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Transparent Aph Iceland edit by me. Please do not repost or remove caption.

Original image here. I put a lot of effort into these full colour edits, so credit would be nice if you use them. I’ll post each one with and without flowers. These are Iceland’s national flower, mountain avens. 

SO INTENSE! - Presented with Comment #3
  • Gavin:[About Ryan's editing of a GTA video.] Was it rushed, Ryan?
  • Ryan:No!
  • Michael:Yeah, where did you have to be? Did you have to go to The Patch or something?
  • Geoff:He had... he had Game Club.
  • Michael:Free Play and the other 50 shows you're on?
  • Jack:Yeah, he had Free Play to go to do.
  • Michael:Now we know GTA suffers, and the audience knows it too.
  • Jack:He just pressed the edit button.
  • Ryan:You're right, you're right. I guess I'm just gonna have to turn it over to someone else to edit.