ayyyyy more fan art for @thatsthat24 The inevitable Pixar crossover has come to fruition. This was a lot of fun, since I used a more cartoony style and simple cell-shading instead of trying to paint for once. It’s not my best pic, but I’m happy with it!

(note: classic case of the colors looking different on every monitor, sorry if they seem a little wonky!)


Supporting living artists is vital. Our livings are made off of our craft, and there are many ways you can help the artists in your life. Like, reblog, retweet, and otherwise share their art with proper credit. Send them a message of support. Visit their shows. Last but not least, buy their merchandise and commission them for work. Art is more than an expression or a hobby, it is a profession for many of us. Use this pin as a conversation starter, let people know why it is important to support living artists within their lives. (Shout out to the model used: @violentcosmos)

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Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE