chance they could possibly maybe get together? I also wanted to know if Matthew is gay/bisexual/pansexual? I think you have been asked this before but I couldn`t remember how you responded or find the original question.

A: Thanks, those are very kind words about Nothing But Shadows! We had a lot of fun writing it and it is nice for people to meet some of the characters from The Last Hours before they make their official debut.I would never discourage anyone from shipping anything. I have, however, not answered the question about Matthew’s sexual orientation, or, indeed, the sexual orientation of anyone in The Last Hours. And there is no way to guess it.

I regret having, in the past, revealed characters’ sexual orientations before the books about them came out. Often it’s something the characters are figuring out as you read about them, it’s part of their story, so it seems not really fair on the characters or on the readers or on the text while it’s still developing. So it’s not something I am going to do anymore. -@cassandraclare

and on cassandra clare’s TLH pinterest board, matthew has a couple of snippets. here’s one

They’re caressing each other’s cheeks. There is no heterosexual explanation for this.

Also, his love for oscar wilde and wearing green carnations (which is a symbol of homosexuality). Matthew’s flower-symbol is a green carnation.

and the majority of Cassandra Jean’s Matthew art features a green carnation. The Green Carnation isn’t an actual flower. You have to dye the carnation to make it green, it makes me think why Cassandra has a type of flower that is not exactly real for Matthew’s flower card.

 “Note that the green carnation that Wilde wore in his buttonhole was not natural. A florist had to dye a carnation in order to make it green. It had to be created. The green carnation has resonances that encompass not only Wilde’s sexuality, but his views on literature and art.”

Lastly, can you honestly see Matthew Fairchild as heterosexual? As soon as James met the boy in Nothing but Shadows, my gaydar went insane. There is no way in hell that this boy is straight.

red vs. blue in The Lying Detective

(AKA: A Study in Scarlet)

While watching TLD, I found that I kept noticing little flashes of red, almost continuously. It wasn’t as in-your-face as the blue of TST, but it was still pretty prominent, kind of like how pink/purple is used a lot in ASIP. So I decided to go through and count how many times red pops up. (The answer: a lot.)

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