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Mr. Barnes (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I hope you have a better birthday than you’re expecting to Anon! And I hope I wrote this in time for it! And I hope ‘in bed’ was a metaphor because you most certainly do not make it that far.

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With Wings {1K}

Part 1/3–Bucky x Female Reader 

Requested by @moongoddessxxx: hope you like it girl <3 sorry it took so long!!

Word Count: 1994

Warnings: tw: attempted rape/sexual abuse, violence, some angst but mostly fluffy Bucky (it get’s happier, loves)

Originally posted by coporolight

The day you met Bucky Barnes would be a day you’d never forget. You’d been living in New York for a few weeks at that point and needless to say, you were fairly lonely. You had no roommates, no family, no friends in the area and all you could really do was go to work at a restaurant you’d just started at and come home to an empty, bare apartment. 

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Imagine you're a powerful Emperor Pt. 2

Part 1

You lay on the bed, groaning, struggling, and gritting your teeth, “Come on. Come on, please!” Your body tenses and your back arches, and finally you collapse out of breath then exhale in frustration, “Just zip already you damn pants!” You sit up, still able to see over your swollen belly to your legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Your pants sit on your hips, button undone, your fly having slid back down to the bottom, and your belt waiting in the loops for your attempt to fasten it. Your shirt, no longer fit perfectly, instead it now pulls tight across your pregnant middle. Flutters rise in your belly as you glared, “Oh you think that’s funny, forcing your father out of his clothes already?” You knew your clothes would eventually betray you, but your were not expecting it to happen literally over night. “Dear,” your wife speaks up having watched your failed attempt with mild amusement, “Why not just put on the new clothes the tailor made. He promised they would last the full nine months.” “The emperor never surrenders!” You declare trying to sound triumphant, “My belt! The buckle is large enough. If I can get it closed I can surely hide-” You strain again unable to thread the end tip through into the buckle, “Et tu belt!” You growl and continue to try and force your belt to thread together. In vain you try to suck in your stomach but it went no where. Your child was perfectly content within your womb and refused to be squeezed. Again your breath runs out and you let go of your belt. Defeated, you lean back on your hands looking down at your front with a frown. More flutters came causing you to smirk and gently rub your belly, “Alright, you win this round.” Your empress suddenly perks up, “Are they moving?” Without waiting for an answer, her hand was placed against your swell, “I… don’t feel anything,” she notes disappointed. “Still to small yet,” You remark placing one hand over your wife’s, “Only four months along. I can barely feel our child at times.” In breathe deeply in defeat once more and lean your head back, “Where did the tailor put those clothes?” The new set of clothes fit comfortably, and were a little loose for the time being. Both pants and shirts had panels along the sides hidden by your cloak that would stretch with your swelling womb. The accompanying belt appeared much to long at first but it too fit several notches above the tightest setting. You grimace as your investigate the new clothes wondering just how big your were going to get. Word had gotten around that your empire would have a new prince or princess soon. Of course, along with it came the argument of who was carrying the heir, the emperor or the empress. Many of your subjects assumed the latter. Regardless, it was information you would rather not expose until it could no longer be hidden. Anymore growth spurts like that one and the truth would have to come out sooner than later. Some nobles were already growing suspicious that it was you who was pregnant due to a sudden shift in your behavior. Once you were more than willing to leave the safety of the capital and observe the far reaches of your empire. However, now carrying a heir in your belly was made you much more cautious, more protective of yourself, as well as more selective of how far you wondered from the safety of the palace. Your middle becoming round from your heir only added more fuel to the fire. “Well which is it, sire?” a nobleman asks. “Which is what?” you inquire with confused look. A noblewomen gives an airy laugh from behind her fan, “My good emperor! Have you not heard? You are the topic of the rumor mill as of late!” The empress coughs slightly into her tea shooting a glance towards you then back to her drink, “A-a rumor? Of our good emperor? Wh-who would make up such tales?” she asks nervously. A second nobleman answers politely “It was a visual observation which started it, my emperor. Come now, sire. I hate the be that person but, erm, have you been enjoying the fruits of your rule a tad too much lately?” “I beg your pardon?” You ask in a flash of anger, “What exactly are you implying?” “Oh now, now, my emperor,” the noblewomen answers, “We do not mean any rudeness. There is no reason to get defensive over picking up some fat with age.” You stutter a moment at such a vile accusation, “Fat? Fat! That is the rumor the mill has spat? It is a lie. I’m not fat.” “My love-” your wife attempts to interject but your hormones were most certainty in control now. “I’m pregnant!” you shout not hearing your wife nor catching what you spoke until you speak it. Your eyes go wide and a look of horror overtakes your face as you clasp both hands over your mouth, desperate to will away what you just proclaimed. The room full of gossiping aristocrats became silent enough one could hear a pin drop as all eyes were suddenly glued to you. Several shock expressions, along with the exchange of winning bets filled the room Your wife muffles a groan as she buries her face into her hands. This was certainty not how both of you had planned to reveal it as such. In a panic, your eyes dart around the room, you suddenly feel queasy, “I-I have to go.” You speak quickly then dash from the room. Your panic fueled run takes you to a quiet corner of the palace gardens where you finally slow down to catch your breath and hold your head in anger and frustration, “That was dumb. Heaven and Hell that was dumb. How did I lose control like that so easily? They’ve undoubtedly ran off to confirm and spread that bit of news.” You lean against a wall, running one hand through your hair and idly resting the other against your swollen middle, “Cat’s out of the bag now little heir. It was going to happen sooner or later. Guess we’ll be staying under close watch from now on. Your mother is probably mad at me for doing that.” You grin and gently rub your stomach, “Granted, I don’t think you care one way or another, so long as I keep a supply of grapes coming.” You feel a light flutter and assume it was a yes. With the rumor that you were carrying the heir confirmed, travel within the capital city was proving to be more bothersome by the day. Over the next several months your child grew bigger and stronger, even wrapping your cloak around your frame failed to fully hide your swollen middle now. Being pregnant seemed to make everyone forget about your personal boundary and you being their emperor! And you despised every second of it. You became overly protective of your heir, shooting a glare at anyone who tried to get too close without permission and along with a toss from your guards if needed. Almost constantly when you were in public, even within the palace you would swivel your eyes and held one hand to your taught middle. You even accidentally growled at your empress a number of times when she caught you off guard, although you were quick to apologize for it each time and she just as easily forgave you. Too make matters worse an assassination target had been placed on your back. A group known only as the Carii had made you their prime target. The first attack came within a week of you carrying the heir becoming public knowledge. Your would be assassin blended seamlessly with the crowd and once close enough made a lunge for your back only to be stopped by one of your loyal guards. You drew your sword to the assassins throat demanding answers, but the only words he spoke were ‘The Carii shall end your blood line’ before biting into a cyanide capsule and collapsing. You were offering a handsome reward for any usable information leading to the capture of the Carii leader. Several mercenary groups had gone on the hunt, but the leader remained out of sight. Any members who were captured gave the same declaration before eating the cyanide capsule. The royal guard put their top resources on trying to determine where the Carii could be hiding out as well as keeping you safe. Understandably, you felt safe hidden away in the palace, away from the public and deep behind the guard’s defenses. It was becoming harder for you too move quickly the heavier your child grew and you felt short of breath after a short period of time of running. Even with this madness, you still had an empire to rule. You had the trust and respect of your subjects to maintain even with the Carii threat breathing down your neck. It was just before sundown when you were finally able to escape your royal duties and relax in your private quarters with your loving empress. A antique chaise lounge chair with a nest of pillows had become your favorite place to relax and allowed you to still gaze out a pair of heavily locked glass doors leading to a oil lantern lit balcony. “At last…,” you moan as you sink into the chair, feeling your back pain being near instantly relieved. Your hands quickly wonder down to your waist and undo your belt, button and zipper allowing your swollen belly more room in your lap, “There. Is that better little heir?” you ask rubbing the tight round mass making up your middle. You smile warmly as a kick meets your hand and you lean back. The empress takes a moment to sit between your legs gently places both hands on your belly, “You’re almost ready little heir, only a little longer now.” she speaks with a smile as she lovingly traces the child’s movements within you. “Little doesn’t describe our heir anymore,” you note, “We make big strong ones if these kicks and punches are any indication.” The empress giggles and hugs your round middle with beaming smile, “Strong and handsome sons. Fierce and beautiful daughters.” She carefully slides your shirt up then plants a kiss just above your navel forcing you to stifle a moan, “Oh?” She question looking at you, “What was that sound you just made, my emperor?” You answer with a knowing grin placing both hands atop your middle, “Nothing.” “You shouldn’t lie to your mistress, my little emperor,” she replies as she gently rubs the sides of your tight belly and kisses your navel, “You agree with me, don’t you little heir?” She asks moving on hand to trace your child’s movements as your belly distorts, “Papa shouldn’t lie to me now should he.” You clench your jaw as she strokes your middle, your skin had gotten incredibly sensitive over the last several months. Mix that with her honey like voice and surging hormones, it became hard to control yourself at times. Never did you think being pregnant would be such a turn on for you, “Kiss a bit lower and maybe I’ll tell you want that sound was.” Your wife grins, “Oh, playing this game are we?” “Maybe,” you answer with your own grin, “What can I say. I got a beautiful woman that I love tending to me. Can you really bl-” You suddenly turn and cough several times, “What was that for!” You sneer at your belly lightly rubbing the top, “Kicking my lungs like that, we both need them you know.” Your wife erupts into laughter and you feel your heir stretch within the confines of your womb, distorting its round shape briefly before settling again. “Alright, little heir,” your wife speaks gently rubbing the length of your stomach and planting one final kiss before pulling your shirt back over your stomach, “We’ll let you get some rest. It’s been a long day for you as well.” You huff and and rest your head against the pillows again, “If anyone needs rest its me from carrying you around. I don’t know if I can get much bigger.” “You can make it, my love.” She notes with a loving smile and a kiss, “You’re doing better then what my body could do.” “My sweet empress, I love you to death,” you reply, looking at her, “How many times have I reassured you already? We need to use my womb so we will. Now if I can get rid of the damn Carii I’ll being doing much better.” You let out a soft grunt and gently rub your swollen middle again, “Shh, don’t you worry in there. We will never let them get anywhere close to you.” You then turn your head towards the balcony, focusing on the heavy lock guarding the door and let out a forlorn sigh, “It’s a shame, such a beautiful night tonight. I rather be out there enjoying the breeze and fresh air. We need to get rid of that Carii.” You look back to your swollen belly again, “So that you can breathe the fresh air as well without worry.” “Don’t do anything rash honey,” your empress speaks sitting back upright on the lounge chair with a worried look, “I can’t bare the thought of losing both of you.” “I’m sure as hell in no condition to hunt them myself,” you point out, “And I would much rather not have our child born with a target on their back.” You breathe deeply in thought, “We’re running out of time though. I’ll have the guard up their efforts, and reconsider upping the reward.” Your wife smiles, “In that case, I’ll up my weapon training some more. It’s my job now, to keep our family safe.” You return the smile then look back at the stars, idling rubbing your belly as you wish and pray all would turn out for the better and soon.

Wild Turkey Woman

Summary: Killing time and liquor in a hotel room with Dean.
Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: Language, drinking, sexy times, implied smut. 
Challenge: @winchester-writes’s Birthday Drinking Challenge; my prompt was Wild Turkey and, “Why is it I only drink this when I’m with you?” as well as @chaos-and-the-calm67‘s Milestone Challenge, wherein my prompt was “Have You Ever Really Love A Woman” by Bryan Adams, as well as the gif at the bottom of the fic. 

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(Request: Rick smut with lots of daddy and dirty talk please? :) )

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: smut, daddy kink, dirty talk

Originally posted by jyncassian

Rick was always passionate in bed. He loved making you feel good and letting you know just how much he loved you. But other days when you pissed him off or he was in a bad mood, he wouldn’t hold back as he gave you no mercy as he teased you with his filthy words. Today was one of those days. You had just finished arguing about who should take the group to the hilltop and you were both spitting cruel words at each other, defying each other’s ability to be in charge. Rick had shoved you against the wall roughly and he held your hands above your head, his forehead touching yours as he glared at you.

“Say that again” he threatened you.

“You’re weak right now Rick, I think I should go” you dared to repeat it.

Ricks fingers closed around your wrists and you enjoyed the pain he was inflicting on you. You knew where this was heading and you encouraged his rough actions by kissing his lips. Both of you fought for dominance as your tongues collided with each other. You ended up giving in when Rick bit down on your lip and you allowed his tongue to take charge. This was how it went, you and Rick fought for dominance until you couldn’t hold in your pleasure anymore, and you let him take control.

Rick removed his hands from yours and he ripped your shirt off, the buttons on your top going flying. You gasped at his sudden outburst but you couldn’t deny that seeing him like this was a turn on, and he knew it too. He easily undid your bra and as soon as it left your breasts his mouth was on them, his tongue licking across your nipple. You grabbed a handful of his hair and moaned which made him stop.

“I don’t think so (y/n), only good girls get to feel pleasure” he said as he pushed you on your knees.

He tangled his fingers through your hair as you quickly took his jeans and boxers off, his already rock hard cock springing free. Taking you by surprise, rick shoved your head forward and you gagged as his tip hit the back of your throat.

“You seem to forget who’s in charge” Rick said in-between grunts. He continued to move your head at a fast pace and soon enough he began fucking your mouth, his hips thrusting forward. He soon let loose in your mouth and you swallowed it all, knowing that he loved when you did that.

“You dirty slut” he said, out of breath from the high he just had.

You stood back up and he quickly led you to the living room and bent you over the arm of the sofa. He pulled your jeans off and slapped your bare ass, it was sure to leave a red mark in the morning.

“Are you gonna take my dick like a good girl, or do I need to teach you some more fucking lessons” he said, barely containing himself from shoving into you.

“I’ll take it like a good girl daddy” as soon as those words left your mouth Rick shoved himself into you and immediately started thrusting, giving you no chance to adjust. You dug your fingernails into the sofa as Rick grabbed your hair and yanked back, making your back arch. He leaned forward and started to whisper dirty things in your ear as he fucked you hard. He called you his dirty slut, and finished by calling you daddy’s girl. He continued to thrust into you harder and your clit was rubbing against the sofa, quickly sending you into your high. Rick felt your walls clench around him as you saw stars and swirly universes, and soon after you came, Rick pulled out and finished off on your back.

He breathed heavily to try and catch his breath back and you sprawled out on the sofa, you had no energy left in you to move. Rick went to get you a tissue and carefully wiped his mess off your back before rubbing the red hand print on your ass, apologising for being so rough. He then moved to your wrists and kissed them, knowing that they might be bruised tomorrow.

“You know I love you, right?” he asked, putting his boxers on.

“Mhmm. You know I only said what I said so you could be rough, right?” you mimicked his tone and he laughed.

“Yeah, I know”

You pulled the blanket from the sofa around you and watched as Rick got dressed and ready to take the group to Hilltop.

“Be safe” you said, a hint of worry in your voice.

“I always am” he gave you a kiss on the cheek and left the house, leaving you to curl up in a ball and fall asleep until he got back.

My hunger

the buttons
of your summer dress
fly through the air
hitting the floor
like raindrops
as i unleash my hunger
upon you
tearing at your seams
with hands and teeth
your body
sighing with relief

- PD Bates

anonymous asked:

26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.” With Baron

Aw, Wolf Daddy, I love it. This got… Much angstier than I thought it would. Maybe I’m just in an angsty mood, I don’t even know man. I also made him… A little? More expressive?? I mean, come on, his emotional state has been on a very high level as of late, I mean really.

#26: “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”

You had managed to avoid him for over 2 months now, always being able to fumble out some excuse. Always something about not having his right shade or the right kind of products for his hair, even worse, pinning him on the other artists there, something about them knowing what he likes. Bullshit, all bullshit. You knew what products worked best on him, his likes, his dislikes, hell, you had dated him for over 2 years.

Before he left, that is. Not that you felt bitter about it, god no. You were more proud than anything. He got out, knew he was meant for better things, meant to wrestle. And you were not going to be the thing holding him back from that. It was never a “talk,” there weren’t fights, anything. Everything just. Stopped. His schedule grew busy with training and the constant traveling. When he went months without so much as a text, the only time you heard his voice being when you watched his matches, you got the message, gathering everything that had made his place yours, getting one of his friends to take care of X before you disappeared. You changed your numbers, left behind your job, your city, friends, everything you loved.

‘It was a mutual thing,’ sounded much more natural whenever people had asked what happened between the two of you. The more you said it, the more you had been able to convince yourself that that’s what it was. A mutual breakup. “Our lives just weren’t made for each other. It was easier this way.” It wasn’t. 4 years later and it still wasn’t easier.

You had never expected to land a job here, never expected that Lindy Sue, one of your biggest inspirations in the makeup department, would look at your page, see your work and invite you in for an interview. The whole thing sounded as if it had been torn from one of your dreams. After the first month of working with her, you grew the courage to ask how she discovered you. “One of the wrestler’s told me about you,” was all she would ever say before changing the subject.

“Baron’s at your station, whenever you’re ready,” you were quickly told, the person quickly running off before you had time to stutter out some over-used excuse. You took a deep breath, air pooling in your lungs, before you began the walk to your usual station. You pretended not to notice the way his breath caught in his throat, the way his hand ran over his jaw.

“I’ll be done as soon as I can,” you muttered out politely, gently pulling at the small band holding his hair in his usual bun. It had gotten so much longer since you had last been this close. You ran your fingers through it slowly, remembering the way you used to do it on your lazy nights together, his head resting against your thighs, some dumb horror movie on the screen. You pulled yourself out of the memory, a small sniffle the only sign of the tears threatening to fall from your eyes. You moved away from the chair, your hand hovering over the products lining your table.

“Look at me,” though to anyone else it would sound like a demand, you knew it was a plead. Your movements froze at the way his name rolled off your tongue. You wiped angrily at your eyes at the soft ‘baby,’ that left his lips, refusing to give in.

Don’t. Do that, don’t call me that,” it passed through teeth gritted together. You closed your eyes, regaining your composure before grabbing the usual bottle used on the male wrestler’s with longer hair, slicking his down quickly, practically throwing it onto the table as you finished. “There, you look fine.” You huffed out, ignoring his protests as you made your way to the bathroom, the slight sound of flesh against concrete causing your heart to leap a bit as you disappeared down the hall.

You grunted as you tugged your bag over the small speed bump by the front door, blowing a piece of hair from in front of your face, smiling at the man at the front desk. “Last one in?” he muttered out, making slight small talk as he pulled up your room number. You nodded back at him, muttering out a small ‘as usual,’ always being one to hang back in order to avoid any accidental confrontations with Baron. 

Your eyes fell to the small writing on the paper folder holding your key. You moved slowly to the elevator, looking up in order to avoid tripping, your eyes landing on a giant mass sitting on the chair in the waiting room. Your thoughts swarmed with the events of earlier that night, what Baron had done to Sami, something he didn’t deserve. He had been so angry, angrier than his usual matches, leaving you to watch backstage in shock. 

Your finger mashed against the button, eyes trained on the metal doors as you heard shuffling behind you. You pressed yourself against the wall as you watched him follow in behind you, quickly asking what floor he was on for you to push the button. You watched the numbers light up carefully, teeth gnawing on the inside of your cheek. You eyes widened at the small ‘fuck this,’ muttered beside you, before his fist slammed against the emergency button, your hand flying to the railing as the elevator pulled to a stop. 

“What the hell, Baron,” you shot a glare his way before your back fell against the side, fists placed on either side of your head. You stared up at him, challenging his anger filled eyes. “What is your problem?!” 

“You, you’re my problem,” it came out as a deep growl as you rolled your eyes. “You’re avoiding me. Why?” His eyes narrowed at the small chuckle that passed by your lips. 

“Why do you think Baron, honestly,” you hissed through gritted teeth. “You hurt me,” a sad laugh pulled itself from you as you looked down at your feet, tears pulling at your ducts. “To a point where I don’t know when I’m going to be okay. You broke my heart in the worst way possible,“

“You left me princess, I come home to nothing, your number changed, your stuff gone, you gone, and I’m the bad guy,” his fist pounded against the wall, causing you to jump slightly. “It’s bullshit.” Your eyes shot up to meet his, index fingering pushing against his chest. 

“You were gone long before I even left, left me before I even had a chance to fight for you, for us. You wanna know why I’ve been avoiding you?! I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again,” the strength in your voice fell, betraying you as it cracked. Your fingers tightened into a slight hold on his shirt. “because every match, every night I watched you get closer and closer to achieving all this, the things you were born for, my heart screamed for you and you weren’t there!” By now, the padding of his thumb pressed against your cheek, wiping the tears that had flooded down your cheeks. You leaned slightly to his touch, his hands more calloused than remembered before pushing his hand away, knowing if it lingered any longer you would fall back in. 

“I’m sorry,” you clicked your tongue, eyes shifting to the side to avoid his apology. “Look at me,” his fingers pulled gently against your chin, angling your face up towards his. “I’m sorry.” his eyes shook with fear, the whites dyed a slight red color, you telling yourself it was just because of how late it was, how tired he may be. 

“Baron, can you just fix this so I can go to my room,” your voice was quiet, not wanting to embarrass yourself any further. 

“No,” he muttered stubbornly, keeping your eyes on his. “No, not until we talk about this. Dammit, we should’ve talked the second Lindy told me you got the job, the second I found you,” your palm fell against his cheek, the sound being the only one to echo against the walls. 

“How dare you,” you couldn’t tell what was going through your mind right now, not knowing whether to be angry that he had involved someone else in this, or hopeful at the fact that he had been looking for you. 

“This is pointless without you,” it was a small confession that had all thoughts pull to a stop. “All of this, fucking pointless if I don’t have you, why didn’t you just say something to me, I would’ve tried harder, I would’ve done better,” he pressed gently against the button, the elevator resuming it’s climb, doors opening with a ding. His lips pressed shakily against your cheek, forcing himself to pull away. “I’d do anything for you, please, think about it.” He shuffled out the elevator, hands pulling at his hair as he walked down the dimmed hallway. Your arm shot out to stop the elevator doors, your bags forgotten.

“Baron, wait,” your feet sped up as he turned around, seeing his eyes filled with tears. Your heart immediately broke at this as you caught up, your palms immediately pressing against his cheeks, lips pressing desperately against his. His arms wrapped around you as though you were his life line, keeping you close against his body. Your lips pulled away slowly, as you fell back on your heels, teeth tugging at your bottom lip. A small smile pulled at Baron’s lips as he held you, his lips pressing against the top of your head as you pressed your body against his. “I left my bags on the elevator.” 



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imagine while undercover, one od the suspects finds out who you are and Pride knows you’ve been found out. The criminal tears your shirt open and that’s when Pride bursts in. He drapes his jacket over your shoulders and takes you back to the office with him? 

Requested by imthehoneyyourethebee~

The buttons of your shirt went flying before you had a chance to push the suspect away. “I knew it. You’re wearing a damn wire!” They spat out. Their hand instantly went around their back, probably to pull out a weapon.

But they never had the chance to, because Pride was kicking down the door the next second. “Hands on your head.” He ordered, voice tight and harsh. He was in Boss Mode now; willing to kill to protect his agents. Especially when that agent was you.

And as LaSalle happily cuffed the perp, Pride was immediately coming up to evaluate your state. He looked more relieved than you did. “You alright?” He asked anyway.

You sent a smirk up to your boss. “I’ll need a new shirt, but yeah. I’m good.”

He gave a soft nod, eyes shifting down to your abdomen before looking away with light blush. Pride immediately began shrugging off his jacket, handing it over with minimal eye contact. “Better wear this until we get back to the office. I’ll give you somethin’ to wear.”


[[ Request: imagine a fight with happy about something serious ]] - I’ve received several requests for more Happy imagines. I also got a few requests for Happy smut, and since there’s nothing better than angry sex, I thought this little imagine would be perfect to make that dream come true. 💖😉 

You awoke to the sound of a loud, banging knock on your front door. You inhaled deeply and opened your eyes. You glanced at the alarm clock on your bedside table. It was a few minutes past 1:00 AM. You laid in bed for another minute, thinking the sound had all been a dream. Then you heard your old man’s voice.

“Y/N!” Happy yelled from outside your house. He continued to knock loud and hard on your door. “Open the fucking door!”

You rolled out of bed and pulled on an old flannel shirt. You yawned and stumbled your way to the front of your house, wondering what had crawled up Happy’s ass tonight. 

“Goddammit, Y/N!” he pounded harder on the door. “I know you’re home!”

“Hey, Hap,” you mumbled tiredly as you opened your front door. Happy was standing there, a stern look on his face. You knew he was pissed. 

“What took you so long?” he snapped, brushing past you and walking into your house. 

“Sure, Happy, come on in.” The sarcasm practically oozed from your voice. “What’s your deal?”

“Are you fuckin’ some other guy?” he asked abruptly, completely ignoring your sarcastic comments. His words caught you off guard. You felt your eyes widen and your mouth dropped open at the accusation. 

“What?” you blurted, your eyes narrowing. You crossed your arms over your chest defensively. “What the hell kind of question is that?”

“Answer my question,” he grumbled. He stared hard at you. 

“You’re insane,” you snapped, an annoyed look now on your face. ”What are  you talking about?”

“You know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about,” he spat. “You and that guy you work with. I see the way he looks at you.” 

“You’re such a fucking asshole.” 

“I just like to protect what’s mine,” he replied gruffly. “So answer the fucking question.”

You stared back at him, determined to stand your ground. “You can’t just barge in my house this late and ask me shit like that.”

“I can ask you whatever the hell I want,” he snapped. He walked around your living room, eyeing everything in sight. He quickly turned to face you again. “Answer me.” 

“I’m not answering you when you ask me stupid shit.” 

“So you’re fucking some other guy.” It sounded more like a statement than a question. His eyes were stone. His face was rigid. He looked like he might kill someone at any moment. He just needed to figure out who his target was. 

You clenched your jaw. “What’s your problem, Hap?”

“Who is he?” he asked through gritted teeth. He paused and walked towards you. “Some pretty boy?” A smirk spread across his face. “Bet he won’t be so pretty after I get a hold of him.” He lifted his shirt to show off his smiley face tattoos. “I’ve been needin’ a new one.”

You felt your breath catch, and you bit your lip. You felt your anger melting away. It was being replaced by raging desire. Seeing your old man get this riled up was hot. He was jealous, and you loved it. The rage in his eyes, the way his jaw muscles tensed and flexed. It was getting you wet.

You looked him up and down and licked your lips. “What are you gonna do about it?” you asked in an innocent voice.

Happy’s smirk grew wider. “I’m gonna fuck you.” He ripped his shirt off and walked towards you, his boots making heavy thudding sounds on the floor of your living room with each stomp. “Hard.” You felt a wave of heat rush through your body, and you bit your lip harder. Happy grabbed the back of your head with one hand, shoving his fingers roughly into your hair. His other hand slid to your ass and gave it a rough squeeze before his lips collided with yours. You let out an involuntary moan and clawed at his hips. “Did you forget you’re mine, girl?” He kissed you hard. His skin was on fire as it pressed against yours. “Take off your clothes.” 

You smirked at him. “And what if I don’t want to?”

He pressed his forehead and pushed you backwards until you were pressed against the living room wall. He stood straight again, looked at you for a split second, then ripped your shirt from your body. The buttons on your flannel exploded, flying in every direction. He pulled your shorts down and pinned you against the wall, one hand on either side of your head. “That answer your question?” He pulled you away from the wall by your waist and tangled his fingers in your hair again. He kissed you roughly, his lips dominating yours. 

He pushed you away from him and began working at his belt. “Get on your knees,” he growled. 

You did as you were told and eagerly dropped to your knees. You looked up at him and wet your lips. A look of lust flashed in his eyes, and you tried to hold back the devilish smile begging to form on your lips. He unzipped his pants, and you pulled them to his thighs. You leaned forward and grabbed him firmly, a mischievous twinkle in your eyes. You opened your lips and slowly took every inch of him in your mouth. Happy groaned and grabbed a hand full of your hair. You let your tongue dance across him, and he groaned louder. You bobbed your head up and down on him, agonizingly slow. You wanted to tease him. Punish him a little bit for getting angry with you and accusing you of being with another man. You would never do that. You knew your place, and it was with Happy.

He gave your hair a tug, pulling you up to stand in front of him again. He pushed you backwards, towards the couch. “Turn around,” he commanded. You turned your back to him, looking over your shoulder in anticipation. He grabbed your head and pushed you down so you leaned over the arm of the couch. He gave you a few teasing strokes, then he spread you open with one hand while the other positioned himself. He forced himself into you, hard and fast, and you let out a loud gasp, followed by a low, deep moan. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Your mouth opened as he went deeper inside you, filling you to the brim with warm, intense pleasure. He growled and thrust a few times, letting out several groans of his own.

“Happy,” you mumbled. 

He pulled out of you and grabbed your arm, pulling you up to stand again. He picked you up and carried you to the kitchen where he set you down on the counter so you were facing him. He grabbed your knees with both hands and spread your legs. He kneeled in front of you, his hands holding you open, and he let his tongue dance across your most sensitive areas. Your skin tingled.  Your eyes closed, and you didn’t even try to fight to keep them open. You moaned in pleasure, knowing that if he kept it up, you wouldn’t last much longer. You felt your knees trying to close. The pleasure was too intense. It was too much for you. 

He stood, his hands resting on both of your knees, and positioned himself to enter you again. He pushed himself deep inside you. You were dripping wet now. You couldn’t think of anything more than how good Happy felt inside you. How your body caught fire with every touch. How his hands ran across your body. How his fingers dug into your skin, leaving a trail of bruises as they went. How his tongue felt as it danced across your skin, touching you and teasing you in all the right places. You gently sank your teeth into his neck and groaned, trying to savor every touch and taste of your old man. Happy was like a drug for you. You could never get enough.

“Fuck me hard,” you whispered against his neck. He let out a deep, throaty laugh and thrust himself inside you hard. Your jaw dropped and you clawed at his back. “Happy.” He thrust again. His fingers dug into your hips. You could already see the faint outline of the bruises that would later pepper your skin. “God, yes.” He thrust again. “Harder.” He thrust himself in and out of you, harder and faster than he ever had before. You gasped and moaned, unable to control yourself at all anymore. Your fingernails dug deeper into his back and shoulders. “Happy!” You were practically screaming now. He kept thrusting, and your moans kept growing lower. His hands grasped at your hips, his teeth scraped your shoulder. “Happy. Oh, god.” Your eyes rolled back as you felt yourself succumbing to the most intense wave of pleasure of your life. The wave of heat crashed down on top of you. Your body tingled and shook. You felt paralyzed with pleasure. Every nerve had been set on fire. The release was like nothing you had ever felt before. You let out a gasp, trying to catch your breath. You felt yourself tightened around Happy. You could feel him pulsating inside you. He growled and thrust again, but you were too wet, too tight for him to hold back any longer. He groaned loudly. His entire body twitched as he gave in to you, letting himself find his release. He took a deep breath and removed his hands from your hips. He placed his hands on the cabinets above you, leaning his head down to rest on your shoulder. He breathed hard and deep for a few moments, trying to steady himself. 

He looked up at you. His mouth hung open, and his eyes looked wild. “Fuck,” he mumbled. He took another deep breath and nodded his head rapidly. “We should fight more.” 


You laid on the floor beside Happy, only a few pillows and a throw from the back of the couch to keep you comfortable. The carpet scratched your bare skin, but neither of you minded. You were still on a high from the night before. You and Happy had started in the living room, but you had made your way around the entire house before the night was over. There wasn’t a single surface you hadn’t fucked on. The anger had dwindled away, replaced by raw, dirty passion, and naturally, you were both exhausted. Your head rested on Happy’s chest, your fingers absently traced the tattoos on his stomach. “Did you really think I was fuckin’ that guy?” 

Happy laughed and grinned mischievously. “Nah. You know you belong to me.” He took in a deep breath and leaned his head further back on the pillow. “I just missed the angry sex.” 

You laughed and playfully rolled your eyes. “Of course you did.”

Imagine you are Chibs’ Old Lady and the guys tease him about the age gap between the two of you but he shows you he is not an ‘old man’. *Smut*

Warnings: smut, language.

“Shut up,” Chibs grumbles, folding his arms across his chest defensively.
The guys laughed.

“I mean,” Tig said, “I get that she likes older guys, but you’re old enough to be her grandfather!”

You knew it was an exaggeration, but you knew it pissed Chibs off nonetheless. The guys loved to make fun of the age gap between you and your Old Man and while you knew it was just fun, Chibs took it personally. You suspected it had something to do with him having already been married once but you never asked in case it caused problems.

“Yeah, how’d you land someone as young as her anyway?” Jam chimed in, “She’s, like, my age.”

You heard Chibs huff and decided now was as good a time as any to butt in.

“Chibs, we really get going, don’t you think? I still have to make us dinner and it’s getting late.” You said, placing a hand on his arm to get his attention and show your support.

He gave you a look, one eyebrow raised, that told you he knew exactly what you were trying to do. Still, he didn’t object. The two of you bid your goodbyes and rode home on your Old Man’s Harley.

“You know they’re only joking, right? They don’t really think you’re too old for me.” You told Chibs as you put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Chibs was leaning on an island bench, watching you from the other side of the kitchen.

He only hummed in response, too busy watching you bend over as you searched the refrigerator.

You were dicing up a carrot when you felt hands on your hips, followed by soft lips and scratchy stubble on your neck. You shivered and set the knife down.

“I could’ve chopped my fingers off, you know?” You said, but it came out halfhearted due to the lust that was quickly making you feel lightheaded.

“I wouldn’t let you get hurt.” Chibs mumbled into your neck.

This time it was you who hummed as you tilted your neck and leaned back on your husband. You could feel the bruise forming where your Old Man was sucking and biting at your neck. You let out a soft moan and, in return, Chibs growled lowly and spun you in his arms to smash your lips together in a fierce kiss. You gripped the back of his neck, pulling him in closer and letting his tongue slide into your mouth.

He stepped closer to you, trapping you between his hips and the bench. The felt the bench digging into your lower back but paid it no mind as you could also feel the tent in Chibs’ jeans pressing against your front. Your hands found their way into Chibs’ grey locks, tugging lightly. He reached behind you and shoved the chopping board aside, the carrots scattered, forgotten on the floor. He grasped your hips roughly, lifting you onto the bench. You spread your legs so that Chibs could come to stand between them as he kissed and nipped your neck and chest, pulling on the collar of your shirt to gain more access. (As he kissed you, you reached over to the stove and turned it off so not to burn the house down).

“I don’t care what they say,” he muttered between kisses, “I’m not too old to make you feel good.”

His hands gripped the collar of your shirt and before you could protest he pulled, buttons went flying and your shirt was ruined but you could care less; you’d worry about it tomorrow. Rough, calloused fingers toyed with your bra. He was rubbing and massaging your tits through the thin material, occasionally letting a digit or two slip in to tease your nipples.

You pushed him back (with a whine at the loss) only to push his kutte off his shoulders and pull his shirt over his head. The moment you had rid him of his kutte and shirt, you ran your hands over his chest, the small hairs tickling your pals, and then raked your nails lightly back down his pecs and stomach, stopping at the button of his jeans. Then,  you removed your hands to undo the button on your own jeans instead.

“Come on then, old man,” you teased as you undid your jeans at a slow, tantalising pace, “show me what you’ve got left in you.”

Chibs gripped your wrists hard and removed them from your jeans so that he could undo them himself. He dropped to his knees in front of you. You lifted your hips up to help him drag the denim down your legs. He planted kisses along your inner thighs as the smooth skin was revealed. When he had finally rid you of your pants, he went for your underwear next. The bench was cold under you and you couldn’t help but feel slightly exposed from your position, but those thoughts left your mind the moment Chibs stood up and pushed down his own jeans, letting them pool at his ankles.

“Fuck me, old man.” You teased, tugging him closer to you and shuffling further towards him.

I,” he said, lining his leaking tip to your entrance. He pushed in and you couldn’t contain the cry that spilled from your lips at the feeling of being so full. “Am not old.”

You didn’t get a chance to say anything more before your old man was pounding into you with all that he had. You threw your head back with a particularly loud moan and you felt yourself shudder. You felt like your whole body was on fire; his hips slapping against your thighs, your fingers tangled in his hair, his lips all over your body, every time he touched you felt hotter than the last.

“Do you like it when I take you like this?” He asked.

“God, Chibs, yes!” You moaned out but gasped when he hit your g-spot hard.

You felt your stomach tighten and you knew you were close to finishing. The way Chibs’ thrusts were losing rhythm told you he was too.

“Kiss me,” you ordered and he happily obliged.

The kiss was lazy and hard but passionate; your teeth were clashing but your tongues danced in perfect timing.

“Oh my- Chibs, I’m gonna come!” You whispered into his mouth.

He looked down at you through thick lashes, eyes clouded in desire.

“Good.” His voice was deep and rough, his accent thick. That alone was enough to send you over the edge. Your body shook as you came and you clenched around him. He kept thrusting as you rode out your orgasm, and soon he followed suit as he came inside you with a cry of your name.

He slumped and let his head rest on your shoulder as the two of you caught your breath. You hopped off the bench and put your hands on Chibs’ shoulders to steady yourself, your legs still shaky. Chibs, ever the gentleman, bent down to pick up your panties and his shirt. You thanked him when he passed them to you and slipped them on while he pulled up his own jeans.

“Sorry about your shirt, sweetheart.” He said, although he didn’t sound sorry at all.

You stood on your toes to kiss him deeply. “Do not apologise for that. That was amazing, and I, for one, will never call you old again.”

You didn’t miss the smug smile that made it’s way onto his face.


What a stupid, too-big shirt with stupid frills, making him look like the gaunt skeleton of a seventeenth century poet. There is only one way you can think to get rid of it, destroying it so completely that he will never be able to wear it again.
Buttons go flying as your hands tear the shirt from his body, making it seem like an act of passion. It really isn’t that hard to make it seem like that when you remember what is under all that fabric - even the best, tailored tux can’t compare to how he looks with no clothes on. You nip and kiss down his newly exposed skin, taking your time when you reach his hip bone, which curved down under his equally hideous pants. The shirt, quickly followed by the pants, are discarded on the floor, soon to be used as RouRou’s new chew toys. But your exhilaration has  taken over in a way that makes your victory over his bad fashion decisions seem less important than getting him to groan a little louder or, more urgently, getting him inside you.

- Admin J

One Year Anniversary


Possible prompt? Can you do an awkward Newt smut? Like the girl reader decides that she wants him but with Newt being in the glade for 3 years he doesn’t know what to do. Tons of laughing and questions. Just a feel good smut over all. And fluff to a minimum?


Smut, tiny bit of fluff

(A/N: I tried to make it funny, but it just wasn’t meshing well. The reader is a bit more dominant the humor to it is there, but kinda light. Hope you guys like it either way!)

Today marks the year anniversary of you being in the Glade. All of the boys want to celebrate with their first and only girl Greenie, but you decline. You have other plans for celebrating tonight, and if you have your way, you and your boyfriend Newt are set to be having a lot of fun.

As you leave the Med Jack hut you see Newt strolling around with the new Greenie and showing him the Glade. You creep up from behind him and wrap your arms around his midsection. He chuckles and wraps one arm around you and squeezes your side.

“And THIS,” He playfully lifts you up and you let out a scream, “is mine. If you even so much as look at her I’ll know and I’ll kill you.”

You shove him and stick your tongue out.

“Be careful with that tongue, love.” He growls, “Hey, Greenie we’ll get to the rest tomorrow. Grab some grub from Frypan before he closes up.”

As the new kid walks away, you and Newt head in the opposite direction. You’re a little nervous about your request. What if he says no?, you think. Then you realize, He’s a boy who hasn’t been physical (in that sense) with a girl in three years. You figure you have to put him over the edge. Once you get to the room that you two share with each other he flops down on the bed. 

“Babe, it’s been a year of you being here. Why in the bloody hell are we not celebrating this?”

You bite your lip and decide that now is the best possible time to bring it up. You climb on top of him and attack his neck, kiss and  sucking. When you stop you prop yourself up on his chest and smile.

“I’m ready…” You say softly.

“Ready…”He repeats and his eyebrows knit together in confusion, “What do you mean by that.”

You bite your lip and let your hand trail down to his crotch. When you squeeze him through the material you feel him spring to life in your hand. 

“Oh shuck…okay now I get it. Um…” He tries to calm his breathing, “Well…I doubt I ever did it before… you know pre Glade…How should we..err, start?”

“Well maybe you should take off my clothes…and I take off yours.” 

He nods his head and runs his tongue over his bottom lip as he shifts you off his lap so he could stand over you. You could tell he’s nervous since his cheeks are flush and he’s clumsily unbuttoning your shirt. You stroke his arm and he looks down at you.

“Kiss me.”

He leans down and your lips connect. You grab him by the collar abruptly and roughly mash your lips together. You pull apart and grin up at him.

“Rip it off. Don’t be afraid.” You coax him and he does as he’s told. 

A few of your buttons fly across the room.

He quickly pulls down your pants and groans at the sight of you nearly naked.

“I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do.”

“Do you jack off?”

His face turns a bright red and he stutters.

You reposition yourself so that you’re on your knees facing him.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” You giggle, “I pleasure myself too.”

He looks at you stunned.

“How the blood hell do you manage that?”

“Hey hey I asked you first!” You wag your finger at him.

“Well, when we got situated here you know it would help a lot.”

 He mumbles and you push yourself to your feet he loses his train of thought when you unzip his pants and bring them down to his ankles and you smile up at him urging him to continue.

“Pent up frustration…I’d do it before I went to sleep each night.”

You unzip his hoodie and toss it to the side and quickly slide his tank top over his head.

“When you came up the box it was the biggest shock to all of us. It was hard to share a room with you that first night, just knowing you were there and not being able to … have you in that way.”

“You wanted to fuck me when you met me, huh?”

“No, I mean…that wasn’t the first thing I thought…I—” 

“You wanted to fuck me.” You teased, “You know I played with myself that first night.”

You wanted to make him squirm a little bit. You weren’t used to seeing Newt flustered so you wanted to take some time to get his blood pumping.

“You see I have this thing for tall blondes with brown eyes and they’re even sexier when they have English accents.”  You play with your bra strap and he bites his lip. “I was assigned to your room and it was like I hit the jack pot.”

You walk up to him and stroke his arm whispering in his ear for him to unhook your bra and with clumsy fingers he does just that.

“I couldn’t help myself. I rammed two fingers inside me and was imagining it was you.” 

His face lights up and he smiles.

“You shucked yourself and I was in the room with you.”

“Yeah I did…and well you see that nightmare…”

“No way!” He looks at you and his jaw nearly hits the floor, “You’ve gotta be kidding.”

“That nightmare you woke me up from wasn’t a nightmare. I wasn’t even asleep.”

“You shucking cried out my name I thought you were bloody dying!”

“Well as much as I love this chat,” You hook your fingers in his boxer and pull them down in one swift motion licking your lips at the sight of him, “That’s fucking huge.”

He has a bit more confidence now and pushes you back on the bed and rips your panties off. He spreads your legs and clumsily lines up at your entrance and starts to push into you. He has a little trouble getting in you at first.

“Bloody hell you’re fucking impossible to get into.” 

“Hey, I may be a virgin you know.” You say matter of factly, “How about we try it another way?” 

“What other way is there?”

You look at him and roll your eyes.

“On your back.” You growl.

He does as he’s told and you position yourself on top of him. You slide down onto him and feel that same bit of resistance. You bounce yourself slowly and Newt grunts feeling just how tight you are around him. He puts his hands on your hips.

“Baby, maybe it’s best if I make it swift?” 

You look into his eyes and nod and within second Newt brings you completely down onto him. You let out a scream and he hesitantly buck his hips into you at first. He stops though thinking that he may have hurt you, but you encourage him to keep up his tempo. He rocks into you hard and you meet his strokes.

“Does this feel good?” He asks as he brings his fingers to rub on your clit.

You gasp and nod.

“Newt…” You scream and hold on tightly to his shoulder digging your nails into his skin as an orgasm ripples through your body. 

He begins to go at a rougher speed throwing you around on top of him like a rag doll. 

“Can I–I?” 

“Yes Newt yes…” He continues and then suddenly pushes you down onto him holding you there as he lets out one final grunt and you feel him empty inside you.

You lay on him for a few minutes and decide that it’s best to climb off of him. What you didn’t realize was how clumsy you were going to be. When you attempt to stand up you quickly fall to the floor.

Newt lets out a chuckle.

“You look like one of the new born goats we have by the slicers.” He quips, “Can barely stand.”

When you finally get onto your feet you slap him playfully and curl up beside him.

Earned It

Professor Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

Song : Earned It by IM5 Cover

Summary : You aren’t too happy with your grade on your exam. You were a straight A student, never in your life have you ever had anything lower. Until now. After class, you decide to ask, no Beg, for another chance. And after a very heated conversation, something happens between you two. 

A/N : Smutty Professor?! Yes!! Hope you enjoy. Professor Sam and Professor Cas will be posted another day. 

@charmaineevangeline @balthazars-muse @winchester-writes @aprofoundbondwithdean @oriona75 @iiharu-kunii @allyinwonderlnd @jensensfreckleddick @trippleberrydeanpie @myfand0msandm0re Just tagging a few of you! Hope you enjoy!! xx

Your knee was bouncing up and down, as you nibbled on your pen, going over the exam for the tenth time today. This wasn’t right. It couldn’t be. 

You stayed up every night for two weeks, studying for this exam. Skipping sleep, and even meals. So what the hell happened? Your mind was overwhelmed with a million different questions. And near then end of class, you were beginning to drown in your insecurities. 

Slowly, the auditorium cleared, with some stragglers, talking, or from what it looked like to you, flirting with the Professor. 

It wasn’t a surprise really. Many girls, and even some boys drooled for Professor Winchester. He was young, perfectly lean, and extremely attractive, it was annoying. His office would be filled with girls from class, who wore less than usual and played dumb. 

You were glued to your seat, waiting for them to leave. Feeling your stomach churn and knot. It was beginning to make you feel sick. 

Dean was swarmed, something he was used too. though, he couldn’t help but notice you. 

He watched the way you nervously chewed on your pen, squeezing the bridge of your nose as you kept your gaze down. You were the type of student who was always chipper. With no worries what so ever. The one who would hurry to their next class. And Dean knew that. So it was strange to see you this way. 

“Excuse me ladies, I have a lot of work to do tonight.” He smiled. “I will see you all on Thursday.” 

They all sighed but nodded and made their way out. 

Dean cleared his throat, snapping you out of your daze and catching your attention. You didn’t notice that you were finally alone. 

He flashed a smirk, and raised his eyebrows at you. “Is there anything I can help you with Ms. Y/L/N?” He asked. 

You swallowed hard, feeling the nerves build up, and your heart race. Propping up on your feet, you made your way down to his desk, clutching onto the exam close to your chest. 

The Professor kept his gaze on you, as he sat at the very edge of his desk, crossing his feet and holding the sides of the table. 

“I-I know you don’t give out extra credit or let us retake the exams-” You paused, taking in a deep breath as you stood directly in front of him. “But I was hoping you could make an exception?” 

He pursed his lips as he glanced down at the paper, reviewing the grade and shot his eyes back up to yours. “You’re kidding right?” He muttered. 

You sucked in your bottom lip, pushing your hair back out of your eyes. “Professor, I know it wouldn’t be fair to let me retake the exam when others aren’t able too. But I am begging you. I have never had a grade this low in my life.” 

He shook his head, as a soft grunt escaped him, and he pushed himself up from the desk. He rolled his sleeves up, making your heart skip a beat. You weren’t sure why, but the way he folded the sleeves and the way they caressed around his forearms was somehow; hot. 

Dean picked his laptop up from his desk, and met your gaze. “Look, I cant let you retake the exam. It wouldn’t be right.” 

You watched as he turned away and started toward his office. And though you would just give up and accept your losses, you were beginning to feel anger boil inside of you. Maybe it was the fact that he had no sympathy for you what so ever. Or maybe you were just overwhelmed with all the different emotions. You weren’t ready to give up. 

You made your way into his office, just a few seconds before he entered. 

He let out a sigh and rolled his neck. “Y/N, I am sorry, there is nothing I can do. You’re just going to have to make it up on the next exam.” 

“But even if I got an A on the next one, it still wont give me an A for the overall grade!” Your voice grew, and without realizing, you were inching toward him. 

Dean grew with frustration. Staring at your lips as every word rolled off your tongue. Noticing the way your pencil skirt fit your curves perfectly. He was beginning to feign for you. His hands gripped onto his desk, with every step you took. And his breathing was low, and slow. Clenching his jaw and flaring his nose, he tried to focus on anything but the idea of touching you. 

You were just inches away now, staring intently at one another.  “Please, Professor. I will do anything!”You lightly bit on your bottom lip, causing him to shift in his stance. “I am begging you.” You whispered. 

He couldn’t take the taunting no longer. 

Dean closed the distance between you, his hand cupped your chin, lifting your head up as he crashed his lips to yours. Every inch of you could feel just how much he hungered for you. 

His lips were soft yet powerful. Luring you deeper in to the kiss. Your hand grazed up to his neck, and pulled him in. Savoring every second of it, as if you were saying goodbye to a lover. 

You heart was pounding profusely, and your body tingled with ecstasy. This wasn’t you. This wasn’t something you ever did. But for some reason, though you knew it was wrong, it felt right. 

The Professor lifted you off the ground, making you wrap your legs around his waist, as he continued to suck and nibble on your lip. He would gently graze his tongue over yours, tasting you, barely giving you time to breathe. 

He forcefully laid you on his desk, throwing the papers off, and letting them hit the ground. His jaw was clenched as he ripped your blouse open, making your buttons fly, bouncing off the walls. A sound of satisfaction fell from his lips, as he gazed over you. 

But he didn’t have time to admire every inch of you. 

Dean pushed your skirt up, exposing your panties. He felt himself rustle under the fabric that held him down, and though he wanted nothing more than to just take you right there and then, to pound you senseless, he wanted you to beg for it.

“You really want that A, don’t you?” He exhaled, slowly grazing his fingertips against your thigh. 

Your breathing was shaky but you were able to get out a soft “Y-Yes.” 

He hovered over, his eyes were locked with yours, as his face had no emotion what so ever. You didn’t know what to think at this point.

 “Prove it.” He whispered. 

You looked at him with confusion, not sure as to what he meant. He flashed a cynical smile, as he pressed his finger against your clit. Causing a breath to escape you. 

His eyes burned into you, as he circled over the never ending nerve that made your body twitch. At first he went slow. Building you up into a high where every sense was heightened. 

Your chest began to heave, as you rolled your eyes back into your head, feeling him circle faster. 

“Fuck.” You exhaled, clutching on to the desk with all your strength. 

Dean was beyond turned on by this. Watching you squirm by his touch. “Do you want me to make you cum?” He asked. 

You fluttered your eyes open, and nodded as you hummed in pleasure. 

He stopped mid circle, and pursed his lips. “Didn’t you say you will do anything for this A?” 

You furrowed your brows, catching a breath. “Yea, I kind of thought I was doing it?” 

He let out a low chuckle, and shook his head. “No, this isn’t even close to what I want from you.” He grunted. “I want you to beg. Show me how bad you want this Y/N. And maybe, I will give you what you want.” 

At this point, you weren’t even sure what you wanted more. The grade or his hard cock, throbbing inside of you. 

“Okay, Professor Winchester.” You murmured. 

 His Shaft twitched from the sound of his name coming from your mouth. He enjoyed it more than ever. 

“Now, do you want me to make you cum?” He asked again. 

You swallowed hard, feeling his finger rub against your clit. “Y-yes, P-Professor Winchester. I want you to make me cum.” 

There it was again the same twitch from a few moments ago. 

“Please, make me cum. I-I want to cum all over you.” You started to plead. “I’ll do whatever you want. Please, j-just make me cum.” 

And within that next minute, you felt yourself reach your peak. You arched your back as your eyes rolled back behind your eyelids. Your heart raced as you let out soft whimpers of pleasure. 

Dean couldn’t help but smile, as he helped you ride out your orgasm, until you were completely undone. He was by far having the best time of his life. 

Finally, your body was able to loosen up, and nothing but pure bliss filled you as you met his gaze. It was weird, you could have sworn that you would grow with regret, and shame. But instead, you only wanted more. 

You pulled yourself up from the desk, making him scrunch his eyebrows together in confusion. 

“My turn.” You smirked.

Before he had time to protest, you unbuttoned his pants, and quickly pulled his hard shaft out from his boxers, and pressed your lips to the head. 

His breathing grew shaky, as he tilted his head back and gripped on to the desk. 

Your tongue grazed over his soft skin, tasting him. Something had gotten over you. You were fearless, and felt invincible. 

Dean could feel the rush, as if it were only you two in the world. He was beginning to reach his peak, but he wasn’t ready to finish just yet. He took a step back, and bent you over his desk. He gripped his dick into his hand, and slowly pushed himself inside you. 

“Shit.” You both breathed out. 

His hands clasped on your waist, taking his time to slide in and out of you. He’d pull his dick out to the tip, then slowly push himself back in to the base, where your ass hit against him. 

Every inch of you tingled, as your pussy molded around him. 

Dean began to pound deeper, and harder into you. He smacked your ass, causing you to screech in pleasure. 

“You like that, don’t you?” He muttered.

You only but hummed, as your mind hazed with nothing but serenity. He tangled his hand into your hair, and tugged, causing you to arch your back. “I am your Professor. You may only address me as so.” He grunted as he thrusted himself inside of you. 

Your stomach fluttered at his dominance, and you were on such a high. 

“Y-yes Professor Winchester.” 

With the way his name rolled off your tongue, Dean was close. His lips quivered as he scrunched his nose. His breathing was heavy, and just like that, he pulled out and came all over your ass, grunting in the air. 

Your heart was pounding in your chest, and your legs were shaking. Making you feel as if you were going to collapse. 

Dean grabbed a tissue, and wiped his mess off you. He couldn’t believe what just happened. He couldn’t believe that after all these years of teaching, he finally let his emotions get the best of him. 

You weren’t quite sure what to do with your shirt, since your buttons were torn apart. 

“Sorry about that.” He muttered. Buttoning his pants. 

You bit on your lower lip, and held your shirt together. “I-It’s fine. My dorm isn’t that far.” You chuckled. 

“You expect me to let you walk around campus like that?” He unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled it over your shoulders. He had a white T-Shirt underneath. “There.” 

You shook your head, “No, I cant take this.” 

He cupped your face, and gazed into you. “Y/N, Take the damn shirt.” 

You felt your lips curve and your stomach flutter as his words stitched into you. “Thank you.” You whispered, sucking in your lip. 

He took in a deep breath, as he clenched his jaw shut. “You drive me crazy, you know that?” He muttered. 

As you opened your mouth to say something, your phone went off interrupting the moment. 

It was Penny, your roommate, who was also one of your closest friends. 

“Hey- Yeah, I’ll be home soon.” You exhaled, wishing she never called in the first place. 

Dean took a step back, running his hand through his mussed hair. 

As you shoved your phone back into your bag, you met his gaze. “I should go.” You sighed. 

“Right, yea. Of course.” He nodded. “I will change your grade before I head home tonight.” 

Your lips twitched, and you swore your heart had skipped a beat. “A-are you sure?” You immediately regretted asking such a stupid question. 

He let out a chuckle, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. “Yea, you earned it.” He flashed a wink. “Now, get some rest. I will see you in class on Thursday.” 

You threw your bag over your shoulder and glanced at him one last time. “See you on Thursday.” You smiled. “Professor Winchester.” 


Can you please do a Gally smut where the reader keeps teasing him throughout the day (sexually of course) and he finally gets fed up and “teaches” her a lesson? Definitely kinky and somewhat of role play? Hope that makes sense! 😘

This was a fun one to write because I’m definitely not used to that male-dominated sex, however it could have been executed better (which I see now, but I don’t want to re-write). I should also warn that he calls the reader degrading language and threatens her (sexually). 

“Hey Gal?” You called over to him, bouncing over to where he stood overlooking the crop fields. His arms were folded, watching over the rookie workers.

He turned, a little confused you were talking to him, and you saw his eyes widen at your outfit. “Hmm?” He raised an eyebrow and looked away.

You bit your lip and turned fully to him, “Well since your basically the head of the Glade, we’re allowed to ask you anything, right?”

Gally smirked a little. “Yes.”

You plucked up your courage, twirling your hair in your hand. “So like, do you think we’d get caught if we fucked in the showers? Just a hypothetical.”

Gally cocked his head to you fast, “What?” He hissed.

“Oh, but then I’d have to take my underwear off and I would have gotten all dressed up for nothing.” You shrugged and smiled sweetly to him, “Thanks for all your help Gal.” And with that you pivoted and strutted away from him, feeling his eyes on your ass.

“Y/N, can you take these ones out to table four?” Frypan called out from the back room, placing three plates on the shelf. You took the plates, stacking them skillfully between your two hands then turned. Gally stood between tables three and four, talking with the guys sitting around four. Yet another chance to get under his skin.

You moved over approaching him from the side. “Food’s up.” You announced to the table, stepping in front of Gally and bending over at the waist to set the plates on the table. The boys murmured thanks as your ass scraped against Gally’s crotch. You turned and stepped towards him, falling into him a little. “Shoot, didn’t see you Gal. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Gally took your forearms and set straight. “Not now.” He hissed.

After dinner yourself, Newt, Thomas, Gally, Minho and Chuck sat around the table, the rest of the room cleared out. “So how was the run today?” You start, turning to Thomas and Minho. Gally was far too agreeable. He was definitely avoiding you, but that wasn’t to easy when you sat next to him. Thomas started regaling his tale while the conversation faded out into obscurity. Your hand slipped underneath the table and landed on his knee.

Gally gave you the side eye and brushed your hand away, but you replaced it higher on his thigh, rubbing small circles there and slowly moving in, closer to- “See you later.” Gally said to the table, pushing himself onto his feet and turning briskly. Fuck.

It was night now and you had just finished cleaning the kitchen from when the rest of the guys had left. You blew the lights out and pushed the door open to the cool outside air. It swung shut behind you. In a flash a hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed your wrist, pulling it hard behind you back and slamming your front into the dining hall wall. “That was some stunt you pulled today, whore.” The growling voice behind you said, pulling your other hand behind your back. “Did I say that you could touch me?” He was in your hair, lips brushing against your ear. You shook your head grinning a little. You won. “Did I say that you could tease me?” You shook again. “Then I think that makes you a bad girl. And I guess that makes it my job to make you a good one.” Your breathing hitched when you felt him move from behind you, one hand still pressing you to the wall which scraped your face roughly. “Stick that ass out for me.” Gally’s hand collided hard with your ass, a loud gasp slipping from your lips.

“Gal, what are you doing?!” You hissed pulling hard against his hand, but it was too tightly locked around your wrists.

“Keep quiet and give me your ass or I’ll stop being so nice, Y/N.” Gally growled in the darkness. Your cheek pressed against the wooden planks, you could see the lights of the homestead in the distance. You wriggled hard, trying to flip yourself against the panels to no avail. Gally’s hips pushed into your lower back, sandwiching you against the wall and squeezing the breath out of you. “You know, I didn’t want to do this, but maybe it’ll teach you to follow instructions.” The sound of ripping tape cut the air causing a short shiver to course over your skin as Gally bound your hands behind your back. “Turn.” He stepped away from you, leaving you to pivot until you could make out his features in the dull moonlight. He was far taller than you and definitely, definitely stronger. “Get back in there.” A hand wrapped around your bicep and tugged lightly. The door opened with a croak and you stepped into the darkness.

The door swung shut behind him. His roughness turned you on a little, butterflies dancing in your stomach as he pushed your chest down against the cold wooden planks of the closest table. “Stay.” He grunted, using a match to light one of the gas lamps close to the door. It threw a dim orange light over the room, casting large dark shadows. From the corner of your eye you could see his silhouetted frame moving back to you, his feet shuffling against the sandy ground.

When he reached you, his hand stroked your hair out of your eyes, running around your roots before making a tight fist. “Well at least you’ve done something right today. Stand up.” With the help of his hard pulling on your head, you managed to your feet. “Why would you tease me like that, Y/N? Didn’t you think I’d come after you?” He growled against your ear, pressing himself flush against your back, your bound hands creating only the tiniest bit of space between you. Silence filled the room. “Answer me.”

His hand swiped your ass again, the same gasp spilling from your lips before you groaned feeling his palm rub over the abused area. “No, I knew you’d come,” You whispered, “But I wanted you to.”  

Gally chuckled, his chest shaking against your shoulder blades. “I’m not sure you do, Y/N.” He tugged your hair back causing your back to arch, ass rolling over his hardening crotch. “You must have known I wouldn’t be gentle with you.” His breath heated the side of your exposed neck and he pressed his lips against it, murmuring. “You definitely knew you wouldn’t call the shots.” His hands ran down, over your hips guiding you to rub against him. “Why would you tease me like that- is it because you’re a pretty little whore? Is it because you want someone to fuck you raw?” He bit down hard on the muscle between your shoulder and neck.

You moaned, the heat between your legs increasing every second you ground yourself against his hardness. “Yes.” You gasped and he released, running his hands up to your button down.

“Do you still want me, whore?” You nodded and his hands yanked hard, buttons flying from your shirt and scattering along the table. Gally stroked over your stomach before slipping his fingers up your bra and slipping past the entrance, squeezing tight around your breasts. You moaned loud, the full-scale anticipation which had been running through your mind all day hit you. “Shh. Can’t wake the others. Turn around and get on your knees.”

He untangled himself from you leaving you to exhale deeply before turning to meet his eyes. Slowly you lowered yourself to your knees carefully balanced without your hands to support you. Gally held your eyes in the dim light, unzipping his pants before pulling his thick length from them, rolling his hands over himself before offering it to you.

You licked the length of his cock earning a throaty moan from him, before kissing his head between your lips. Carefully, you sucked in until you felt him deep at the back of your throat than pulled back a few times, finding it hard to balance without hands. Gally’s hands pulled your hair away from your face gently, collecting it all in his fist. His breathing was heavier now, and he began rolling his hips, thrusting himself into your hot mouth slowly. After a minute, he was bored. “Up and turn.” He growled, using your forearm to help your Bambi legs find their footing. You were facing the table again.

He pinched your nipples hard, twisting them a little until you couldn’t hold in the groans of pain. “Better, but a good girl would be silent. Let’s try this again- stick that ass out for me.”

Your heart bounced a little. Slowly you bent yourself over the table and shifted your weight around until your ass scraped against his trousers. With the hard wood pressed to your cheek it certainly wasn’t a comfortable position. Gally’s hands wrapped around your waist, unbuckling your belt and letting your pants pool at your ankles. “Fuck.” Gally hissed. “No panties. You really are my little whore, Y/N.” His words made you smile, but there was a throbbing from your clit becoming ever more prominent as it felt the cool night air. His hands were on your ass, feeling the curve that it held before slamming his palm against it hard, the shock causing a short moan. “Spread your legs.”

You moved your feet out to the feet of the table, most of your weight now pressed into its surface. Gally’s fingers slid up and down your slit, moving the pooling liquid to cover the whole area. “One rule.” He lined himself at your entrance. “You-” His tip slid into you, stretching you where you hadn’t been stretched in so long. “Need-” He sunk himself in painfully slowly, hands moving to your hips and pulling you onto him. “Permission-” Your moan was stifled, lungs pressed against the table, breasts squashed deliciously. “To-” He buried himself at the hilt. “Come.”

Gally stayed like that for a few seconds, hands feelings the unusually soft skin of your hips before squeezing them hard and pulling you off him, before bucking his hips back to fill you entirely. The table jolted underneath you, feeling the force of his thrusts so hard that he had to hold you still just so he could push his dick back into you. The sound of slapping skin resonated in the room with your stifled gasping moans. “Good girls are quiet. Don’t make me punish you more, Y/N.” Gally growled. You focused on breathing, not on the pleasure of having him driving into you, but it was too much. The feeling of being bounced on his member was indescribable, but nothing compared to when he decided to up his game and slid a hand under you, rubbing your clit in rhythm with his thrusts.

Your body was quivering, wrists straining against the tape that held them there and legs all but given out. The familiar coiling feeling in your stomach was reaching new, unsustainable heights fa- “Gally! Gally, fuck I’m going to come.” You somehow breathed out.

“You’re not allowed to come.” He dug harder into you, fingers pressing you so hard it felt almost numb.

But you could feel it gaining momentum inside of you. You moaned his name followed by a string of profanities, “Please Gally, please let me come all over you.”

Gally grinned, the smile audible in his voice. “Y/N. Only good girls get to come, you need to earn it.” He pulled himself out of you hard only never forced his way back in again. You felt empty, and slowly the night air unfurled the coil in your stomach to your groans of anguish.

“No! Please Gally. Please no! God, let me come, Gally!” You hissed, hands straining against the tape harder than ever. Suddenly his hand covered yours, ripping the tape from your wrists with reckless energy. You took your hands to your front, pushing yourself off the table and shaking out the aching muscles in your shoulders.

“You want to earn it? You have to make me happy.” He growled, sliding the open material of your shirt down and off your wrists, then unclipping your bra fast and letting you dispose of that yourself. You looked down at yourself, completely exposed in the orange light.

“And how exactly-” You turned to him, running a hand over his muscular chest before hitching yourself up to sit on the table facing him. “Do I do that?” His dark eyes rolled over your front, taking in every aspect of your naked form. His shirt still covered him, but he pumped himself slowly, grinning.

“Before I forget,” He stepped close to you and ducked his head, attaching his lips just above your right nipple. His sucked hard, before biting down hard and letting his teeth graze over the abused flesh. You hissed hard, hands pulling sharp on his short hair.

“Fuck Gally, Ouch!” He released his lips, smirking.

“Just a little something to remember me by.” A large purple bruise had formed where his lips once were. It hurt to look at, but turned you on in a sick way. “If you want to make me happy, you’re going to ride me like the filthy girl you are.” Gally murmured, then kicked his trousers out from around his ankles, reaching behind him and pulling his shirt off too. “Get on the table.” Gally climbed on from the side, rolling onto his back before propping himself up on his elbow and helping you up.

He lined you up with his dick, your legs spread on either side of him. A sharp pang of nerves flowed through you having never done this before. However, you had no time to think when Gally pulled your hips down, empaling you on him. “Ride me.” Gently, you raised yourself up and sunk back down on him. He was hitting different places inside you and it was hard to stop the noises which passed your lips. “Ride me hard, Y/N.” He growled, frowning and grabbing your hips, throwing you hard against him and lifting you off until you understood exactly where you were going.

“Fuck Gally, that feels really good.” You murmured, ignoring the dull ache in your legs and the throbbing in your knees from riding him on the table. Gally’s hands ran up and down your thighs, sometimes reaching up to yank on your nipples roughly causing stifled yelps to course around the room.

“Keep going, Y/N. I just love watching those tits bounce.” Soon enough, Gally wanted to play with you again. His hand found your clit, playing with the skin there and almost immediately your hands slammed against his chest.

“Please let me come, Gally.” You pleaded riding him the whole time.

“Come? Already? But I haven’t even gotten to play with that pretty ass yet.” He chuckled to himself, his breathing labored from your riding. “But we can save that for your next lesson. And you have been such a good girl up there. Stop riding, let me fuck you.” He sat up and flipped you, your legs wrapped around his hips, chests pushed flushed together and his face only inches from yours.

His hips moved fast into you, pounding his hardness into your warmth, his lower stomach rubbing up against your clit and causing the pressure in your core to build again, bigger than last time. Your hands found their way to wrap around his neck, but Gally slammed them above your head with both of his. “You’re mine, Y/N. Not the other way around.” He breathed into your gasping mouth.

Within seconds you were moaning hard and loud, “Gally, Gally please let me come. Please Gal, I need to come so bad.” Gally grinned and went on fucking you like it didn’t phase him in the slightest.

“Look me in the eyes when you come on me.” His eyes locked in with yours and everything else was forgotten, it was just his eyes and this explosion of tension as animalistic sounds filled the room from both of you as your walls clamped down around him.

He let your shaking hands go, pulling himself out of you and hovering over you for just a minute. His voice was quivering, quiet and weak. “I’d better see you’d eating breakfast off this table tomorrow princess. And if you ever, ever tease me like that again I’ll take that pretty little ass and then I’ll choke you until you apologize. Okay?”

Do you have plans tomorrow night?

Three’s Company Too

And here’s part 2 of my entry for @roxy-davenport‘s Adult SPN Writing Challenge. I’m also using this to fill my Free Space for my SPN Kink Bingo card. Just as before, brace yourself, kids. The smut is strong with this one.

PROMPTS: “You come here a lot?” AND “This is so much more fun that what I had planned.”
CHARACTERS: Female reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
SHIP: Dean x Reader; Sam x Reader
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Threesome (M/M/F, but not at the same time and no Wincest), voyeurism, language, explicit sexual content, sort of unprotected sex (Use a condom with people you don’t know, guys. Hell, use condoms with people you do know. Protect yoself.)

TAGS: @spnkinkbingo@mrswhozeewhatsis, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @kittenofdoomage,@oriona75, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @deandoesthingstome,@aprofoundbondwithdean, @nerdflash, @fandommaniacx,@winchesterswoonathon, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @rizlowwritessortof,@littlegreenplasticsoldier

Part 1: Three’s Company

Originally posted by hunterchesters

A soft, slow caress of fingers against your skin pulled you from the doze you’d settled into. You blinked and yawned, then opened your eyes to see Sam kneeling in front of you, a smile crossing his face.

“Hey there.”

You smiled, turning on your side to face him. He moved his hand, pushing his fingers through your hair.

“Dean’s gone to his room.”

You narrowed your eyes and Sam laughed.

“He’s not into the whole voyeurism thing. Not like me. He’d rather be in on the action than watching it.”

You nodded.

“So it’s just you and me?”
“Is that okay?”

You rolled onto your back, pushing the covers down, seeing Sam’s eyes darken, hearing his breath hitch as your naked body was bared to him. He met your eyes and you gave him a smile.

“You tell me.”

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Implied smut, nothing graphic or described. Lots of fluff

AN: Requested by @autopistaaningunaparte: Congrats! ☺️ Hi there, sweetie! Congratulations for your new milestone!! 😁 I’m kind of obsessed with this song (Ro James - Permission), I don’t know if you would accept this kind of request, but lately I’ve been thinking about a Dean x reader request in which they’ve been hitting on each other for a long time, but none of them seems to make a move, until one night, one of them (whoever you want) decide to make a move and suddenly this song pops up while that happens? :) I don’t know, it can be this or whatever you feel comfortable writing, it’s up to you 😊If you don’t take this kind of request, maybe a Dean x request super fluffy? Thank you so much in advance 💜 PS: love your new theme!

(I hope you like what I was able to do with your request! Thanks to @jalove-wecallhimdean​ for being an amazing beta as always.)

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Originally posted by deangirl

You and Dean had been dancing around one another for years now. Flirty comments, lingering looks and touches, and behavior that bordered on couple like. Nothing had ever happened between the two of you though, both too afraid of what it would do to your friendship if things were to go south. It also didn’t help that Dean liked the one-nighter lifestyle. He liked the simplicity of a random girl with no expectations. You on the other hand had grown out of that phase a long time ago. You only took someone home when the urge was unbearable and the itch had to be scratched.

Dean and you were at the bunker by yourselves for a change. Sam had gone to help Jody keep Claire from going off on her own hunt by herself, which left you and Dean with no case to work on currently. You had come to the conclusion that if nothing was going to happen between the two of you then you were going to move on and do your own thing, no longer worried about who Dean was sleeping with for the night. You knew it had nothing to do with you, but it still knocked your self esteem down a couple of notches every time he’d rather go home with a random.

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I just wanna be your hero.

Hey guys, I thought I endow you with some Dean x Reader Smut on Christmas Eve. Is this inappropriate? Probably! Should I do it anyways? Of course! :P
Have a nice Christmas guys.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Length: 943 Words

{Imagine you and Dean having angry sex after a hunt}

Originally posted by tweedy-masterhunter


“(Y/N)?”, you heard Dean call, the panic obvious in his voice.
You took a quick glance around: Everything was covered in blood, your clothes, your hands, your face, the floor, even the walls.
Three heads, separated from their bodies, were laying on the ground.
“Over here”, you yelled back, knowing that even though you were absolutely fine, Dean was going to be pissed.
He was always pissed when you did something on your own.
But sometimes you just didn´t care about Dean´s attitude and needed to get out.
Right at that moment, Dean entered the room, worry written all over his face, which you thought looked kinda cute, but was also kinda annoying.
He rushed over to you and grabbed your chin to look at your face.
You took a step back and crossed your arms above your chest: “I´m fine Dean.”
After he apparently came to the same conclusion, Dean stopped looking worried, but started to look downright pissed:
“You know I don´t like it when you go out alone.”
You rolled your eyes: “And you know that I don´t care.”
You two stood across each other with serious faces.
“It´s my job to protect you”, Dean brought out through gritted teeth and you sighed.
“No it´s not Dean. I´m not your sister, I´m not your girlfriend, so you don´t have to save me.
You can´t be everybody´s hero Dean Winchester.”
He still looked furious: “I don´t want to be everybody´s hero.”
You tugged your knife back into your belt: “Glad we´ve got that clarified.”
You started to leave and walked past him, when he suddenly grabs your wrist, causing you to turn around.
His green eyes are sparkling and you got goosebumbs just from his gaze.
“I don´t want to be everybody´s hero”, he said, “I just want to be your hero.”
And then he kissed you and the kiss was so full of emotion, desperation and need that you couldn´t do anything else than jump up an put your legs around his waist.
Even though you thought about this a lot lately, your imagination was nothing compared to what it felt like finally kissing Dean.
His smell alone made you dizzy and you couldn´t believe how good it felt to touch his hair and his back.
He carried you into another room and sat you down on a table, all the time continuing to make out with you.
“I´m all dirty”, you manged to say while Dean started kissing your neck.
“Oh sweetheart, I don´t care about a little blood”, he said and his voice was all husky and dark.
You felt yourself go wet just by the sound of his voice and you started pushing his jacket over his shoulders.
He quickly got rid of it and you used the cruel moment he stopped touching you, to remove your own leather jacket.
“I´ve waited so long for this”, he whispers against your neck and started touching your boobs, which made you moan immediately.
When he pulled you closer to him, you felt his erection through his heavy jeans, making you want him inside you so bad it almost hurt.
“Take your shirt off”, you demanded and he smirked while he pulled it over his head.
His abs were absolutely amazing and you started running your hands over them while Dean suddenly ripped open your blouse, buttons flying to the sides:
“Hey, I was fond of this shirt”, you said but didn´t really mean it.
“Well, too bad”, Dean mumbled and started to undress you further.
Only mere seconds later, you were just in your bra and panties while Dean looked at you in awe: “(Y/N), you´re so hot.”
Then, without another warning, he touches you through your thin underwear and you moaned: “Take them off.”
He grinned: “After you take your bra off.”
Within seconds you are completely naked.
“Touch me now”, you begged and he smirks even more: “Why should I?”
You look up to him: “Well, if you have any intention of putting something else there anytime soon, you better start touching me.”
He wasn´t the only one who could tease.
Dean raised an eyebrow: “Well, that´s an argument”, and starts touching you.
And boy, he knew how to use his fingers on a woman: “Oh, Dean”, you moaned when you were just about to come and that was the moment he pulled away.
“I´m going to kill you”, you said, breathing heavily, while he pulled down his jeans and boxers.
His cock pops up and makes you shut up immediately.
Dean looked down at you: “I´m 100 percent sure that you were able to do that, but then I couldn´t do that.”
And then he thrust into you and you were so wet that you didn´t even need to adjust yourself but grabbed his shoulders and bit on his collar bone, while he picked up a faster pace:
“You´re so fucking hot baby”, he groans and it had to be the hottest sound you had ever heard.
You felt how your orgasm build up between your legs quickly and that´s when he said:
“Come for me (Y/N)”, which pushed you over the edge.
“That´s my girl”, he said and then followed you and the sight of him during his climax, face torn from pleasure, was the most erotic thing ever.

After you two had dressed up again and were heading back to the car, you glanced at him: “Was it my imagination, or did you call me your girl?”
He smiled: “That was just my wishful thinking.”
And that was what made you take his hand: “You know, I guess you are my hero after all.

anonymous asked:

*raises hand* im a sinner i want a preview plz that would be good yes

Ask and you shall receive…

He smashed your body against the desk, the once organised table of students’ assignments were now dispersed on the ground as you hungrily kissed Spencer, pulling him by his tie, loosening it and discarding it on the messy floor. “Fuck, Reid,” you moaned as he ripped at your collared shirt, your buttons flying and hitting against the glass windows. “Call me, Spencer,” he breathed out amongst nipping at your covered breast. “Okay, Spencer. You owe me a new fucking shirt,” you screamed out as he unhooked your bra with no effort and bit your sensitive skin as you whimpered and jerked at his touch. His flattened tongue caressed your nipple as he massaged your other breast. “Fuck me,” you arched your back as he unzipped your jeans, sliding them off of your legs. 

#70: You're Drunk And He Takes Care Of You

Ashton: “Easy there,” Ashton said from beside you. “I’m fine!” You said drawing out the vowels. He had his arm wrapped around your waist, as most of your weight was supported on him. You were stumbling down the hallway, his efforts were to get you to bed before the lads came home. You suddenly began to giggle, turning into his shoulder, and he could feel your smile against his shirt. “What?” He said, not being able to hold back the little giggle that escaped his lips. You were beautiful, although you were disheveled. You hair that was once straight was now beginning to curl at the ends, your makeup slightly smudged from rubbing your eyes, but you had a beautiful flush to your cheeks from the cold, and the booze in your system. “You’re just so cute.” You said laughing into his shoulder. He smiled despite himself, before hugging you. “C’mon beautiful, we’ve got to get you to bed.” He began to drag you away from the hall wall that you had rested yourself against, but you stopped. “No! Lets stay up!” You said erupting into a fit of laughter as you leaned heavily against the wall and his side. Your balance was gone, your heels making your walking even shakier than it already was. “I think we should go to bed though, it will be more fun.” His efforts were futile because you laughed, leaning your head against the wall and sinking to the floor. He took a deep breath, smiling down at you as you laughed endlessly at something that was oblivious to him, but something that came from your drunken thoughts. “You’re beautiful,” You said up to him. He could feel himself blushing, and you smiled. “How are you,” You paused, to lift your hand up to point at him, but dropped it when the attempt became to much. “So perfect? Do you know how many girls would kill me if they had the chance?” You said, suddenly becoming serious. “The death threats alone make me believe that they would do it! They’re insane, Ash!” You slurred, his eyebrows furrowing. Obviously he was aware the jealousy stemmed from the fans, but this was the first time he had ever heard anything about threats. “I don’t know how I got so… lucky. Yeah, thats the word. Because look at me. I’m a mess. I’m sitting on the floor, plastered, I know that much, and you’re looking down at me. Hell, I’m pathetic.” You said, shaking your head. “You’re not pathetic,” He said, crouching down to your level, resting his forearms on his knees. “You’re drunk (Y/N), lets get you to bed and we can talk in the morning.” He said, grabbing your hands in his. You shook your head like a small child, and closed your eyes. “Lets just stay here. You go to bed, you shouldn’t be trying to take care of me.” You said fretfully. “I want to though.” He said to you, slowly, as if he was talking to a child. “You want to take care of your pathetically drunken girlfriend?” You said, slowly, trying to comprehend his actions. “Yes I do.” He said, knowing there was no way he could fight with you about the pathetic part. That was something to be discussed sober. You nodded your head slowly, your eyelids drooping, and your actions were uncoordinated. He stood up, bending down to pick you up effortlessly and beginning your walk to the bedroom. It felt like years to you, your legs not really working as you tripped and stumbled towards the doorframe. But every time you tripped or lost your balance, Ashton was there to catch you, never letting go of your waist as he helped you change, and get into bed. Kissing your forehead gently he rolled you onto your side, leaving for a moment to come back with a glass of water, a bucket, and a bottle of tablets for the morning after. He closed the door softly, hearing you murmur incoherent words and sentences, but one word was clear: Ashton.

Calum: You teetered precariously close to the railing, trying your hardest not to stumble and seem as drunk as you actually were. But, the numerous shots soaring through your veins made your attempt feeble as you grasped the wooden banister, trying to pull yourself to your bedroom as quietly as you could. You tripped on the carpeted stair, and you almost went down, the world spinning around, but you regained your balance and pulled yourself up into a standing position. “You know, you are not nearly as quiet as you tell me you are.” Calum said from the top of the stairs. “Shhhh!” You said, holding a finger up to your lips. “We have to be quiet, Calum is sleeping!” You said, making him smile. “Okay, lets get you to bed so we don’t wake him,” He said coming down the stairs to grab you around the waist. “Are you that drunk (Y/N)?” He asked, laughing as you shushed him. He chuckled before rounding the corner and flicking the lights on. “Lets get you to bed.” He said. You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your lips because the bed was empty. “You helped me, silly!” You said. “You’re not asleep!” You slurred as you sat on the edge of the bed. “Did you at least have a good night?” He asked, as he rummaged in your drawer. “Mhm,” You said. “The bar was great. Oh, the music was so good! Her birthday was a smash!” You said, slurring most of your words. Calum made agreeing sounds as he walked over to you and grabbed the hem of your shirt. “Are you trying to undress me Hood?” You said, laughing as you held your arms up over your head, as the shirt obscured your blurry vision. “I would never take advantage of you drunk,” He said, as he grabbed your heel and slipped off your shoe. “You’re so sweet, oh my god.” You gushed. “Can you manage to take off your trousers?” He said, a smile toying on his lips. You tsked him, nodding as you began fumbling for your belt. After what felt like an hour of somehow trying to find the clasp, Calum laughed, grabbing your hands and putting them at your sides. “Allow me,” He said, unclasping your belt, undoing your button and fly, and finally pulling your pants down to your ankles, leaving you in your panties. He helped you step out of your pants, and helped you slip on a pair of plaid pajama pants. He sat you on the edge of the bed, grabbing your hair and beginning to braid it, poorly, but he knew in the morning you were bound to be ill and hungover, so it saved you vomiting in your hair. When he tied the ends, he tucked you in, nodding along to your babbling, before crawling in beside you, and shutting off the light. “I love you,” You slurred, as he helped you roll onto your side. “I love you too, try and get some sleep.” He said kissing your shoulder and listening to your breathing get slower and slower until it was at a steady, sleepy pace.

Luke: You leaned against the cold porcelain of the toilet, as you panted heavily. You had a bit of fun last night, drinking with your friends for a girls night out, but now you were paying the consequences. Your stomach rolled as a cold sweat broke out across your clammy skin, and you sat up, just in time to puke once again. Luke grabbed the stray hairs out of your face and rubbed your back as you were violently ill. You flushed the toilet, gasping, as he handed you a glass of water. Rinsing your mouth, you spit it out, wiping your lips with a shaky hand, you leaned against the bathtub, beside Luke’s legs. “Good night?” He said, stroking your hair. “It was great, but I’m literally never drinking again.” You moaned, dragging your knees up to rest your chin on them. “You say that every time.” He said, smiling at you. “I feel like shit,” You said, resting your forehead on your knees, trying to take a deep breath and get rid of the nauseous feeling rolling in the pit of your stomach. The lights were too bright, not adding to your pounding headache, and your feet hurt from your high heels. “How much did you drink last night?” He asked, his voice low. “I don’t even know. I didn’t loose count, but I did drink a bit.” You said, chuckling and then wincing because of the pain in your temples. “You think you’re okay for a bit?” He said, rubbing your spine. “I think so, I don’t think I can puke anything else up.” You said, rolling your head to look at him. He smiled at you, before standing up and grabbing your hands to help you stand. He walked you over to the vanity, as you grabbed your toothbrush and brushed your teeth, before grabbing his hand and following him back to your bedroom. “Are you going out today?” You asked, changing your clothes to something clean, and more comfortable. “No, I’m staying it with my incredibly hungover girlfriend.” He said, adjusting his sweat pants. “Really?” You asked, tugging one of his hoodies over your head. “Yes, I have no plans. I want to spend it in bed with you.” He walked slowly over to you, before you wrapped your hands around his waist, and leaned heavily on him. “I’m not going to be much fun today, you know what I’m usually like.” You said, breathing in his cologne and natural smell. “Thats fine, we can nap, watch a few movies, lay in bed. No need to do much. I haven’t relaxed in a while either,” He said pulling away and flicking his hood up over your eyes. You laughed a little, before wincing yet again at the sharp pain erupting throughout your forehead. He smiled weakly at you, grabbing your hands and leading you to the bed that looked inviting. You collapsed onto the squishy mattress, throwing the blanket over you as you relished the way your body nuzzled into the warm confines of your bed. Luke rolled in, opening his arms for you to cuddle into. “Thanks for holding my hair,” You said, drowsily. “Anything for you, get some sleep.” He said kissing the crown of your head, as you closed your eyes, sighing as you willed your hangover to subside.

Michael: The alcohol scorched your throat as you threw back another shot. Your head swam, as you put the cup down, wincing as it made its fiery trail down your throat, and nestled in your stomach. You shook your head, breathing through your nose as you opened your eyes to see your friends doing the same. You were done, that shot was enough for the night, and it was getting late. That much you realized. You were in no state to bus it home, and everyone you were with was drunk, so you realized that you should call your boyfriend to come get you, so you didn’t drive. You grabbed your phone from you clutch, telling your friend that you were going to head home now, as she nodded, ordering yet another round of shots. You dialled his number, ringing as his voice answered. “Hello?” He said, he sounded wide awake for the hour that it was and you smiled. “Mikeeey!” You slurred into the receiver, hearing him chuckle on the other end. “Can you do me a favour?” You asked, leaning against the sticky bar. “Would you mind coming to pick me up? I don’t think I should take the bus,” You said, looking outside. “Absolutely, I’ll be there in a few.” He said. You thanked him, before hanging up and turning to your friend. “Are you staying here?” You asked, trying to speak over the loud music. “Yeah! We’re not done yet. Why are you heading back so early?” She said. “I don’t feel well!” You said, that shot sitting heavily with you. “Feel better!” She said as she hugged you, thinking you were leaving that moment. You saw Michael come through the door a little bit later, and you wobbled over to him, smiling. “You came!” You said, kissing his cheek. “Of course I did. Ready?” He asked, grabbing your arm to steady you. “Yes sir,” You said saluting him, laughing as he rolled his eyes. He helped you to the car, and helped you fasten the buckle, before walking over to the drivers side. “Why are you still up?” You asked him, muffling a yawn. “Because I wanted to stay up for you. Thank you for asking for a ride by the way, puts my mind at ease.” He said glancing over at you. “You’re not mad that I woke you up?” You said, fearful. “You didn’t wake me up babe, and I’m not mad. I’m thanking you.” He said laughing. You nodded your head, beginning to comprehend his words as your head swam. After a bit of a ride you finally arrived home, and by now you were ready to sleep this drunkenness off. “Ready for bed?” Michael asked as you yawned, grabbing the side of the car as you stumbled. “Yes,” You said drawing out the s. He laughed, as he grabbed you around the waist helping you inside where you were already were falling asleep.

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Headcanon where the MLFK mc goes to a business party with her company and a drunk Hiroki hits on the mc. Her guy stops by the place to check on her and sees her with Hiroki and gets jealous. Bonus if there's jealously sex after haha

There is another Anon requesting smut and thus I am combining the request for this. Since the writing somehow become too long, I am going to split into two posts. I will just be doing Ayato and Ichiya for now. However, I will still be using the same prologue. Hope both anons are okay with it.

There is a company dinner tonight. You keep looking at your watch nonstop since the dinner started. Your guy promise to come fetch you later and you definitely do not want to keep him waiting. As the dinner goes on, Hiroki suddenly moves his seat beside you.

“Come on ______, stop looking at the watch. You always in love with me right? Let’s drink to our heart content.” Hiroki whispered into your ear when he wraps his hand around your shoulder. He is drunk and not talking sense anymore. You tried to push his hand away but he end up putting it back.

Suddenly, you are being pulling away from Hiroki and you realized that your guy has arrived early. However, his face looks piss and drag you out of the party. Instead of sending you home, he brought you back to his house.

Ayato Hidaka
Ayato drags you to his bedroom the moment both of you step into his house. He then pushes you down on the bed.

“Why are you allowing him to be so close to you? What are you thinking?” Ayato shouted angrily.

“He is drunk. I am already trying to push him away and that when you arrive.” You tried to explain.

“Why did he touch you? I need to disinfect all the places that he touches.” Ayato force a kiss down on your lips.

You are scared but you can also feel his love in his kisses. Thus you did not push him away. The kiss get deeper and you can feel him slowly calming down. He moves his hand on your shirt buttons and you fly your eyes open in shocked.

“I need to take everything from you today. Today I won’t hold back.” Ayato whispered and continue to strip you naked.

Your body feel stiff when he moves his kiss all over your body. Your mind basically went blank when he pulls down your panties which is your last piece of clothing on. You are now totally naked in front of him. You wanted to use hands to cover yourself but he holds your hands above your head. He then strips himself naked and you are not sure where your eyes should look, so you decide to close your eyes.

“Look at me. I want you to look at me when I make love with you.” Ayato whispered and stroke your cheek gently. You open your eyes and are capture by his passionate look. He leans in to kiss you and slowly slips his tongue inside you. You close your eyes again and melted in his passionate kiss.

Your eyes suddenly fly open when you feel his member suddenly enter inside you slowly. You moan in pain and tried to push him away but he wraps his arms tightly around you and push his member deep into you.

“It will pain a little in the beginning but you will slowly lose yourself to me. Feel my love with your body tonight. I am going to make you lost yourself in ecstasy.” Ayato whispered tenderly into your ear and kiss your earlobe causing you to moan a seductive voice out.

It seems to drive him crazy and he starts moving his hips below. He then slowly increases his pace and you can feel yourself moaning his name nonstop. Whatever pain you feel earlier was gone and you just do not want him to stop.

“Don’t grip my…. member so tight….. If not I am …… losing control too… I feel like cumming…” Ayato moaned.

“Not inside.” You said in panicked. However, you can feel his hot liquid shoot deep into your womb.

“I said that I will take yours everything. So you have to take mine everything including my seed.” Ayato smirked and slowly pull out from you. You can feel his hot liquid flow out from your inside and instantly wanted to go to the bathroom. However, he grabs you back down on the bed and embraces you tightly in his arms.

“It is okay. Just stay like this until morning.” Ayato chuckles and kiss your forehead. You simply wrap your arms around him and slowly fall asleep together with him.