This Barbie Grace/Liv hybrid, airbrushed purple and given a faux fur beehive, is wearing a dress I made with an experiment I’ve wanted to try for a while (using a buttonholer with different cams to simulate embroidery), and she’s now on her was to a–surprise!–new home.

It’s very likely I’ll do another purple doll with a purple faux fur beehive, sometime in the future…



also known as Tailwort, Bee’s Bread and Starflower

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological: Leo
  • Element: Earth
  • Tarot: The Hierophant

In Spellwork:

  • courage, cheerfulness, protection spells, money, ensuring domestic tranquility, uncovers dishonesty, luck

Powdered and dried, the root can be used in an incense or infused in tea. Borage is known for lifting your spirits, and used in a tea, will enhance your psychic awareness as well as helping with feelings of vulnerability. Borage is pretty when sprinkled in your bath and is very good for boosting courage. Eating in a salad helps with courage and ends melancholy.

Carrying the fresh blossoms will bring courage, while putting one in a buttonhole will protect you while outdoors.

Use in money and business spells. Sprinkle crushed leaves around workplace for inspiration.

In Hoodoo, borage flowers are thought to bring domestic tranquility to the household. Sprinkle in 4 corners of the property, 4 corners of the house, 4 corners of each room, and 4 corners of the kitchen table restore harmony. You can also place dried borage  in the corners of a room and some under a rug in the middle of the room where most of the family fights happen.

Put fresh blossoms on an altar to bring luck and power to spells.

They look nice as garnishes when frozen in an ice cube, especially if you have a suitor. According to folklore, if the person drinking is someone you would like to marry, it will give them the courage to propose.


Using this herb as a condiment/garnish in food is fine, but be careful not to overdo it. Borage contains alkaloids believed to harm the liver when taken in large amounts. Comfrey has the same alkaloid but borage only has 5% of the alkaloids that comfrey does. If you have any past/current liver problems, you should stay away from borage.

Although, the seeds do not contain this alkaloid and is great to add to your food if you have problems with dry eyes.

Borage can be used externally by being used as a poultice for inflammatory swellings.


Borage has been cultivated since at least 1440 in Castille, Spain and was brought to Europe by the Moors.

The word ‘borage’ comes form the Arabic name for this plant, “abu arak”, “father of sweat” because it induces sweating. A tincture for sweating in the Mexican botanical medicine formulary, consists of equal parts red poppy petals, borage petals, elder flowers and violet flowers. The celtic name for borage, ‘barrach’, means ‘man of courage’, which focuses on borages psychological effects.

Borage was eaten by Roman soldiers before battle for courage. Medieval knights embroidered the flower on scarves, while celtic warriors drank wine flavoured with borage for the same reason.

Considered to lift melancholy in Elizabethan England. According to Culpeper, it expels pensiveness and melancholy, and the flowers when candied/jellied can comfort the heart and spirits of those who are sick from consumption or “from the passions of the heart.”


When the leaves are burned they spark and pop because of the mineral content.

**I would recommend doing some of your own research before using this plant medicinal purposes.**


Coat worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Regency-style, it is made of shiny purple moire fabric. There is a notched collar with the collar folded high and closely fitted to the neck. There are shoulder epaulets and partial sleeve straps at the wrist of long, slim set-in sleeves. The coat is double-breasted with flat silver buttons and buttonholes for closure. There are silver-colored studs on a flap covering the right front shoulder area. The coat also has side front and upper left breast diagonal welt pockets, center back slit, and silver-buckled self-fabric belt held in place by belt loops. The coat is completely lined with a black shiny fabric and has hidden thick shoulder pads.

Made by: Wells, Louis, Vaughn Terry.  Designer: France, Marie

 Not for sale


Channeling Miami Vice? If only the blazer was white!

I am in LOVE with this blazer, which I will have to send back to GwynnieBee in the near future which makes me sad. It’s so soft, so well made, and has such nice details! Functional buttonholes so you can roll the sleeves up like a weirdo, and the collar is super cool. I’m also fairly certain I’m the first to get this jacket because the vent and pockets were still stitched closed.

Shell: Melissa McCarthy Seven, 3X, via GwynnieBee
Blazer: Melissa McCarthy Seven 2X, via GwynnieBee
Jeans: Evans
Shoes: Ugg, 12, from Nordstrom Rack on clearance which is the best way to find big lady shoes!

Pants worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Black velour knit with elastic straps at the bottom for fitting the pants inside boots. There is a wide soft band at the waistline and diagonal asymmetrical front opening with closure by six flat white plastic buttons and buttonholes. Sides of each leg, from knee to foot, are gathered up with inner casings and elastic. Eight matching buttons are widely spaced down the outer side of each leg. A white “PRINCE” is machine embroidered on black grosgrain ribbon as an inner label in center back.

Not for sale 

“Her head was slightly inclined forward, and she apparently saw, or remembered, that she still had on her stockings. Turning from me a little, she leaned forward, and balancing herself on one foot and then the other, drew them off and let them fall with the sash and the little wispy pile of stuff there before her. […] While I stood there fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, tearing one loose because I couldn’t seem to get it through the buttonhole (in a momentary lull of the wind and rain, it made a single tick when it struck the uncarpeted floor), and while my mind made crazy June-bug leaps and plunges, she walked across to the iron bed and sat down, tentatively, close to the edge, her feet and knees pressed close, her arms still folded and her shoulders slightly hunched as before. She was looking up at me across the space, with a question, or appeal, in her eyes–I couldn’t read them in the dimness.”

Robert Penn Warren, from All the King’s Men (Harcourt, Brace, & Co., 1946)

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Of course there’s room, and thank you! <3

Your eight hour work day felt like it had lasted three times as long.  The walk to your quarters had felt like a trek through quicksand, the way the artificial gravity had pulled at your legs, and even now as you’re changing to get into bed you feel like lifting your arms is orders or magnitude more difficult than it normally is.

Glancing at your chron as you push the last button of your favorite flannel pajamas through its respective buttonhole, you realize it’s far too early to go to bed even though you feel like you could sleep for a month.  Sighing, you slip your feet into a pair of slippers and plod out into the living area, intent on making tea.  Your body has other plans, however, and you only make it as far as the couch before your legs give out and you find yourself dropping onto its cushions, limp from exhaustion.

“What the hell is wrong with me,” you grumble, reaching out to pick up your comm.

Sending Leonard a quick message, you set your comm back down within arm’s reach and shift around until you’re as comfortable as possible.  You shiver a little and burrow into the sofa, curling yourself up into a little ball to conserve heat as you wait for Leonard to answer your call.  Thankfully, you’re not left waiting for long as moments later you hear the door to your quarters sliding open and you can tell just by the familiar footfalls that it’s Leonard.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”  He asks by way of greeting.

Picking up your head just enough to glance at him as he approaches you and sits down on the coffee table directly across from you, you smile weakly up at him and fall back once more.

“I don’t know,” you bemoan.  “I think I might be getting sick again.”

You’re not in the least bit surprised when he pulls a tricorder out from somewhere in his uniform and begins to sweep it over your body, his gaze intent on the small screen.  Setting the device aside a moment later, he stands and briskly disappears from your line of sight.  You can hear him moving around near your kitchenette and you crane your head to look at him but don’t get very far.

“Are you tired, aching a bit all over, feeling really lethargic?”  He asks, approaching your side again a few moments later with what you realize is a mug of replicated tea in his hands.

“Yeah,” you reply, watching him set it down and pick up a blanket.

“That’s normal, darlin’,” he explains softly, shaking the afghan out and draping it over you.  “You don’t just shake off the flu over night.”

You groan, shifting around so the blanket is pulled right up to your chin, keeping you warm.

“How long does it take to shake it?”  You query.

“A week or two, tops,” he assures you.  “But I’ll try to nurse you back to health sooner.  I’ve yet to come across anything that my momma’s chicken and dumplings couldn’t chase away.”

You take a deep breath, smiling on the exhale.

“That sounds lovely,” you breathe, thanking the stars for giving you the sweetest boyfriend in the universe.

harry’s line “as a child i rather fancied a future as a colourful megalomaniac” got me thinking like imagine younger harry being on the path to become one of the villains kingsman work to stop. imagine merlin is already an agent and him getting sent out on a mission to stop potential villain harry but instead he shows up back at hq with harry after asking him if he would like to train to be galahad instead

Things I’ve tried to put in my mouth by accident this morning:

  • Paintbrush
  • Paint bottle
  • Fraycheck bottle
  • Empty paint cup sitting next to my coffee cup

But you know what? My buttonholes are half-done and I honestly don’t care what I end up ingesting by accident because they’re going perfectly.