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People are worried and trolling you.  Just keep laughing and brushing them off.  I love your blog and you have so much great stuff here that is really helping people identify and learn how to deal with narcs.  I had my own experience years ago with a narc and I still deal with some issues today because of it.  You wouldn’t be getting so many trolls if you weren’t hitting so close and pushing some buttons.  They might try and call you crazy, but if they ACTUALLY thought you were crazy and weren’t very worried about what they read here then they could just ignore you.  I don’t engage with the chem-trail people, because I think they’re crazy, so I roll my eyes and don’t read their stuff.  (no offense to chem-trail believers, it’s just not my thing) Those people trolling you are doing it out of fear that you may be right.  

I support Benedict Cumberbatch!  I hope like hell he can get his life, health/mental-health, and career back on track.  I also support your blog Gator and all the good you are doing in educating people about narcissism.  


Thanks!  I’m glad I can help in any little way.  And I love the trolls like tonight’s because it does let me know we’re onto something.  

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[she really shouldn't...but she has to make sure he's alright] [just checking on his scent if fine, right? She won't get caught...] [just a little sniff outside his door...]


[pushes a button as his voice comes over the intercom of his room]

Anya, why are you literally smelling the door of the man who has a security camera right outside his room?

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it’s so weird and logical that samaritan uses a kid as his avatar, but more so that it visually SEES itself as gabriel, a small and innocent but pretty much ready to take on the future boy. it’s so telling, no a thematic level. it really feels like it is a petulant child genius who can’t wait to push buttons and the machine is the older sister that has to watch out for his ass and make sure the world doesn’t explode. it’s almost familial, at least to me.

yes, that’s what i thought too the first time root and gabriel met– that samaritan really is that petulant genius little brother, and the machine’s trying to show him the ropes, or heck, leave him alone but he’s just too destructive to be left alone.

also, for the passionless god greer wanted, samaritan is sure bitter and spiteful against the machine.

Your Bae

I know you love Rock Lee, so I’m sending this to cheer you up and make you forget about assholes pushing your buttons. :)

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Thank you honey ;;////;; ♥ I feel like I don’t have to explain myself to anyone….I just deleted the whole fiasco because I’m tired. Tired of fighting. 

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Why did you choose not to answer my question about the monogamy thing? Just curious. Was that a bad question?

…. It was a silly question. And then it became a rude question because you copied and pasted the exact same ask to Gabi. And then it became an even ruder question because Gabi answered you in detail, but that apparently is not enough for you.

We are people, not little buttons you can push on a machine to make go to satisfy your boredom.

Pro-tip if you want to help your infp to get into something new: excite their Ne instead of scaring their Si. For example, if you want them to go to a restaurant with you:

“Hey, I found this super-cool restaurant that has this dish you like so much and also it’s in agreement with that important value of yours, also they have this super-creative thing!”


Don’t do this:

“You never go out with me, why can’t we just go to any restaurant for once? I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad!”

infp: *locks self in room*


Playing with the Musicality and having fun

“Pushing Buttons” by DJ Shadow | Choreography by Phi Nguyen of the Jabbawockeez

For my 7000th post, I hereby provide likely the *hottest* JB drawing I have done thus far, if you know what I mean. Or well, I tried - I am still in the learning processes of handling digitial art. ;)

I have no particular context for this other than that this is supposed to be book-inspired. That they are on the way to the North… and enjoy some time alone.

I am now going to hide under a blanket because I bring this over to Tumblr as well, LOL.

But… since I am here for all the JB positivity, I guess… I can also bring some slight JB smuttery - after all, I don’t write smut, so I might just as well give a bit of that in the fanart department, hehe. ;)

CS ff: “Lethologica” (Chapter 6/?) (au)

Summary: Maybe if they could think of the perfect word to describe their friendship, everything else would fall into place.

Rating: M

A/N: Endless handholding from @nothandlingit came in handy through the last three days when this chapter practically erupted from the muses and they didn’t stop shouting until it was written. I’m gonna go sleep for the rest of the week, now.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Start from the Beginning onFFN & AO3

The thing about having a best friend like Killian is this: Emma is pretty good at knowing exactly which buttons to push at exactly which time. Prime examples of this have happened all across the timeline of their friendship, and sleeping together doesn’t change that one bit.

Killian’s expression when Emma needled him about the time they took in the shower the morning after their first night together was totally worth it. She held such high reservations about what them having sex would mean to their friendship, but the entire first event proved that nothing about them changed in the face of a new form of intimacy. They’ve always had a particular level of coziness in their encounters, and so transitioning from friends who hang out and watch movies to friends who hang out, watch movies, then fuck each other’s brains out was almost as easy as breathing.

Speaking of breathing, there is the little hiccup with how her breathing speeds up when she thinks of him now. How her lips tilt up just the tiniest bit at the mere thought of his name. Seeing him smile at her warms her so much that she feels the need to crank the AC up just a little bit more when he’s around.

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Imagine Sirius joining the choir to ‘get on your nerves’ (read: ‘get your attention’.)

You couldn’t do anything but grit your teeth when you saw Sirius Black walk into the choir room. He bad been pushing your buttons all week, throwing little bits of paper at your back during Transfiguration, sitting across from you during meals and stealing food from your plate, hell he even followed you through the library when you tried to hide from him. 

Now he was going too far. The school choir was the one place that you had never had any unnecessary drama. But there was Mr. Drama himself, sitting two rows behind you. And you knew it was specifically to piss you off because not even once did you hear him sing a note. 

By the end of rehearsal you were fuming. You were surprised that there wasn’t actual steam coming out of your ears when Professor Flitwick finally dismissed you. 

Without a word to any of your choir mates you fled the room, your bag on your shoulder. You were almost at the bottom of the first moving staircase when you felt a hand tugging on your shoulder. 

“Hey! You swept out of there quick. Didn’t even get a chance to ask you how my voice sounded,” Sirius grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. 

You shuddered in disgust and shrugged him off, trying to step away from him. 

“What on Earth do you want? What is the need to keep on bothering me? Huh? I mean, you haven’t wanted to talk to me until now, what the hell is up?” You growled, trying to step forward. He smiled slightly and shrugged in response. 

“Well, you can’t blame me for not thinking you would respond. But hey, I decided to take a chance,” He said flippantly. 

“Take a chance?” 

“Yeah. If you haven’t noticed you’re kind of ‘above everyone’.”

You frowned and crossed your arms. “I am not above everyone!” 

“You’re above me.”

“No I’m not.”

Sirius grinned. It should have alerted you.

“Then you would go out with me?”

“Yes I would!” You shouted, pushing him back and forcibly making your way up the staircase.

It took you a few moments to really understand what you had said, but it was too late to take it back. When you turned around to tell him off he was gone. What a prat.