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The Pawns And The Kings

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

Warning, this chapter contains strong sexual language and is smut.  It contains fingering. 

I had never really felt something so disguised by love. A feeling that betrays my mind and feeds my body, and in return my heart becomes vulnerable. Lust. I had never really felt it once in my life, up until now. But I still don’t understand it. The very feeling of it, the desire that bubbles up in your stomach, clouds your judgment and erases any of your critical thinking skills.

Oh, how he flooded me with this feeling, the dopamine he released within my brain, the endorphin’s that acted out of pure desire for pleasure, one that he could create and expect for me to return. I had always seen it as a sin, but he makes me see it as an addiction.

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Scott McCall x Reader x Stiles Stilinski

Part 1

Warnings: Sexual content, teasing, dom!reader, sub!Scott & sub!Stiles.
Word count: 940

A/N: This were going the naughty round I couldn’t stop giggle as I wrote it. Hope you like it and feel free to request if there’s any situations you want to see between these pairings.

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Scott and Stiles stood just inside the door, looking curiously back at you when you came in through the front door. You flashed each of them a sweet smile as you kicked off your shoes. “Hi boys!” you greeted them and walked past them both to toss your bag on the sofa behind them, flinching when they both seem to take a deep breath once you were between them.

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Prompt: Y/N’s life with Lin, told through her ever-changing hair color.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warning: Angst.

A/N: I want to say thanks to my beta, Sarah (@how-could-i-do-this) <3! Go over and send her some love, she helped me out so much! I hope you guys enjoy!


 Lin stands at the threshold of the bathroom door, silent.

 You run a shaky hand through your hair, unsettled over the new length. Your once waist-length blonde hair was now cropped, reaching right below your chin. You turn to face him, ignoring his sunken and watery eyes, and smile.

 “Well? Do you like it?”

 He stares at you for a bit longer, scanning your face.

 You playfully pout and bring your hands to your hips. “Lin.”

 He snaps out of it and reaches for you, bringing you into his arms. “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

 You giggle and kiss his cheeks. “Good, I’m glad you like it. I finally have an excuse to experiment on some new looks.”

 His arms tighten around you and he says nothing.


“H-here?” Lin whispers as you tug him into the costume closet at the Richard Rodger’s Theatre.

“Yup,” you reply, popping the ‘p’.

You push him against the door once you close it, enjoying the surprised look on his face. “Here’s to opening night,” you whisper, pressing your lips against his.

He chuckles, hands burrowing into your bright red hair, and returns the kiss. “To opening night,” he murmurs against your lips.

His eyebrows comically shoot up towards his forehead when you slide down to your knees.

You make sure you hold his gaze when you unbuckle his belt.

“Let’s make sure it’s a memorable one.”


You tie the red ribbon around your braided hair, pleased at how your lilac tresses complimented your skin. You wrap your green scarf around your neck, completing your cosplay for Bulma, your favorite character from Dragon Ball Z.

You twist and turn in front of your mirror, admiring how nicely the crop top shirt and yellow shorts hug your frame.

Lin whistles when he enters. “Looking good,” he sings.

He joins you in front of the mirror, dressed in a pink button-up shirt and khaki pants. You suppress your giggle when you inspect his hair, his short locks practically defying gravity.

He groans, pulling at his spiky hair. “I look ridiculous.”

Today there was a huge cosplay convention happening in New York City, and somehow you convinced Lin to accompany you and to dress up as Vegeta.

“Thank you for putting up with me,” you coo, kissing his cheek.

He rolls his eyes, feigning annoyance, but the obvious gleam of happiness betrays him.

“You’re my wife, I have no choice.”


After a short walk through the neighborhood, you got winded, so Lin suggested a rest at the park. The two of you sat on a bench, watching as children ran around and played.

You rest your head against Lin’s shoulder, your wavy dark green hair spilling over your thighs. “So this is it,” you say.

“We’ve lived here for so long…” he trails off, sighing.

You loop your arm through his and intertwine your fingers, wanting to soothe his worries of moving to London for Mary Poppins. “I think it’ll be a nice change,” you say, “plus I’ll be right there with you.”

“You’re right. As long as we’re together,” Lin gulps, voice wavering, “I think I can handle anything.”

Unshed tears flood your vision. “I’ll always be by your side no matter what, Lin.”


Lin adjusts the blanket over the both of you. “Cold?” he asks, voice hoarse.

You snuggle against him and breathe in his scent, your eyes half-closed. “A little.”

You smile as he lightheartedly rubs your head, playing with the short black strands. “I think this is your best look yet.”

You look up at him, chuckling. “You have more hair than I do. I think this look is a disaster. I miss my wigs.”

He laughs, but the sound is empty and hollow.

After a moment of silence, he speaks.

“You think you’ll be able to stay up a little longer?”

“I’ll try my best,” you sigh, fighting against the pull of sleep.

“I’ll be here in the morning,” he whispers, voice weak.


After months of battling ovarian cancer, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife of three years has passed. Today, after weeks of being absent from social media, he finally breaks his silence.  The recent EGOT posted a heart-wrenching picture of his last moments with Y/N. Y/N, dressed in a hospital gown, looked beautiful wrapped in Miranda’s arms. He writes: “My beautiful wife, may you finally rest in peace. I know you’ll be watching me and cheering me on, like you always have. I’ll make you proud. Wait for me.”

stronger ❖ jongin

When your mom left to go into one of the decorated classes in the kindergarten, you then noticed that you weren’t alone in the room, in fact a little witness has looked at all the interaction between you and your mother.

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genre : fluff, angst, dad! jongin au, ceo! jongin, daddy tbh, smut (in future), age gap but who cares anymore on this blog ;)

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| Part 2

You entered the kindergarten without even taking off your shoes, the smell of milk powder and disinfectant all over the place, the mix of a comforting smell and a very strong one made your head spin a little. Or maybe it was because you entered the place so quickly, making your body shock from the difference of temperature.

Y/N?❞ the lady at the desk questioned putting her thin glasses over her nose. You turned around quickly, your hair falling everywhere over your back.

Mom❞ you whined as soon as you saw her familiar face. You walked - almost running - to her desk and dropped your bag on the floor, your nose and cheeks red from the cold outside and your eyes glossy and she was not sure why.

She frowned and walked out from behind the desk, her hair was up in a messy bun and she was already packing her things to finally come out of the kindergarten where she worked, since all the babies were home. Or so you thought.

What is happening, baby?❞ she asked coming to cup your face. You weren’t a mommy’s girl, she barely even gave you what you asked, but she always was there to listen to you and help you as she could.

You sniffed trying not to cry in that place, you weren’t sure if everyone left, so you just murmured: ❝I don’t have any money

Your mom raised an eyebrow shocked. Her concern dropping. ❝What?❞ You couldn’t even answer, her voice was thundering all over the place.

❝Y/L/N Y/N, me and your father just gave you our money, where are they?

You grunted passing a hand over your face, thank God you never wore makeup to go to university, so now you didn’t have to care about dirtying your face.

I used them to buy the books for school, my professor asked for three new volumes and now I don’t know how to buy food❞ you whined.

Now, to be true, you had your money, not all, but you could survive on noodles and water, but that was not how you wanted to live. Your university was taking you life away from your body, every single penny that you had was destined to be used for your school and you hated it.

Your mother sighed combing her hair with her fingers in a desperate gesture. ❝You need to find a job❞ she muttered to herself, but loud enough for you to hear.


Yes, Y/N, a job. That’s what university students do. Why can’t you find one?

I have classes everyday❞ you almost shouted, showing to your mother how you were looking, coming straight out of university. Your mother sighed again, this time looking at you with anger.

Listen, you have twenty-one years old, Missy, you can find a job like every other student does. Me and your father won’t be forever here to help you❞ Hearing that sentence you lowered your head.

Yah, don’t say that❞ you muttered under your breath, feeling little under your mother’s gaze. You knew that they wouldn’t be there forever to help, but hearing your mother say it made you more than sad. The idea of not having your parents next to you was tearing your limbs into pieces.

Another sigh - you even lost the count - left your mother’s mouth and she pointed at the little wooden bench for babies that was attached to painted wall. ❝Wait there, I’ll go see if any mom has requested for a babysitter, you’ll be alright working with babies, right?

You shrugged going to sit on the bench, your mother’s eyes following you. ❝I guess

You never had problems with babies, your older sister already had two twins, so you knew how to deal with them since she always used to leave them to you when you still were an high-schooler, but now - now you were in university, you needed to take books with you wherever you were going and taking care of a baby could be a problem. Willing or not, you had to find a job, you were twenty-one, damn, your mother was right, you had to become independent, and that didn’t only means living alone if you couldn’t even pay for your own rent and food.

When your mom left to go into one of the decorated classes in the kindergarten, you then noticed that you weren’t alone in the room, in fact a little witness has looked at all the interaction between you and your mother. You stared at him, his big brown eyes looking back at you, big puffy lips stretched in surprise when he saw you looking at him and the bangs of his chocolate hair all over his forehead and eyes. You bit down on your bottom lip, trying to hide your smile when he blushed under your gaze, a big shy smile forming on his lips.

Hi, pup❞ you cooed caressing his head gently. He smiled wider and put his little hands in his mouth, embarrassed.

You noticed that he was the only baby there, all of his friends went back home with their parents, but he still was waiting, a big black wind jacket covered his body and a big blue scarf around his neck, almost covering all of his face.

Aren’t you suffocating in there?❞ you giggled dipping your fingers in his scarf so that his lips were now on full display and he could breath properly. He jumped down the bench and ran in front of you, trying to cover his blushing cheeks from his eyes showing you how good he was at running. You smiled in front of the scene, he was of course a heartthrob, the way he looked at you made you understand that he knew little girls liked him and even big girls like you did it, it was easy falling head over heels for that beautiful baby.

You laughed a little when he stopped in front of you a little dazed from all the running in circles. ❝What’s your name?❞ you asked in a hushed tone, trying not to make him run away from you again.

He frowned then looked at his little right hand, that was probably one of the most cute hand you have ever seen, and showed you with his chubby fingers the number five.

No, not how old are you. I asked what’s your name?❞ you tried again smiling at his cute puffy cheeks. He made a sound in approval, his face lighting up.


The voices to pronounce that name were two, the shy and little rough from not talking a lot one was the baby’s and another, way louder and manly was from the man who entered the kindergarten door in a rush.

Daddy❞ the little boy called out in a surprised voice and it made you heart swell in your chest. Why was this little thing so surprised that his dad came to pick him up? You looked at the man who picked the baby in his arms and kissed him lovingly on the cheeks, receiving a peck on the lips from Taeoh, than the man turned to you.

I’m sorry, I’m late again❞ he said looking at you with sad and sorry eyes. You blushed hard, did you look like the worker of a kindergarten?

The man frowned with a smile on his lips. You quickly noticed that Taeoh’s lips were just like his father’s.❝Where is Mrs Y/L/N?❞ he asked alluding at you mother.

You tried to smile a little in front of the ethereal image of the father and his baby holding into each other and nodded toward one of the class. ❝Uhm she’s gonna come in a minute❞ you stuttered.

That man was extremely gorgeous, you now knew why Taeoh was so beautiful. He had a father who was a full meal, he looked just magnificent in a grey coat, black button-up and black elegant pants, his hair was chocolate like, just like his baby’s, his eyes smaller than Taeoh’s, but the color remembered you of him.

You tore your gaze away from the two boys and stared in front of you. You heard the man moving a little, sitting then down on the bench, a meter away from you. Taeoh was sitting on his legs, but got bored soon and jumped down, running to you. Seeing how the boy gripped your cold hands into his, calling you out of your thoughts and asking you to stand up and play with him, warmed your chest.

A little laugh left his father lips when you turned your attention to the baby with a smile. ❝Taeoh,❞ he called him stretching an arm and tickling his tummy slightly to get his attention ❝don’t bother the little girl

You turned your head toward the man with a spontaneous smile. ❝It’s fine, sir

The man looked at you and smiled a little, his eyes soft over your face. Now that you thought about it, he looked very young, not too young to have a baby, but just… young.

Y/N❞ finally your mother came out of the class with two papers in her hands. When she saw the man - that automatically stood up from the bench - she smiled warmly.

Mr Kim

Mrs Y/L/N❞ he smiled back bowing politely at the older woman.

You mother patted him on the shoulder, caressing then his back warmly. ❝What a coincidence, I was just going to talk about you to my daughter

Your head shoot up, your eyes two balls that stared into your mother soul. ❝Huh?

This Mr Kim raised his eyebrows truly curious about what was happening, Taeoh silently playing with your fingers and your bitten nails.

Your mother nodded and went behind the desk, Mr Kim followed her giving you his strong back and resting his arms over the desk that separated him from your mother.

What about?❞ he asked, raising his arm with a shock so his watch could fall out of the coat and he could see the time. You stood up from the bench too, walking slowly toward the desk, Taeoh calling for your attention.

When you distractedly looked down, you saw the baby throwing his arms up at you, clearly asking you to be held. Without thinking you just reached down and took Taeoh in your arms, walking slightly quickly to the desk and stopping in front of it.

Your mother gave you an amused look, looking quickly back down to the two papers. Mr Kim looked at you for a second and then pointed to Taeoh in your arms.

Yah❞ he jokingly whispered pointing his index to the boy. Taeoh’s eyes widened, but he captured quickly the playful look in his father’s eyes. ❝You didn’t want to be held, why are you bothering the Miss?❞ he asked poking the baby’s tummy. Taeoh just smiled slyly and then wrapped his arms around your neck, hiding his face in your hair.

Okay, so❞ you mother called both of you. ❝Jongin, Y/N is a university student and she needs money, so - since you are searching for a babysitter - I thought that maybe she could help you❞ she suggested. The so said Jongin or Mr Kim raised both eyebrows surprised, looking then at you. His eyes soft and tired.

That would be amazing❞ he smiled at you. Not so surprisingly you blushed under his gaze.

Actually, Y/N❞ your mother called you and even Taeoh turned to look at her. ❝Jongin needs a babysitter that can come pick Taeoh from school everyday and then stay with him at Jongin’s place till nine, when he comes back from work❞

To be honest I just need you to come to my company, I basically live there, I have the penthouse at the last floor where I live with Taeoh and it would be amazing if you could just come pick this little monster from here and take him to the company. I’m always there, so if you need anything or you need to leave - I don’t know - an hour or two before you can just send me a message and I’ll come right back into the penthouse

The penthouse? Shit, is he rich? You’ve never even see before a real penthouse. Are they like in the movies? That would be cool.

Sure❞ you muttered enchanted by your own thoughts.

Mr Kim treated you with one of the most heartwarming smiles and you almost wanted to melt down. ❝You can take your books with you, I don’t care if you want to study while you’re at my home, or play video games or chat with your friends, it’s none of my business, I just need you to stay with Taeoh while I’m not around and give him his milk and his food and keep him mentally sane. I don’t want to leave him alone at home or make him wait hours every day before I come pick him up from work

You smiled at him gripping Taeoh harder. ❝Mr Kim there are no problems, actually I’m glad I can take my books at your house, so I can study. You just need to tell me when I start and how to move

You seriously were happy that he gave you permission to take your school books with you, you really needed to pass all the year of university with the best of the grades. Taeoh seemed nice too, so you didn’t think he could cause any problem.

This was the first work you were doing where a stranger was going to pay you. Mr Kim searched for a second in the pockets of his pants, then when he reached for his wallet he opened it and took a card out of it.

Call me❞ he mumbled slowly picking a pen from the desk and writing down another telephone number next to the other three, then he circled one of the printed ones.

This one I wrote is my personal cell phone, but I don’t use it alot, so if I don’t answer after the third time, just call me on this. This is my office one, so I’ll answer for sure. You can come at my company tomorrow morning if you don’t have any class, you can come from nine to eleven, I don’t have any meeting during those hours so I’m gonna be in my office waiting for your call so I can come pick you up in the lobby❞ he explained.

Meanwhile you looked at the thick paper piece that he gave you and read the name of Kim Family Company, his name was the second one between two females names, probably his sisters since they had the same surnames and the company name was Kim Family.

Are you a ceo?❞ you asked out of impulse, shocked that you were in front of a person who controlled over other people’s work.

Mr Kim smiled at you, his eye terribly tired and you just started to notice how exhausted he looked. ❝I am. This is why I need a person to take care of Taeoh and me. His mother left❞ he said quietly, not caring about saying those words out loud, but your face fell into a grimace and one of your hands shot up to cover Taeoh’s ear.

It’s fine❞ Mr Kim smiled ❝He has to know anyway. So yeah, Y/N. If you could come tomorrow so I can show you everything that would be helpful

You nodded slowly taking away your hand from Taeoh’s head and then turned to your mother. ❝Good❞ she said.

Now, Jongin I’m gonna ask you to leave because I have to close and you❞ she pointed at you while you were passing Taeoh into Jongin’s arms. ❝Stay and help me clean everything so I can give you your money

Your eyes shot at the sky in an annoyed expression and you started taking your jacked off your body just to see your mother mimic with her lips ❝she’s broke❞ to Mr Kim.

I’m not❞ you screamed going into one of the classes to start cleaning.

You couldn’t believe your mother just said to your new boss that you had no money.

Don’t think that Jongin will remain this sweet and innocent, ‘cause hell daddy Jongin is gonna pop out and hit you all in the face hehe.

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Come Over

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Warnings: Smut, Daddy kink, Bondage, Spanking, Cursing

A/N: Guys my first smut! Ok so I’m kinky as hell so sorry if you’re not. Anyway I’m in the process of moving so my wifi is turned off and i couldn’t upload yesterday. sorry.

Peter wasn’t answering his phone. Being Peter he of course left it on the coffee table of the Avengers tower living room.

So when a text popped up saying something like, “Come over, I miss you,” and Steve happened to see it, he couldn’t help but ask Tony if Peter was seeing someone. Tony had no clue if Peter had a girlfriend, but he wanted to find out. “Let’s check his facebook,” Tony suggested.

Steve left the online stuff to Tony. Being frozen for 40 years didn’t make him tech friendly.

Natasha had walked it when another text had beeped on Pete’s phone. She read aloud, “We can have some fun? With a winky face? Hey, is Spider-boy dating someone?”

Tony and Steve both shrugged their shoulders not wanting to look away from the boy’s facebook page.

“Are you checking his facebook?” She already knew the answer though, she saw it in Tony’s glasses. They both only nodded.

Natasha walked up behind the men to get a look. “Holy shit is that her?” Tony asked astonished. “She’s dropped dead gorgeous.”

Sam, who had walked over and stood next to Natasha, nodded saying, “Yeah she is. Who is that?”

“We think it’s Peter’s girlfriend,” Nat answered him.

“Now there’s no way Spidey got a girl who looks like that!”

Steve only shook his head at Sam. Natasha smiled, “And she’s texting him ‘come over’… with a winky face.”

Sam’s jaw dropped. “Damn Pete must have major game! Never been prouder!”

Tony laughed, “we should go give him his phone. Wouldn’t want him to miss out.”

“Wouldn’t want who to miss out on what?” Bucky walked in just in time for another text.

“Spider-kid has a girlfriend and she’s texting him come over,” Steve filled him in.

“Peter don’t make me beg.” Nat read the new text.

Bucky and Steve both choked. Sam was pumping his fist yelling ‘that’s my boy!’ and Tony gave a satisfied smile.

“Shit, she sent a picture.” Nat felt her cheeks heat up.

They hadn’t unlocked his phone but everyone was so curious about this picture Natasha had debated actually looking. She knew better, however, and pushed her way past the boys and out to the pool, where she knew Pete would be.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water.

“Peter, your phone has been blowing up with texts. So who’s,” she paused and glanced at the caller ID on his phone, “Angel?”

Pete turned bright red at the mention of Y/N. He kept her secret for a reason. He just wasn’t ready for the teasing from everyone.

“Umm I don’t know what you mean.” He crossed his arms. Peter wasn’t about to give up anything, even if she could torture it out of him.

“Is that so? Well I guess you would be fine if I handed this over to the guys. They’ve been very curious about the ‘come over’ texts and picture you got. I just barely got away before they opened it.” She turned around.

“Wait!” Peter jumped up and swung to the other side of the pool, next to Natasha. “She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now.”

Nat nodded, she would take what she could get, but she still wanted to know more. “Bring her home some time ok?”

“Can I have my phone if I agree?”

“You can have it back regardless Pete. I couldn’t keep you from what you’re about to get.” She winked at him and walked inside.

When he got to his room Peter finally declared it safe enough to unlock his phone and read his messages.

He got to her photo and his cock twitched at the sight of her perky breast on display for him.

‘On my way.’ He sent back.

Y/N smirked when she got a reply. She was so glad she didn’t live in the dorms right now. Quickly she got up to get ready. Y/N smudged her liner and dressed in matching underclothes. When she was finished there was a knock at the door.

She took a deep breath and went to open it.

Peter groaned when he saw her dressed in his button up shirt with no pants on. Her legs made him week kneed and she knew it. “You little minx. Do you realize how much trouble you’re in?” He entered and closed the door without taking his eyes off her.

Y/N smiled. She liked being in trouble with him.

“My team was very interested in these messages I was getting. And then I get that sexy picture.” He had her backed into a wall and placed his hands on her hips.

“You’re looking so fuckable right now I might have to forgive you.”

Y/N’s breath had quickened. “Peter please I’ve waited all day.”

“You’ve been waiting all day for daddy’s cock?” All shyness he had during his conversation with Natasha was gone. He was a whole new man with Y/N.

“Yes daddy, please let me have it.” She was whimpering out for him and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Peter ran his hands over her thighs and up the shirt she was wearing. “Not yet angel. I don’t know if I forgive you for teasing me with your tits.”

She bit her lip when his lips kissed her neck. He worked his lips over every inch of her neck, kissing, nipping, and licking the sensitive skin. His hands were feeling the smooth skin of her stomach. Peters lips were on her collar bone now. She moaned out when he bit her softly. Y/N tangled her hands in his hair and tugged but he pulled back completely.

“Hey what the hell?”

She didn’t get to say anything else because he smacked her ass. “Speak when spoken to angel. I didn’t like that tone of voice either,” smack, “so you get another one.”

Y/N whimpered.

“Now get upstairs, and I want this,” he pulled at the shirt she wore, “gone when I get there.”

She nodded, “yes sir.”

He’d make her wait a little longer. She survived all day then this wouldn’t kill her. When he walked through the door she was on the bed sitting on her feet. The shirt was gone just as he instructed and slowly she brought her hands up behind her. He heard the snap of her bra being unhooked. When it fell to the floor he thanked God for the beautiful girl in front of him.

Peter crossed the room, laid her on her back, and kissed her deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he sighed against her lips. “I’m gonna make you cum at least four times tonight darling.”

Her eyes widened, and he laughed. “Don’t look so frightened, I know that turns you on.” 

Pete touched her over her panties. “See how wet it makes you when I talk this way?” He pulled the thin material down her legs and kissed her body. “You’re so beautiful baby. So beautiful, and only for me.”

He grabbed her cunt and she bit her lip. “This is all mine. You got that?”

Y/N nodded furiously. “Say it baby. Tell me who’s pussy this is.”

“Yours daddy! All yours!”

He took her nipple into his mouth sucking and biting it while she fisted his hair. He rolled the other with his fingers before switching sides. “You like when I play with your tits baby girl?” She pushed against him with her hips but he held her down.

“Yes daddy, I love when you suck and bite me there.”

Peter smiled. “That’s my girl. Tell me where else you want my mouth angel.” He slid a finger up her soaked slit and Y/N moaned out his name.

“Please Peter!”

He landed a smack on her ass. “That’s not my name baby. Tell me where you want my mouth princess.”

“On my cunt daddy. Please.”

Peter didn’t give in just yet. He kissed down her body and down her thighs, then back up until he could taste her. She felt him lick a long strip up her pussy and she groaned. He worked her good, moving his tongue up and down against her. Peter’s tongue pushed into her and she yelped. “God yes! Daddy more!” He gave her just what she wanted. Peter pressed at her entrance with his finger while his tongue flicked her clit, before sinking into her. Y/N grabbed his hair, “Daddy yes!” Pete smirked as he nibble her clit. “Fuck Peter, you’re so good.”

He added a finger and moved them inside her. He rubbed his fingers against her walls and Y/N widened her legs wanting him deeper. “Shit right there! I’m so close baby!”

Peter moved faster to push her to her release. She came undone with a scream of his name. He’d swear that was his favorite sound.He carried her down from her orgasm and her fingers loosened in his hair.

“That’s it angel. You ready for another?” She nodded lazily.

“Hands up baby girl.” She raised her hands and he bound them with his tie to the headboard. This was always her favorite.

“Such a good girl for me angel.” Peter stripped and crawled back over her. He spread her legs and bit his lip at the sight of her opened up for him. “Baby please, I can’t wait any longer.”

He teased her entrance with the tip of his dick. “This what you want doll?” Peter was rubbing himself so she could see what she had done to him. “My cock pounding your tight, wet cunt? You want me to make you cum all over my dick? Make you scream my name?”

“Yes daddy please make me cum again.”

Peter pushed into her in one swift movement. Both of them moaned out at the feeling. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size. “Fuck angel you’re so tight.” He licked the shell of her ear and she whimpered.

Peter moved out of her and pushed back into her heat. They were pressed close together, chest against chest while he gave her all that she asked for. She was whining into his ear “more daddy please.” Peter kissed her neck, “You’ll kill me one day princess, I know you will,” but still he gave her what she wanted. He reached down to play with her clit and it didn’t take long until she was pulling her restraints until the tie stretched with the force she placed on it. He watched the way her back arched off the bed as she wrapped his waist with her legs and pulled him closer. Her hair was a mess against the pillow and her lips red from biting them. Her body was shining with sweat and Peter thought about how beautiful she looked in that moment.

When Pete hit that spot inside her, her eyes flew open and she shouted, “Pete right there!”

Peter couldn’t hold out for long. The way she was squeezing him and moaning his name, had him on the edge. He untied her hands and they were on his shoulders instantly. Y/N scratched his back and his arms while he worked her body passionately. The hand he didn’t have on her clit played with a breast and his lips were on her neck. With another bite to her neck she was screaming his name and clutching his biceps.

Peter went faster, chasing his orgasm.

He praised her while he came. “Good girl princess, you did so well.”

Peter dropped next to her and she cuddled into his side. “Holy shit,” she said.

Pete laughed, “that was only twice angel. The next one will be on the table, then I want you against a wall.”

Her eyes widened.

100 MORE Reasons to Love Choi Seungcheol
  1. such a fanboy for kdramas and watched Goblin with Mingyu
  2. reenacted one of the goblin scenes with Mingyu and got really embarrassed
  3. when he gave BTS’s Taehyung a gigantic hug during MAMA 2017
  4. His ‘biorhythm’ part
  5. Whenever he says ‘S.coups’ in the Seventeen songs like in Crazy in Love
  6. When he came out of nowhere in boomboom mv to sing that tiny part after Joshua and basically shook the whole fandom
  7. When Seungcheol switched lunches with Wonwoo who’s allergic to seafood, and despite the lunch being spicy which he doesn’t like, he still ate it
  8. when he reassured Hansol about going on SMTM4
  9. wants four kids in the future, three boys and one girl
  10. ‘I’m in charge of 12 kids right now, you think I can’t handle four’
  11. when he’s such a huge dork with filters #filterking
  12. when Seungcheol does the thing where he falls into Jeonghan or Joshua’s arms after he does something highly embarrassing
  14. Excited Seungcheol reuniting with the rest of Seventeen at the Dream Concert
  15. Seungcheol thought it would be funny for the members to choose one person to take the penalty and everyone chose him and his facial expression was just full of regret
  16. those pictures of Seungcheol where he’s in japan, and he’s wearing a pink button up and jeans and it looks like he’s waiting for someone and it’s basically boyfriend looks because we all know he’s waiting for you
  17. Seungcheol eats really cutely, it’s just really cute to see him with his cheeks stuffed with food
  18. When Seungcheol said ‘baby’
  19. When he spent 10 seconds trying to open a door only to realize the door next to it was the door to use
  20. Seungcheol really can’t do amusement park rides
  21. Did you see him on my friend’s hometown, he got dizzy after a carousel
  22. His 17 project teaser
  23. That part in the Mansae mv where the girl turns around and is faced with a smiling Seungcheol
  24. Beagle King
  25. When he was dancing along to Pristin’s WeeWoo
  26. When he did the little hand dances with Ailee at Korean Cable TV
  27. Predebut Seungcheol laughing and pointing at Chan after Chan loses the ball came, and even reenacts how Chan looked
  28. said because he was the youngest at home, he did lots of aegyo to his parents
  29. His basketball skills
  30. he was street casted the day he was escaping playing soccer with his friend (lol same)
  31. Prebut Seungcheol doing as the MC said and being cute but the MC calling it ‘dirty’ and Seungcheol laughing
  32. Predebut Seungcheol forcing Wonwoo to accompany him in having to do whatever the MC tells them to do
  33. Predebut Seungcheol torturing Seungkwan after Seungkwan accidentally kicked him in his privates
  34. He’s ticklish
  35. When he danced to Talk Dirty
  36. When Seungcheol and Seokmin switched parts in Adore U and so Seungcheol was the one being lifted during the ‘you are my angel’ part
  37. 2013, in the month of October, Seungcheol announced he and Jihoon were getting married
  38. When Seungcheol jumped into the ground because he thought the others would catch him
  39. Seungcheol hurting the fandom by singing in Don’t Wanna Cry
  40. He did the Oppaya song at a fanmeet and was really embarrassed at the end of it
  41. the time he put two chips in his mouth to make it look like a duck mouth
  42. When a little boy attended a fansign, Seungcheol couldn’t keep his eyes off of the boy and was just staring at him with heart eyes when he was with Seungkwan
  43. He does this thing sometimes during concerts where when he’s dancing, he’ll puff out his cheeks and make it seem like his dancing is nonchalant when he’s doing body rolls or hip movements like BOY you know what you’re doing
  44. Confirmed that he is, indeed the dad of Seventeen
  45. When choosing between a bad girl or a good girl, Seungcheol chose bad girl because at least she’d be warmer to him than others
  46. Everyone knows the gif of him falling after a stage firework went off in front of him
  47. During concerts Seungcheol always bends down to the fans to be really close to their phone
  48. When he wears turtleneck and basically looks all fluffy and soft
  49. That time he got scared of a bug
  50. When he wore the blue Taekwondo uniform during a fanmeet
  51. Seungcheol going through the fansign line as if he was a fan and continuously saying he was a Woozi stan
  52. Predebut Seungcheol who used his taekwondo skills and took Mingyu down
  53. When Seungcheol took down BTS’s Jungkook
  54. That one gif where Seungcheol’s hair is black and it’s parted, and he’s wearing a black button up with black pants with a black belt, and he’s dancing, and he’s basically rubbing his hand down his chest before he grabs his belt buckle
  55. That time he put on a cop hat and had a fake gun and pointed it at the camera and basically shot all of the fan’s hearts
  56. Seungcheol imitating one of Monsta X’s member’s parts while they all screamed ‘S.coups’ as he approached
  57. For his birthday in 2015, posted a video of the boys basically bowing to him like he was the boss
  58. For his birthday in 2017, posted a pic of the boys basically sitting beside him as his workers and him obviously the boss
  59. Even though he doesn’t prefer chocolate, he still ate the chocolate cake that the boys got him
  60. That time Seungcheol had Jihoon sit on his lap
  61. Said he’d date himself if he was a girl
  62. All of his covers with Jihoon. Good Morning, Guilty, You Look Good, Officially Missing You
  63. His cover of Merry Go Round with Seungkwan
  64. The multiple times Seungcheol played with the cameras on 17tv
  65. When he introduced himself as ‘Cheol’
  66. Credits himself with putting the members in a straight line when walking
  67. Tried to say schedule but kept messing up and saying sketch
  68. When Seungcheol was compared to a camel and then Seungcheol imitated the face of a camel
  69. When Seungcheol put on red lipstick and gave a big kiss to Mingyu
  70. That time he was doing aegyo and he was shooting finger guns while clicking his tongue and then he got annoyed because he wasn’t getting any reactions from the boys
  71. He dabs, like 500 times. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he dabs every five minutes. He’s almost as bad as Mingyu
  72. He forgets the choreography a lot when on stage. Messed up on Very Nice so bad that he had to reenact it
  73. Confused dad that took too long to try and straighten the camera and try to find the right angle while his kids desperately try to instruct him while in the back
  74. The Star Show 360 where they parodied a bunch of scenes from movies and Seungcheol was basically a really hot bad boy
  75. During 17tv speed Q&A, when Seungkwan asked, ‘who are you going to watch the fireworks with’ and Seungcheol looks straight into the camera and says ‘You’ 
  76. When Seungcheol did Burning Karaoke with Seungkwan and Seokmin, and by the end of it, he’s just screaming
  77. When Seungcheol does little pep talks while they are all doing the thing where they create a circle and grab each other’s thumbs
  78. The time Seungcheol played with a little boy in the sand
  79. When he arm wrestled a crew member but he got intimidated by all the crew’s padding so he jokingly asked if they could take it all off
  80. He cut all the bait for the boys so they could fish
  81. His cute little finger hearts that he’s shooting everywhere and every chance he gets
  82. When he wears fake glasses and basically looks boyfriend aesthetics
  83. When he wears sleeveless shirts and has all the Carats falling to their knees
  84. Whenever he licks his lips is basically when every Carat is a Seungcheol stan
  85. Check In aesthetics
  86. Honestly who doesn’t love Choi Seungcheol in suspenders
  87. Those times when he jumps on another member’s back and just has them carry them even though the member is probably suffering
  89. The Seungcheol focus of him performing their cover of Super Junior’s U
  91. Honestly any Seungcheol focus is bound to catch you
  92. He literally lets the boys tease him so much
  93. He cried during the Shining Diamond concert in Japan when the members brought out a cake for his birthday
  94. When hip hop team covered vocal team’s ‘Don’t Listen in Secret’ and Seungcheol snatched everyone by going all out with his voice
  95. SMA 2017 was Seungcheol’s era
  96. Seungcheol cutely cringing whenever someone does aegyo
  97. Instead of talking about his own rap style, he spent his answer complimenting and admiring Wonwoo’s style
  98. When he sang in the all 13 member version of 20 and once again snatched everyone
  99. Predebut Seungcheol being a backup dancer for After School and was such a cutie
  100. ‘Carats are not in a one sided love, you’re not in a one sided love, we’ll repay you until you feel it’

For anyone who doesn’t know, the technique that Alex used by turning her pants into a life jacket is a real technique taught to the US Marines for surviving at sea without a floatation device!! I was actually super impressed to see a real legitimate survival approach for alex staying alive in that tank of water.

For those wondering how it works, the steps for when treading water with no rescue expected for a little while are:
1. Take off your pants. The thicker the material, the better. Jeans work really well.
2. Zip or button up the pants if applicable.
3. Tie the bottoms of the legs together in a knot.
4. Grab the pants by the waist and hold the waist open.
5. Put your hands and the pants behind your head and then swing them forward, letting air fill the pant legs through the waist-hole, and bring your hands under the water, still holding the waist. This is to trap air in the pants itself. Do this multiple times to maximize the amount of air in the legs.
6. Once you feel you have enough air, put your head through the legs so that the knot you made is on the back of your neck.
7. Hold the waist closed with one hand while using the other to signal/wave and keep the pant legs wet so they retain air.
8. Air will inevitably escape from your pants, but when that happens you can just take them off and repeat steps 4-7.

As you could see in the episode, it actually can save your life if you’re in open water, as treading water can be extremely tiring. This technique will conserve your energy so you can last as long as needed before you’re rescued. Hope this is interesting/helpful!!!

Luke’s Story

My name is Luke. I just turned 17, am 5’9” tall and weigh 215 pounds. I need help and advice because of my weight, and especially because of my big belly. I was always a little taller than the other guys and my weight was normal until a year ago. I like sports, I used to play soccer and I was always in good shape.

The big thing that happened was that ten months ago my dad bought me a truck of my own. From the time I was a little kid he had always promised me that if I got good grades, didn’t smoke or drink, and stayed out of trouble, he would buy me a truck when I got my driver’s license. I keep my word and he kept his. I love that truck and spend most of my time now tinkering with it or just driving around with friends. That was when I cut way back on soccer and quit the team.

The problem is that I’ve put on more than  65 pounds in the past ten months. At first I didn’t notice it, but I’ve gone from size 30 to size 38 pants and my parents have had to buy me new underwear, pants, and shirts every other month or so. They never say anything, but the last time I had to upsize the size 34’s I was wearing were so tight I couldn’t button them. Rather than going to 36’s, my mom said to just go up to 38’s to  give me “growing room”. It was embarrassing, and now the 38’s are getting tight on me. I’m going to have to buy size 40’s next. 40 and above are fat man’s sizes, and I’m just 17!

You may think so what, lots of guys my age put on some weight, so no big deal. The problem is that most of the weight has gone to my belly. Even when I got the 38’s, I had to fasten them underneath my belly because it’s so huge. It hangs over the waistband of my pants and bounces and wobbles when I walk. It’s impossible to hide with baggy shirts (believe me, I’ve tried). I get pats and pokes in my belly all the time from my friends, and I’ve heard every joke there is about being a pregnant teen or smuggling a soccer ball under my shirt. Last week I went for my annual physical  (I go every year around my birthday). My doctor was stunned when he saw me. I only grew half an inch in height but my weight had climbed in a year from  148 to 215. The doctor said, “Luke, you’ve got quite the pot belly for a boy your age. Have you been drinking beer or what?” I assured him I don’t drink alcohol at all. All he told me was to cut back on my eating and get more exercise.

I’ve always had a big appetite and my mom is a great cook, too. It’s hard to cut back. I’ve always been a big eater but I never got fat (see my before picture from 2 years ago). Now, I eat two big helpings at dinner and I’m still hungry, and an hour later I’m heading to the kitchen  to finish off the leftovers from dinner. An hour after that, while I’m doing my homework, I get hungry for ice cream or a package of cookies. It’s the same with breakfast and lunch. I have a big allowance and so stopping by at a drive thru every day is automatic now. I even keep a secret stash of candy bars in my truck in case I get hungry while I’m on the road.

 School started a couple of weeks ago, my senior year. I know people look at me and my big belly, especially my classmates and teachers who knew me back when I was thin It’s so big that when I try to suck it in, you can’t tell that I’m trying. My pot just sticks out so far.  I’ve got tits now and small love handles and my legs are bigger, but like I said, most of my weight is in my belly. When I sit down, my pot belly sits on my lap like a big ball of jello. My close friends who I eat lunch with joke with me all the time about my belly and my big appetite, but they’re my friends. Besides, when we hang out after school and go driving around, one or the other of them will treat me when we stop at the drive thru because I won’t take money from them for gas. I mean, they’re my friends and I like hanging out with them.

What made me write this today is that after school, I had to go to have my senior pictures taken. We were told to wear a button up shirt and nice pants for the picture, and I brought a shirt and pants with me. The shirt was loose on me last spring when I bought it. Today when I put it on, it was so tight around the waist! I could button the buttons but they were real stressed, and then when I sat down for the picture taking, a button popped off! The photographer didn’t say anything, but it was so embarrassing!

So please, any tips for me about reducing the size of my big pot belly? I know I’m chubby now and I’m probably always going to be on the heavy side (my mom and dad are both fat). I’ve tried sit-ups but my belly is so big It totally gets in the way. When I try push-ups, my belly hangs down and rests on the floor when my arms are extended. Then the exercise makes me so hungry and thirsty I end of drinking a 2 liter coke and raiding the kitchen for some snacks. I don’t mind being heavy all over, like my dad, but this pot belly has to go!

The first picture of me is from 2 years ago; the other 4 are from today. The  picture of me standing from the size shows me trying to suck in my pot.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

You Heard Me. Take. It. Off. (Lafayette x Reader)


I figured I would do this one before the others because I tend to write better with Lafayette, and my past few imagines have not been as good as they should be. (And my Jefferson smut is my most popular imagine, you sickos ;) full on smut this time. This is the first time I’ve ever written a sex scene. Please don’t hurt me.

My dearest (Y/N),

     My deepest apologies for being called into action at such an unfortunate time the last day we saw each other. I was in such a rush I did not even have the chance to kiss you goodbye. I would like to make this up to you, my love. Please meet me at my office today at 4pm, sharp. Dress accordingly. I eagerly await your arrival.

                                                                           Fondly Yours,


Frowning at the letter that had been slipped under your door early this morning, you wondered what he meant by “dress accordingly”. You had slipped on a scarlet dress and quickly hurried down to his office. You knew he didn’t want you to be late. Lafayette hated waiting. 

“Miss (Y/N)?” the receptionist called out.

You stood up at the calling of your name.


“Sir Lafayette is ready for you.”

You thanked the receptionist, and hurried down the hall towards his office. You saw the large double doors in sight. Approaching them, you took a deep breath in. Were you ready for this? Is this what you wanted?

You exhaled. Yes, yes it was.

You knocked three times on the large, white doors. You were ready.

“Come in!” a familiar french voice sang.  

You pushed the door open, revealing the elegant room inside. Lafayette’s office was a large room, big enough to be a venue, complete with marble floors, an expensive-looking main desk, large windows that stretched up to the ceiling, and a long meeting table sitting in the middle of it all. Not that you expected anything less.

“(Y/N!), my sweet,” Lafayette started as he approached you, grabbing your hand and kissing your knuckles. “How have you been?”

“Wonderful,” you responded, eyeing his getup. A navy coat over a white shirt and white pants with brown boots. His wild hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Sure, he looked the same as any other revolutionary, but something about Lafayette was undeniably sexy. Whether it was his confidence, his voice, his accent, or his body, you didn’t know. But you began to experience the feeling of lust you felt when you first laid eyes on him.

“And how are you?”

“Ah, business has actually been pretty stressful lately, it has been taking a toll on me.” He smiled before continuing on.

“But I feel much better now that I found myself a little kitten to play with.” he flirted, gently caressing your cheek with his hand. He ran his thumb along your lip, and you kissed it in response. He smirked.

“I want to play…” you confessed, looking innocently up at him and blushing.

Oui, bon chaton,” he breathed, dipping down to softly kiss you. His lips were soft and warm.

He then stood up.

“Pardon me for a moment,” he said as he walked over the the double doors, pulling them shut. He reached into his coat pocket and brandished a small key, sticking it into the door and twisting it. You heard the lock slide into place. No going back now.

He strutted back over to you, then began to back you up onto his desk.

“Now you’re mine,” he whispered, sending a shiver down your spine and slightly turning you on.

To your surprise, he didn’t kiss you or touch you. Instead, he took a few steps back.

“Remove your dress.” he commanded.

You gave him a strange look.

“Marquis, we’re in a public office. Wouldn’t you rather go someplace a little more priv-”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” he reinforced.

You hesitantly obliged, reaching behind your back to undo the zipper, and removing your arms from the sleeves as you slid the dress off. 

You now stood before him in a matching set of white lace underwear.

“Ah, you want to impress me, no?” he smiled as he ran his hand along the lace of your underwear.

“I know what you want, kitten.” he purred. “You need only ask for it.”

You responded by wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. He seized the opportunity to reach his hands behind your back and skillfully unclasp your bra, and sliding it off you. He bent down, hooked his arms around your legs, then gently lifted you onto the desk, before cramming his tongue into your mouth. You swirled your tongue with his, fighting for dominance. He suddenly parted his lips from yours, and stuck two of his fingers in your mouth. You sucked on them passionately, never breaking eye contact with him. He grinned as he them removed them from your mouth, and pressed them to the cloth middle of your panties. He them rubbed them along the cloth, up and down, successfully stimulating you. You grabbed your panties, and began sliding them down your legs, with Lafayette’s help.

His fingers then returned, slowly sliding them up and down over the skin before rubbing circles over your clit. You arched you back in pleasure and moaned. He continued this, picking up the pace as you gasped and moaned, waves of pleasure washing over you. You felt yourself become wetter as he then slowed down his pace, leaving you wanting more. He then removed his fingers, admiring how sticky they were, before shoving them into your mouth again. You sucked on them once more, bobbing your head up and down. Once he believed they were clean enough, he lead the two of his fingers play with your clit a bit more, before he slipped them inside you. You gasped at the sensation, then moaned as he began pumping his fingers in and out of you.

You began to lower your back onto the desk as he continued.

In and out, in and out.

You melted into his hands.

In  and out, in and out.

He then suddenly removed his fingers from you, causing you to whimper at the sudden loss of stimulation. You then stopped when you realized he was unbuttoning his pants, undoing his zipper, and taking out his-

There was a sharp knock at the door.

You both looked over at it, both mortified and confused.

“Who is it?” Lafayette finally called out.

“General Washington.” the voice called back. “Please, this is an important matter, can I speak with you right away?”

“Yes, Sir! One moment please,” Lafayette yelled back, currently kicking your discarded clothes under the desk.

You looked at him, panicked and unaware of what to do.

“The desk,” he whispered. “Get under the desk!”

You hopped off the desk, ran to Lafayette’s chair, and slid into the space beneath it. Luckily, the desk had slabs of wood on the other three sides, making you well hidden from Washington. You listened as Lafayette buttoned his pants up and made his way over to the door.

They greeted each other, then began talking to each other. You were too far away to hear what about. Your body froze as you heard footsteps approaching the desk. 

“I think I have it filed here.” Lafayette explained. Lafayette quickly sat down at the desk, blocking you from Washington and framing you with his legs. He opened a drawer, and picked up a manilla folder.

“This may be it, sir,”

“Thank you, Lafayette.” you heard Washington’s voice on the other side of the table.

All went silent as Washington reviewed the papers. You looked up at Marquis, seeing his legs and his quite obvious boner. You smirked out of pride. Then an idea popped into your head.

You schooched a bit closer to Lafayette before carefully undoing his buttons and zipper. Sure enough, his boner sprung out. You gently removed it from his underwear, before giving the head a light lick. You felt him shiver. Washington continued reading the paper, completely oblivious as you sucked on the tip of Lafayette’s shaft, as he grew harder yet. He was obviously trying to stifle a moan. 

“So, Lafayette, would you make any adjustments to these?” Washington suddenly asked.

In one swift movement, you took his entire shaft in your mouth and began bobbing your head up and down.

“A…..aaaahhhhh would not, no” Lafayette tried to respond.

“Should Hamilton proofread these?”

You ran your tongue up the underside of his length.

“mmm-mmm–mmmmmm aybe….”

“Are you okay, Lafayette?” George asked, concerned.

“Actually I feel a bit sick,” Lafayette lied, trying to explain the moans.

“Ah, I see. I’ll be going then.”

You vigorously sucked as Lafayette bid farewell and wished Washington luck. Once he was in the clear, he looked down at you, still happily sucking.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” he joked, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pushing himself into your mouth, taking over the rhythm. You swallowed around him and let him throat fuck you as he rolled his head back in ecstasy, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

His breathing hitched.

“I’m gonna…cum.” he breathed. 

You tore away from him, before standing up, sitting on his lap, and pushing his length into you. You both moaned and you ground your hips together, pushing into each other. His hands traveled down to your ass and grabbed it while you rode him, while you sucked tenderly on his neck. You felt an oncoming orgasm, and blissfully rode it out as you rolled your hips along his. He could not take it anymore, and finished inside of you, letting out a deep groan as he did. You then leaned into him and tenderly kissed his lips, as he kissed back. That was the best sex either of you had ever had.


You zippered the back of your dress, cleaned yourself up, and tried to learn how to walk again. 

“Well, I suppose this is goodbye,” you told Lafayette, who was reorganizing the papers on his desk.

“No, you will always come back, amour. Come kiss me goodbye.”

You giggled as he walked towards you, and pressed a loving kiss to his lips. Those lips. You would never tire of those lips.

“That’s a very bold statement to make.” you said as he finished kissing you.

He raised his eyebrows. 


“That I will always come back. Aren’t you worried that I’ll fall in love with someone else and stop seeing you?”

He chuckled.

Non, a kitten always finds her way back home.” 

The Lucky One {KJI}

Description:Because you were in love.”


Word Count: 2,248

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader (i know his mother’s name isn’t really april okay)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by jonginssoo

“You want to what?” Jongin asked you, tilted his head to the side. He narrowed his eyes as he processed your question. You gave him a smile before you explained yourself.

“I want to curl your hair. Like in the Lucky One teasers, it was all curled and cute and blonde, let me do it.” You pouted at him and ran your fingers through his dark hair. “It’d look so cute with dark hair.” Jongin pulled you closer to him until you sat on his lap, your hands immediately moving to his hair. You ran your fingers through the soft locks and he smiled at you.

“Will curling my hair make you happy?” He asked you. You nodded, withdrawing your fingers from his hair.

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You Can’t Leave Me~Suga

No matter what you’re going through, there is someone who needs and loves you. High angst and fluff.

Warning: Triggering topics:Depression and suicidal thoughts

Originally posted by professional-fangirling

It crawled into your bed like the love of your life did. It wrapped it’s arms around you to hold you onto the bed, to make sure you never left it. The feeling of it clinging onto your back, begging for you to stay with it, to lay with them till the sun went down. And the tugging of your arm as you walk around your home, the shops, the dorms and the studio.

The feeling of it leaving once his warmth surrounded you, the ways his sent floated in the air and the feeling his skin against yours made them leave. The weight lifts off you, the ringing of the voices telling you about all your imperfections leave. The repulsive feeling about food left you as he offered you some, the sleepless nights turn into afternoon mornings as he held you so tight you couldn’t help but sleep.

He’s your saving grace,in away.

The feeling of it creeping back in while your with him made you sick..just the simple idea of not being able to enjoy being with him killed you inside. So you tried to stop being with him as often, wondering if that was the problem. But when it didn’t work, but only make it worse made you heart break.

The feeling you had, growing in the pit of your stomach as you sat next to him. A bag of gummy worms in his lap, and his arm over your shoulder as you leans in his chest.

“Want some?” He asks looking down at you, his freshly dyed blue haur falling in his eyes making your heart speed up as you reached up and moved his hair fron his eyes. The simple movment made his smile grow as he stopped your hand from leaving his face. His hand wrapping around your wrist, lip pressing against your scared skin. Something that you hid from many, but he was different. You felt like you could show him, let him sees you inside and out. Scars, freckles, dimpled skin, streach marks and all, things you hated about yourself. You showed him the pieces of yourself that you were scared to see yourself.

“I’m good, I’m gonna get some water want some?” You question pulling you arm back a little to fast. The movment making his smile drop as he squints his eyebrow. His eyes scaning you, noticing the midslive and jeans. “Yoongi?” You mumble, his eyes looking at your legs, his low lip rolled between his teeth. “Okay then.” You mumble standing up, but his hand grips your wrist making you jerk back into the couch.

“Random, personal question.” He mumbles looking at you, you nod making him glup as he moves the gummy worms onto the table next to the couch. “You would tell me if you..you know replaced right? If you were in that dark place again?” He question made your blood turn to ice, you muscle to stone and your brain was like pebles. Everything just froze and stood steal.

Would you? Would you harm yourself then tell him afterwards? You want to believe yes, but all you could remember waa you father’s face finding you on the bathroom floor. Blood covering the white tile, the way he fell to his knees and cralwed to you, how he pulled you to his chest and cried out your name. Your mother running in only to run away and scream into what you beilved was a phone. It was a vivid memory no matter how many times you wanted to forget.

So think of Yoongi, your Yoongi, who has had his own struggles and hardships would just turn on a whim to take care of you, to try and heal you made you break a little inside.

“I mean…” You mumble , you hand sliding down your thigh, fresh marks on your skin, making him stop and look at you. “I would want to think I would.” You whisper making his head fall.

“Did you relapse?” His question stayed in the air, tension building as he looks up at you. His eyes glossy, shinning like glass almost. His lower lip jutted out as tears fell down his cheeks, his hands shook as you let out a choke like sound. Choking on the answer. “Baby…” he trailed off making you stand, removing yourself from him.

“If I did…what would you do?” Was the only thing you could say as he grabbed you by the hips. His eyes looking at you as he chewed his lip.

“Nothing….just…” He paused as his hand moved to the button of your jeans. “Try to let you know that I love you….scars and all…but you need help.” His words hurt, but it was true. You need help, you knee that now. He looks at you, woundering if he could pull your pants down, hoping to see only white risen lines, and dimple of the skin. But when you agreed, and he saw red angry lines, he felt his heart shatter. “Oh baby..” he whispered falling back as you stood there pants half way down your legs, the feeling unusual and disappointment in yourself flowing through you.

“I’m sorry.” Your words made his head snap up, his eyes holding a coldness to thoese words.

“No, no sorry’s, you did this. And you can’t erase it. Only build from it…but….please know…..you can’t leave me.” He whispered the last part, making you nod as you pulled and button you pants back up. He pulled you into his lap and rested his fsce into your chest.

“I know..I’ll get help this time.” You mumble into his hair. After sitting there, your hands in his hair while his rub up and down your back you pull away.“About thoese gummy worms.” You words made his gummy smile rise as he laughs his lips touchibg yours as he leaned over. Your body clinging to his as you screamed, when you see he grabbed the bag you couldn’t help but giggle. “By the way…you can’t leave me too.”