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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 5

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You were tired and emotionally drained for what felt like the entire next week. With no classes to go to, and a job not available to you, you found yourself in the flat far more in one week than you felt you’d been there in the past month. You didn’t wear pants, drank a lot of hot cocoa, and caught up on way too much Netflix for things to be healthy.

Harry helped you clear everything from your bed – all your notes and textbooks and notebooks and extra papers and quizzes you’d kept to study just in case. He spent three days carefully organizing all of it on your desk and putting papers into folders and putting different textbooks all in order alphabetically.

You knew he was only doing it because he wanted to be near you to watch out for you without suffocating you or asking you if you were okay. You were just exhausted, and even when you walked – which was usually at a purposeful and quick speed that even Harry had to jog to keep up with from time to time – had slowly significantly to a languid and purposeless stroll.

So you allowed him to do his little organizing, stopping every once in a while to read a paper, or flip through the marked and worn pages of your textbooks. It occurred to him the ridiculous and meticulous amount of work you’d put into knowing every little thing, and he wondered if maybe it had just gotten to the point where you’d just started memorizing your textbooks. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever worked this hard in his life. Sure, memorizing scripts or writing songs was difficult, but he always had others to back him up. And you were on your own. Your entire education was on your shoulders.

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Is That Yours. (SR)


can you write something about the reader and Reid are dating and they both work at the bau. The reader steals one of his shirts and wears it to work or something and the team notices. Thank you! :)

Warnings: None 

Being a woman could be a pain, but especially when you were bloated. The annoyance always hindered my self-confidence making me what to wear a larger shirt that usual so absolutely nothing stuck to me. 

Spencer and I woke up at the usual time we do every morning. “Good morning love.” He said rolling over kissing the top of my forehead. I grumbled and tossed over not wanting to get up yet. “Love you need to get up. We’ll be late for work.” He said brushing hair off my neck. “Five minutes.” I mumbled pushing my head into the pillow. “Y/N you know you won’t get up in five minutes, you might as well just get up now and wake up some.” He said placing a heated cup on my arm. “Come one Spence, get that off of me.” I said bumping the liquids making it wash over me. I shot up and pushed the covers back hopefully not getting any coffee on the blankets. “Spencer.” I said groaning. I looked over at him biting his lip, blushing with embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” He whispered softly, looking down at the cups. I sighed and closed my eyes, “No Spencer I’m sorry, I bumped into you.” I said taking a deep breath. I got out of bed feeling the now cooled liquid run down my skin. “I need a shower, I’ll be out in a few. Just relax.” I said going to the bathroom, turning on the water to heat up. 

Usually I took the showers at night and Spencer took the showers in the morning, but since this event it allowed us both to shower making both of us late. I quickly jumped out of the shower and placed a towel around my chest, tucking it in so it’d stay. “The shower is yours Spence, we need to hurry though.” I said rushing to my makeup vanity placing mascara on my lashes quickly. I walked into our shared closet and looked for a pencil skirt. I grabbed the black one that complemented my body (even if I were bloated). I looked around on the floor noticing Spencer’s light blue shirt laying beside the bed. I smiled and placed it on my body buttoning up the front. I then pulled the pencil skirt over my legs, tucking it in the skirt. I quickly brushed back my hair into a sleek ponytail. “Well you look beautiful.” I heard Spencer say from behind me. I smiled and paced over to him kissing his cheek. “Thanks dove, now hurry and get dressed.” I said patting his bottom through the towel. He tucked his face into my neck, “Is this my shirt? It smells like it.” He said smelling the collar of the shirt noticing the sweet smell of his cologne and coffee mixed on the shirt. I shrugged my elbows knowingly, “i don’t know, is it?” I asked giggling. “Spencer we need to hurry.” I said whining. He put his hands up in defense and walked over to the closet. “Fine, fine. Go wait in the car. It’ll only take me five minutes and twenty seconds.” He explained. I laughed and shook my head. “You better hurry!”

We made it to the BAU just in time for us to do our usual routine of, me going in ten minutes later than Spencer. Everybody would believe if I were late, not Spencer. I waited out in the car for ten minutes then started to head towards the door with my purse. I pulled out my badge and placed it in the scanner allowing me in the building. I walked to the receptionist and showed her my badge allowing her to let me in. I finally made it on the elevator pressing the button to take me up. “And here is the sexy mama.” I heard Derek say as I entered the ‘Round Table Room’. “Sorry I’m late.” I said giving a small smile to Hotch. He nodded and turned back to JJ allowing her to continue. I shot a small smile over to Spencer and then opened the case file. 

As I was listening I slowly saw Derek lean in next to me. I looked over at him and tilted my head to the side. “Why do you smell like pretty boy?” He asked in a whisper. I blushed and looked down. “Alright, I see.” He said giggling. I silently groaned to myself and sighed. I saw Spencer looking over at me confused when Hotch dismissed us. “So pretty boy is getting some of sexy mama.” He said winking and pulling us in against him. “Derek keep your voice down.” I said annoyed. “Oh come on pretty lady, don’t you think we haven’t noticed things that don’t match up?” He said bumping his hips with ours. “What’s going on?” I heard JJ say from behind. “Oh nothing, just pretty ricky has a girlfriend.” I blushed and got out of his grasp seeing JJ smile widely. “What?” I heard Penelope say from beside her. “Oh for fuck’s sake why don’t we just announce this on T.V. why don’t we.” I said looking at Spencer seeing his cheeks tinted in a dark rose hue. “Yes, we are together. I love him he loves me. Can we get on with our lives now?” I said slipping beside Spencer intertwining our hands. Everybody that was around for the attraction laughed and dispersed, I looked at Spencer and rolled my eyes, “At least we don’t have to hide anymore.” I said kissing his cheek, discreetly. I heard whistles from Derek making me pull away and roll my eyes. I walked to my desk and I glanced up to see Emily walk in, “What’d I miss?”   


alright, here are the prologue spoiler images that i have! (some i got from my own vita, i own the game.) at the end, i’ll go through each design and break it down so you know what to go for?

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Do It Again - Ten (M)

Requested: Can you do a ten nct smut where its fem!dom pleeeeeease

A/N: I decided just to call him Ten in this… I also read somewhere that most women can’t orgasm from just penetration alone, so I incorporated that, I hope you like it~ Everyone wants to dominate NCT it seemsㅋㅋㅋ


Word Count: 1,404

“Ten!” you snapped, looking at him pointedly as he lazily brushed his teeth.


“Hurry up, we need to leave in 11 minutes and you’re not even dressed yet.”

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General Grant posing for a photograph, 1860s

anonymous asked:

id love to see some more angsty omega hux stuff. like maybe omega hux has long been bonded to a much older man and finds himself unhappy. in comes alpha and force user kylo ren, working with hux's general mate. basically omega hux pining from (not so) afar?

In another life, Hux knows he could have been a General. He’s confident in his own mind, in his own abilities as a natural strategist. Watching the war from afar, Hux knows that him being at the helm of the First Order like his father wanted him to be would bring the victory that the side so desperately needs.

If only he hadn’t been born an omega.

“Armitage, do try and at least act like you’re paying attention to me.”

Hux looks up from where he sits cross-legged in the middle of his bed to where his alpha stands at the closet, pulling out his formal attire.

“Sorry, sir,“ Hux says, brushing his hair back from his eyes. He sits up, bringing his knees up to his chest. “I’m listening.”

Hux’s movements make the bangles on his wrists and ankles rattle together to make gentle clinking sounds. It’s his outfits that set him apart from any other being on this ship; it’s the red harem pants that split up the sides revealing his pale thighs and calves to the world, its the golden bands around his upper arms and around his neck, its his bare feet, it’s the bite mark on his neck, it’s the fine golden chains that are fastened around his throat and chest every morning by one of the General’s servants, with a pendant of the First Order’s proud symbol in its centre.

Hux doesn’t belong to anything but the First Order, but not in the way he desires.

He wants to be its General.

General Randar rolls his eyes but smiles, approaching the bed, ungloved hand outstretching to tilt Hux’s chin up to him. Hux stares into his pale blue eyes, wishing he could find happiness; they’re mated after all. An omega is supposed to find strength and joy in his alpha’s presence, yet all Hux ever finds is a prison.

“My omega. Always daydreaming,” Randar says, kissing Hux softly on the lips before pulling away and turning back to his clothes. Hux refrains from wiping the excess saliva from his lips. “I was saying, you’ll have to entertain yourself tonight and the majority of tomorrow, my boy. The ship is preparing for the arrival of the Supreme Leader’s most skilled Knight. Kylo Ren, if my memory serves me well. Reckless and ruthless, people say. An alpha like no other.”

Hux feels a chill on his skin at the sound of the new alpha’s name. Kylo Ren. Something resonates within Hux at the name, something deep and something profound.

The bite mark—in the shape of Randar’s teeth—on Hux’s neck begins to itch, as though reminding him that he’s already mated, that Kylo Ren—no matter how alluring—can never be his. Hux feels a new wave of sadness wash over him, making him want to shiver.

“That’s alright. The First Order needs you. I understand.”

Hux shrugs, trying to focus on the man in front of him, the one he’s been bonded to since he was 20, for almost 11 years. Randar had been double Hux’s age when they’d mated, already greying in his early 40’s when Brendol Hux had pushed his bastard son into the open arms of the most powerful man in the First Order’s military, hoping to shed himself of the supposed weak omega.

“My good boy,” Randar says, buttoning up the front of his formal uniform over his bulging belly, brushing his short grey hair back into an orderly appearance. “So good for me. You always have been, haven’t you?”

“I try, sir.”

It’s true, Hux thinks, that he tries to make good things come out of his mating despite every fibre of his being wanting to escape. Randar, despite his age, has always treated Hux fairly well—which is more than he knows befalls other rare omegas in the galaxy—but there’s never been any real feelings for the alpha on Hux’s part. No attraction, no desire to be with him, no need to obey that goes beyond the fear of being punished.

“I know you do, Armitage,” Randar whispers, standing at the foot of the bed in his formal attire, staring down at Hux with a lust in his eye. “Maybe. I should reward you with something before I leave.”

Hux’s breath hitches as his alpha’s hands are suddenly on his knees, spreading his legs open, making him whine.

This is the part he hates the most, having to submit underneath the hand of an alpha he isn’t even attracted to, an alpha he doesn’t respect.

“Sir–you’ll be late,” Hux moans but Randar’s hand has already slipped beneath the waistband of Hux’s baggy pants and, always without undergarments, finds the tip of the omega’s slack cock with ease.

“I can make time for someone who worships me,” Randar coos, climbing inbetween his mate’s spread legs, continuing to fondle him.

Hardly,’ Hux thinks. ’Never.’

Several days later, when General Randar is on duty but due back to their quarters at any moment, Hux lies on their bed, awaiting his imminent return.

He’s adorned his most ravishing of outfits; a gold band sits around his slim waist with a green loincloth hangs from two clips on either of his sharp hips, covering his modesty. He’s replaced his usual golden bangles with cuffs, thicker and sturdier. His alpha prefers the cuffs, he says they suit him better. Hux knows they make him look more like a prisoner.

Chains hang down from his collar, wrapping around his torso in parallel lines, cascading between his ribs and defining his thinness, his lack of muscle, though Hux knows the only muscle that truly matters in this world is his brain.

He lies on his side on the bed, champagne on the table, eyes locked on the door. His alpha should be pleased with the spectacle Hux has created. Maybe if he’s good, Randar will let him onto the bridge to see…to see Kylo Ren.

Before Hux’s thoughts can linger on the new alpha, there comes a heavy knocking on the door, four harsh punches to the metal make Hux jump up, startled. His heart pounds, mind reeling. It’s a possibility that omega hunters have found their way here, ready to steal away the General’s prized pet.

Not without a fight, they’re not.

Hux sits upright on the bed, fists clenched, ready to brawl his way out of here if he has to.

But when the door is forced open, literally, and the angered figure is standing tall and leering in the doorway, all of Hux’s will to fight leaves him.

It’s him. Kylo Ren. The alpha.

Hux can only stare at him, the black-clad and masked man, as he strides angrily into the General’s quarters, breath seemingly distorted through his mask.

“Where is he?” Kylo growls, storming past Hux on the bed and into the fresher.

“Er–The General? He’s on duty. But you can’t just barge in here–”

“I’ll do as I please,” comes the alpha’s quick reply. “He’s a weak-minded old fool who thinks himself the strongest alpha on the ship.”

Hux huffs, sitting back.

“Tell me something I’m not aware of.”

And Kylo seemingly falters, turning back to look at Hux over his shoulder.

“You’re his mate,” Kylo says.


“You’re an omega.”

Hux rolls his eyes. “Again. Obviously.”

He looks up at Kylo, feeling his skin prickling at merely being in his presence. It’s intoxicating, it’s spectacular, and it’s something that Hux has never felt with his mate.

“I’ve never met an omega before,” Kylo says, and Hux imagines him smiling.

“Well, we’re nothing special,” Hux shrugs playfully, standing up off the bed, ensuring that his loin cloth falls perfectly between his legs. He saunters to Kylo, making sure that every beautiful curve of his body is moving, tempting those that can’t have him.

Or so it’s meant to be.

“We’re only the most sought after creatures in the galaxy,” Hux says, running his tongue across his teeth. He stands chest-to-chest with Kylo, absently admiring the thickness of the alpha’s body. “Rarer than the five-leaf clovers of Altaria, rarer than the rainbows of Jakku. And I’m already claimed. Forbidden.”

Hux slides his fingertip up the centre of Kylo’s chest, imagining the shape of his pecs underneath his layers of robe.

Kylo groans through his mask, making a purely animalistic sound that awakens something dormant in the pit of Hux’s stomach. The alpha’s hands are suddenly moving, and Hux’s breath hitches, thinking that he’s going to be touched by one that he craves for one, but Kylo’s hands reach up to his mask. The clasps hiss as they’re unlocked, and Hux gasps when the alpha’s face is revealed.

He’s young, strong, and Hux knows its love.

“Master Ren…I–” Hux finds himself speechless. Instead, he reaches up to caress the alpha’s cheek, counting every freckle and mole on his face, wishing that the alpha would make marks of his own on Hux’s milky flesh.

“Ssh,” Kylo says, grabbing Hux’s wrist, bringing his knuckles to his lips. “Please. Call me Kylo.”

Hux melts, feels his insides shatter into pieces that want to be fixed by this alpha’s hands.

Kylo’s lips are impossibly soft.

And Hux is impossibly lost.

For Love & Money Pt.1


Words: 4361

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Casual writing, (maybe eventual smut), Arranged/Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger. 

Notes: I got tired of writing so much angst haha. So this is completely the opposite lol From one extreme to the next, I swear. Oh yeah, I’m trying different styles of writing and different OC types…so the story’s a bit saucier. But yes..there is minimal pain in this story…enjoy~ 

Originally posted by bwibelle

Ringg Rinnggg.

“Honey is that you?” It’s your mother’s chirpy voice on the other line - you furrow your brows.

“Is everything okay? Your voice message said it was an emergency.” Suddenly your back is pushed against the wall.

“Yes…yes. Everything’s fine. Your father and I are fine.” Your mother hesitates. “It’s just that I was wondering if you would like to go on a dat-”

“A date?” The stranger presses their body against yours as their lips meet your neck, trailing kisses up and down. “No thanks mom.”

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Requested by Anon

PART TWO: Imagine Tommy and Reader fight, wall punching and make-up fluff/smut ensues.  
Warnings: Fluff and some light Smut. 

You sat at your small and simple vanity looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking back to last night. You didn’t know where tommy went afterwards or if he would come back or when he would come back.

You sat there, trying to force yourself to get ready for the day. Ada had dropped by in the early morning saying there would be a family meeting at 9am, Tommy told her to give me the message.

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I Need Your Help Part 10

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40′s Bucky, swearing, shit goes down.

A/N: It makes me so happy that you guys like this and skfjefhjwehfuef I didn’t think you’d like my writing.

The wedding day was here. Everyone scrambled around the house as they got ready for Kenneth’s big day. Bucky tripped over his own feet three times already.

“Doll, have you seen my tie?” he questions, throwing the sheets off the bed in search for his tie.

“It’s hanging on the doorknob, Bucky.” you respond, buttoning up the front of your navy blue dress.

“Thanks.” he kisses your cheek before leaning over and grabbing it. You had your hair perfectly curled and you had just got done applying your red lipstick. “That’s gonna come off by tonight.” he points to your lips and you roll your eyes.

“That’s what you said last night and it didn’t happen.” you smirk. “I think I’ll be fine.”

Bucky’s playfulness disappears at the mention of last night. The guilt was eating him alive. Why was he even feeling guilty? You two aren’t actually dating. Though, he wants to. Does he?

The events of last night flash through his mind, Carolyn’s hands roaming his body, her lips pressed to his as they trailed down to his neck, how it felt to be inside her.

“Bucky hurry up we have to get going.” Y/N snaps him out of his thoughts. He clears his throat and turns to Y/N.

“I can’t tie my tie. Can you do it for me?” he pouts, causing you to chuckle. You make your way over to Bucky and began tying his tie for him. He looked down at you with admiration before feeling his stomach knot up with guilt. “You’re beautiful, you know?”

Y/N chuckles, shaking her head from left to right. “Yes Bucky, you always remind me.” she responds as she finished with your tie. Y/N looks up at Bucky with a smile on her face.

“I just want to make sure you know.” he tells her as he cups her face in his large hands. Bucky pecks her lips quickly before walking past her to find his shoes.

“Y/N? Bucky? Are you ready?” Winifred knocks at the door before opening it. She gasps when she sees you.

“Y/N! You look lovely.” she smiles as she walks up to you.

“Thank you Winifred, you look beautiful as always.” you compliment her.

Bucky smiles at the two of you. He loved how you and his mother got along. It was natural. Bucky knew his mother only pretended to like Carolyn.

“I’m ready.” Bucky speaks up as he stood next to you. Winifred nodded and you three go downstairs where George was waiting for his wife.

“Are you both coming with us in the car?” George asks Bucky and he shakes his head.

“No, Y/N and I will take my car.” Bucky responds. George nods and you all walk out onto the porch. “We’ll meet you guys there.”

You and Bucky get into his car and he drives off. “Buck.” you say, catching his attention.

“Hmm?” he hums as he keeps his eyes on the road.

“When are we going home?” you question. “Not that I want to leave, I absolutely love it here I-”

“I know Y/N.” he chuckles as he placed his hand on your thigh. “We’ll stay for two more days before going home. I never got to take you to the library. Is that okay with you?”

You smile. “Yeah.”

The ceremony was beautiful, everything was amazing and Doris looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. You were now at the wedding reception, sitting next to Bucky at a table with his parents and sister.

“This is so lovely.” Winifred gasps as she looked around the place.

“It is.” you agree, taking a drink of your water.

Once Winifred was done looking around, she turns to both you and Bucky. “When are you two going to get married?”

This question made you choke on your water. Bucky was quick to pat your back while you coughed.

“Are you alright?” Winifred asks, genuinely concerned.

“Yes.” you coughed once more. “Yes I’m okay.”

Everyone at the table leaned in a bit, waiting for your response to Winifred’s first question. The question that caused you to choke on your water.

“Uh, Bucky? Wanna answer that?” you say as you turn to Bucky. He tightened his grasp on the back of your chair at the sudden flip of attention.

“Um.. I, well.. Maybe it’s too early? We’ve only been dating for a year mom.” Bucky stutters out.

“I think you two are perfect to each other.”  George speaks and Winifred nods. They await for Bucky to say yes, he’ll ask you to marry him and Bucky sighs.

“I plan on marrying her some time in the future.” he says and they all smile.

“That’s good enough for me.” Winifred grins.

A slow song comes on and Bucky turns to you with a smile. “Bucky no.”

“Bucky yes.” he repeats from the night before. He stands up from his seat and extends his hand out for you to take. “May I have this dance?”

You look at him, trying to hide your smile but fail. You stand up and take his hand, allowing him to pull you onto the dance floor. He finds a spot in the middle and turns to you. His arms wrap around your waist as yours go to his neck, pulling him close to you. You both sway gracefully to the music and Bucky can’t help but think about how lucky he is to have met such a wonderful girl like you.

“Thank you Y/N.” he speaks. “For doing this for me. Not many people would.”

“No problem Bucky.” you respond.

You lay your head on his chest as you continued to dance with him. It was nice, just you and him. “I’m having a great time.” you murmur and Bucky smiles.

“I’m glad.” he responds. The songs ends and By The River Sainte Marie by Frankie Laine comes on and little Marilyn comes running through everyone.

“Auntie Y/N, can I dance with you?” she grins happily.

You look over at Bucky and he nods, stepping aside. “I’ll go get something to drink.” he kisses your cheek before walking away. You take Marilyn’s hands in your as you two began dancing together.

You were having so much fun. You would twirl Marilyn around, causing her to laugh and she would then try to twirl you. You both danced to two more songs - maybe three before the both of you were tired.

“Lets go get some water, yeah?” you suggest to the five year old. She nods her head and you lift her up in your arms as you made your way back to the table.

Kathleen smiled at you once you approached. “I’ll take her.” she reaches for Marilyn and you sit down next to her, gulping down water.

“Did you have fun?” Kathleen asks her daughter and Marilyn smiles as she nods her head. You look around the table, not seeing Bucky anywhere. He said he was going to get a drink. Maybe he went to the bathroom?

“Winifred have you seen Bucky? He said he was going to get a drink but I don’t see him anywhere.” you say as you scan the area once more. No sign of Bucky.

“I saw him walking over to the bathrooms but that was a while ago. I assumed he made his way back to you and Marilyn.” she replies and you quickly stand up. What if something happened to him? What if he got hurt?

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to go look for him.” you announce and both Winifred and Kathleen stand up.

“We’ll help.” Kathleen says.

“Thank you.” you smile at them.

“Marilyn go with grandpa, okay? Mommy will be back in a little.” she tells the five year old. Marilyn nods and runs over to George.

“Grandpa!” she exclaims and George smiles.

“Hey bug, wanna dance?” he questions and Marilyn nods her little head.

“Come on.” Winifred links arms with me and we walk off. “where should we look first?”

“The bathrooms maybe? Didn’t you say you saw Bucky go there?” Kathleen questions her mother and Winifred nods.

“Good idea.” she says. We head over to the bathrooms and Kathleen knocks on the mens door.

“Bucky?” she calls. No answer. “I’m gonna open it.”

“Kathleen no.” Winifred says and Kathleen waves her off.

“It’s only a peak, mom.” she says. Kathleen opens the door but no one was in there.

“Where could he be?” you mutter to yourself. Distantly, you could hear a noise coming from the girls restroom and you make your way towards it with Winifred and Kathleen behind you.

“Hello?” you knock twice before opening the door.

“Oh my god!” a girl gasps as she held her dress to her exposed body. Your eyes find their way to the guy who was trying to pick up his pants as quickly as possible.

You gasp as they turn to face you and your eyes quickly fill with tears. It was Carolyn and Bucky.

“Y/N.” Bucky breathes as he pushed past Carolyn to get to you. “I swear it’s not-” he grabs your arm but you yank it away from him.

“Don’t touch me.” you spat, turning around as your tears slid down your cheeks. “Excuse me.” you say to Winifred and Kathleen. They step aside and you rush past them, trying to find the exit quickly.

A/N: Woahhhhh


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Get a load of that jacket!  It’s so cool.  I got it at that sale I got some other vintage bits at, but I haven’t worn it with An Actual Outfit until now.  It looks super Elizabethan, even more so when I have the front buttoned up.  I feel like a stagehand at the Globe or something!

Also every time I wear a dress over jeans, my inner middle-schooler rejoices.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with pink hair in a very short bob.  The front part of one side of my hair has been braided back from my face.  I am leaning on a metallic pink cane that I’m holding in my left hand.  I’m wearing a slightly sheer, orange-with-a-hint-of-brown dress that hits at about mid-thigh.  Over it, I have on a brown vest–a little of the dress is showing at the neck.  Under the dress, I’m wearing dark wash skinny jeans, which are cuffed at the bottom.  I have on patterned red socks and light brown hiking boots with black soles and dark red accents.  I’m wearing a black, yellow, white, red, green, and blue plaid shirt tied around my waist.  I have on a short, grey-brown leather jacket with sleeves that are a bit puffy at the shoulder and tight at the wrist, and a wide collar.  I’m wearing red stud earrings, big dangly gold earrings, and dark red lipstick.  As always, I have on my round, black glasses.]

Car Problems - Kit Walker Smut

Request: could you write a kit walker one shot (smutty please) where the reader’s car has broken down and it’s raining but it’s close to the gas station so they just like go hide out in his garage and it gets all steamy and stuff between them??
summary: after your car breaks down in the rain, you are forced to walk to a nearby gas station, where you meet kit, and things end up getting a lil (or a lot) steamy ;)))) warnings: smut (obviously)
notes: oK I’m not sure if this is quite what you meant (like I thought you either meant this or that Kit and the reader were already dating and decided to go to the gas station since it was close, so I went with the first one sorry lol) but oh well hope you like it :-) PS I wrote this whole thing on my phone bc My computer had to charge so the spacing night be weird and there aren’t any gifs or anything like that but I’ll fix/add some of that either later tonight or tomorrow morning. enjoy :)

Your name: submit What is this?


“No, no no no no no!” You groaned, as your car suddenly slowed to a halt on the side of the road. You sighed and looked out the window towards the sky. It was a full out thunderstorm, and the sky was so dark it looked like it was nighttime, even though it was only around 3 PM. You rested your forehead against the steering wheel in defeat. “Shit. Okay, think Y/N, think. Oh! Okay, there was a gas station a while back. I’ll just walk there and use their phone.”

You grabbed your bag and threw your jacket on, before jumping out of the car and starting the trek back.

Around half an hour later, you arrived at the gas station you’d seen, but the lights were out. You hoped they were still open and just looked dark, and pulled the door handle. And to your surprise, it opened.

“Hello?” you called, “Is anyone here?”

“Hey, yeah I’m here.” a voice called back. Suddenly the room became dimly lit, and you scanned the large room, trying to find the source. A tall man with dirty blonde hair stood by the cash register, holding a candle. “Sorry, our power’s out,” he said with a nervous laugh, “is there anything I can help you with?”

You let out a disappointed sigh. “So, if your power’s out, then no working phone?”

The man shook his head. “Nope, sorry doll.”

You rubbed your hands across your face, thinking of what to do. “Shit. Would it be alright if I stayed here for a while?” you asked hopefully, “My car broke down about a mile away and I’m not sure where else to go.”

He smiled. “Sure, stay as long as you like. There are some board games in the back that we usually use for breaks, if you’re interested.”

“Sure.” you responded with a grin. “I’m Y/N by the way.”

“Kit. Kit Walker,” he introduced, “Oh man, you must be freezing,” Kit realized, “There should be a few spare employee shirts around here, hold on.”

You stood up and followed him to a large bin in the corner of the room. “This is all we’ve got, sorry sweetheart.” Kit said, handing you a large button up shirt with the name ‘Joel’ written on the front.

“Joel?” you asked with a laugh.

“Yeah, he quit a few weeks ago and left all his junk.” Kit chuckled. “I’ll go back out to the front, just give me a holler when you’re finished.”

“You can stay if you want,” you offered, but then realizing how odd it probably sounded. “I-I mean, as long as you cover your eyes or something.”

Once Kit was seated on the couch with his hands placed over his eyes, you began stripping. Everything was wet, so it looked like you were going to be just wearing the shirt. You pulled it on over your slightly damp body and began buttoning up the front. You felt a bit odd hanging out with an attractive guy while not wearing anything else but this shirt, but it went down to a couple inches above your knee, and you didn’t want to get sick. “Alright, I’m finished.”

“Great. Now come sit so I can beat you at Scrabble.”


“You totally cheated,” Kit laughed, leaning back in his seat across from you as you won for the 3rd time in a row.

You let out a giggle, “What can I say? Not my fault you suck at this.”

Kit rolled his eyes. “Maybe I was just letting you win.”

“Mhm, whatever helps you sleep at night.” you smirked, leaning back in your seat.

Suddenly, the lights flickered back on. “Hey, the power’s back. I’ll go check the phones.” Kit sauntered into the front room, and came back a few minutes later. “The phones are still disconnected.” He sighed. “But at least now we have some other stuff to do. Wanna watch a movie?”

You nodded excitedly and plopped down next to where he was sitting before as he popped a movie into the VCR player, and then settled down next to you.

As the movie continued, you could feel yourself getting tired, and without even thinking about it, you rested your head on Kit’s shoulder, and his arm came to rest around your back. Just as you felt your eyes getting heavy, you heard a loud moan. Your eyes shot open, and you found yourself staring at a sex scene on the TV. You shifted in your spot a little, and Kit awkwardly cleared his throat. You glanced over at him and saw him staring back at you. He was biting his lip again, and his eyes flicked from your gaze to your mouth. Without even thinking about it, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his, letting your eyes flutter closed. You climbed onto his lap to have easier access to his mouth, and let one of your hands wander idly through his light brown locks.

When you finally pulled away, Kit had his arms around your waist, and a lazy smile tugged one corner of his mouth upwards. “You’re such a good kisser.”

“I’m good at some other things too,” you smirked jokingly, but you felt him shift a bit underneath you, and realized he was trying to not let you on to the fact that he had a boner. Once you’d caught on, you slowly started grinding your hips on his crotch, looking back at his face to make sure he was okay with it. “Do you want to…?” you asked, just to make sure.

“Fuck yes baby, please keep going,” Kit replied, playing with the edge of your shirt that was now ridden up to your thigh. You reached up to the buttons near your collarbones and popped one open, edging him on. Kit took the hint and reached up to keep unbuttoning your shirt. He let out a small groan once your shirt was open, giving him a good view of your breasts. “God, you’re so sexy, Y/N.

Kit started unbuttoning his own shirt, and while you were waiting, you reached down to unbutton his jeans, and then stood up for a moment to allow him to take them off. Once you were both fully undressed, you sat back in his lap, and attached your lips to his again. One of Kit’s hands reached up to stroke your hair, and the other one slid down to your ass to hold you in place. You placed your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself, and slowly slid down onto his cock.

“Ohhhh,” you sighed as you felt him filling you up. You moved up and down on Kit’s lap, fucking yourself on his hard member, as he started leaving hickeys scattered across your collar bones and breasts.

“Mmm, you feel so good around me, baby,” he panted. His hands moved down to your waist to guide you up and down a little faster, and with every movement you could see Kit was getting closer to releasing.

“B-babe, you gotta stop, I’m gonna cum soon.” Kit warned you, clenching his jaw from hoe good you were making him feel.

“I’m on the- ohhhh, fuck Kit,- I’m on the pill,” you told him breathlessly. You reached down to rub your clit and kept bouncing up and down on him, and soon enough you felt the blissful feeling of your orgasm wash over you. A couple seconds later, Kit squeezed your hips and buried his head in your neck to muffle his moans as he came. You stayed on top of him, tired and out of breath, for a few minutes, before you climbed off of him and put your oversized shirt back around your shoulders as Kit stepped back into his boxers. You settled back into Kit’s side, pressed a few kisses on his neck, and mumbled, “So… wanna watch another movie?”

Diablo (Jungkook x Reader)

“Can I get a jungkook angst where he cheats on you with another female idol? And you’re best friends with said idol?”  

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

Inspired by Diablo by Simon Curtis. I suggest listening to it while you read.

“There’s nothing you can do to make me change my mind, Jungkook!” You don’t care about being quiet anymore, the neighbors can go fuck themselves.

“You think throwing a fit is gonna do anything about this? What do you want me to do, apologize?” Jungkook steps closer and you feel as though he is using his height to his advantage, towering over you like he has so much more power. He reaches out for your arm but you pull back, inching closer to the door.

You start to question if you actually have the courage to leave. You hadn’t had time to pack before Jungkook got home and coming back to collect your things after accusing your boyfriend of cheating on you with your best friend isn’t really something you’re looking forward to doing. You would have to be desperate. Though, you kind of are already.  

He reaches out again and you snap at him. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

Jungkook draws back, faking an apologetic look. “Do you really think I would hurt you like that? I won’t apologize for something I didn’t do.”

“You’re insane, Jungkook. It’s like you don’t even remember the pictures I saw! Are you saying that wasn’t you with Yujin?” Your hands start to shake and you ball them into fists, digging your nails into your palm.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 15

A/N: Whatever you’e celebrating babes, I wanted to wish you happy holidays. Spend it with loved ones and surround yourself with love. 

PS: Dis shit is twice as long as my normal updates! Enjoy! xox

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14

I groan loudly when I awaken, Calum’s warmth pressed against my side as his soft snores fill the room. I curl against his broad frame, lying my head on his chest to let his heartbeat lull me back to sleep. I sense the shift in his breathing and I freeze when his arm curls around me and presses me closer to him.

“Morning.” He mumbles, eyes still closed while he stretches his strained muscles.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” I sigh, throwing my leg over Calum’s midsection to absorb more of his warmth. “Amazingly.” Calum slowly opens his eyes and grants me a soft smile.

“At what time do we have to be at yours?” I question as I roll on my back and glance at my alarm clock to see we had spent all morning in bed. “At three. What time is it?”

“Almost one. I should get ready.” I chuckle, turning towards Calum who had rolled over and was peppering my shoulder with butterfly kisses.

“I should leave soon too. I don’t give a shit what Mer says, you’re spending the night. Luke and Ashton are also staying.” Calum taps my bum for emphasis before he rolls out of bed.

“I’ll see you later then?” I sit up straight, tucking my duvet closer to my body as I watch Calum get dressed.

“Of course babe. And after this you’ll get your present from me.” Calum winks as he crawls back onto the bed, his lips roughly pressed to mine, drawing a moan from my parted lips.

He presses me down onto the matters, hips rolling against mine. His hands grip my thighs roughly and I let my hands wander towards his recently buttoned jeans.

“No, no Y/n. Tonight I’m all yours.” Calum chuckles against my lips before he crawls off of the bed again and disappears from my bedroom.


Somehow I’m reluctant for tonight. But on the other hand, I’m rather excited because this friendship Christmas is something Meredith and I used to do since we were little girls with no money to spend, when we would craft small things for each other to give instead of spending heaps of money.

My makeup is done, I’m dressed and about to step into my heels, ready to leave for the Hood residence. Meredith’s present is already with Calum, so all I have to grab is my gift for secret Santa… And this year I drew Michael. I was fairly glad with him because I know all he loves to do is game when he’s not with Meredith, so a new game was the first and last thing that popped into mind.

 Within two hours since Calum had left I was ready to depart and be just in time so Meredith won’t freak out. The drive is short, per usual and before I know it my heels are clicking as I walk past the side of the house to the back door. I can already see Meredith run around, probably stressing to get everything ready in time – although I know she was ready with a lot of time to spare – Michael lounging around on the kitchen chairs and Luke is present as well.

 I push the door open and immediately I am greeted by a chorus of hello’s, Meredith waving dramatically as she disappears from sight again. “You also staying?” Michael asks as he sees the duffel I’m dragging along with me and I nod my head as I lean down to press my cheek to both boys’. 

“Wine and driving aren’t two things I like combining. How are you guys?” I smile as I get my secret Santa gift out of my bag and already start for the living room, hearing their response while I walk away from them. “Hi Mer. Lovely what you’ve done here.” I smile at her as I step into the living room, seeing the beautiful table decoration she had placed along with an amazingly big tree.

 “Hi babe. Thanks. It’s been so hectic. Oh, are you staying?” She smiles as her arms curls around my shoulders for a brief hug, eyes first cast on my duffel bag near the door. “Yeah, maybe. If it gets too late or anything.” I smile, stepping out of her embrace and picking my bag up again. 

“I’ll just drop this off real quick, then I’ll help you with any appetizers or whatever.” I hear Meredith hum in agreement but I’m already out the door and up the stairs.

 I pass Calum’s room without a second thought and drop my bag on the comfiest bed in the whole house – in my honest opinion. Luke and Ash can room together in the smaller one, for all I care. 

“I just knew you wouldn’t be ready yet.” I laugh as I peek my head inside Calum’s room, seeing him bare chested and digging in his closet for a shirt to wear. He laughs before he turns around and beckons me inside, pointing towards his closet.

 “A bit of help is in order.” I roll my eyes and walk in and straight to his mess he calls a closet. “Hi by the way.” Calum breathes and I chuckle as I start skimming through his clean shirts. “Yes, Hi Cal. Long time no see.” I smile up at him as I hold a blue button up in front of his chest, nodding my head in confirmation. “This, I love this colour.”

 “Thank you.” Calum grins and he presses his lips briefly to mine before he hurriedly walks to his bedroom door. “I’ll see you in five, I don’t want to anger Meredith even more.” Calum laughs loudly before he disappears from my sight and I lazily walk out of his room as well, only to walk into a solid chest. 

 “Oh, Luke…” I chuckle awkwardly, trying to pass him as quickly as I can but he stops me.” Meredith asked me to come and get Calum but he seemed a bit occupied…”

“He just wanted help picking out a shirt…” I trail off, leaning against the wall as I try to avoid his gaze at all costs. “I never got a kiss when I helped him out…” I can hear the smirk in his voice and when I snap my head to his in utter panic, I see it’s definitely present. 

 "Luke I - please don’t tell Meredith I-“ I start rambling immediately, stepping closer to him to beg him on my knees if I have to. “Y/n…” he stops my rambling, his hand resting on my shoulder to shut me up completely. 

 "Your secret is safe with me. I wouldn’t want to fuck over my best friend, either.“ He smiles down at me, my rampage heartbeat slowing down and I feel my breath even out as well. "But I’m not saying it’s a smart idea.”

 "Tell me about it. This is bringing so much stress along…“ I laugh humourlessly, rubbing my hands along my face before I take a step back. "Anyway, thank you. I appreciate it.” I shoot Luke a small but genuine smile before I start my way downstairs. 

 "Okay, all yours.“ I grin at Meredith as she pushes a plate of small biscuits in my hands. "Put this on the table will you?” Meredith looks tired, a lot more than you expected from just a day of preparations. I make a mental note to question her about it later. Ashton has arrived as well during my absence and I press my lips to his cheek in greeting. 

 "Lovely to see you again, Y/n.“ I grin brightly and set the small appetizers in front of him, dropping down beside him to have a nibble for myself. Luke and Michael join us and it doesn’t take long before Calum is present as well, joining the table filled with males as I wait for Meredith. 

 As she also joins, she doesn’t take her usual spot beside Michael but sits next to me, Luke on her other side. I throw a pointed look in her direction but she avoids my gaze all together. "I’m glad we did this. I’ve prepared multiple meals so I’m sure everyone will like something, right?” Meredith laughs as she points to the plates filled with all kinds of food, bottles of wine littering the table. 

 A few glasses of wine and all plates empty later, Meredith starts serving us her full course meal. By now I’m already incredibly full, but I keep shoving bite after bite past my lips because it’s so good. 

“After this I need a break.” Luke chuckles as he rubs his stomach in content, a chorus of laughter following his statement. 

 "We could exchange gifts in the mean time?“ Meredith proposes and everyone stands abruptly, chairs screeching against the tiles. We start with Meredith since she organized this get together, Ashton having her gift. When Luke turns towards me I’m pleasantly surprised and I feel like a child on Christmas morning. 

 "I hope you like it; it was fairly hard to find a gift for you.” Luke chuckles awkwardly as he places the small wrapped box in my lap. The chuckle that passes my lips fade out as I let out a small gasp at the bracelet that lays limply in the box. 

“Oh Luke that’s adorable, thank you.” I raise to my feet to wind my arms around his neck and press my lips to his scruffy cheek with a loud smack. 

 "That leaves you, Mikey.“ I grin as I turn towards him, gift in hand. Michael seems thrilled with his new game and he momentarily lifts me off of the floor as he hugs the oxygen from my lungs. "Well Y/n and I still have a gift for my sister.” Calum suddenly states and my mouth opens slightly when I realize he is right. I sort of forgot that we had gotten a gift for Meredith. 

 Calum walks up to me with the small box in hand and holds it out to me but I motion for him to give it. Meredith seems thrilled and the way her eyes flicker and glisten when she opens the small box I know we made the right choice. “Wow, this - this is beautiful.” She holds the necklace up to her chest and then I see her face contort. 

 "You know I had appreciated more if you fucking chipped in on mum and dads gift than getting me something so expensive? You’re unbelievable.“ My eyes widen as I glance towards Calum whose cheeks are flaming up like a wild spreading fire. 

"You should be even fucking glad we got you something with the way you’ve been acting lately. God you’re a bitch.” Calum seethes as his hands ball into fists. 

 "It’s always the same with you! It’s always my fault but you don’t see how poorly you treat people!“ Meredith screams and I believe we are witnessing the breaking point of brother and sister. All of us are quiet as we watch the drama unfold. 

 "I don’t even see you as a human so I don’t know what you worry about.” Calum sounds so calm and collected. It’s enough for Meredith to burst into tears and disappear out of the living room. The boys keep silent and I slowly turn to them. “Seriously Calum? You couldn’t be a bit friendlier to you sister?” I raise an eyebrow and when he doesn’t respond, I sigh and disappear after my friend. 

 "Meredith, are you okay?“ I mumble as I push the door to her room open, seeing her lying on her bed, facing away from me. "No.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.” I state, sitting down on the edge of her bed. 


 "That isn’t the actual reason. Something else is troubling you.“ I sigh, patting her leg as some form of comfort. She starts crying a bit more violently. I let her be. 

After a few moments she sits up and rubs her makeup smeared eyes. "Michael and I have been fighting nonstop lately. I think he might be cheating on me." 

I can’t suppress the small laugh that leaves my lips but I do shut myself up immediately after. “Michael is absolutely smitten with you I’m one hundred percent certain he would never do such a thing.” I turn towards her, tucking my left leg underneath my bum as I fold my hands in my lap. “What makes you think that, anyway?” I decide to pry more, hoping she’d open up a bit more and I could get this party back on track instead of this mess.

Meredith just groans and I roll my eyes, dropping my body onto her bed and lying like a starfish. “I have all night, you know.” I laugh, wriggling my body a bit to let her know I was getting more comfortable. I know she wanted to be alone, but I wasn’t going to let her be. Not this time.

“We haven’t slept together in weeks, maybe even months. He doesn’t even grant me a second look. And well you know we used to have a healthy sexual relationship.” Mer shrugs her shoulders and I can’t help but raise my eyebrows. “Have you thought about talking to him about it?”
“Well no because we’re constantly fighting!” Meredith raises her voice and I bite my lip to refrain myself from raising my voice as well.

“Meredith, no offense babe,” I start off, seeing her glare already in the corner of me eye, but I continue none the less, “have you ever thought about the fact that you’re a bit irritable lately and you’re not only fighting with Mikey but well – uh – with everyone?” I try to be as gentle in my word choice as I can muster, but I’ve never been good with words.

“You’re overreacting.” Meredith huffs and it makes me raise back up, leaning on my flat hands as I throw my raised eyebrow look in her direction. “You sure?”
“Okay yeah, I might be a bit irritable…” Meredith laughs and I bite my lip, shaking my head at how easy this suddenly went. “You know, just talk to Michael. And I advise you to talk to Calum and apologize to him in the morning, let him cool down. That present was from the both of us and he really wanted to get you a nice gift, you know?” I raise to my feet to get Michael so they could have their talk, and I could go and see if Calum was feeling alright.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Thank you for the lovely present, Y/n. I’ll come down in a bit.” Meredith sighs as she starts rubbing the smeared mascara from underneath her eyes. “I’ll send Michael up, just talk.” I don’t wait for her to answer anything as I already descend down the stairs. I don’t find any of the boys inside but I hear their voice chime from the back terrace, their voices dying down when they see me appear in sight.

“Michael, I advise you to go and talk to your woman. It might solve a lot of our problems.” I breathe, my fingertips digging into the back of the chair Calum was occupying. His features look puzzled, but he gets up none the less and disappears inside. “Are you okay?” I sigh, squeezing Calum’s shoulder once. “I’m fine.”

“You know what? I’ll make us some drinks, I’m sure we can use some.” Ashton sighs, pushing himself up from the table but he stops in his tracks beside me. “Anything you fancy more?”
“I like coconut.” I grin, stepping around the table to let my bum fall on the wall edge of their terrace.

“Come here.” Calum motions me over and I let my gaze flick to Luke briefly before throwing Calum a confused look. He pats his lap and I raise to my feet but still keep at least a meter between us. “What about -?” I start but he shuts me up with a hiss and pulls me onto his lap. “I don’t give a fuck right now. Come and sit.” Calum groans and I throw my legs over his, arm thrown over his shoulders as I see Luke smirk in the corner of my eye.

Calum’s fingers are slowly trailing along my thigh, underneath my dress. He and Luke are having a conversation which I’m not involved with, my head lying on Calum’s shoulder as I feel myself drift up. The holidays are tiring. I sit up straight, eyes wide when I hear Ashton clattering utensils just a few meters away. I try to get up but Calum pulls me back down, his hot, plump lips pressed against my neck fairly quickly. “Stay.”

Ashton returns with a plateau filled with glasses of a pinkish liquid and ice cream. “I thought we could have dessert now, I don’t think Mikey and Meredith are coming down any time soon.” Ashton smirks, setting his plateau down and starts handing out a glass for everyone along with a plate with ice cream. “Thank you, such a gentleman.” I grin at him as he holds it out for me to take.

“You know, I’m ready to call it a night. This whole evening was a lot more tiring than I had expected.” Luke breathes as he shoves his now empty plate away from him, his wine glass filled with cocktail in his other hand, ready for a sip. I hum in agreement, wiggling in Calum’s lap – still – to make myself more comfortable.

“Indeed. It was nice having a Christmas with you but I’m knackered.” Ashton chuckles as he raises his glass for a toast, and all of us reciprocate by raising our glasses as well. It takes us five, maybe ten minutes for us to finish our drink. Luke and Ashton disperse towards their guest bedroom for tonight, leaving me alone with Calum who is still finishing his smoke. “Are you ready for your present, babe?”


request where the reader is very depressed and insecure and one day an unsub rips off a part of their clothing as they catch him and they kinda freak out and spencer tries to comfort her but they break down and fluff!!!!!!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Huffing and puffing as you turn the corner down the alleyway, you hear Spencer and Derek hot on your heels as they call out after you.


You had been chasing this unsub for weeks.  It was the longest case the BAU had ever taken on, and going into week four was starting to wear on you.

Especially since the man seemed to be taunting you.

He kept calling you out.  Telling you oddly specific things about your background, your upbringing.  He could tell you your favorite color, or taunt you with your favorite places to be around town.

So you had theorized that he knew you.  That, somehow, the unsub and you were connected.

And the team spent an entire week chasing the wrong lead.

You never considered that the unsub had abducted someone from your childhood.

It has never even entered your mind.

So when Reid finally put the pieces together and you found that your childhood best friend, Liz, had gone missing, you had stormed back to your hotel room and sunk your back down the door.

You were going on four days without your depression medication, and your feelings of worthlessness were starting to rise back to the surface.

You took frequent trips to the bathroom, always careful to take your make-up with you to patch yourself up after a crying session, and it didn’t take Spencer long to figure out that you were blaming yourself.

Blaming yourself for your friend going missing.

Blaming yourself for leading the team wrong.

Blaming yourself for the case dragging on so long.

But at 2:14 PM on day 23 of the case, you looked up from the desk you were hunched over and saw a pair of familiar eyes.

Eyes that you hadn’t seen since your childhood.

And now?  You were chasing your childhood best friend down alleyways and through crowded streets, calling out after her in an attempt to get her to stop.

You knew she was a lure.

Something to bait you.

But you didn’t care.

You wanted to end this now.

“Y/N!!!!” Spencer roars as he sees you from down the alley enter into a door that they hear slam shut.

“Hotch!” Morgan yells into his com, “She just went into a building!”

“Just lost her signal,” Garcia breathes as tears rise to her eyes.

He wasn’t getting away this time.

Weaving your way through the darkened warehouse, you feel your way along the walls as you listen for any sounds pointing to Liz: heavy breathing, light foot falls, screams, squeals…anything that would indicate where she was.

But it was like she had vanished.

All of a sudden your insecurity began to wash over you.  You had never entered a crime scene alone.  You always had Morgan with you for strength and Reid with you for smarts.  All you ever had to do was be observant.

That’s all you were.

An onlooker.

A background lurker.

You weren’t a hero.

Never the hero.

“I see you,” the unsub sing-songs as his voice dances off of the metallic walls.

Clearing the dark corners as you continue to weave along the corridors, you finally hear it.

The soft-spoken whimpers of a young woman in fear.

“Liz?” you whisper harshly.

“She can see you, too,” you hear the unsub say.

You were so focused on Liz’s sounds that you didn’t even register the difference in positions of the way his voice was echoing against your ears.

And soon you started to pay for it.

Feeling a painful crack against your back, you go flying to the ground as your gun falls from your hands, sliding down the hallway as someone wraps their hands in your hair.

You made a mental note to get your hair cut short.

“Do you see her now?” the unsub breathes in your ear as he wrenches you to your feet, dragging you behind him just as you hear his voice.

“FBI!” Hotch roars as the team floods the warehouse with lights.

But your jaw began to quiver as your eyes focus into the flood of light, her thin, pale legs dangling from the ceiling as you hear Spencer lightly gasp in the background.

Your friend…

…your best childhood friend…

……was hanging from the ceiling……

You feel the world come to a grinding halt as the memories of dripping ice cream cones and giggles in the tree-house and fighting off bullies together and first school dances come flooding back to your memory.

“Oh, Liz…” you breathe out.

“Do you see her?” the unsub whispers in your ear.

And that’s when you snap.

With tears pouring down your face, you rip around and lunge at the unsub, barreling your fists one after another into his face as you feel his nose break under your knuckles, continuously crashing your fists into his cheekbones as he screams and cries out for mercy.

You would have no mercy.

“Y/N!” Spencer grunts, wrapping his arms around your waist and prying you off of the unsub.

“Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!” you cry out, tears streaming down your tired face as the unsub’s blood begins to drip down your arms.

“You disgusting, worthless piece of SHIT!” you roar as your legs kick in the air.

Watching as Morgan cuffs the man, raising him to his feet as his locks his quickly-swelling eyes with yours, he lunges so quickly that no one had any time to react.

Not until his teeth had clenched down onto the breast fabric of your shirt, ripping it back with his head as it tears itself to tatters.

As Spencer pulls you farther away from him, cradling you in his arms as he turns your back to your lifeless friend, you feel the panic begin to rise in your throat as you try to push yourself away from Spencer.

“No, no, no.  Y/N, let me get you outside first,” Spencer coos as he holds on tighter to you.

“I-…I can’t-…Reid, I-I-I can’t…can’t…”

You feel the world ebbing under your feet as Spencer lets go, cupping your face within his as the tears stream down your face in droves.

“Y/N, focus on the sound of my voice,” he says.

“No!” you wail, your hands coming up to your tattered shirt as you try to cover up your exposed chest, your hands trembling and your jaw quivering so hard your teeth were beginning to chatter.

“Here.  Here here here,” Spencer breathes, removing his bullet-proof vest before unbuttoning his work shirt and shrugging it off, draping it around your shoulders as his fingers work nimbly to button up the front of it.

“No no no, it won’t-…it won’t-…I’m too-…too, uh…um…”

“There,” Spencer says, his eyes flickering quickly from your panicked face to your chest and back again, “Look down, Y/N.  Just look down.”

And that’s when you dropped your gaze and realized you were covered.

Your shirt wasn’t torn.

The unsub was caught.

Your best friend was-…

Your best friend…was dead.

“Oh, Liz…” you breathe, trailing off as you shake your head slowly, “I’m so sorry.”

Spencer’s heart was breaking into pieces for you.

“I’m so sorry, Liz…” you choke out as you slowly raise your gaze up to Spencer’s.

“I didn’t know.  Spencer…I-…I didn’t know…”

“None of us knew, Y/N,” he says, wrapping his arms around you once more and pulling you close to his chest.

“Oh, noooooo,” you begin to wail as his chests muffle your sobs.

“We need to get you out of here,” Spencer whispers into the top of your head.

“I can’t leave her, Reid,” you whisper as you shake your head.

“It’s not good for you to be here,” Spencer coos.

“But at least I’m alive!” you roar, pushing away from him as your eyes grow wild, “At least I’m still breathing!”

Spencer’s desperate eyes were dancing over your crooked form as you go to turn your body towards your friend.

“No!” Spencer calls out, lurching for you as he grasps your shoulders, turning you back towards him before you can take another look at her.

“Spencer…” you whisper.

“You don’t have to leave her,” Spencer says lowly as his hands raise back up your neck and cup your face, “but you don’t have to look at her either.”

He saw the desperation creep up into your eyes.

“Just trust me on this, okay?” Spencer breathes as he holds your gaze, listening as the medics walk by you.

“We’ll stay here until she’s down, and then you can walk out with her,” Spencer reassures you.

“Please don’t leave,” you breathe.

“You didn’t leave me when Maeve died…” he trails off.

“Maeve,” you choke out as tears rise back up to your eyes.

“I’ve got you,” Spencer says as he steps forward, his thumbs rubbing along your cheeks as he catches your tears in his fingers.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

And as Spencer holds your gaze, the medics working behind you to free your friend from her prison, you find your hands traveling up to press on his chest as he pulls your body closer to him, his lips murmuring lowly in your ear as he cloaks your back with his arms.

“We’re going to get through this, and everything is going to be alright,” he reassures you, slowly beginning to rock side to side as he tries to lull the shaking of your body down to a dull roar.

“And I’ll be here the entire time,” he whispers.


Once again, it’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! All the time I get asked: In past centuries, why did little boys wear dresses? The answer is simple- it’s all about practicality.

You have all seen the images, whether it be in art or in the movies, of the little 18th Century toddler wearing a frilly white dress. Girls and boys both sported the look. The first thought is probably, why dress such a young child in such a pristine look? Kids are so messy! Were the child in a delicate silk, then yes, it would be highly impractical. But a durable cotton or linen was another story. Mothers throughout history dressed their children in white for the same reason so many parents dress their children in white today- you can bleach the hell out of it. In the days before washing machines and Clorox for Colors, a lot of outerwear would only be spot cleaned. Of course, wealthy families would dress their children in colors and fine fabrics occasionally, typically for special occasions and such. This is important to keep in mind when you see portraits, which are often over-exaggerations of reality.

Wearing a dress was far more practical for both genders. Remember, spandex and stretchy fabrics did not exist. Try to imagine trying to coax a squirming baby into a pair of structured trousers with button closures. Seems like it’d be challenging, to say the least- not to mention how uncomfortable it would be for the child. Now think about the fact that babies grow by the day. With no stretch to the fabric, children would be growing out of their trousers every few weeks. This is also why children in the 5-10ish age range would wear short pantaloons or knickers- since they were cropped already, they hid growth better.

Finally, there was the diaper factor. These days, so much has been done to make the diaper changing process as simple as possible- disposable diapers with stretchy sides and tape closures, onesies that literally come off with a snap, and wet wipes, ready to use and toss as necessary. In past centuries, though, dresses were the best option to simplify changing diapers.

There are many rumors that dressing both genders the same as infants was due to high infant mortality rates, that by not distinguishing genders could make loosing a child slightly less difficult. This is just a rumor. Though both genders wore dresses, there were distinguishing features. Hair styles were the most common (once long enough to be cut.) By toddler years, when children were old enough to have some structure to their clothing, girls’ bodices would mimic adults, while boys’ would often button up front. Trims would also reflect the respective adult versions.

When boys reached the age when they were fully toilet-trained, they would be breeched- aka, they would begin wearing trousers. The occasion was a very big deal, and typically marked the point where fathers became more involved in raising their sons.

Want to learn more about historical infant clothing? Check out these books:

Children’s Clothes Since 1750, by Clare Rose

Clothes and the Child: A Handbook of Children’s Dress in England, 1500-1900, by Anne Buck

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

feelmyroarrrr  asked:

How on earth did that happen? Dean fluff please!!!

“Hey, you’re back!” Dean sat up in your bed when he heard you open the door and throw down your bag, walking gingerly to the dresser to grab your favorite flannel of his to put on. “I thought you weren’t coming back until morning. And why are you moving like that?”

“Yeah…couldn’t really wait to get back.” You grunted in pain and pulled your shirt over your head, exposing your lower back that was now a giant bruise.

“How on earth did that happen?” Dean questioned and pulled himself out of bed, running his calloused fingers lightly over the different colored bruises. “Didn’t you just go to see your sister?”

“Slipped on her porch steps.” You shrugged, hissing in pain. “FYI, ice is slippery. Do we have a heating pad anywhere?” He helped you slide your arms into his shirt and you buttoned up the front of it while you sat on the bed, carefully kicking off your jeans.

“Shit, no sweetheart. We left it in the last motel remember?” He started to pull his boots on and you knew he was gonna run out at 3am to get one, but you didn’t want him to.

“Dean, no.” You reached out and grabbed his wrist, pulling him back. “We’ll worry about it in the morning I just wanna go to sleep.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” You nodded with a small smile and he climbed back into bed. You rolled onto your stomach, your back much too sore to lay on your back or your side, and snuggled against him. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He grinned and leaned down to kiss you, splaying his hand across your lower back and pressing gently, the heat from his hand and the gentle pressure eliciting a moan of pleasure from you.

“I forgot how hot you were.”

“Really?” He chuckled. “Sweetheart you weren’t gone that long.”

“Shut up you pervert you know what I meant.” He laughed and kept moving his hand, working the knots out of your back while giving you the heat your sore muscles were craving. “You’re gonna have to stay up all night and keep doing that you know.” You mumbled, drifting off to sleep.

“Nowhere else I’d rather be.” He kissed your forehead with a smile on his lips. “Goodnight, sweetheart.”