This guy will probably be some kind of button on the Messy Little Monsters website once it’s done!

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I’m thinking of selling some buttons. I definitely plan on opening an Etsy shop once I get bigger molds (the set my button maker came with are kinda dinky), but for now I can just do it via Tumblr and PayPal. I only have three designs made so far, but I WILL be making more, so keep your eyes peeled!

For the record, here are the designs:

I think they’ll probably just be $3 apiece, ‘cause they’re small (and that should cover postage in most places). I can also do commission ones with my art, but those would be more expensive because they’d require a lot more effort on my part–I charge around $10 for busts, so maybe $12 for a button with custom art. (And you’d obviously get a full-res version of the pic too.)

So…yeah! Just hit me up!



Thank you for all the request, these were the most requested after asking for suggestions (don’t worry if your witch hasn’t been chosen I plan to make more)!

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and I hope you enjoy these <3


Sarah Kay - “Mrs Ribeiro”

“My world was the size of a crayon box, and it took every color to draw her.”

Sarah Kay, performing at Inner City Arts in Los Angeles. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!